Moshi Campus News – 10 Feb 2024

Moshi Campus News – 10 February 2024


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From the Counselors

Off on an Adventure

This week the secondary, with the exception of D2 are off on an adventure. For the MYP this involves the Week-without-Walls with their year group mates from Arusha. Ms Farah has details below for each group. For the D1 students this is project week and students are off to their different locations starting yesterday. These projects have required working with different communities and organizations outside of school to provide an array of experiences. At the end students share the events of the week and I am looking forward to hearing more about what they learn.

The PYP will have their own adventures. The P4 to P6 will be off on an exploration of the surrounding areas and all of PYP will be experiencing the visiting planetarium.

The following week is a short week as we go into the traditional mid-term break, please make note of this. We are off Feb 22nd to the 26th.

As you can see just below this, we have notes on several upcoming events. If you are in the area for the Valentine’s Fundraiser or International Day, we invite you to contact the organizers to get involved. The Dance has added notes about some silent auction sponsors and from what I hear these alone are worth coming for. If you would like to get involved in International Day, the PTA is working with the Student Government on this so you can contact either for more information.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

Upcoming Events

Parents and community members

Join us for an unforgettable night as UWC East Africa proudly presents the 80’s Valentine’s Ball! Bring your friends and loved ones for an evening of timeless 80’s tunes, groovy dance moves and a special live band performance.

Fun drinks available for purchase, bites included in the ticket fee and more surprises. By purchasing your ticket, you’re not only securing a fantastic night out, but also contributing to the UWC East Africa Scholarship Fund. Consider expanding your impact even more by purchasing the VIP Generous ticket and get a welcome surprise at the entrance. Doors open at 8pm.

This is an exclusive adult event. Get your tickets with Ingrid, Agnes or Mwegelo. Tickets are limited.

On the 1st of March, the KCMC service group will be hosting the second blood drive of this year, where people from the community and the school can donate blood for the greater cause of saving lives. This will be held in Rafiki Hall, from 8am to 5pm and because last time we were able to reach our goal of 100 donations quite easily, this time we are striving for 200 donations. Everyone above the age of 15 can donate blood though if you are younger than 18, you need to get parental consent to take part in the blood drive.

Remember, 1 donation can save 3 lives!

Farmers’ Market

The next Farmers’ Market is on Friday March 1st, the same day as the blood drive. Please come and support the local merchants. You can accomplish two good deeds by shopping at the market and donating blood.

We are pleased to announce that La Cabaret, will be taking place on Friday March 15th from 7:00 pm till 9:30 pm, in Rafiki Hall. This event is an opportunity for students and community members to present and perform a range of artwork. Ranging from spoken poetry, singing, musical pieces to short stories. Anyone that would like to perform is welcome, a sign-up form will be sent out soon. This year, primary students will be welcomed to perform, during the start of the event, and may be asked to leave later through the performance.

Please talk to Iman, Myra or Sirius Ray for any questions.

We hope to see everyone there and hear all the lovely performances.

Thank you,
The ‘La Cabaret’ Team

Ben’s Corner

When you are part of such a dynamic, fast-moving community, it is sometimes difficult to savour the many wonderful moments because, no sooner has one special event reached a happy conclusion, the wheels have turned and the next exciting offering has already started.

This time last week, I was getting ready to take in a show ahead of our wonderful theatrical  production of ‘Jekyll and Hyde.’ This time tomorrow, I will be accompanying our U16 boys back from our latest NTSAA fixture. This time on Saturday, I will be heading out to enjoy ‘Carnival’ on the pitch. This time next week, I will be in Pangani with our M2 students from both campuses, exploring the interesting history of the Swahili coast. The fun…and the learning…never stops!

However, please do try to take in all the amazing happenings that seem to come daily on our special campus. Take a few photos to capture these moments, so that you can look back when you do find time to pause and appreciate it all. If you are not involved, maybe step back, consider what is coming up on the near horizon and see where you might join in.

With this in mind, I am delighted to share the latest offering from the ever-active Primary Student Voice. For the first time ever, they are planning a disco for our Primary students AND our friends and neighbours from the Daycare Centre. I think you will agree that this is a lovely initiative, so parents, please make a note of “The Smarty Party” on Friday March 8th at 1pm in your diaries now!

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

We started the week with fun games in Mentor Time, giving the D2s a break from the stress of exam preparation.

The exams started for D2 on Wednesday. Their behaviour and attitude so far has been excellent. There have been a few times we have had to explain rules and the reason for them, but that is why we do mock exams. Learning the procedures is an important part of the process. Learning how to manage time is important. You often see students glance at the clock and work out how they can write in the time they have left. The exams continue for one more week.

D1 have had a busy week with summative assessments. However next week is completely different as they have project week. The groups going to Tanga have already arrived there and the groups going to Dar leave Sunday morning. This week is a chance for them to demonstrate their learning in a different way. The problem-solving skills they have shown so far have been excellent. The groups in Tanga, Dar and Mkomazi have a member of staff with them, and the other groups will be in contact with their supervisor daily.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Residential Life

Dear UWCEA Community,

This week has had a multitude of events and happenings in residential life and the campus is abuzz with energy: Dinner Under the Stars, Sunday Hash, Valentine’s Gifts, Carnival, Gaming Tournament, and Mock Exams.

We are also going into Project Week for D1 students and Week Without Walls for MYP students. The D1 group of students going to Tanga are leaving this Friday and the rest of the groups are leaving on Sunday or Monday; MYP students are leaving Monday morning.

The February break is around the corner too, so please don’t forget to fill out the February Break Plans form by February 15th if you haven’t already done so.

Adnan Mackovic – Head of Residential Life

Sustainability Committee

Hello everyone! We, the sustainability committee, have started our first project on recycling!!

This week we sent an email to the school community informing everyone on the new recycling bins and their locations, however if you’d like to be reminded you can find them in the following locations: In front of Mr. Ben’s office, in front of K-Hall, in front of Ms. Rosalia’s office, next to the PYP playground, next to the Duka in two easy locations and outside Ms. Haviland’s room! It is very important for all of the school community to have these practices of recycling so that we become a greener school.

However, during this week we’ve noticed some common mistakes in recycling.

For the recycling bins you:

  • Can recycle: Hard plastics, paper, paperboard and cardboard
  • Can’t recycle: Shiny plastics, tinfoil, wax coated materials, tissues/napkins, juice boxes and food waste that is not compostable

We are also very happy to inform you that the environmental service groups are actively helping with the compost and sorting out the bins, working closely with our committee!

Lastly, we’d like to inform that if there is anyone interested in recycling that lives outside school property you are more than welcome to bring your waste and sort it in the bins that are in the main gate! This way the school community and Moshi community can all participate in the amazing practice of recycling!!

Thank you all,
Sustainability Committee

School Bins

Main Gate Bins

MYP News

What an exciting week it is going to be for our MYP students as they venture off into Week Without Walls on Monday, February 12th, 2024! All groups will leave on Monday and return on Friday afternoon.

Week Without Walls:

  • Allows the students to have local experiences beyond the classroom that are experiential, challenging, and inclusive.
  • Promotes international mindedness in which our students see how they are connected beyond the school campus to the global community and the responsibility that comes with that connection
  • Allows the students to develop a greater understanding of themselves and others while challenging themselves socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally
  • Creates authentic experiences that build capacity for students to develop local, global and intercultural perspectives that will help students to understand and appreciate the diverse world.
  • Opens pathways for students to connect with each other in deeper and meaningful ways understanding that effective relationships are built upon empathy.

What’s Happening?

M1: Lake Eyasi to experience the Hadzabe and Datoga tribe lifestyle, then visit a Maasai boma to round out their Northern Tanzania tribal experience.
Meeting Time on Campus: 7:30 am
Departure Time: 8:00 am
Estimated Return Time: 2:00 pm


M2: Pangani to explore how land is eroded by the sea, follow ancient Dhow routes along the coast, learn about the history of the Pangani/Tanga region and develop an appreciation for marine conservation.
Meeting Time on Campus: 7:30 am
Departure Time: 8:00 am
Estimated Return Time: 2:00 pm

M3: Cultural Heritage Centre to develop their cultural understanding of music and Swahili at the Arusha Cultural Arts Centre where they will take part in many activities.
Meeting Time on Campus: 7:00 am
Departure Time: 7:30 am
Estimated Return Time: 2:00 pm

M4: Simba Farm to explore how biomass growth is affected at various altitudes in West Kilimanjaro. They will also be taking part in forest hikes, river swims and other outdoor activities.
Meeting Time on Campus: 8:30 am
Departure Time: 9:00 am
Estimated Return Time: 2:00 pm

M5: Migombani to look at how altitude affects the human body, measuring the reactions at various altitudes in Mtu wa Mbu. They will also be discovering the area on bike, hikes and other outdoor activities.
Meeting Time on Campus: 5:30 am
Departure Time: 6:00 am
Estimated Return Time: 3:00 pm

I will be sending daily updates to parents in the evenings with pictures and some information about how the trips are going. Please feel free to contact me should you have any inquiry during the week by email: or by phone: +255747911743.

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • February 12th to 16th Week Without Walls
  • February 22nd to 27th Long Weekend
  • March 4th – 8th Book Week
  • March 19th – Secondary PTC Day 1 (1:00-5:00)
  • March 21st – Secondary PTC Day 2 (7:30-11:00)
  • April 17th – All-day set up for PP M5 (Please do not plan for any assessments)
  • April 18th – PPX
  • April 30th to May 3rd – MYP MAP Tests Round 2
  • May 6th to 17th – MYP e-Assessments (details and plans to follow)

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

M5 Biology

In Biology, M5s have been dissecting to refine their understanding of physiology in practice. Not all are destined to surgeon status but all of them who attended put forward their best effort and cut into their prior knowledge, answering challenging reflective questions and making links to their current learning. Although they ‘got to the heart of things’ last week, pumping up sheep lungs this week took planning, precision and patience, as they explored a more complex dissection with some guidance this week. Lab groups really went above and beyond, getting to the guts of why our physiological structures are cut out for their functions. Overall, the experience exceeded the teachers expectation and huge credit is owed to our lab tech Mr. Justin for his dedication to this activity prep and clean up.

William Taylor

Sports Update

Leopards on the Move!

We are well started into this quarter with sports.  In January we hosted the first NTSAA Eastern conference sporting event for U16 football and U19 basketball.  Both the U19 girls’ and boys’ basketball teams went 2-0 qualifying for the NTSAA Eastern and Western conference crossover semifinals and finals on March 16.  The U16 boys had a dominating win and an unlucky tie, but still are in the running. 

Feb. 1st and 2nd we sprinted over to the athletics track meet at UWCEA Arusha Campus.  This was a very nice meet.  We brought over 20 athletes in both primary and secondary.  Many students tried new events and others like veteran long jumper Justin in the MYP broke the record for NTSAA by jumping around 5.50 meters.

Looking forward to swimming, we need to register our teams by Feb. 20 so keep a look out for information and permission forms.  Students are practicing now and deciding with coach Sabini which events they will be participating in.

Coach Pickell

PYP News

Today, our U11 football team is at St. Jude’s for a friendly match. We wish them an enjoyable time. You should have received an email from Ms. Agnes, explaining that due to this event, there will be no Saturday football on campus this week.

Today is also a celebration of Carnival, organised by some secondary students. This will take place on the pitch, 2-5pm. The PYP children are invited to attend with an adult. They should wear a costume or dress in bright colours. There will be music and dancing.

Many thanks to Ms. Kacey for organising a mobile planetarium to visit the school on Thursday. Whilst the secondary school are exploring Tanzania, the primary school will exploring outer space!

Ms. Kacey is also busy planning for PYP book week. The children should be thinking about a costume for Monday 4th March (dress as a book character) and also start planning an unusual location in which to be photographed reading a book (Get Caught Reading) – more details will come later. An order form was sent home this week for those who wish to purchase a book week T-shirt. This is optional – your child does not have to buy one. As this T-shirt will be a UWCEA T-shirt it can be worn at any time but we thought it would be fun if everyone could wear their book week T-shirt on Friday, 8th March, the final day of book week. The last day for ordering a T-shirt is Monday.

The Brownies are collecting plastic bottles with lids to make into weights to support Dr. Marieke’s patients in the KCMC spinal unit. We will fill the bottles with sand and decorate them. The patients will be able to use these weights to develop their upper body strength and will able to take the weights home with them when they are discharged from hospital.

The photos show the plastic bottles that the Brownies are collecting and the PYP rugby club after Mr Baden used the slip and slide to show how to score a try.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

Swimming kicked off again with a great start this week. The children went into the pool in two groups and each one showed resilience as they learned new skills. Thank you to everyone who remembered to send in swimming costumes, floaters, and sunscreen. The children are looking forward to next week.

Next week Thursday, the children will take part in learning about space. They will be entering a planetarium and taking part in activities. Please speak to the children beforehand about this and start the conversation concerning space. We will do the same so that on the day, they will have a context for what they will learn. You can visit the Kilimanjaro Planetarium website for more information and preparation.

We plan to spend quite a bit of time outdoors next week, visiting the community garden and exploring our school surroundings. Please send in trainers every day as well as a hat in case of very sunny days.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

Shapes are all around us! We had fun exploring 2d and 3d shapes this week. Thanks for helping children send in examples for our Shape Museum on Friday. Students introduced their shapes and them put them into the proper display. Later in the day, we made playdough and used it with toothpicks to create 3d shapes like the one in the photo.

We began our unit on Exploration by thinking about some famous explorers from history like Marco Polo and Christopher Colombus. We’re considering why people explore and the tools that they need to explore. Next week we will broaden our topic by thinking about space exploration! On Thursday, we have a special activity planned, the Kilimanjaro Planetarium! It should be a fascinating opportunity.

We were so happy to be back in the pool on Tuesday. Please be sure to send in a swim kit with your child on Tuesday. Also, a few children have been disappointed on Mondays because they are not allowed to check out library books without their library bag. Please be sure to send that in! Thanks for all of your continued support.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

The highlight of our week was the P4/5 Primary Gathering. The children did an excellent job and presented clearly and confidently. They thanked the various experts that helped us with our food production unit: Nicolette and Sanne van Aarst, Didier Larose, Sebastien Macquet, Simon Mtuy and Heloise Morley. In class we have been working with weights, kitchen scales  and balances. Converting grams to kilograms including a decimal point is a tricky concept but the children are making good progress. Next week we will continue with our work on measurement. We will also work on maps and will use compasses. Next week, when most of the secondary school classes will be exploring Tanzania, the P4-6 classes will be doing a mini exploration of their own, we will be going for a hike in the local area. Please return the permission slip if you have not already done so. On Thursday we will enjoy a visiting museum (mobile planetarium). Ima joined our class this week. Welcome to Ima and family – we hope you will be very happy with us.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

This week, we were delighted to welcome Coach Sabini back, and P6 eagerly participated in their swimming lesson. In Mathematics, the children focused on patterning and times tables, while sharpening their note-taking skills in English.

Our photo shows P6 in their Kiswahili lesson, actively involved in their PYPX work.  Here’s a look at what is currently happening in Kiswahili:

We are thrilled to share the latest progress update on the P6 Exhibition, where our talented students have been diligently working on translating the Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry into a captivating Kiswahili poem.

The P6 students have successfully translated the Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry for their Exhibition project. This crucial step sets the foundation for their exploration and presentation of the chosen theme. Their dedication and teamwork have been commendable, and we’re excited to see how they will bring this translated essence to life in their final Exhibition.

Taking the creative expression a step further, the students are currently immersed in the world of Kiswahili poetry. Through the power of language and rhythm, they are weaving a beautiful narrative that not only encapsulates the Central Ideas, but also reflects the rich cultural heritage of Kiswahili.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Verus D1 Kiswahili student, who has played a pivotal role in crafting the Kiswahili poem for our Exhibition. Verus’s dedication and expertise have greatly contributed to the depth and beauty of the poetic expression that will be showcased during the presentation.  Margaret Meshack & Silvia Junde

Next Friday, 16 February P6 will present at the Primary Gathering at 7:40am in Karibu Hall. We would love for you to join us.

Natasha Berri

From the Counselors

Be sure to check the calendar on the UWCEA Careers website for upcoming events, including these…

  • 29 February: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT US Consular in Tanzania will present an overview of the US F-1 Visa process (virtual)
  • 13 March: 7:30 PM EAT D1 Parent/Guardian meeting: Preparing for the pursuit of post-secondary opportunities (Part I)
  • 21 March: 7:45-10 AM M5/D1 Careers Symposium and D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair
  • 26 March: 1-4PM CIS University Exploration Fair (Africa) – virtual (advance registration will be necessary)

Take care and enjoy your weekend!
College and Career Counselors