Arusha Campus News – 25 Apr 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Saturday 25th April 2020

Dear Parents

Getting ready for our PTA Coffee Morning this week

Into our second week of Distance Learning and we are getting quite ambitious here on Arusha Campus! This week we hosted a virtual Coffee Morning on Tuesday followed by a Primary Share Time on Friday. Whilst of course neither lived up to the real thing, we learned that it was possible to share our coffee mornings with parents as far away as Kosovo and Canada! This is something we should remember in the future.

Heartfelt congratulations all round from me – to our students and parenst for being such sports to do everything we throw at you whilst locked away in your homes. Some amazing creativity is coming out and in next week’s newsletter I will showcase some of our most eyecatching distance creations. To our teachers who are doing an amazing job. So much work to set, mark and at the same time search for ways to be creative and keep students engaged. Well done, you are all doing a terrfic job!

Each day, I am lucky to meet up with Caroline and Greg and Grace and everyone else who keeps our school going. I also spend time with our amazing support staff, gardeners and cleaning personnel. They are keeping our school looking great and can’t wait to have it all ready for your return. I think our staff are the lucky ones. Spare a thought for all those people in Arusha who’s businesses now have no business and have been laid off without pay. Lets hope, for their sake that we can keep our community above water until the end of this difficult time.

Keep sane (Takeh 2020)


#UWCEAStayUnited Challenge – Week 2

Thanks to those who participated in the first week of the House Challenge.

4 points for Mawenzi every time Ms. Anoek’s family joins in (see above)!


To help our community stay united, the House Council challenges UWCEA students, staff, and parents to share their spirit!

To participate in the #UWCEAStayUnited Challenge simply follow our House Council Instagram page @uwcea_ahousecouncil and tag our account when you post your challenge pictures/videos. Make sure to identify which House you belong to!

If you don’t use Instagram but want to participate, you can send your entry photos to Ms. Christy and she will post them on the House Council account.

New challenges will be announced every week and select photos will be shared in the Newsletter for those who don’t use Instagram.

Use and follow our unique hashtags on your post so others can view all entries.

New Challenge – Post by Sunday, May 3rd!
#UWCEAStayUnited – Share a picture/screenshot of you and a friend holding a video chat
#UWCEAStayHealthy – Can you hold the plank position while singing a whole song? Share a short video with your best attempt!
#UWCEAStayFocusedonLearning – Show off your work – share a photo of something you produced for one of your classes this week.
#UWCEAStayFocusedonService – Perform a random act of kindness and share a photo
#UWCEAStayPlayful – Share a picture of you doing a favorite fun activity
#UWCEAStayCreative – Share a poem you’ve written on a pretty photo backdrop. Hint, Spark Notes, Canva or Poetics work great for this!

We’re always looking for more suggestions for future challenges. If you have any great ideas, please email Ms. Christy!

Example of Miss Christy staying playful!

Example of Miss Christy staying healthy

Example of staying united!

Pau does it for Mawenzi…

…while Mehreen is united for Meru!

Alma stays creative by making a house bracelet…

whilst Harsh stays creative while working on his YouTube channel!

PYP Virtual Exhibition

We are going ahead with our PYP Exhibition in spite of the obvious difficulties. Yes, thats right! Miss Carmen and her P6’s are off to a flyer with their PYP Exhibition ideas and we will be calling on all parents to help if they can.

For those of you that have not thrown your computers out the window yet Carmen is sending an image from Jonathan inviting people to send in recipes and pictures of themselves making it in the kitchen to add to the PYP recipe book he is making.

Many thanks for everyone’s support! 

Happy Birthday to Era!

One of our boarders, who is still in Tanzania, celebrated her 18th birthday this week. Happy Birthday Era! I am sure this is a birthday she will not forget.

Life Skills Reading Challenge with Mr R!

On the subject of reading, Siri, above, won house points for Mawenzi with her reiactment of Egeus’ speech from A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Reading a book reduces stress, and puts you in a better mood. When you read, it transports you and your worried mind to another place, so you won’t feel so overwhelmed. For M1 and M3 Life Skills lessons this quarter, students are taking part in a 10 week challenge to read and report on as many books as possible. After every book they read, they are then required to attempt reporting tasks. These tasks afford them the opportunity to reflect, analyse and report on their understanding of the book.

M1 Winners
Wk 1 – Siri
Wk 2 – Eun

M3 Winners
Wk 2 – Mahen

Hana in M2 Gymnastics this week

Santi in M2 Gymnastics this week

Chiara in M2 Gymnastics this week

Meet the New Teachers

Hello! I’m Jessica Holloway, and these are my children, Sophie and Charlie (see pic above)