UWCEA Arusha Campus Bulletin Tuesday 19th January 2020

Arusha Bulletin Tuesday 19th January 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for everyone’s co-operation throughout a day that had the potential to be difficult for us all.

As I look at the rather typical represntation of our school in the picture above, my resolve to ensure that we keep COVID out is greater than ever. The prospect of a return to online learning is one which we do not wish to dwell upon and so I thank you for taking on board our preventative measures. Just to re-cap we would ask the following:

  • please keep your child at home if he/she displays any flu like symptoms
  • teachers will stay at home if they experience similar symptoms
  • all visitors to the school, including parents will be asked to wear mask when visiting indoor spaces in the school
  • school trips will be put on hold for a while and risk assessed on a trip by trip basis
  • outdoor lessons will be encouraged
  • regular handwashing will continue
  • the disinfecting of desks and door handles will resume the ‘three times a day’ schedule
  • residents (boarders) will not leave campus for Sable Square or similar until further notice.

Finally, specifically to Arusha Campus, the Campus Leadership Team has decided to put the start date for CCA’s (Afternoon activities) back one week to Monday 1st February. The reason for this is because we have so many external CCA providers that our programme would be threadbare without their inclusion. In addition the D2 Mock Exams start next week and CCA space is limited.

To this end CCA Sign Up will be scheduled for Sunday 24th January at 6pm

We thank you for your understanding and hope that normal service may be resumed in as short a time frame as possible.