UWC East Africa Arusha Campus – Stay Local Initiative.

14 Nov 2023

If you have any ideas to support our STAY LOCAL initiative we would be very grateful.

The Sustainability Committee of our campus is writing this letter with the aim of seeking your support for the Carbon Reduction subcommittee’s (a branch of the wider sustainability committee) proposal. This proposal centres around significant efforts to reduce carbon emissions and we believe your support is instrumental in advancing this vital initiative.

Project Name: Stay Local
Project Description: Our “Stay Local” project aims to encourage students not to  fly back home during breaks, thereby reducing carbon emissions associated with intercontinental travel. We intend to achieve this by providing students with various local opportunities, including volunteering, internships, and living with host families.

Motivations: Currently, a significant portion (approximately 35%) of our school’s carbon emissions results from travel, particularly intercontinental flights during the December and June breaks. These emissions contribute to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides. By promoting local options and keeping travel within Tanzania, we aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Benefits of Collaboration
Reduced Carbon Emissions: By collaborating with us, we can further promote local opportunities and reduce the environmental impact of travel, benefiting both our school and the environment.
International Student Engagement: Our international students, who reside on campus are eager to explore and contribute to the local community. Your support would provide them with valuable opportunities to engage with Tanzania and its culture.
Action Over Preaching: We believe that the time for action is now. While we value awareness and education, we also believe in the power of taking concrete steps to address the issue we care about. Our “Stay Local” initiative is a practical step toward sustainability and meaningful engagement.

Alignment with UWC Sustainability Values and Goals: Our “Stay Local” initiative is firmly rooted in the sustainability values and goals of the UWC movement. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint, promoting cultural exchange and engagement, and fostering a sense of global responsibility among our students. By reducing carbon emissions and engaging with local communities, we uphold the UWC principles of sustainability.

Alignment with UN Goals: Our project aligns closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 11 ( Sustainable Cities and Communities). By reducing carbon emissions and encouraging local engagement, we actively contribute to these goals.

What we want from you:
Your support for this initiative would be invaluable. We are asking you to:

  • Support the creation and execution of the Stay Local program
  • Support the expansion of the host family program to accommodate more students
  • Possibly grant us permission to offer the “Stay Local” program as an alternative for students immediately as they come in, informing them about their options for the December and August holidays.
  • Consent to the “Stay Local” program being able to develop long-lasting partnerships with other organizations that support and offer opportunities to students.

If you feel you can offer accommodation in the form of a house sitting arrangement or voluntary employment opportunities at your business, then please contact Miss Coralie on coraliebouillaut@uwcea.org or Mr Phil on philbowen@uwcea.org


The Sustainability Committee