Moshi Campus News – 12 Dec 2015

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all the families who attended our secondary musical, The Little Shop of Horrors, last night or on Thursday. The performers all enjoyed their participation and were appreciative of the good audience. Thanks also to Totty Aris, the play’s director, and all the many others who worked so hard to ensure that it was success.

We are now heading into the last week of the semester and a holiday mood is starting to develop. Please ensure that your child is able to stay in classes until the end of term. There will be primary parent conferences on Thursday (no primary classes that day), and secondary parent conferences on Friday morning. See below for more details.

We wish all ISM families a very happy Maulid, Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing all our students back on January 12th or 13th.
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End of Term Arrangements: Secondary
Classes will continue for all secondary students until Friday, 18th December. The schedule for this day is as follows:
07:30-09:15 Classes as usual 09:15-10:15 Assembly in Karibu Hall. Parents are welcome to join us for the assembly. 10:15           Students are free to leave from 10:15am 10:35-12:00 Secondary parent-teacher meetings in Karibu Hall. We hope to see many parents for this event.
The last day for secondary CAS and Sports activities this quarter will be on Wednesday, 16th December.
Secondary students will receive their first semester reports on Thursday, 17th December. If you wish to receive a digital copy by email, please let Totty Aris know this on . Reports will not be ready to issue before 17th December.
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End of Term Arrangements: Primary
The events for primary children in this last week of this quarter are as follows: Monday, 14 Dec – A team from Alliance Française in Arusha will be running mini-workshops for our primary students. We are very excited to have this opportunity for our primary students to participate in fun role-plays and games. In the morning this will include P3, P4, P5. In the afternoon during club time all of P6 will attend their workshop 2-3pm
Monday is also the LAST day for organised clubs
Tuesday 15 Dec – optional swimming fun club
Wednesday 16 Dec – no clubs Primary Happy Holiday Disco 6-8pm Tickets: 5000 Tsh towards Pizza, drink & ice cream. Students can get their tickets from their class teacher. Dress: green and red
Thursday 17 Dec – Primary Parent-teacher consultations There will be no formal classes for primary on this day. This is a chance for you to speak with your child’s teacher about their progress. If you need to bring your child they can play in the playground under supervision. A letter was sent home last week to arrange the times for this meeting.
Friday 18 Dec: Our End of Semester Assembly will be at 09.15 am in Karibu Hall. Parents are most welcome to join us for a celebration of the students successes this quarter. Formal classes finish at 10.15. If you are meeting with Secondary teachers during the Secondary Parent/teacher consultation then your child can stay with the teaching assistants for that duration.
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Holiday Arrangements and Return
Although classes will finish on Friday, 18th December and students will return home at that time, the school office is open at certain times during the school holdays. The main office will be open from 7:30am to 5pm on Monday and Tuesday, 21st and 22nd December, as well as on weekdays from 4th January to 11th January.
The swimming pool will be open for regular holiday hours throughout the holiday except on 25th December.
All boarders are expected to return to school by 6pm on Tuesday, 12th January (please note that this day is a pubic holiday to mark Zanzibar Revolution Day). If transport from the airport is requested, please inform Rosemary Bango on well in advance.
Classes will begin again at 7:30am on Wednesday, 13th January, 2016.
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Harvard, Cornell and Duke
Three of our D2 students yesterday learnt of their university admission offers. Lisa Matay has been offered a place at Harvard University, Revogatus Tesha a place at Duke University and Libby Christian a place at Cornell University as part of the round of early admission applications to universities in the USA. It is likely that all these places will be supportd by generous scholarships, although financial arrangements are not yet finalised.
Some students applying to the UK have received conditional offers (which in the UK depend on the final results of their IB Diploma exams) and many other students can expect to receive university offers in the coming months. We are even anticipating more admission successes in this coming week. We are immensely proud of our students and their huge successes in obtaining admission to some of the best universities in the world. Congratulations to all who achieve this success.
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Boarding News
We are coming to the end of this semester and boarders, especially those in D2, are winding up issues related to the quarter.
On Tuesday 8th December, boarders had study hall in the evening and normal weekday curfew. This marked the implementation of the decision that whenever there was a midweek public holiday, we would follow the normal weekday programme. This went well, and students used their evening effectively to cover academic work.
We marked Independence day on 9th December by allowing boarders to pick litter in parts of Shanty Town. This was in line with the directive of the President, that this day be marked in this way.
A number of activities had been planned for this weekend, among them the school musical, The Little Shop of Horrors which was staged on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th. Other activities include an acrobatic show, and a football match.
This is a final reminder to parents who have not sent us travel plans for the boarders to do so, especially if they are travelling out of Kilimanjaro region. We appreciate those who have done so. Information can be sent on email to . Rosemary Bango, (Head of Boarding)
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Independence Day

A group of 22 students led by Felicity (D2) and 4 staff, spent time on Independence Day collecting litter along Lema Road. This was in tune with the nationwide cleanliness campaign spearheaded by President Magufuli. They collected a lot of trash and also managed to collect and sort plastic bottles along the road for recycling; placing them in the bin by the front car park. The students enjoyed the exercise and wished it could be sustainable as they observed other environmental concerns.
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International Education
Many families may like to read an article published in the British Daily Telegraph by the Principal of UWC Atlantic College discussing how international schools could help solve world divisions. Read the article at
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Outdoor Pursuits
This weekend a group of our students are climbing on Kilimanjaro, this time ascending to the the base of Mawenzi and returning on Sunday. We wish them all the best. It has been a very busy semester in Outdoor Pursuits with a total of nine separate trips and we are thrilled to see how participation in the trips has increased considerably this year.
Next semester ISM will once again be offering a diverse Outdoor Pursuit Programme. We hope that all students from M1-D2 will join our programme, and challenge themselves in the great outdoors of the Kilimanjaro Region and beyond.
At ISM, we offer a 5 level programme, where each student (and teacher) must complete each level of the programme before moving up to the next level. Our OP store has lots of equipment to lend (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, flashlights, hiking boots, rain jacket and pants, etc.), so we can help you be prepared for the trips.
Here are the trips on offer this coming semester:
Mandara Hut1January 16-17M1 students who have successfully completed campcraft and other beginners to the programme
Ngorongoro & Natron2bJanuary 20-24M2-D1: This hiking and camping trip in the Ngorongoro area is not at altitude, but is recommended for older students who have successfully completed Level 1.
South Pares1bFebruary 5-7M1-D2 (starting level for new students in M2 and above)
Hanang2February 13-15Students who have successfully completed level 1. This is an exciting new trip within our OP programme.
Uhuru Peak5March 1-6Only for students over the age of 16 who have successfully completed level 4.
Little Meru2May 13-15Open to all students who have successfully completed level 1.

Our costs are made up of ISM’s transport costs, teacher and guide costs and National Park charges. Day students have an additional charge to cover the cost of food. Non-Tanzanians are charged significantly more than Tanzanians in the national parks, even if they are resident students. There are also differing costs in the parks for students under or over 16 years of age. Current trip costs in TSh are as follows:
 U1616+U1616+day students add:
Mandara Hut125,000143,000291,000399,00013,000
South Pares269,000269,000269,000269,00031,000
Uhuru Peak718,0001,452,00065,000
Little Meru197,000230,000409,000506,00026,000
Please note that we have taken medical advice and, for reasons of safety, will no longer be able to allow students under the age of 16 to take part in trips which stay over 4000m in altitude. Non-Tanzanians who do not have a valid residence permit may be required to pay additional charges to enter the national parks.

Later this week, we will have an online sign-up through Google Docs. Please note that we only have a limited number of spots available for each trip. Payment MUST be made in order to hold your spot. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the OP Programme, please contact me directly at Regards, Mr. Isaac Foya – OP Coordinator
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Swimming News
This week, we reached our highest number of swimmers in one practice at 15 swimmers! We sincerely hope that those who are testing the varsity waters maintain their commitment. Those who attend Wednesday practice completed a challenging freestyle anaerobic set of descending (getting faster) 50s, while Thursday practice attendees completed a challenging race-pace I.M. test set. Most swimmers have completed their Quarter Reviews and monthly goals to a very high standard, juggling their schoolwork and other activities at the same time. The life of a student-athlete and their family is very busy!
As we approach our last week of training with the team, swimmers should be thinking about the break and how they are going to spend their three weeks. Swimmers will be emailed swimming workouts for the break that they can follow, as well as strength-based land workouts for those who will not be by a pool. With the Tallis competition two weeks after we resume, I highly recommend planning to maintain fitness over the holidays in the pool or on land.
Competition Calendar Sat 23 Jan 2016 – Gymkhana Swim Meet – Arusha
Thur 28 Jan – Sun 31 Jan – Tallis Invitational – Dar Flights
  • Fastjet flight FN0152 and FN 0151 – Thur 28 Jan 2015 (depart) and Sun 30 Jan 2016 (return)
  • Parents book or contact Ms. Farrell.
  • Hotel/ Transfers/ Meals
  • TBA via email to parents next week.
  • Primary parents with swimmers who wish to attend this meet should contact Coach Noah or Annalee. Parents are reminded of the Gymkana meet the weekend before, and the Primary Sports Weekend the weekend after.
    Fri 4 Feb 2016 – Sun 6 Feb 2016 – Primary Sports Weekend – Moshi
  • Primary only.
  • Thur 9 Feb 2016 – ISM Secondary Swim Gala – Moshi
  • Moshi Campus only
  • Sun 14 Feb 2016 – ISM Arusha/ Moshi Competition – Arusha
  • Arusha and Moshi Campus only
  • Sat 12 Mar 2016 – SCIS Swim Gala – Arusha
  • Primary and Secondary
  • Thur 18 Mar 2016 – TSA Club National Champs – Dar
  • Advanced swimmers who achieve qualifying standard.
  • Fri 25 Mar 2016 – Sun 27 Mar 2016 – SA Level 1 Age Group Nats – Cape Town or Jo’berg
  • Elite swimmers who achieve standard.
  • Thur 5 May 2016 – CANA Zone 3 & 4 Champs – Mauritius
  • Elite swimmers who achieve standard.
  • Fri 20 May 2016 – Sun 22 May 2016 – ISAMILO Swim Meet – Mwanza
  • Advanced swimmers who achieve qualifying standard
  • Please contact me for any further details: Ryan Sullivan
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    Sports Weekend
    On November 27-29, ISM hosted almost 500 additional athletes and coaches from schools around Tanzania. They competed in over 20 events during the 3 days. Below are the results of the tournament. ISM finished with more trophies than any other school! On top of the sports trophies, ISM was also awarded the TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD, which was voted on by teams and coaches in each event. Congratulations everyone!
    U19 Co-Ed SoftballOrkeeswaISM Orange
    U14 Girls FootballISTISM
    U16 Boys FootballISMMIS
    U14 Girls BasketballOrkeeswaSCIS
    U14 Boys BasketballISMOrkeeswa
    U19 Boys RugbyOrkeeswaHOPAC
    U19 Co-Ed VolleyballSCISISM
    U19 Co-Ed BadmintonISM 1SCIS 1
    U12 SwimmingISTISMAC
    U14 SwimmingISTISMAC
    U16 SwimmingISMIST
    Open SwimmingISTHOPAC
    U19 Girls NetballOrkeeswaISM 1
    U14 Boys FootballISTISMAC
    U16 Boys BasketballISMISMAC
    U16 Girls BasketballOrkeeswaISM
    U19 Co-Ed UltimateHOPACISM
    U19 Boys BasketballOrkeeswaISMAC
    U19 Girls BasketballOrkeeswaISM
    U19 Girls FootballISTISM 1
    U19 Boys FootballSCISMIS
    Co-Ed TennisSCISISMAC
    ISM Sports successes would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our teachers, volunteers, senior students, and parents who help coach our teams. A big thank you to you all!
    Sports Weekend would also not be such a massive success every year without the full support of all of the staff on ISM Moshi Campus. This included kitchen staff, teachers, cleaners, volunteers, gardeners, student teachers, TAs, and administration. What a great team, Go Leopards!
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    Thanks to all who particpated in last weekend’s tennis tournament and special thanks to Rishi Shah and to Coach Charles for their organisation and to Kilimanjaro Water for their sponsorship. The results were as follows:
    EventWinner2nd place
    U6 girlsSwantjeMithra
    U6 boysSahilIan
    U8 girlsScarlettMary
    U8 boysJayFedya
    U10 girlsPhoebeEmily
    U10 boysNunuJack
    U12 girlsPaulineLulu
    U14 boysNikoliSil
    U16 girlsKimaliLisa
    U16 boysJoshuaFreddy
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    Primary Sports Weekend
    Next semester, on Saturday, 6th February, we shall once again be hosting the international schools Primary Sports Weekend, and we are expecting to have many primary aged visitors with us on the Moshi Campus. The Parent Association has kindly agreed to help with refreshments during this weekend. If you could help in any way, please contact the PA on
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    Fees Payments
    Thanks to all families who have now completed payments of quarter 3 fees. Please note that we will be unable to allow students to return to school in January if the third quarter fees are unpaid at that time. We are also unable to issue reports this quarter to students whose fees payments are in arrears.
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    P5 Camp
    The P5 class had a wonderful time in Arusha at Momella Cultural Centre. The kids were excited and had high spirits for what was to come! Once we got to our campsite, we played games and walked around to become familiar with the area. We also discussed our new unit on mythology. We were able to star gaze and listen to myths about the constellations in the sky.
    A guide from the centre took us on a very scenic and rugged hike through the area. It rained on our hike, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! The kids were able to learn about how to behave on an overnight camping trip; they even did the dishes after each meal. This will prepare them for future OP Trips with Mr. Isaac Foya and will help them learn what is expected on an OP Trip.
    The kids were able to have fun and relax, as well as do some drawings of Mt. Meru and the lake. We were able to dance with the Meru Tribe and learn about their marriage customs. The kids were very happy to dance and sing! We practiced using mythology to act out plays that the students wrote and performed in front of their peers. Overall, it was a great experience with amazing staff and students.

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    Diploma News
    The fun and celebratory mood in the D2 classroom during the 5-minute tutor group time on Friday morning Dec 11th was unmistakable. Hours before, three class of 2016 students had received their university admission acceptance news and the sense of joy and shared pleasure among peers was apparent. Happy shouts and hollering could be heard as the D2 congratulatory cheers echoed. Lisa Matay will go to Harvard; Revogatus ‘Revo’ Tesha – Duke and Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Christian – Cornell. (All will likely receive huge scholarships.) The photo speaks for itself. ISM celebrates these and all other admittances – a testament to the hard work of each student, the experienced and dedicated ISM Moshi DP teaching faculty and tireless work of Daryl Rustad (ISM University Counselor).
    Here is a simple overview of the procedure we use for determining the marks that appear on the D1 and D2 grade reports. Additionally, listed below is a summary of the major exam periods for D1s and D2s.The grade reports that DP students will receive this week reflect the academic work for Semester 1 (August to December 2015). The March 2015 report for DP students will cover work completed between January and March. The June 2015 report will cover the Semester 2 work from January to June 2015. IB DP exams will occur in May 2016 for D2 students. The grade results for those May 2016 D2 exams will be officially released by the IB on July 6, 2016. D2 students will take mock exams on seven school days between Friday January 15th and Monday January 25th (correction from earlier information) and feedback on those mocks will be shared with students by the end of the first week in February. D1 students will have their end-of-D1 year exams in late May 2016 and the results of those exams will appear on the May report cards for D1 students.
    One more note about the D2 mock exams. The D2 students return for two days of classes and then their mock exams commence on Friday January 18th. The mock exams in each of the DP classes serve as a key signpost of how D2 students will likely perform on the official May 2016 exams.
    Critical thinking remains a hallmark of study in the DP. The D1 History students (see photos) prepared in cooperative learning groups for engaging discussion this week on the question – Which of these three protest groups – the African National Congress, Spear of the Nation or the Communist Party – had the most influence in ending apartheid in South Africa?
    We hope to see many parents of DP students at the parent-teacher meeting scheduled for the latter part of the morning of Friday December 18th. Teams of D1 students have been working to create their ‘raft’ for the famous and tradition-packed fun event that will occur at 8am on Dec 18th – the D1 raft race.
    Gentle reminder – create travel plans to ensure that your son/daughter does not miss any school around this upcoming and all ISM holidays. Each day counts. The last day of school is Fri Dec 18th and we start classes again on Wed Jan 13th.
    Feel free to contact me with any DP-related questions or concerns. Rick Fitzpatrick, DP Coordinator
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    Early Childhood Preview
    This week we will carry out the summative assessment of the unit. The children will make a book about how our senses help us as part of their literacy focus. The children are enjoying writing cards to each other for the holiday season and in maths we will continue with measurement. The shopping is still proving popular in our ‘Discovery shop.’
    What’s happening in the last week? Tuesday 07.45 – 08.30 Synchronised Swimming Inter-house event – all Primary will be watching at the pool. NO EC FUN CLUB
    Wednesday Class party- please see the sign up sheet on Monday when you drop your child off.

    Thursday Parent/teacher consultations – no formal school NO EC2 SWIMMING
    Friday Friday 18 Dec – assembly at 09.15am. School finishes at 10.15. (if you have a student in secondary and need to attend conferences then we can look after your EC child until you are finished)
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    P1/2 Preview
    Information for Parents Thank you so much to the parents who came in to help us out with our papier mache on Friday. The kids had a great time, and hopefully it will be a memorable experience for them.

    The upcoming week is a special week as it is the last week of the quarter. Here are some things you need to know.
    • Reports go home on Wednesday.
    • There is no school on Thursday. Instead, please come for your scheduled conference.
    • Children are dismissed at 10:15 on Friday.
    • The P3 children are helping us plan a holiday part for Wednesday. More information is coming.
    Language focus for the week This week Group 1 will be learning how to read short vowel words, and Group 2 will work with “bossy r’s”. We will also continue to read and write every day.
    Maths focus for the week Both groups of children will work with lists of numbers. They will order them, add them, and sort them.
    Unit of Inquiry This week we will paint our globes, and we will continue to learn about the continents.
    What to bring to school: A hat for playtime and a healthful snack.
    Timetable: Monday: PE (wear PE shoes) Tuesday: Library (please send your books in the library bag)
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    P2/3 Preview

    This week the students have continued to put their ideas about relationships into practise. Several times they each read with their new reading buddy in EC as part of their PYP Action for the relationships unit. They first brainstormed how to be even more respectful, cooperative and empathetic with the 3-5 year old beginner readers and so did an even better job than last week. Respect, cooperation and empathy are the PYP attitudes for this unit and the children have developed well in these areas.
    The P2/3s were also excited by the idea of planning an end of term party for the P1s and P2s. They felt that this would be a good way of building a better relationship with the younger students. They have so far shown a good degree of organisation, collaboration and responsibility during this process.
    This week the students spent a lesson writing down a word or comment to describe how they felt about each other student in class. These were then typed up and every student received a list of thoughts about themselves. They were touched by the descriptions and most were surprised and happy when they discovered they were so well liked and appreciated. We hope they will keep the list somewhere safe and look at it often.
    Next week Ms Kaira will be handing back much of the teaching to Ms Kate. It will also be Ms Kaira’s final week with the class. We have all really enjoyed her lessons and input to the class and we will miss her when she returns to university in Denmark. We thank her for her hard work and great ideas and wish her all the very best for her final year of studies.
    Unit: Transdisciplinary Theme: Who we are Central Idea: People’s relationships with each other can have an impact on well-being We will learn a song about friendship. We will continue to forge meaningful relationships with other students in the school.
    Mathematics Focus: multiplication
    English Focus: story writing and character development
    What to bring to school every day: A hat, water bottle, a pair of indoor shoes and a healthy snack.
    The Week Ahead: There will be no homework set this week. ISM reading books should all be returned on Monday. All library books should be returned. Monday: Swimming lesson | Students who learn French will work with Alliance Francaise | Final day of clubs Tuesday: Watch P4-6 synchronised swim display | Library session | Optional swim at 14.00 Wednesday: Reports sent home Thursday: Parent-Teacher Conferences | No lessons today Friday: Final Assembly at 9.15 | Primary School ends at 10.15
    Kate Schermbrucker – P2/3 Teacher and PYP Coordinator
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    P4 Preview

    Overview- In P4, we had a pleasant quarter. The highlights, as shown in student reflections, included the experiments during our Energy unit, learning the Swahili song on “Nishati”, publishing our stories during ICT, using online games to practise multiplication facts, our Art lessons, particularly our work inspired by Picasso, and of course our Friday fun sessions.
    In the coming week, students will be sorting out worksheets and working on portfolio selections. They will be bringing home the sheets of work, which have not been added to the portfolio.
    Teacher Parent Conferences – Conference timings have been set according to slots selected by parents. Parents are kindly requested to be on time so as to benefit from the full 15 minutes.
    Math – We will be recapping the concepts taught this quarter and will continue with multiplication and division concepts. I would encourage all students to practise their multiplication facts over the holidays and by the beginning of quarter 3, they will be able to compute them mentally.
    English Language Arts – this week we started developing stories using starters that we created a few weeks back. Students are incorporating their IT skills and using Microsoft Publisher to create booklets. It is an exciting project as it ties in with our unit of inquiry. They are applying their visual arts skills when creating illustrations for their books.
    Unit of Inquiry – Students have been working hard over this week to come up with an artistic presentation. Over next week, we will be sharing these in class. It ties in with our second line of inquiry; Appreciation of creative expression. They will learn to be Open-minded and to share their perspectives on the different presentations.
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    P5 Preview
    Information for Parents We are looking forward to a variety of fun events this week as we celebrate the last week of the semester. On Monday we will have some special French activities. The synchronized swim teams will be performing for us on Tuesday morning. I hope to see all of the P5s at the primary disco on Wednesday. Tickets are available from me for 5000 Shillings. It is going to be a lot of fun! There is no school on Thursday so that I can meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.
    Language focus for the week We will continue to learn about commas and look for evidence in our own writing of places where we have used commas correctly, or places that we now see could use them. Reading groups will all be focusing on our nonfiction articles and how to read for information.
    Maths focus for the week We will assess our knowledge of probability and conduct a maths investigation into probability.
    Unit of Inquiry We will investigate myths that teach a lesson this week. Students will work together to take action by thinking of an important problem at our school and writing a myth to go with it. We will share these myths with other primary students at some point after the break.
    What to bring to school: A hat for playtime and a healthful snack.
    Timetable: Monday PE (wear PE shoes and a house T-shirt) Wednesday Primary Disco (18:00 – 20:00 Thursday No school (Conferences) Friday School is dismissed at 10:15
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    P6 Preview
    On Monday we welcomed the P6 students and teachers from the Arusha Campus. Together we explored what the Exhibition Unit is all about, focusing on the importance of: Collaboration, the Inquiry Process, the Learner Profile and Action. At the end of the day, all the students’ reflections were extremely positive. Comments included how their understanding of what’s involved has expanded and how much they are now looking forward to the Exhibition.
    Mr Lukas took responsibility for leading many of the lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The students have been researching Migration issues and writing information texts based on their findings. In Maths, students continued to develop understanding on how data is collected, represented and interpreted using a range of tables, charts and graph tools.
    We have been lucky to have Mr Lukas in our class this quarter; he has added much to the experience of the students in the classroom. As well, he has contributed much to the afterschool and weekend programs at the school. Next week is his final week in Tanzania, and we hope that he will take fond memories of ISM back to Germany.
    We also say goodbye to a student, Ian as he goes back to the States at the end of this semester. He has been a true asset to the classroom and will be missed next semester. We wish him luck in his future studies and hope that he keeps in contact with the school to let us know how he is doing.
    Next Week: This is my last week teaching P6 for a while as I am on Maternity Leave for Q3. Ms Alley Weston () will be taking over responsibility for the class in January.
    The students will be working in pairs to prepare and present their knowledge on a Migration topic of their choice. They will have extra access to the IT suite, and will have free-access to the art resources in order to make their presentations. This forms their Summative Assessment for this shortened unit of inquiry. With all the extra activities going on next week (see notices below) there will not be much time for anything else, except general end-of-term finishing and sorting.
    Notices: Monday: Alliance Française Workshop for P6 French learners, 2pm (instead of clubs). Tuesday: Special assembly at the pool, displaying the three Sychronised Swim performances from House Teams. 7:45am. Parents are welcome to watch. No clubs. Wednesday: No clubs. End of Semester Reports to go home. Party in Karibu Hall, 6-8pm. TSh 5,000 for entrance and pizza. Thursday: Parent-Teacher Consultations Day. No lessons. Friday: Raft race in the pool, 8am start, involving many of the P6 students. Assembly at 9:15 in KHall. The semester ends at 10:15, after the assembly. Parents welcome to attend both Raft Race and Karibu Hall assembly.
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