Moshi Campus News – 1 Dec 17

2 Dec 2017
Moshi Campus News – 1 December 2017


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Plastic Pollution is Hurting Our Planet

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Sliding into December

Thank you to everyone that supported the school during Sports Weekend.  The feeling around campus was one of fun and excitement. There were large numbers of positive comments and that is due in large part to the support from the community.  I would also like to thank the parents who came to the PTA evening on Tuesday and gave us their thoughts on how we can continue to improve the school.

I would like to congratulate and thank all of our ISM athletes for their effort and good sportsmanship this weekend.  I saw a lot of gritty performances and some very close results in both directions.  Our student ambassadors as well did their best to make each of the schools feel welcomed and supported throughout the weekend.

Today is Mawlid, the day we celebrate the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday. We wish everyone in our community a Happy Mawlid-al-Nabi. I am sure those that were involved heavily last weekend are glad for the extra day in the weekend.

Currently we have a large number of students and staff working hard to refine the Bugsy Malone musical for next week, I hope you are able to attend at least one of the three performances.  Other students and staff are off on an Outdoor Pursuits trip to Ngorongoro which is the second to last one of the semester.  We will finish up with the inaugural mountain bike trip on December 9th and 10th.  Please be on the lookout for the list of second semester trips which will be out soon.

We are coming to the end of the semester and for most students this means their reports will be out soon.  Please remember, for secondary students, that you have access to their individual marks throughout the school year.  The reports do however provide teacher comments that give you a good idea of what should be discussed at the conferences.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable last two weeks and takes advantage of the activities around Moshi and Arusha at this time of the year.

Reports and Parent Conferences

For Secondary students, conference will be on the last school day of the semester Friday December 15th starting at 10:40 in K-Hall.  These will continue until about 12:30pm.  For students in M1 to D1 their reports will be issued the day before through ManageBac. 

For Primary students, conferences will be on Thursday December 14th and you will receive a letter concerning these soon.  The reports for Primary students will be released in ManageBac Wednesday December 13th.

If you have problems with your ManageBac login, please contact Grace to get this sorted out.

Bugsy Malone

Reminder: Bugsy Malone Rehearsal dates

Sunday 3rd Dec at 2pm-3.30pm Cue and Song Practice
Garageband, Pop Choir, Principal Singers and All Primary Chorus P2-P6

Monday 4th Dec, Technical 3.00-4.30 Secondary Only including Actors, Garageband, Pop Choir and Principle Singers, Backstage crew

Tuesday 5th Dec, Full Dress Rehearsal 3.00-4.30 Full Cast, Primary and all musicians and singers.

Don’t forget to buy tickets before the night.

Upcoming Events

Diploma News

An ISM DP class of 2013 graduate who attended a UK University dropped in this past week and advised students to ‘work hard’ and ‘be aware of how useful all of the DP courses, the coursework, the TOK and the Extended Essay’ are to university life.

Please note that D2 students will present drafts on Monday for their Biology, Physics and Chemistry scientific investigations; their ESS coursework and the TOK essay draft are due for submission the following week as well as Group 1 and 2 written assignments in most classes.

On technology in today’s world –

Rick Fitzpatrick

MYP News


In order to keep our curriculum as up to date and relevant as possible teachers have been auditing and aligning MYP curriculum in all classes to incorporate minor changes that took effect in September 2017.  They have also been adjusting certain aspects to better align MYP content so it flows coherently into the Diploma Programme in courses such as Mathematics Extended.

Some of these changes may have an immediately impact depending on the MYP guides, however, the majority will affect courses in the next academic year.

David Ochieng

Plastic Pollution is Hurting Our Planet

Both the M1 and M5 English Language Acquisition classes have been exploring the ways that plastic waste gets into water bodies and is harmful for marine life.

This week, the M1 class also met with students in EC to share their opinions about plastic and consider the plastic pollution on ISM campus. The EC students were very knowledgeable and have been taking their own actions to cut out plastics.

The inquiry process for both the M1 and M5 classes has led to action. At last weekend’s Farmer’s Market, the content of the inquiry process was displayed to help educate members of our community about plastic. With the help of Miss Caroline, the M1 students sold reusable cloth bags made from t-shirts. This display will be set up again at the next Farmer’s Market and the students hope to continue to share their environmental message.

Boarding News

With Friday 1st December being a public holiday, it means the students have a long weekend. These weekends are like all others in many ways, including the way students sign out for the weekend. So please, if boarders are coming home or signing out, we need you to give us this information in good time, so we can make arrangements.

We are coming to the end of the second quarter, and wish to remind parents that school will close on Friday, 15th December. Boarders can leave the same day, and are expected back to school on Monday, 8th January for quarter 3. We appreciate those parents who have already sent us end of quarter travel plans. Kindly let us know if your child will need school transport to and from the airport on these dates. Information about travel can be sent to the child’s boarding parent and to the Head of Boarding at

We offer free transport to and from Moshi airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport on the scheduled closing and opening dates. Kindly note that the school does not provide transport to and from Arusha airport at all due to the distance and time required.

Rosemary Bango

Sports News


Thank you to all who supported our 17th Annual Sports Weekend as it was a fantastic time. It was a great event, and to see so many people out enjoying the weekend was encouraging. The Leopard Teams represented the school well winning 6 trophies.

  • U19 Boys Basketball Champions
  • U15 Boys Basketball Champions
  • U19 Netball Champions
  • Ultimate Champions
  • Swimming Runner-Ups
  • U19 Rugby Runner-Ups

In the next newsletter there will be a full run down of all the scores from all the sports and swimming results, as well as more photos.

As the season and year progress please keep up with all the info, news, and sports reports by reading the Moshi Campus News.

Go Leopards

Scott Hibbard

Primary News

Well done to the U11 Rounders Team who enjoyed their friendly matches against Kennedy House School and St Constantine’s on Wednesday. The children’s skills have improved a lot over the course of the semester thanks to the dedication of their coach, Ms Clare.

Thank you to all the parents who came to the PYP Sharing Assembly on Monday and the PTA AGM on Tuesday. We appreciate having such supportive parents in the Primary School.

Thanks to parents who have arranged for their children to attend rehearsals on Sunday at 2pm and Tuesday at 3pm. If you have not already bought your Bugsy Malone tickets please purchase them from Reception. We are all looking forward to the final shows on Wednesday (6pm), Thursday (6pm) and Friday (2pm) after 4 months of preparation.

Notice: Primary Clubs will run as normal next week.

Notice: Friday 8th December is Tanzania Spirit Day at ISM. Children are invited to wear their Tanzanian clothes on that day in celebration of this beautiful country, i.e. they don’t need to wear their ISM t-shirts.

Notice: Primary swim and football training will take place this weekend on Saturday 2nd December, but not on Saturday 9th December, because that is a public holiday (Independence Day)

Request: If there are any primary parents who wish to lead a 2 – 3pm weekly primary club in Quarter 3 could they please email me on:

Kate Schermbrucker

EC News

This week we shared our developing knowledge of plastics and their impact on our environment with a group of M1 students who have also been working on the topic. They shared their posters and we showed them our efforts at re-using and re-cycling.

The children have really enjoyed this first term of swimming, and the improvements in confidence and technique are already showing. Thank you to Mr. Sabini for his hard work and reassuring manner in teaching our beginners.

The Primary sharing performance on Monday was fun, and the children showed off their bioluminescence dance to the music of Saint-Saens Aquarium. Thanks to those of you who made it.

Have a great long weekend, and please remember to send in the re-usable cutlery next week.

Owain Evans

P 1/2 News

The creativity has been rampant in P1/2 this week. We carried out internet searches to learn more about particular artists and to find out what the word artist really means. The children came up with what types of art they would like to learn more about.. They decided that we should create an Art Portfolio to hold all our works of art. They are thinking of preparing an Art Exhibition at the end of the unit.

This week, the children worked on creating art using natural materials. They walked outside of the class, collected various items from nature and glued them together. They created very interesting pieces. Next week, they will be creating silhouettes and papier-mâché models.

In maths, we moved on to subtraction using the number square. We are now subtracting larger numbers such as 76-5= and 82-6=. We will continue with this next week.

Phase 2: f, ff, l, ll, s, ss
Phase 3: igh

Show & Tell: Gus and Vicky

Mboka Mwasongwe

P 2/3 News

This week the children have been writing persuasive letters. They have been thinking carefully about the word choices they use. The class wrote letters to me trying to convince me of an activity we should do during the last week of school. The winner will be announced on Monday.

During the unit the children have been inquiring into belonging and what it means to them.

Next week the class will look at writing an opinion piece of writing about something they are passionate about. They will be reading to research some information. We will be looking to our ancestry and what this actually means.

In Math some children will be reviewing number work and patterns while others will be solving more challenging math problems.

  • Monday: Reading homework only this week.
  • Tuesday: Library and PE; 3pm – 4.30 Final Bugsy Rehearsal
  • Wednesday: 6pm Bugsy Malone Production in Karibu Hall (children to wear their Bugsy T-shirts)
  • Thursday: Swimming; 6pm Bugsy Malone Production in Karibu Hall (remind children to wear their Bugsy T-shirts)
  • Friday: Tanzania Spirit Day – wear Tanzanian clothes; 2pm Bugsy Malone Matinee Production in Karibu Hall (remind children to wear their Bugsy T-shirts)

Have wonderful weekend.
Clare Hibbard

P4 News

We had a great sharing assembly on Monday. The students were very proud to show their parents and friends their stop-motion video. The students have been exploring non-contact and contact forces and especially enjoyed experimenting with magnets. They have been learning the vocabulary associated with this topic and have began asking questions about the nature of forces in everyday life. We have started to examine how different materials affect movement (related to friction) and the students have explored the lubricating quality of soap. In math we are looking at weight in grams and kilograms and the students are starting to understand that different units are used to measure different things.

Please allow your child to bring in any non-precious toy cars and boats to use for our unit.

Remember: Sunday at 2:00 there is a Bugsy rehearsal in Karibu hall.

Julie Bowen

P5 News

This week was the last week of Ms. Signe’s teaching practice. We enjoyed a goodbye party in class on Thursday and the children presented her with a card and a small gift to remember us by. We wish Ms. Signe all the best for the future as she returns to Denmark. This week the children have been working on persuasive writing techniques as part of their inquiry into the media. They have also been practicing problem solving strategies and calculating area and volume. The children have been using to improve the speed and accuracy of their typing. We will continue working on these topics next week. As part of our Unit of Inquiry we will also consider how to be safe and responsible in a digital environment. I hope you enjoy the Friday holiday with your families. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are 2 rehearsals for the Bugsy Malone production on Sunday at 2pm and Tuesday at 3pm. Next Friday (8th December) is a school spirit day and the children should wear Tanzanian clothes.

Deborah Mills

P6 News

Well done P6s on the great job MCing for the PYP Sharing Assembly on Monday. The P6s have been busy inquiring about early migrations, which led them to finding out more about Human Evolution. They have taken a keen interest in their migration stories and have been presenting very interesting information related to this unit.

We will be having discussions about issues that they are passionate about. Local issues as well as global issues e.g. poverty, environmental issues etc.  This is in preparation for their PYP Exhibition so that during the break they may start collecting resources they might need.

In the coming week, we will continue with our Math unit on time, explore different digital tools for presenting our migration stories. We will also start looking at how diversity was created by migration.

Cathy Wambua