Moshi Campus News – 8 June 2019

Moshi Campus News – 8 June 2019


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Penultimate Issue

This is the next to last issue of the school year and the second to last under the ISM Banner.

Today we have the M5 Ceremony to celebrate the end of the Middle Years for our M5 students.  While this is not an end for these students, it is an important milestone as they continue their education.

As you can see below the last two weeks are not free of activity.  From Move-Up days to Science and TOK events.  From sports days to service days, ISM students are involved from the start of the year to the end.

Parents are invited to the End of Year assembly on the 20th.  Parents of P6 students are also invited to attend the meeting listed below to learn more about the MYP.

And lastly, we have the last Farmers’ Market of the year.  In addition to food, we are expecting some crafts for those who still need gifts to bring home.

Bob Cofer

Class Photos

On Wednesday morning before break we will be taking class photos.  Please plan on appropriate dress for the pictures.  Those that will be heading to Cross Country later in the day should plan to dress for pictures and change after.


This will be the last market of the school year.  

End of Year Assembly

The last assembly of the year will start at 8:30am on Thursday the 20th.  Parents are invited to join us as we celebrate the year and say goodbye to those that are leaving us.

The school year will end directly after the assembly.


The Final Reports of the year will be issued through ManageBac on Wednesday June 19th.  If you cannot access ManageBac please let Ms Grace in the front office know and she can help you get access.

If you will be with us on Thursday and would like to schedule a time to talk with one of the secondary teachers, please email them directly.

Ben’s Corner

This week, the P6 students were invited to create a list of “Burning Questions” that they have about life in M1 and beyond. There were far too many questions to list them all here but they included:

  • How many subjects are there?
  • How many teachers will we have?
  • How many lessons are there in one day?
  • Are we allowed to bring electronics to school?
  • What happens in a detention?
  • Are there breaks in between lessons?
  • Are breaks the same as in PYP?
  • How much homework do we get?
  • What is Managebac?
  • Is it true that in M1 we have to run 5km for P.E.?
  • What is Guidance Hour?

I have posted these questions in the Staff Room so that all secondary teachers are aware of some of the things our new M1 students will be grappling with as they transition to life in the Middle School.

When students change class, they must adjust to new surroundings and routines, become familiar with new teachers and, often, new peers, learn new ways of working and, perhaps, make sense of new agreements and expectations. Of course, at the same time, they must also adjust to the social changes that happen when shifting classes. Indeed, the National Middle School Association identifies five key aspects that are useful to consider at this time of transition, namely the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral.

In light of this, we are hoping that Monday’s “Transition Day” will help pave the way for a successful transition for all our Primary students next year, not least our P6 students as they move to M1. Of course, parents too are often anxious at these times of change and we welcome all current P6 parents to the Social Centre on Tuesday 11th at 7:45am, where David Ochieng (our MYP Coordinator) will share a brief introduction to the MYP and answer some of the questions listed above…and any more you might have.

Suffice to say that one thing that remains a constant is the focus on learning, connection and a sense of belonging to a supportive community.

Ben Morley

Diploma News

The D1 students have two big events in the next 10 days.  On the 12th and 13th they will be working on either the Group 4 Project for Physics, Chemistry or Biology; or they will be on an ESS Field Study.  Then on the 17th and 18th the students will be working with TOK teachers looking at the Presentation, one of the graded elements for the course.

MYP News

The M5 Ceremony is today at Rafiki Hall.  We look forward to having the community join us for this event.

On Monday, the P6 students will join the M1 students for a day in the MYP.  It will give them a taste of what the MYP has to offer.

Starting on Friday, the MYP students will start a three-day project that is the culmination of the service projects they have been working on all year.

Sports News

Our U9 and U11 Netballers were in action again on Tuesday at St Constantines with similar results to the last tournament.  Our U11s had a good day out winning a couple of games and more importantly enjoying sport.  Our U9s finished 3rd with a strong performance through the round robin stage and a good win in the play offs.  Thank you to Mr Thadeus and Mr Patrick for all their help with the team.

Primary Netball

We have a huge finish to the year coming up with inter house points up for grabs in both the Primary and Secondary Sports Fun Days.  We host Touch Rugby on Saturday the 15th June so come along and support our U9 and U11 teams.  See below for more details. 

See the table below for what is still to come this Quarter.

Sports Celebration Afternoon – Semester 2
We will run the Sports Celebration Afternoon for semester 2 on Thursday the 13th of June at 5pm in Rafiki Hall where we will present MVP and coaches awards to students from all sports played since February and the much anticipated sports people of the year awards.  There will be refreshments and nibbles available from 4.30pm with the presentations starting at 5pm. Parents and family welcome.

Primary Sports Fun Day
Primary Sports Fun Day will be held on Tuesday the 11th of June for all students EC to P6. Please make sure you have your house banners, chants and colours ready for this event.

Secondary Sports Day
Secondary Sports day will be held on Wednesday the 19th of June for all students M1 and above. Please make sure you have your house banners, chants and colours ready for this event.

Saturday Soccer
This Saturday the 8th June will be the last soccer with Mr T for the year as next week we will host the NTAA touch tournament for U9 and U11s.  Please make sure students are wearing cleats for this or they will not be able to participate.

Community Sports
ISM is now facilitating community Ultimate Frisbee on a Monday and Thursday at 5.30pm and Touch Rugby Wednesday at 5.15pm on the fields for Moshi community members who would like to play.  Note: people who are not in the ISM community need to pay a 3,000TSH fee to help maintain the facilities per session.

Go Leopards
Robin Marsh

Boarding News

The M5 students have their ceremony to mark the end of their MYP experience on Saturday 8th June. They are joined by family members, staff and other students. The M5 boarders will then leave for a well-deserved summer break with their parents.

With M5 and D2 boarders gone, we obviously have a smaller boarding community.

School will close for summer break on Thursday 20th of June. Boarders can leave school the same day. This is a reminder to parents who have not shared end of year transport details with us to do so as soon as possible.

The school provides free transport to KIA for boarders on the scheduled closing day.

Rosemary Bango

PYP News

We had a great gathering where we shared memories of the teachers and learned that memories can be of all sorts; warm, sad, make you laugh and from long ago. It was so heartwarming and sad to hear the kind words said to our leaving students. We wish them the very best in their future and hope to stay in touch. In the coming week, we will have some things lined so kindly make note of these events.

Monday- P6 Ceremony

  •  Move-up Day for Primary- here the P6s will spend the day with the M1s and get a familiarize with life in Secondary. The rest of Primary EC to P5 will be moving to their next class for half an hour to meet their new teacher and break the ice before joining their new class in the coming academic year.


  • Primary Fun Sports Day
  • MYP Information Session for Parents
  • P4 Craft Sale


  • P1/2 Day Camp on the school grounds

Have a lovely weekend.

Cathy Wambus-Saha

EC News

The children loved the story of the elves and the shoemaker. They wanted to make their own shoes, which we sold to Mr. Ben the next day for a healthy profit. I think you’ll agree that we did him a favour by covering up those ‘managerial’ socks. The EC2s went on to produce their own version of the story “The EC class and Mr. Ben” with words and pictures whilst our younger children produced sets of tiny jackets and scarves for the elves in the story. It is fantastic to see them relating tales back to their own lives and making connections to their own experiences as we near the end of our unit.

We will have a Primary Sports day next week, and a final class Party on the last Wednesday of term. Check the newsletter for more details on these as they come up.

Owain Evans

P 1/2 News

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in pictures of themselves when they were young. We have managed to collect most of what we need. If you haven’t sent in yours, please do so as soon as possible for we are going to be working on them this coming week. We will be writing our reflections and creating some art work as we make connections with our past.

To continue with our picture theme, we will be continuing to look at how to create and interpret pictograms. This is always the most fun part of mathematics.

Please note two exciting events coming up this week.

Tuesday will be sports day. It will be a whole day event and we will need to wear our house shirts. Please send in:

  • A hardy snack
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Trainers

Our day camp will take place on Friday the 14th during school hours. A separate letter will be sent to you with all the requirements for the day.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P 2/3 News

We have spent a portion of this week looking at moon phases and relating that to the Eid holiday we had. We brainstormed where we thought the moon would have to be in order for Eid to occur. In doing so, we had questions such as “does the moon rotate clockwise or anti clockwise?” “Why are there first quarter and third quarter stages of the moon?” We have talked about what clock wise and anti clockwise mean, as well as look at fractions which determine what phase of the moon is observable during those phases. Students created wonderful artwork showcasing these phases of the moon. The students have also been excited to share their moon phase learning with EC and P5.

Reminder that camp letters have been sent out on Friday, please get the filled out forms back to us along with the money by Thursday 13th June 2019.


  • P6 Graduation
  • Meet your teacher for next year – this will take place during the morning after P6 graduation


  • Primary Sports Day – please wear house t-shirts.

Elisha Jaffer

P4 News

This short week the P4 students managed to do lots of things including work on their crafts for a sale to support others in need around them. We learned candle making from Mehar and it was just lovely watching different groups bead and make books among other things. We will be having a sale of different crafts as well as a bake sale on Tuesday at break time and through lunchtime, do come and support us. We will also have a Primary Sports Day on Tuesday, you are well come to show team spirit to your child. Kindly ensure that your child is dressed in the right attire and in their house t-shirt.

Cathy Wambua-Saha

P5 News

The countdown is on, and the end of the year is almost here. This week, everyone organized their portfolios with pride and creativity. While they were organizing, I acknowledged that they all have put great effort into their reading and writing skills this year. They chose article topics for our end of the year newsletter. We will publish it the last week of school. They have accomplished an assortment of writing activities, and are enjoying sharing their knowledge, expressing ideas, and creating stories. A few commented how much they love writing now, which of course makes a teacher’s heart happy. I encourage them to keep it up over the holiday break, and journal about their adventures. They are also encouraged to keep up the daily reading habits. Family book clubs are a fun way to spend time together.

Please remember that next week we have Sports Day on Tuesday. Check list includes: water bottle, hat, house shirt, and a healthy snack.

Sarah Brummel

P6 News

The week seems to have flown past. On Tuesday, eight of the class went to play netball at SCIS. Wednesday and Thursday were non school days due to the Eid holiday. That left us Monday and Friday to complete writing and maths samples to hand up to the MYP teachers ready for August. On Monday of next week we have the P6 leaving ceremony. The students will then join M1 for the day. They are allowed to wear their own clothes on this day – ISM t-shirts are not necessary. On Tuesday 11th June the children have Athletics day. They should wear appropriate footwear and house shirts and be sure to bring a water bottle. The rest of the week will be spent consolidating maths skills and finishing off our UOI on plants. Please note that on Tuesday Mr. Ochieng and Mr. Morley are running an information session about the MYP for the P6 parents to answer any questions you might have about the next school year.

Deborah Mills