Dress Code and Sport at UWC East Africa 2021/22

19 Jun 2021

Dress Code at UWC East Africa

As we prepare for many new people to join our school in August, I have been asked exactly what is the UWC East Africa dress code. So, to help people as they shop in their homelands for clothes to wear when they get to school I thought I would remind you all.

UWC East Africa has a dress code created in conjunction with the students to convey a message of respectability to our community and reflect our standards. We are a school in Tanzania and should be aware of community and cultural expectations regarding student dress both when attending classes and when going off campus. In Tanzania, most people would expect clothes to cover from shoulders to knees at a minimum.
Students are expected to adhere to the following:
● No sagging shorts or trousers,
● Shorts, skirts or dresses should reach mid-thigh,
● Shirts or dresses can be sleeveless but should cover the torso,
● Hoods or hats may not be worn during classes,
● Wear shoes appropriate for your day (e.g. trainers for P.E. classes and closed toe shoes for Sciences and Design).
Clothes, jewellery, makeup or hairstyles, which may give offense in the community, should not be worn. In particular clothes or accessories that advertise alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, or contain offensive language or pictures are not appropriate.

Sport at UWC East Africa next year

This year we have had cause to celebrate some great sporting accomplishments in spite of the postpnement of competitive sport with other schools. We thank our outgoing head of PE, Matt for his work in getting us so far. We would like to carry forward that momentum into next year and plan to introduce several initiatives that hopefully will improve our performances even further. Caitrin Trappe (Head of PE) and Phil (Head of Campus) frimly believe that if we prepare ourselves for sport in the right way we can raise our achievement levels. This includes dressing, behaving and training appropriately. 

One of the exciting additions will be a new team sports kit which we have acquired in time for the new academic year as seen modelled by M5 below.

The football kit. New basketball, netball and rugby kit in similar style.


Looking ahead to the next school year there will be some changes made within the P.E as well as Sports program. As you head off on your holidays and might be looking to buy new clothes for your children, we want you to keep in mind the requirements for Sports Kit.



  • Students must wear black shorts or black athletic yoga/leggings  for P.E. and during CCA sport activities (a stripe down the side is acceptable). Shorts must be no shorter than their fingertips if their arms are straight by their sides (see picture right)


  • Students MUST wear a Purple ISM Sport T-shirt


  • Students MUST wear appropriate Athletic Trainers/Tennis Shoes to participate. For competitive field sports it is recommended that students have football/rugby boots/cleats. For competitive football, shin pads are highly recommended and in NTAA competitions, should be worn.


  • Students MUST wear a hat