Monday Morning

15 Aug 2020

Monday Morning – First Day of Classes


This newsletter is just to go through the plans and systems for the first day of classes on Monday.  Please read through the items below and we look forward to seeing you there.

Medical Form Reminder

Parents, if you have not done so, please use the link that was emailed to you to update the medical information for your children. If it is a returning student, all we need is the online link as seen above completed.  This process helps us support all students through having the most recent and relevant information

Self Screening

Please follow the school’s Student Screening Checklist before coming to school each day.  If you have questions or are unsure, please contact us.  It is better that we err on the side of caution in this screening process.

Driving in

The school entrance has been redesigned as part of the process that will see an ATM installed near the front gate.  We are hopeful that this process will help with traffic in the area and the flow of students as well.  Please see the diagram below. We will have staff onsite to help as we make the adjustment.

You will enter through the new gate and exit through what used to be the entrance. The old exit is used only for deliveries and access for school vehicles to the main campus.

Please drop off in the designated spots and be on the lookout for students in the parking lot.

Hand Washing

You will notice we have multiple hand washing stations at each entrance, please use them as you enter.

Mask Reminder


Primary students will be coming to their new classes to start the day, please use this list to help find their room:

EC/P1 – Mboka Mwasongwe – Rm 3

P2/3 – Elisha Jaffer – Room 4

P4 – Kacey Buckey – Room 6

P5 – Deborah Mills – Room 16

P6 – Sarah Brummel – Room 15

Please remember that there are no clubs yet and school ends at 11:20am for EC and 1:10pm for P1 to P6 on Monday through Thursday with everyone finishing at 12:30pm on Friday


On Monday you will start with your mentors in your mentor room.  Please use this list to help you find your class:

M1 – Margaret Meshack – Room 18

M2 – Paul Malimi – Room 14

M3 – Linda Kileo & Robin Marsh – Old Design Room

M4 – Hazel Ndong – Room 9

M5 – Ian Smejkal – Room 29

These teachers will take you through the week and some new school procedures.


Diploma students should look for the posted lists near the office and breezeway for the list of mentors and rooms.

Meal Tickets

We have maintained the costs of meals this year at the same cost as last year.  This means day students can purchase meal tickets in Accounts at 7000 Tsh for secondary and for 4500 Tsh for primary students. Meal tickets are not available in the dining hall so please purchase them ahead of time.

End of the Day

Please remember that there are no activities or clubs this week and students should plan to leave campus after classses end.  More information about clubs and service activities will come out soon.