Moshi Campus News – 10 Feb 2023

Moshi Campus News – 10 February 2023


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We Are Off…

This upcoming week we have the single largest example of experiential learning of the school year happening. Our MYP students are all off on cross-campus trips to explore different aspects of Tanzania and strengthen links with their in-class learning. Our D1 students are off on group projects that mirror their interests and are self-developed. While mentors have provided support and suggestions the projects are essentially theirs and we look forward to seeing what they learn.

The D2 students will take advantage of this quiet time to complete their Mock Exams while the PYP will revel in the open space on campus.

Due to this activity the newsletter next week will be short, but please remember that we do have a Farmers’ Market on the 23rd, the long weekend on the 24th to the 27th, Book Week starting the 28th, a blood Drive on March 3rd and International Day on March 4th. We will celebrate International Women’s Day with an assembly on March 6th – you are very welcome to attend.

Lots to look forward to.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

From the PTA

Hello to all of the parents! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who supported the bake sale at the Beauty and the Beast Production! The sales were extremely successful, raising OVER ONE MILLION SHILLINGS for the art and drama department! It’s amazing how much can be done when we all work together.

SATURDAY MARCH 4TH is the UWC International Day celebration on Moshi campus — it is just three weeks away, and we still have A LOT of planning to do! Simon has helped to put together a Google Doc where people can sign up to help run the food stalls for each tent — we will not be doing a silent auction or large fashion show this year, but instead will make it more based around the food, music and culture. I am going to send out a separate email with the sign up link to be involved. It will also outline some things that were discussed during a meeting with the student government on Tuesday. Please message me at +255 712015821 or email me at if you are interested in getting involved in a bigger way!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ben’s Corner

Stress has a bad reputation! I have written before about how a level of stress is inevitable if you are involved in important and significant things. However, does it have to be negative? In Life Skills, Mentor Time and in and around the classroom, we often explore the notion of ‘dealing’ with stress or, to give it a more positive spin, redefining your relationship with stress. After all, stress is a natural human response designed to help us. Stress manifests itself physiologically in many ways for different people. Learning to acknowledge these responses as natural, healthy signals is an important first step. Too often, we automatically attach a negative emotion or interpretation to such feelings. Indeed, there is research (there always is) in neuroplasticity showing that changing this initial reaction can shift your neural pathways and, in turn, your physiology.

With this in mind, it is important to remember the IB Learner Profile attribute of Caring. Stressed people often do not project the best version of themselves so we should all strive to show empathy, compassion and respect. Everyone is trying their best…most of the time!

So, as “exam season” edges closer for many of us, with other big ticket events on the near horizon including Project Week, Week Without Walls, Personal Projects, PYPX and so on, it is important to always start with success in mind.

It is important to mentally prepare yourself for potentially stressful situations and include things in your day-to-day life to help you. Learning to be mindful takes time, practice and commitment and, in my experience, those who are quick to dismiss such ideas are often the people who would benefit from them the most…yoga, sport, breathing exercises, singing, reading, cooking, even, dancing. So, why not give it a go?

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

The D2 Mock Examinations have now started. The first days went well, all students arrived on time and were well prepared for the papers. They have two or three papers per subject as will happen in the actual examinations in May. Mock examinations are however about much more than the content. We follow as many of the rules for the final exams as possible, so the students become familiar with them. Knowing what revision techniques work for you is important and for some students there will be a need for a review of these after the exams. A good routine of healthy eating, exercise and sleep is also important.

Hopefully the D1 students are all ready for project week. They have some fantastic plans, and I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.

The week after project week a group of MYP and DP students will be heading to Nairobi for the East African Model United Nations. This is an event the school has been participating in for years but has been online for the last two years. We are looking forward to it.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Residential Life

We all know the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in residential life, it takes a community.

In the midst of our D2’s preparing and now sitting examinations, we still have our Diploma students engaging with the youngest of them all. Our activities committee took the lead and hosted a wonderful pool party on Sunday for Kichala. Albeit chaotic, as they learnt how to play water polo for the first time, it was simply a delight to see our oldest connect with our youngest students here at UWCEA – Moshi.

In addition to this, we had MYP students helping in the garden in Kijana and writing endless valentines notes in preparation for the surprise gifts that shall arrive to many soon. Finally, I am excited to announce that the planning has commenced for our first inter-residential competition of rounders in a week’s time. An all-inclusive game with a special outdoor picnic for dinner.

It is the subtle things in life that makes us appreciate where we are and how fortunate we are to be here surrounded by so many different cultures, perspectives and ages.

For our D2’s, I wish you the best of luck in your mock examinations and for our D1’s and MYP’s good luck to you too as you embark on your journey in ‘Week without walls’ / Project week’ and my thanks and gratitude goes out to the many staff chaperoning them and or, holding the fort in Kichala and our DP dorms.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

That special week is just around the corner!
WWW Reminders and Logistics

  • M1:  Lake Eyasi – Leaving Moshi Campus at 8:00 am
  • M2: Pangani – Leaving Moshi Campus at 8:00 am
  • M3: Arusha Cultural Arts Centre – Leaving Moshi Campus at 8:00 am
  • M4: Simba Farm – Leaving Moshi Campus at 9:00 am
  • M5: Migombani – Leaving Moshi Campus at 6:00 am

The MYP team would like to continue sharing some learning stories. This week is all about Visual Arts!

M1: Mixed Media Sardines using pen, ink and newsprint. Criterion C & D (summative). ‘Life Aquatic’ unit.

M4: Linear Perspective using pen and ink. Criterion B & C (formative). ‘Fantasy Landscapes’ unit.

Important MYP Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • February 10th – M5 Teacher e-Assessment Information Session
  • February 13th – 17th Week Without Walls
  • March 6th – Mock Orals Week (M5 French)
  • March 15th – Final Drafts of PP reports
  • March 20th – e-Assessments Mocks Week AND Final Orals (M5 French)
  • April 1st – 16th Easter/ Spring Break
  • May 8th – 19th – MYP5 e-Assessments (official)
  • June 6th – M5 Ceremony

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

From the Counselor

Celebrating and planning are underway

Our D2 students continue to receive offers of admission and scholarships as they explore their post-secondary options. The first individual meeting with D1 students has happened and they will soon begin making their list of colleges for consideration.

SAT Registration Reminder

The SAT has gone digital for international students, and the first test date is quickly approaching. In order to take the test on 11 March, students must be registered by 24 February. Also, since this test is digital, it is important that students download the required testing software in advance to an approved device so that they are assured that they will be able to take the test on the day of the examination. There are also practice materials that students are encouraged to begin working on well in advance of their test day.

More information about this test and others can be found on this link:

UPCOMING College and University Events

  • 18 February: 5PM – 8:45PM EAT Minerva University Preview Day Link to register
  • 19 February: 9PM – 2AM EAT NACAC International virtual fair Registration link
  • 24 February: Deadline to register for 11 March SAT 
  • 21 March: 1PM – 4PM EAT University of Chicago in-person visit
  • 21 March: 1PM -4PM EAT CIS University Exploration Day – Africa Registration link
  • 29 March: 7:30AM – 10:10 AM EAT 21 Century Skills symposium – Moshi campus
  • 29 March: 7:30PM – 9:00 PM EAT 21st Century Skills symposium – virtual program

Andrea Kitomary – University Counselor

Sports Update

Last Saturday was a huge success for UWCEA Moshi in Arusha and Braeburn as the schools’ teams participated in several big NTSAA sporting events. The U15 Boys Football team, led by Mr. Morley, had an impressive showing, leading the NTSAA League. The U17 Girls and Open Girls teams, led by Dr. Wade and Ms. Hilda, respectively, also had successful showings in their competitive games and now stand in 2nd place in the NTSAA League. The Boys U17 Basketball team played brilliantly and achieved 1st place in the NTSAA League. The Open Boys Basketball team faced a challenging set of games, winning one out of three, but they are more than ready to take on the rest of the league this Saturday. We would also like to thank Mr. Hwyel for taking the time to support our basketball teams. His presence was truly a blessing and a testament to his commitment to our sporting programs.

This Saturday, Moshi Campus will be hosting several events, including the U15 Boys Football’s last official NTSAA game, Open Boys Basketball, and friendly Open Volleyball games, which will all be starting at 9 am. We hope to see you all there to show your support and encouragement for the teams, so that they can achieve the success they deserve!

Next Friday, the 17th of February, we will be hosting Primary football friendly matches at UWCEA. We hope to see many of you there to show your support for our teams and to witness the amazing talent these young athletes possess.

This is sure to be an incredible event and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Mostafa Rihan – Sports & Activities Coordinator

PYP News

The P6 Exhibition process is well underway and the children will be sharing their central ideas and lines of inquiry in the Primary Gathering on Friday morning. Our next gathering will be on Thursday, 23rd February, just before the long weekend, and will be presented by P2/3. When we return to school after the long weekend we will celebrate Book Week, starting Tuesday 28th February. More information will be shared nearer the time but this is advance notice that we will have a dress up as a book character day on Thursday, 2nd March and will celebrate with a book week themed whole school assembly at 10:30a.m. on that day. You are very welcome to attend.

Changes to Saturday football arrangements:
As has already been communicated by email, there will be no Saturday football on 11th February due to the pitches being used for an NTSAA football tournament. Instead, football club for the PYP children will take place today, Friday, 10th February, 1:30 – 3:00p.m.

There is a further change. On Friday, 17th February, we will be hosting some friendly football matches against Hope School. The details will be shared with you later, but please note that the matches will run 1:30 – 3:00pm on the Friday and that Saturday football club will not take place on Saturday, 18th February.

Rainy weather meant that our youngest footballers couldn’t go outside for their after school club on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Hywel came up with an ingenious solution – the photo shows the children playing table football using bottle tops.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

Special Request

The PYP creativity club is looking for clean glass jars (no lid necessary) to use in a craft project. If you have any jars please can you drop them off in the box outside Ben Morley’s office.

EC/P1 Class

Everyone has been busy doing various things in and out of the classroom. It is wonderful to see the children growing in all the areas that they love as well as the challenging ones too.

This week, we worked on clearing our city, making way for our farm. The children will be slowly creating farm animals and farm structures to add to this new table. We hope that you had time to go through their animal books and talk about mothers and their young. We will add more to the book in the coming weeks.

If you wish do something special for the children on the 14th, please let me know and we can organise a surprise for them.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

We have enjoyed our study of sources and properties of LIGHT this week. The photo shows the different lenses we made to consider the definition of transparent, translucent, and opaque. We also used mirrors in order to demonstrate that light travels in a straight line. I hope that children enjoyed playing with shadow puppets at home! We will continue with our study next week and have more hands-on investigations.

This may seem too early to mention but my own children are already brainstorming about their costumes for Book Week – the costume day will be March 2nd and it is one of my favorite days of the school year!

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

We had lots of fun at the end of the day on Wednesday, celebrating our 100th day of school this year. The children investigated how many times they could perform certain tasks in 100 seconds. The P4/5 students were focused on reciting their times tables, writing their names, counting how many times they could bounce a basketball and keeping a shuttlecock up in the air among other things. We have made a good start to our unit on body systems. The children have had a general introduction to the digestive system, the circulatory system, the skeletal system, the respiratory system and the nervous system. Next week they will identify a body system that they wish to inquire into in greater detail. In maths we have been working on calculating fractions of a set and we will continue with this next week. The photo shows Ms. Nadine supporting some swimmers in the pool – thank you for all of the effort you put into ensuring the children are happy and successful, Nadine!

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

100th day of the school year was this week and the children challenged themselves to how much they could do in a 100 seconds! (See photo) Lots of sit ups, many compliments given and basketballs bounced! With this energy, we push on towards our Exhibition. We’re at the research stage so please encourage and support them to gather as much information as they can. Visits and interviews are being planned and if there are any you can go on yourselves, please let me know. They’ve also had home learning grids with tasks that can add to their exhibition. We’ve looked at posters and leaflets as ways to display information and in maths we’ll be looking at data gathering and handling as they will be sending out surveys soon. On Friday, the children will share their central ideas and lines of inquiry at the Primary Gathering behind class P2/3. I hope you can join us and if not, please ask your child about it.

Hywel Davis