Moshi Campus News – 12 Nov 2021

Moshi Campus News – 12 November 2021


UWCEA 24 Hour Run: 14th-15th January 2022 (2:00pm-2:00pm)


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Time Flies

At the time of going to press, Mr. Cofer is away on the Plains OP Trip, so the task of constructing this colossal newsletter has fallen to me. I will keep this opening gambit brief as there is an awful lot to explore in the sections below.

I hope you manage to take a moment to pause and recharge over the weekend before we go again on Monday…with Sports Weekend just around the corner! There is certainly never a dull moment at UWCEA.

Ben Morley
Deputy Head of Campus

UWCEA 24 Hour Run: 14th-15th January 2022 (2:00pm-2:00pm)

The 24-hour Run is a team event in which one person from the team is always moving around the pitch, for an hour or two or, even, non-stop. Team members are free to choose how they would like to complete their laps: walk, run, skip, dance-just anything.



We are raising funds for the UWCEA McCulloch Malimi Scholarship. Neil McCulloch and Paul Malimi were beloved teachers in our school (Arusha Campus and Moshi Campus respectively) who unexpectedly passed away this summer. By completing your laps, you celebrate health and happiness. We pay tribute to Neil and Paul’s lives and how their teaching has been a joy and inspiration to our students.

We aim to see all students raise at least $5:00 US dollars. Of course, you can raise much, much more: we want that scholarship! There are many ways that you can raise funds. This can be based on the number of laps you cover, a daring outfit which you have placed bets on, shaving your head for a certain fee, the number of hours you are on the move, whether or not you manage to keep walking for 24 hours or, simply, a flat, one-off donation by your sponsors. We will keep track of the donations with a large thermometer posted in in the school breezeway.


The 24 Hour Run Team


Part of the exhibition involves giving to organizations, and for that to be successful the children need support from you. Three of the topics chosen are looking for donations from the community. Please see below for notes from two of the P6 students who are hoping to give supplies to others to support children and learning.

Hello everyone,

I am Nadia and I’m doing my PYP Exhibition about toys and I was wondering if you can help me donate educational toys, board games and stuffed animals so I may give them to the day care and other children who need them.The boxes are placed in front of Room 15, the P6 class. Toys are fun and they also help us learn. Thank You!



My name is Vicky and I am doing my PYPx on abstract art. I was wondering if you could please donate art supplies for the daycare centre. If you would like to donate, please bring all your items to Room 15 or put in the blue boxes in the hallway. Thank you.


Sports Update

Long Jump

High Jump


NTSAA Secondary Athletics at Arusha Campus
Our MYP and DP students participated in the Secondary athletics competition at the Arusha campus last Saturday. Participating schools included Orkeeswa, Arusha Meru, UWCEA Arusha, Braeburn, Jaffery, St. Jude and Kennedy House. There were many great sporting moments. The highlights were Daniella (M4) breaking the NTSAA javelin record and Silipa (D2) the record for long jump. Overall, the team spirit and fair play in our camp was excellent. Well done to all the students who ably represented our school.

Basketball and Netball Friendlies against Mawenzi Secondary School
On Wednesday, we hosted Mawenzi girls’ netball and basketball teams for friendly matches in preparation for the Sports Weekend.


There were exciting matches with the teams fine-tuning their tactics and improving their game fitness. Events like these enable our school to engage with the community and build interactions between our students. A big thank you to Mr. Ally, Ms. Maria and Mr. Horst for a job well done.

Swim Meet at St. Constantine’s
Our senior Leopard Sharks will travel to Arusha this Saturday to participate in the NTSAA Secondary Schools Swim Meet at St. Constantine’s. It promises to be a great curtain raiser before the Sports Weekend a week later. This is the first external swim meet for seniors in a long time and the swimmers are excited about it. Best of luck to you all.

Sports Weekend
The Sports Weekend is less than a week away. We will host 7 other schools, over 700 students, chaperones and visitors to our school in a sports extravaganza that promises fun, excitement, teamwork and fair play. We will host HOPAC, Rafiki, Orkeeswa, International School of Zanzibar, St. Constantine’s, Mawenzi and UWCEA Arusha…for basketball, swimming, football, volleyball, netball, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee and cross-country. In the words of Mary Lou Retton, the American gymnast, “a trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”  We hope the athletes carry memories long after they have left UWCEA.

Gilbert Kaburu
Head of Activities and Sports

Counselor’s Corner

Kindness and Wellbeing

Coming up on Saturday is World Kindness Day and the week of November 15th-19th marks the International Day Against Violence in Schools and Bullying, including Cyberbullying. This year’s theme is ONE KIND WORD! Make spreading kindness through kind words and actions a habit, for yourself, your friends and family!

Recently, it has been all about wellbeing! In the PYP classes, we have talked about what wellbeing means and the many different ways we can take care of ourselves. Playing Wellbeing Bingo was a fun way to reflect on the good things we do that affect our wellbeing in a positive way. Diploma students are working extremely hard with their academics and we have talked about the importance of being extra caring of our wellbeing through these busy times.

The UWCEA Moshi Peer Support Group has started planning for the student Wellbeing board, which will inspire, educate and support students in their wellbeing. Look out for updates!

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing or other, please reach out!

Kind wellbeing blessings,

Frida Marealle
Socio-Emotional Counselor

Financial Aid

As early decision and action round one has come to a close, I now turn my attention to all D2 students who are applying ED II or regular admissions mainly due in early January. Students are busy re-editing their personal statements and completing college applications. Students should also be completing their financial aid applications. It is critical for students to start the financial aid process early as financial aid is based on a first-come first served basis.
What forms are available for financial aid?
CSS Profile-international students only
International Students Financial Aid Form (ISFAF)
Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)-American passport holders
Can I complete one financial aid application for all my colleges?
No, each college may state which form they want you to complete along with any additional financial information/documentation
Must I complete a financial aid application as a UWCEA student?
Yes, as colleges will determine the amount of  financial need a student has based on this information
Will I need my parents income information to complete the financial aid application?
Yes, parents will need to provide tax records, income information, and possibly bank statements or certificates of finance

Has my student received information or resources on how to complete these forms?

Yes, all students have received an email with information and resources for completing financial aid forms. Please check with your student
When are financial aid forms due?
Oftentimes, colleges will want the financial aid forms with the students’ admission application, or have a specific date when it is due (please check the college’s website). In general, I suggest that students complete and submit the financial aid application no more than two weeks after submitting their admissions application

Access to Maia Learning

D1 parents should now have access to Maia Learning, our college and career readiness platform, to review your student’s college search progress. Please check your email for how to connect. The email should have come late October.

D1 Student Transcripts

Your student will need his or her 9th and 10th/M4 and M5 grade high school transcript translated in English to apply to universities in most places around the world unless it is the student’s home country. Please work over the holiday break getting transcripts translated and certified. We will not be able to send self translated transcripts that were accepted through the National Committee. All transcripts should be emailed to It has been unfortunate to learn that some D2 students did not have their transcripts for both years or the transcript was not translated in English and this affected their ability to apply for Early Decision or Early Action to college this fall. Please do not wait on this issue as it is vital to a smooth college application process.

Link to the D1 and D2 Video-Now available

Please email if you missed the Parent Meeting for D1 and D2 students. The video link is now available and will be emailed to you.

Andrea Kitomary
University Counselor

Art Attack

The M4s are currently exploring the human form and it’s proportions in Art. For this task, they looked to Edgar Degas for inspiration, and using wire, newspaper, string and old cassette tape, had to create their own sculptures.

The M2s are currently exploring the theme of nature through the various Elements and Principles of Art. For this task, they selected a tree on campus and drew en plein air using graphite, charcoal and chalk.

Penny Fitchet

Outdoor Pursuits

Last Thursday morning, 31 Moshi students and 9 Arusha students headed to Fish Eagle Point on the Tanga coast. 6 students were taking part in their PADI Advanced dive certification and 36 were aiming to become PADI Open Water divers. Both groups hit the ground running or should I say hit the ocean swimming! On Thursday afternoon, the Open Water group successfully completed the 200m swim and 10-minute float test. Meanwhile, the Advanced group completed a refresher dive to practice some of the basic skills they have already mastered before taking on the navigation and deep dives the following day. The Advanced group also had the privilege of diving on a never before dived reef, that is right they are explorers and adventurers. Here is what some of our students had to say.

Last weekend, we got the amazing chance to go to yet another Reefs OP, and this time it was the special Level 3! As normal as it sounds for a Reefs OP, most of the weekend was spent in the water, but unlike the levels before, we were 12 meters underwater. What made this trip so special was that its main focus was our dive courses, most of the students were getting their Open Water Diver license and another small group was getting their Advanced Diver license. What made this trip even more unique and worthwhile was that we got the chance to improve our skills in the kitchen, working together every night to create delicious seafood and vegetarian meals. Yes, this trip sounds great but, as Mr. Marsh always says, “This is not a beach holiday.” It required us to work together and rely on each other in order to achieve our certificates and amazing meals. We also dedicated time to give back to the environment by moving coral nurseries that were underwater and bringing in new ones. We also collected buckets and buckets of rubbish that we found along the mangrove forests near the camp. All this hard work was worth it in the end, as we were able to provide aid for the coral reef service and its cause.

Maria and Anais

This week, we have another double header going out with our Plains Level 2 trip and the Peaks Level 3 trip. These will be great tests of our students’ skills and endurance, particularly as it is so hot and dry at the moment.

Robin Marsh
Head of Experiential Learning

PYP News

This coming Friday 19th November, we will be having a Primary Gathering. P6 will be sharing the Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry for their upcoming PYPX.

Here are some dates for you to keep in your diary as you begin to make holiday plans:

Monday 29th November–10:30-11:20am-Whole School Assembly– PYP will have a short presentation

Friday 3rd December–PYP reports go out and PYP Sharing Assembly-7:30-8:30am

Monday 6th December–PYP Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday 7th December–PYP Exhibition presentations

Mboka Mwasongwe and Deborah Mills
PYP Coordinators

Primary Student Voice

Student Voice will be hosting its first trivia night EVER this month. This event will take place on Friday 26th November 26th from 4:00pm-5:30pm in Rafiki Hall.

Watch this space for more information.

P6 Class

Our first PYPX trip today went out today to Msamaria Center for Street Children, during which a P6 students was able to interview the leader of the organization about how they help homeless children of Moshi. While we all take our homes for granted as well as the food on our plates, the children are discovering through research that this is not the case for all.


They are sharing this knowledge now with one another, then will be able to share it with the community when they present next month.

In class, everyone is working hard to share their new knowledge in different creative ways. A play is being created, a video was released to raise money for rhinos, and songs are being rehearsed. The class is getting into the rhythm of controlling their own learning with practicing time management skills and staying on task. Please remember to check in with them about how their activity choices are developing and ask them what they need to do to make their action a reality. They all have excellent plans in mind. 

Sarah Brummel

P5 Class

This week, we brought our migration unit to a close. We have spent the last few days looking at 2 historical migrations-The Great Migration of black Americans from the southern to the northern states of the USA in the 20th Century and the migration of Irish people to the USA during the Great Potato Famine in the 1840’s. The children compared the push and pull factors in these 2 migrations to identify similarities and differences. This inquiry stimulated some interesting discussions on the reasons for racism and why one group of people would discriminate against another. At 9 and 10 years old, this sort of behaviour makes no sense to the P5 children.

As part of our language work, all of the children have completed a letter to Atem, an incoming M5 student who is currently waiting for his paperwork to be completed before he can join us. They have sent him positive messages of encouragement and are looking forward to meeting him when he is able to come to UWCEA. We worked on division in Maths this week but have now turned our attention to shapes and angles and will revisit division in Semester 2. Some of the P5 students have been performing in a skit that Rhea (P6) is devising as part of her Exhibition. There is a lot of exciting work going on in the classroom next door-just one year and then it will be the turn of the current P5s to present their Exhibition!

Deborah Mills

P3/4 Class

Three cheers for home learning! Thanks for all the support with the experiments at home this week. The students were so eager to share their learning. Maybe science will become a fun choice for activities in your home. This has been a special unit that has hopefully shaped the way that each student sees the world!

Next week in Language, we will continue to look at inferring meaning in texts. We will be working on writing contractions properly and adding more adjectives to our stories. In Math, we will jump into the 2, 5, and 10 times tables and begin trying to answer questions in mixed order.

So please, continue working on skip counting at home.

It’s a normal week ahead. Please keep up the water bottles and hats!

Kacey Buckley

P2 Class

This week, our main area of focus has been on creating action for our Unit of Inquiry. The students brainstormed a list of all the people in our school community. They then chose a group of people in our community that they would like to do a kind act for. The students are going to be creating cards and ornaments for the cleaners in our community as their action for this unit.

We have been working on subtraction in Math this week. Students are subtracting either one or two digit numbers. This has been a source of great relief after working on carrying numbers while adding. Next week, we hope to complete an art project and enjoy some cooking and craft.

Elisha Jaffer

EC/P1 Class

We would like to say thank you to Coach Sabini, Mr. Thadeus, Mr. Patrick and Neema. They have been working with EC/P1 in the pool and their work is marvellous to see. The children who fear water, cry on their way to the pool and end up coming out laughing. They have been working on being comfortable in water, kicking, floating and other skills. Their patience is great and we would like to highlight them this week.

Mboka Mwasongwe

MYP News

Growth Mindset Episode #5

Let’s celebrate our learning victories!

M1's presentation skills are quite commendable! Not only did they present their thought process to complete their project, but they included reflections on how they can improve on future tasks while focusing on time-management and organization skills.

M1 took us back to early human times by creating artifacts to present the information. Behold the “spit”!

M1’s presentation skills are quite commendable! Not only did they present their thought process to complete their project, but they included reflections on how they can improve on future tasks while focusing on time-management and organization skills.

  • Students are more confident when it comes to assessment criteria
  • Personal Project process journals are looking vibrant, informed and exciting
  • Interdisciplinary Units are in the making!
  • Prince Arthur and Merlin are on campus! M2 students are bringing the Middle Ages back! Stay tuned for that!


Farah Fawaz
MYP Coordinator

DP News

It has been an active week for the service groups. On Monday, the Agricultural Service group talked to the Diploma students about the trees on campus and they did a quiz about where trees were. On Wednesday, the Simba’s Footprints Foundation went off campus and met the students they have been supporting.

Hopefully, this will become a regular visit. On Thursday, the Day Care Centre group held a bake sale to enable them to purchase materials.

The D1 students found out on Wednesday which group they will be in for Project Week. Next week, they will find out who their supervisor is and then they will start the detailed planning.

The D2 students were introduced to the Mathematics IA this week. This is the last IA they are starting and the only one that all students complete. The initial introduction was by course (Analysis and Approaches or Applications and Interpretations). The next session was by level (Higher or Standard) where they spent time marking samples. The final session will give the students a chance to brainstorm ideas. At the same time there are other IAs to finish and the Extended Essay and TOK essay to work on.

Margaret Brunt
Diploma Coordinator

Residential Life

This weekend in residential life, I wanted to highlight the student perspective in our Diploma dorms. To this, I give thanks to Rue and Tendo for taking the time to not only write their reflections, but in assisting and aiding with the activities to help connect their peers and staff at such a crucial time of the year.


Kijana: “Kijana” translates from Swahili into youth or adolescent. A fitting term for the dorm as the highest priority is the residents within. Living in Kijana and its extension provides a safe space to call home, a source of comfort to turn to after a particularly rough day. Our house parents are open and honest with us, reassuring us that we can turn to them for help at any time. Just last Saturday, one of them suggested the idea of a board game tournament to cure us of a stressful weekend. This suggestion led to a thrilling game of Risk that gave us something to wholeheartedly enjoy (even in the face of crushing defeat). We recently elected house representatives, two students from each house whose primary job will be connection and communication between the residents and residential staff. They will also be designing new themes to make our dorm even more aesthetic and comforting than it already is. And with a potential Kijana-hosted dinner, exciting times lie ahead of us!

Kisiwa: Last weekend in Kisiwa, a game night took place. The essence of the night was to have everyone in the dorm on Sunday to enjoy board games and pizza. The night started off on the wrong foot, with the restaurant informing us of the delay in the pizza delivery. However, this did not stop the fun from going on. We all began to play games like Monopoly, cards and Uno while listening to 2010 hit songs. The highlight of the night was everyone singing and dancing along to the music with exuberant smiles on their faces. I truly appreciated the time that we spent together as it gave us a chance to bond, compete, and take a short break from the stresses of school. Finally, Kisiwa is a dorm that is full of culture and friendships that emulate the true characteristics of a UWCEA  residence.

Simon Johnston
Head of Residential Life