Moshi Campus News – 25 Mar 2022

Moshi Campus News – 25 March 2022























Last Sunday’s D2 ARTX was an absolute triumph. It was wonderful to see all that hard work, passion and commitment distilled into such a rich and varied exhibition. Congratulations to all the artists involved and a huge thank you to Ms. Janet for guiding and facilitating the whole process.

Walking through school this week, it seemed that our D2 artists inspired everyone to be creative, from versions of the Benin Bronzes in P6 to collages of fruit in M2. Be sure to check out this creativity on the display boards across the school and, remember, the earth without art is just ‘eh.’

A reminder that there are no Clubs or Activities next week and Quarter 3 ends on Friday at the normal time. Lastly, thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Primary Student-Led Conferences on Thursday and we hope many of you are able to make appointments for the Secondary Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Ben Morley
Deputy Head of Campus




The Primary Student Voice and Student Government have joined together to organise a school wide international ‘bake off’ on Monday 28th March. Information and rules for the competition can be found in the attached poster.

Please use this sign up link to enter. Each entry will cost 5000TSH and is payable to either Ms. Elisha or Mr. Morley. We look forward to your awesome creations!

Primary Student Voice and Student Government



The Literature Club is proud to present to you…‘Le Cabaret!’

This is an M4-D2 event that welcomes short stories, poems, skits, songs, dances and anything else that you can think of to express your creativity! As Northrop Frye once said “Literature speaks the language of the imagination and the study of literature is supposed to train and improve the imagination.”

That is to say, join us for this wonderful night on Wednesday 30th March from 7:00pm in Rafiki Hall.

Please use this link to sign up. We sure do hope to see you there.


Please note that contrary to what the poster states, the event is on Wednesday 30th March during Book Week.

The Literature Club


We are excited to announce that UWCEA Moshi will be hosting an International Day on Saturday 23rd April. In addition to the fun-filled regional events during the day, we will also have a cultural fashion show.

3:30–6:00pm: International stands open
Entrance Tickets: 5,000TSH for adults and 2000TSH for children and residential students

6:00pm-6:45pm: Fashion Show Phase One-International Diversity (No additional charge)

7:00pm until late: Fashion Show Phase Two-African Themed (Entrance Fee if not performing)

The first phase will be to display the diversity of the world. Thus, we would love for you to represent your country, culture and/or identity through your clothes, flags or how you feel you could best represent it. This is open for students from EC-D2 and we would appreciate a vast array of involvement to highlight UWCEA’s diversity. Please sign up using this link.

The second phase is designed to focus on an African theme to show the diversity of the African continent that we live in. We want to show that Africa is a beautiful continent, full of distinct, outstanding cultures, through diverse types of fashion. For this, we have split the continent into six regions, namely, North Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa and the Islands. With the help of special costume designers, we have come up with costumes to represent each of the regions through the angles of a few countries whose material could be easily accessible. Despite not having the scope of materials, time and costs to fund an even bigger event showcasing all African countries’ diversity, we believe that this will definitely make the African diversity at large standout! Despite this being residentially focused, all day students and parents are invited to watch this spectacular event and end this special day in style.

The Fashion Show Committee


Are you the questioning type? Do you like learning about self defence? Have you ever wondered; “hey, how would I survive if all my friends and family turned into zombies?” If you answered yes, or no, to any or all of the questions above, next term you’ll have your answer, or not.

UWCEA presents:

“10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: A Short Comedy”

There will be two evening performances, the first on Wednesday 27th April and the second on Thursday 28th April. Both perofrmances will begin at 7:00pm in K-Hall.

Look out for ticket information soon.

Alastair Coldwell


On Saturday 19th March, a group of 31 students, of which I was one, were welcomed by Black Panther’s Mama C and Pete O’Neal to their home, United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC), in Arusha. We took part in several creative workshops including music, graffiti, film and African spirituality. I was specifically involved in graffiti, due to my growing interest in drawing and painting.

Through expressing our ideas creatively, we were able to demonstrate the brotherhood and sisterhood that exists amongst all of us, despite our differences. As you can see in the attached image, we were quite a diverse group. The teamwork and therapeutic benefits were not only limited to graffiti. Some of the group explored their musical abilities and came up with a beautiful song, composed of different languages.

One of our sessions was about the importance of honoring our ancestors as a form of embracing one’s cultural background. We also got the opportunity to listen to Pete O’Neal’s phenomenal story as a member of the Black Panther Movement in the United States of America.

We are grateful for having had this experience and are inspired by Mama C and Pete O’Neal’s love for humanity and community service.

Peace Nanyonga (D2)


The M2 students have been working on their sports and football skills during P.E. lessons and decided on a service project to teach football skills to local students from Bridge Primary School. They spent a number of weeks communicating and collaborating in order to plan and prepare the sessions.


The skills covered included passing, shooting, dribbling and defending. Bridge Primary School were invited to bring three groups of 20 students to UWCEA for three consecutive weeks, culminating in a mini-tournament on the lower pitch with 60 students during Service on Wednesday…all led by our M2s. The teacher and students from Bridge Primary School loved the experience and were very grateful!

A big thank you and well done to the M2s!

Ian Smejkal


On Monday 21st March, the M3 class went on a school trip to learn about Chagga culture in Marangu. As part of service learning in the unit, “Scramble for Africa,” in Individuals & Societies, they worked with historical recordings during their visits to the museum, the caves and the Chagga hall at Kinukamori waterfalls.

They learned about where Chagga people came from, traditional ways of living, conflicts with neighbouring tribes, like the Maasai, and the usage of caves.hey also listen to several stories about morale, which inspired them to write their own in English class, which will be shared during Book Week. Through their historical recording, they have also created a booklet that will be given back to the community, as part of their service experience.

Sanna Jartsjo


On Friday 18th March we celebrated Holi as a campus. Primary and Secondary students and teachers were all invited and at least 100 people joined us to celebrate. Large tubs of colored water and powdered color ere set out and used in a large powder color and water color fight!

Speakers played popular Indian songs and Mr. Ally took festive photos for everyone with their friends. Holi is meant to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, love and an exciting future. We can definitely say the Holi festival was a success and we hope there will be Holi festivals for many years to come!

Kavya Thiagarajan (M5)


Saturday 19th March-NTSAA Basketball and Football Tournaments at Braeburn

We had almost 60 students participating in the Basketball and Football tournaments at Braeburn Arusha. The biggest highlights were the U15 girls football, U19 girls and boys football, who all finished second, and our students playing with a positive spirit and mentality. Well done to all the players who made this long journey and a huge thank you to the coaches and parents.

Saturday 26th March-Blue Sand Basketball Tournament 
Our U19 boys are traveling to Usa River to participate in this basketball competition this weekend. We wish them the best of luck.

Please be reminded that there will be no after-school activities or clubs next week. Clubs will resume in the Quarter 4.

Once again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the students for participating in the different activities and sports this Quarter. A huge congratulations to all those who were selected to represent the school in external competitions and to the coaches and supervisors who made it all possible.

Gilbert Kaburu
Head of Activities and Sports


Last weekend, our Level 3 Peaks hikers took on Mt. Hanang. As the OP expectations for fitness have increased over the last few years, so has our success rate for all our trips. Our Hanang trip was no different. All students managed to successfully summit, this with the 100% success rate of our Kilimanjaro summit earlier in the year is great evidence to see these support measures are worthwhile and paying off. Here is what our students had to say about the Hanang summit:

Early Saturday morning, seven students from Moshi, together with Ms. Chrissy, Mr. Isaac and Mr. Salimu, stepped onto a bus to embark on our Mt. Hanang adventure. More than six hours later, we arrived at Lake Balangida salt lake, where we fell through holes of mud, making our way to the shore before venturing to our campsite for the night at the base of the mountain.

Sunday morning, everyone rose early to set their first steps on Tanzania’s fourth highest mountain. After a steep climb of 4.3kms, we arrived at the Hanang Base Camp where we spent the night and then rose early in the breaking cold to summit Hanang. Around 9:00am on the third day of our trip, every person in the group who set off from Moshi and Arusha campuses arrived at their destination, 3423 meters above sea-level; the peak of Mt. Hanang. It had been two beautiful days of climbing, with bright sun and clear skies. That same day, we descended all the way to the bottom to set up camp for the night and made our way back to Moshi the following morning.

Based on my experience, I have to say that everyone who has climbed Mt. Hanang, or any of the higher mountains for that matter, has all the right to be extremely proud of themselves.

Jonatan Christiansson (D1)

This weekend, we have our Reefs Level 4 trip. 20 students will be practicing their newly learnt dive skills/qualifications while they move 800kg concrete artificial reef balls into 12m of water, clean similar reef balls that were deployed last year, clean the coral nurseries and plant coral on them too. Of course, they will also get a chance to do 2 recreational dives as well. We also have 3 Moshi students taking part in the Level 7 (not really) PADI Rescue Diver course. These students have been committed to this program since their arrival at UWCEA Moshi and completed Level 5 last year. However, they are so keen that they took part in the Level 3 again to obtain their PADI Advanced Diving certification and are now moving onto their PADI Rescue Diver qualification.

Robin Marsh
Head of Experiential Learning


Thank you to everyone who attended the Student-Led Conferences. We hope you enjoyed listening to your child(ren) share their learning.

Next week is Book Week. The week will start with a dress as a book character day on Monday. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to come into school to read to the children as a surprise reader. You can bring a book of your own or your child’s teacher can help to find something suitable. Please remember to email Get Caught Reading photos (photos of your child reading in an unusual location or situation) to your child’s teacher. Please note there are no after school clubs next week. These will resume the second week back after the break.

Congratulations to Madame Pearl and the students for a wonderful French Primary Gathering today. It was fantastique! Please join us at the same time next Friday for a special Book Week Gathering to end the Quarter.

Monday 28th March-Student Voice International Bake Off
Monday 28th March-Dress up as a book character day
Wednesday 30th  March-Visiting author-7:45am in Rafiki Hall-Maria will be selling her book, Mama’s Magical Kanga. You should have received details via email. Please contact your child’s teacher if you require further information

Friday 1st April-Book Week Gathering -7:30am in Rafiki Hall

This is also the last day of the Quarter. Normal finishing time

Wednesday 20th April-first day of Quarter 4

Mboka Mwasongwe and Deborah Mills

PYP Coordinators


Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Student-Led Conferences. We love the way you took time to listen to your children and enjoy their learning. The smiles on your children’s faces and your animated conversations were testament to how much they enjoyed sharing their work with you.

This coming week is Book Week and I know we are all excited, specially for the dress up day on Monday. Please do not forget to send me the time that you will be available to come in and be a Mystery Reader in our classroom. We are flexible and can accommodate you when you are available. Also do not forget to send us a picture of your child reading in a very odd place.

We take this opportunity to wish you and the children a well deserved break.

Mboka Mwasongwe


We have had a bit of an empty class this week with many students not feeling well. I hope everyone gets well soon for the last week of the Quarter!

This week, the students in P2 have been thinking about water. We have thought about how we use water and what needs water, as well as where water comes from.

We have filled up ice trays and frozen them to begin a discussion on the different states of matter that water can take. We will continue further developing this next week. We have also been planning some ‘Under the Sea’ themed stories and hope to have these written out by next week.

Thank you to the D2 students for hosting us at their Art Exhibition. Many of the students wished they had seen Marina’s city design before we worked on our own community design.

Lastly, a big Happy Birthday to Joah and Gerrit who both turned 7 this week!

Elisha Jaffer


The highlight of this week was definitely our Student-Led Conferences. It was a delight for me to listen in as children shared their learning with their grown-ups. Though the students often seemed serious when explaining things, there was plenty of laughter as well! Thank you for taking the time to come in and give your attention to your child in such a special way.

Next week will be busy but we really must squeeze in a lot! Our Endangered Animals unit is so fun and the students are eager to learn more about animals. We looked at the classification of vertebrates last week and we will continue to look at attributes that make different species unique (their place in the food chain, their habitats, etc). We also need to wrap up with our study of Shapes by considering 3D shapes.

We are all excited about BOOK WEEK!! Do not forget to send your child in costume as a book character on Monday (if your child has a copy of the book, they can bring it along to carry in the Book Parade). Also, there are still plenty of spots for Mystery Readers! Let me know if you can pop by and surprise the class with a book. I promise you do not need to do anything dramatic for this-our class still LOVES picture books and would be thrilled to see you.

Kacey Buckley


It was lovely to see everybody at the Student-Led Conferences on Thursday. The children enjoyed sharing their work with you.

Our camp last week was a big success. The children saw many animals in Arusha National Park and enjoyed taking photographs. The lorry afforded us lovely views of the scenery and the wildlife.

We pitched our tents at African View Lodge and could see Mount Meru from our campsite. The children were all very keen to help out with food preparation and clean up. In the evening we had a campfire, told stories and made smores (which were delicious!)

The following morning we went on a hike in the shady forest and saw evidence of elephants which was very exciting. Please check Seesaw to see all of our photographs. Many thanks to Robin Marsh and Debbie Bachmann for making the trip possible. The children have been practicing their public speaking skills in front of the class and next week they will present their speeches to a wider audience-look out for an email inviting you to their presentations. Please note that there are no after school clubs next week.

Deborah Mills


The children enjoyed their Student-Led Conferences on Thursday: thank you to all those who were able to attend. Earlier in the week, we finished off our Benin Bronzes and have discussed what we think should happen to the real bronzes ahead of a language task next week.

As we move into the last week of our current unit on ancient civilisations, it would be good to have a few more students complete something from the home learning grid: some students have already done 2 or 3 pieces, well done!

Our Primary Gathering this week celebrated the children’s progress in using French. Next week, we will be running activities celebrating Book Week. I have received the first photos of children Getting Caught Reading and look forward to receiving some more. On Monday, it is our dress-up-as-a-book-character assembly and I hope, as P6, we can set a good example for PYP. I will be dressing up! On Wednesday, Maria Biswalo, author of ‘Mama’s Magical Kanga,’ will visit us and give a presentation. During the week, it would be great if parents visit the classes as ‘guest readers’ for the children: please contact me if you would be interested in doing this.
Finally, Student Voice have arranged a Just Desserts baking competition: entries, along with 5000TSH to be in on Monday.

Hywel Davies


Last weekend, we had the D2 Art Exhibition. It was amazing to see the work these students have produced over the two years. They provided descriptions of why they created the work and put it all into context. They were able to talk with confidence about their work. It was lovely to see so many people come to the event on Sunday evening.

Today, we had the Farmers’ Market and Blood Drive, both organised by DP students. As a school, we feel it is really important to give students a chance to take charge of events and develop their leadership skills. The learning that takes place is an important part of their development.

D2 have been taking part in their final CAS interviews. Watching the students talk about their experiences and the skills they have learned is an amazing opportunity. They need to meet each of the three strands, Creativity, Activity and Service, at least three times plus participate in two projects. The variety of experiences is incredible and the joy with which they talk about what they have done amazes me. Every student plans to carry on with at least one of their experiences.

One of the projects was to enhance the experience of people viewing the school on Google Maps. They have added photographs, many of which are 360 degrees, they can be seen here.

The D2 students, along with the rest of the school, return after break on April 20th. However, they only have two full days before their last official day. On April 22nd, they will have a final assembly and other celebrations. The exams start on Thursday 28th April and finish on Friday 20th May. This will be followed by their Graduation on Saturday 21st May.

Margaret Brunt

DP Coordinator