Moshi Campus News – 29 Sep 2023

Moshi Campus News – 29 September 2023














The Wait Is Over…

The 24 Hour Run is here! After many months of planning and preparation by a dedicated team of students, staff and parents, the UWCEA 24 Hour Run 2023 will start at 2:00pm this afternoon. It promises to be a wonderful community event and I hope that many of you will be turning out to support. Remember, there will be food and drink available from our PTA and Student Government stalls next to the Primary Playground and all profits will go to the scholarship fund. In addtion, the Farmers’ Market will take place today on the courts from 12:30-4:30pm, alongside the main event.

Please remember our collective goal is to raise 50,000 USD for a full 2 year IBDP scholarship, which the Dare to Dream programme has pledged to match…but only if we reach our target! Each and every contribution to the scholarship fund is a step towards giving two students the opportunity to receive a UWC education. 

If you would like to make a contribution to the scholarship fund, you can donate here: Cafdonate

Of course, you can also sponsor a team directly. Another great way to support the scholarship fund through the 24-Hour Run is by purchasing the event’s exclusive merch: a sustainable tote bag and the 24-Hour Run t-shirt designed by one of our talented students-available at the Advancement Office, Moshi Campus…while stocks last!

“If you call yourself Save the Whales, every once in a while you have to save a whale.”

See you on the pitch!

Ben Morley

Deputy Head of Campus


UWC Day is behind us and we are almost through with Spirit Week. It has been fun to see students dressed as teachers and teachers dressed as students. This weekend is a big one with everyone preparing for the 24 Hour Run fundraising event. Please join us in any way you can and support the scholarship fund.

Final Reminder: please fill out the departure and arrival forms for this October Break by September 30th, if you have not already. Late responses will not be accommodated.

You can access the DP form here.

You can access the PYP and MYP form here.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Adnan Mackovic

Head of Residential Life & Pastoral Care


Congratulations to all the teams that traveled this weekend to St. Jude’s. There were around 100 students and coaches on this trip.  Our teams did well for our first NTSAA sporting event of the year. They represented the UWCEA community well and everyone was very tired on the way home.

We are working on building a Moshi area schools contact list. If you have any connections with local schools that might be interested in organizing sporting events with us please forward my email or pass their’s to me so we can begin to form relationships and schedule more sporting events in the future.

Coach Pickell
Sports & Activities Coordinator


In honor of Cancer Awareness month, on Friday 22nd September, we visited KCMC hospital to support patients suffering from cancer.

During our visit, we tried to spread much needed cheer. We spent quality time with brave young patients and played fun games. Our visit was filled with love and laughter. Being able to witness the resilience of these young heroes left an indelible mark on our hearts and reminded us of the importance of compassion and solidarity.

This visit was not only fun but also educational as it helped us gain an insight into the challenges of cancer.


On Friday 20th October, we will be hosting a Blood Drive at school. Donating blood is a simple yet impactful way to save lives. Stay tuned for more details as the date approaches.

Together, we can make a significant difference to our community’s health and well-being.

Dara (D1)


The last two weeks were enriched by three wonderful visits for our students and local parents. First, on Saturday, we welcomed five Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institutions to campus (Carleton College, Lake Forest College, Smith College, Tufts University, and Vassar College). Then, on Monday, St. Lawrence University was on campus to provide a presentation to students. The conversations with each group were open and filled with nuggets of information to consider in preparation for Application Season. Finally, on Friday, we once again welcomed representatives of Harvard College, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University who were back in Tanzania for the first time in many years. Each of the very experienced representatives shared their wisdom with students, as well as answered their probing questions well into lunch time.

I cannot stress enough how valuable these in-person visits are to better understanding options and the application process directly from the individuals who read applications and are a part of the decision making process. And, this Thursday, we had a new Davis Partner institution, Vanderbilt, visiting both of our campuses.

Vanderbilt is known for its strong majors in economics, engineering, medicine, law, education, human development, music and humanities. The campus is located in the city of Tennessee in Nashville and it is considered one of the well-known and academically rigorous universities in the region. I hope some of our students will consider this university in their list.

UPCOMING College and University Events

3 October:  Seven Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institutions (+1 friend) – Concordia, Davidson, Earlham, St. John’s, St. Olaf, University of St. Thomas, Wartburg, and Whitman. Presentations and mini-fair.
7 October: SAT exam not available on Moshi campus (See for more information)
15 October: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. October focus: US Holistic Admissions
Link to register for these events:

18/19 October: Moshi/Arusha College of the Atlantic (Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institution)
19/20 October: Moshi/Arusha University of British Columbia (Canada)
19/20 October: Arusha/Moshi  Goucher College (newest UWC Scholar Partner)

Hope everyone is going to enjoy the upcoming weekend and the 24 Hour Run!

Aizhan Smagulova

University & College Counsellor


The P2/3 class entertained and informed us in the Primary Gathering this morning. We enjoyed learning about all of their work on heroes.

We hope to see many of the PYP children at the 24 Hour Run. Please sponsor your child, if you are able to do so, as we would like each child to do a few laps to raise money for our scholarship fund. Every little bit of money raised helps, and it is such a confidence builder for the children to view themselves as problem solvers.

The optional PYP Halloween celebration will take place on Friday 27th October. The Trunk or Treat sign up sheet is outside Ben Morley’s office and there is a box for donations of wrapped candy/sweets in the front office. The event will only be a success if we have community support so please sign up to decorate your car or donate sweets to be distributed on the day.

The Three-Way Conferences will take place on Thursday 5th October. These are attended by the teacher, the parent(s) and the child. There will be no classes on this day. A link has been shared so that you can sign up for a conference.

Wednesday is the last day for Q1 PYP clubs. The clubs for Q2 are tentatively planned to start on Monday 23rd October. We are a small staff so in order to offer a rich and varied after school programs we need help from parents. Please email me or if you are able to help us.

A reminder that there is no after school supervision provided after 2:00pm. If your child is still on campus at that time, they should either be attending a club or be supervised by their own adult.

Deborah Mills

PYP Coordinator


We explored different ways of making and recognising numbers 16 to 20 this week. The photo shows two students pairing up to make the number 16 with their fingers. They enjoyed these activities. We will be wrapping up our work this last week of the Quarter. Thank you to all who took part in Spirit Week. I believe Twins Day was the most favoured.

Some of you have already made appointments for the goal setting conferences.

You still have time if you have not done so yet. If you cannot meet with me on Thursday, please get in touch and we can reschedule for another time.

Mboka Mwasongwe


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, being super’s so much fun! I am glad that so many people could make it to the Primary Gathering. The class was very excited about sharing some of the fun and learning we had during this unit. In addition to reflecting this week, we introduced our new unit about Science!


The Central Idea is: Making observations and drawing conclusions allows us to explore scientific principles.

We kicked off with an abbreviated version of the scientific method and the first of our experiments. Students were so impressed with the invisible ink we made. This unit is a blast and a wonderful introduction to procedural writing, making predictions and observations, drawing conclusions and reporting data. If any parents have a science experiment that they would like to lead with the class, we would love it! We will go to the Secondary Science lab for an experiment after October break but we are up for lots of hands-on activities.

The photo is from Twins Day. We had a great time with Spirit Week- thanks for all the support from home to make this a success! I am looking forward to seeing parents next Thursday for the Goal Setting Conferences. It is such a good opportunity to check in with how the school year is going and all the potential there is for continued growth.

Kacey Buckley


The P4/5 children have shown great spirit this week-we have had nearly everyone dressed as a teacher, a twin or a member of a clique. Friday saw us in our sporting gear, getting ready for the 24 Hour Run!

The children have set themselves some learning goals to work on for the rest of the semester. They have noted some things that they do not know how to do…yet!

Take a look at our lovely “yeti” display outside the classroom. The children are busy writing stories to share with a younger class. In Maths, they are looking at number patterns and are also working on some symmetrical art.

We are starting our new Unit of Inquiry: Through storytelling, people entertain, record history, preserve culture and explain the unknown.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

Stories can be told in different ways
Story genres and story elements
How stories relate to culture and history

If you have a favourite story that you would like to read to the class, we would love to hear from you. Do not be shy-the children enjoy hearing stories being read by visitors. Please note that next week we will have our Three-Way Conferences on Thursday so there will be no classes.

Deborah Mills


There was a buzz of excitement at the start of this week. The much-anticipated Spirit Week had arrived and the 24-hour run was fast approaching! We saw P6 students magically transform into mini Ms. Zitha’s, pint-sized Coach T’s, twins, as well as the Hogwarts crew and cartoon characters from Nickelodeon. It was great fun to guess who was dressed as who and demonstrate the wonderful community spirit we have here at UWCEA.

Amongst all the excitement, P6 investigated the Fibonacci Sequence and made connections to Pascal’s Triangle. We finished our class novel and started guided reading groups.


In spelling, we completed our weekly spelling contracts using our new focus words for the week. Next Tuesday, P6 will present a 2–3-minute speech to the class related to an early civilisation and invention. Further information, including your child’s research notes, was sent home in their Home Learning folders. P6 are eager to share their learning with one another and showcase their knowledge. This presentation will conclude our current Unit of Inquiry.

Natasha Berri


One of my favourite figures in the world of education, Sir Ken Robinson, once shared that “if you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” He was a strong believer in the power and value of creativity and passionately believed that we do not grow into creativity but rather, and quite disappointingly, may grow out of it because we are at risk of being “educated” out of it. This is definitely something to reflect on in the light of MYP.

-The MYP places a strong emphasis on nurturing creativity among students while promoting inquiry-based learning. This approach encourages students to ask questions, research topics of interest, and develop their own unique approaches to problem-solving, all of which are essential components of creative thinking.
-Each unit we explore uses global contexts to frame learning experiences to provide real-world relevance to students’ studies and encourage them to think creatively about how their learning relates to global issues and challenges.
-The transfer of skills that encourage interdisciplinary learning in the MYP allows students to explore topics and concepts from multiple subject areas allowing them to make connections between different disciplines, fostering creative thinking by encouraging them to see the world through various lenses.
-Service as Action in MYP encourages students to engage in meaningful service projects that not only benefit their communities but also provide opportunities for creative thinking and problem-solving. This active involvement in service projects fosters a sense of social responsibility and can nurture creativity as students work to address real-world issues and challenges.

I am fairly certain that none of our learners are at risk of “slipping out” of creativity!

Lastly, a reminder to please complete the M5 eAssessment May 2024 form before the October break if you wish for your child to be registered. Please be sure to provide official names as per passports.

MYP Dates to Remember:

Fridy 6th October –Last day of classes for Q1

Tuesday 17th October- Classes resume for Q2

Wednesday 25th October-1:00-4:30pm PTCs (details to follow)

Thursday 26th October-7:30-11:20am PTCs (details to follow)

Farah Fawaz

MYP Coordinator

In Individuals and Societies, M1s are studying a Unit of Inquiry titled ‘Global problems are a reality but individuals have the power and choice to make a positive difference.’ This week, they have been researching an issue facing the local community and interviewing some experts from the school. Thanks to Ms. Farah, Mr. Ben and Emira (D2) for their time.

Rachel Mahon

M1 I & S


This week, we have continued with D1 CAS interviews. This is a chance for students to ask questions about what they are doing, how their documentation is progressing and what excites them about CAS. My favourite answer was “everything.” It is interesting how many students have not had a chance to participate in such a wide range of experiences before.

We also ask students what think they will remember: the majority talk about the people they will spend time with and the skills they will learn. CAS is about your reflections and what you learn from it rather than just what you do. Many students are planning to climb Kilimanjaro next year and talked about how they are planning to work in the summer to raise money for this. It is always good to hear how many students are learning to swim while here.

D1 students have also been receiving assessment results. It is important to realise that IB assessments are different to those in many other systems. There is a focus on understanding and applying knowledge rather than repeating knowledge. For many students, English is not their first language and this will also impact how they perform. In addition, to this it is important to understand that IB grades are on a 1 to 7 scale and that 7s are as rare as unicorns! Globally, last year, less than 8% of the almost 700,000 grades awarded were a 7. This does not mean that we do not expect and want students to achieve a 7 but, if students do not, it is not indicative of a problem. In most subjects, there is also a progression of skills. Of course, if someone has just started a subject, they will not necessarily have all the skills needed to do well at the moment. Teachers will work with students to help them
understand what their grades mean in context.

D2 are continuing through an important Quarter, with ongoing IA submissions and they are, generally, handling the pressure well. It is crucial that they communicate early if there are problems so we can support them. After the break, they have to submit the draft of the Extended Essay. The Extended Essay (or EE) is part of the core of the Diploma, along with TOK and CAS. The students have been working with a supervisor but the ideas and work are all their own. The essay should be 4000 words and, the closer the draft is to 4000 words, the more detailed their feedback will be.

Last Friday, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from an alumnus, Yahaya Ndutu, who is currently at Stanford. He talked for about an hour, including answering many questions. It was a very interesting presentation and gave students a good insight into being at an Ivy League University.

This weekend, we have students out at Fish Eagle Point for the Reefs Adventure trip and, next week, we have a group on the Challenge Peaks trip where they will be climbing Kilimanjaro, as well as a Discovery Plains trip. We hope all students enjoy the trips and hope our Kilimanjaro group is successful.

Margaret Brunt

DP Coordinator


Happening once every six years, the next UWC International Congress will take place in Phuket, Thailand, in early 2024. This hybrid event will culminate the UWC movement’s 60th anniversary celebrations.


Inspired by the words, ‘Education as a Force,’ the congress will bring together UWC’s educational and governance leaders, alongside partners, supporters and representatives of all UWC stakeholder groups, to discuss the future of education and re-align our educational model to the greatest needs of our time. 

It was very interesting to be part of the launch event on Thursday…and many members of our community tuned in across campus too!

Ben Morley

Deputy Head of Campus