Moshi Campus News – 10 Jun 2023

Moshi Campus News – 10 June 2023



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The End of the Year

It is that time again and maybe it is my age, but it seems to come so quick. We are starting the last week of school and with that come the inevitable goodbyes to students, families and staff. For some saying goodbye is especially hard as this has been their home for so long.

While we will be acknowledging them formally at the Leaving Assembly let me list all our leaving teachers for those you are not able to join us. This year we will say goodbye to Alastair, Andrea, Ania, Anord, Dean, Hywel, Katho, Kerri, Mostafa, Moya, Penny and Simon. We thank you all for everything you have done to support the students and the school. We wish you all the best in the different places and roles you are heading to and hope to see you again and catch up on your adventures.

For the students and families that are heading off. Having been here a while I suspect that this will not be the last time you are seen around Moshi. People seem to have a knack of finding their way back even if it is decades later. No matter if you do or not, please keep a piece of Moshi and the school with you always and know that you are missed and will be welcomed back.

To those that are coming back in August, I wish you the very best break and hope that you have time to do the things you want, have fun, get some rest and above all stay safe.

On a practical note, the Leaving Assembly is Monday at 9:15am, so please be there at K-hall if you wish to attend.

Also, this is a long newsletter so please do read to the end so you do not miss any of the stories about our students. It is also our last newsletter of the school year. Our next one will be at the start of August before school starts.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


Grab your Mic! It’s Karaoke Night!

To end the school year on a positive note, the Wellbeing committee is hosting a karaoke night! All students from MYP to DP are welcome to sing their favorite songs (as solo acts or in groups), and teachers are allowed to take the stage as well! Join us in Rafiki Hall on the 13th of June, from 7:30 pm till 9pm, for fun, smiles and snacks, and watch the performances of a lifetime!

P.S. Day students are welcome, and we hope to see you there!

With love,
Hlelelwe, on behalf of the Wellbeing Committee.

Bonfire Dinner! We are thrilled to announce that the FINAL RESIDENTIAL DINNER will take place on June 14th at 6 pm! As a symbolic closure to this academic year, we will also have a bonfire. Get ready for an evening filled with fun, music, and feel free to bring your friends along:)))

Ben’s Corner

Our second Values statement reads, “A sense of belonging, acceptance and tolerance.” What does it mean to belong? The great Maya Angelou once said, “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” For almost five years now, my family and I have called Moshi and UWCEA our home. When we made the decision to move here back in 2018, we hoped that we were joining a diverse, dynamic, accepting and vibrant community…we have not been disappointed.

A sense of belonging is commensurate with feeling accepted, respected, included and supported. As teachers, I believe we can help create this feeling of belonging by building connections between the classroom and the community.


This week, I have enjoyed the M1s expertly presenting to their P6 peers at the “MYP Survival Fair,” stood on the touchline at a fabulous PYP Sports Day, met up with returning alumni and enjoyed hearing stories of their post-UWCEA adventures. I have witnessed our sportsmen and women being recognised for their achievements at the Sports Celebration, taken out our U15 football champions for a long-overdue celebratory dinner, had fascinating conversations with our myth busting Group 4 scientists, sat proudly in the audience at our P6 Ceremony, sang along with our community at the Sing-a-long-a-Movie night, shepherded students in the early hours to the bus to Kennedy House for another NTSAA tournament  and marvelled at the achievements of our passionate activists at Tanzania’s inaugural Students’ Coalition on Climate. I had hoped to be able to add a day of tree planting to this week’s list, but the rain put paid to that.

I choose to work at a UWC because I covet this notion of belonging. A sense of purpose and meaning. A connection to others, to something significant. As the UWC movement continues to “make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future,” I hope that you all find time over the upcoming break to digest what this really means. In a time when so much rhetoric continues to be about disconnection, separation and inequality, we are all part of something striving to bring us all together. A shared sense of belonging. Of course, we are far from perfect, but we are trying to bring the world together and surely that is what counts.

Enjoy a safe and restful break. Stay safe and look after each other.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

DP News

As we come to the end of the year for D1, it has not been lessons as normal.

On Monday and Tuesday, they met with their teachers to discuss their examinations. The results of these will be included in the reports issued next week. As I mentioned last week these are not necessarily an indication of how they will perform next year as they are more about the process. These are formative and what is most important is students learning from the experience and any mistakes they made. Time management in an examination is an important skill many need to develop.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the focus changed to the group 4 subjects and CAS interviews.

The students from Biology, Chemistry and Physics participated in the group 4 project. This is a collaborative project where students from the three sciences get together to bust myths. Some of the ones involved were “You can only fold a piece of paper 7 times” and “Hot water freezes faster than cold water”. They experimented and used their combined knowledge to discover why.

The students from Environmental Systems and Societies spent Wednesday discussing ways to collect data and, with support from the Mathematics department, how to analyse it. Then on Thursday they went off to Simba farm to collect data.

Meanwhile all students had their second interview for Creativity, Activity and Service. This is an opportunity to reflect on what they have done so far and to check on their documentation. Most interviews were very positive as the majority of students have covered what they need to do. They were asked “What has been the highlight”, “What has been the biggest challenge”, ‘What have you learned” and “What do you think you’ll remember”. These questions led to some interesting comments. Time management, communication and collaborative skills came up a lot as challenges and what has been learned. Time spent with a diverse group of people and service is what the majority will remember. CAS is not about what you do but what you get out of it and I am pleased that so many of this group have embraced that. They have not just done this because they had to but because they enjoyed it.

Next week we move to the Theory of Knowledge Exhibition. On Monday they will meet with their teachers to discuss their written commentary draft, work on the final version and prepare their presentation and on Tuesday they will present their exhibitions. Everyone is welcome to come along. They have picked a prompt such as “Who owns knowledge” and three objects that allow them to discuss the prompt.

On Wednesday they have a chance to meet with their teachers, the college counsellor and me to make plans for the vacation and on Thursday we have sports day.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Residential Life

As the end of the academic year approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we have shared at UWCEA. It has been a year filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable memories. Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to our vibrant residential community. Just this week alone showcased so many amazing attributes of our residential community highlighted within this newsletter, and this is something I will deeply miss.

From my family, as we reflect on our two and a half years here, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the students who have made UWCEA their home away from home, and in turn, becoming part of our extended family. Your enthusiasm, dedication to academic excellence, and commitment to fostering intercultural understanding have been truly inspiring. I have witnessed your growth as individuals and as global citizens, and we are immensely proud of the impact you have made within our community.

To our dedicated residential parents, mentors, and ancillary staff, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support and guidance. Your passion for education and your commitment to nurturing the potential of every student has left an indelible mark on our community. You have not only imparted knowledge but also instilled in our students the values of empathy, inclusivity, and the importance of embracing diversity.

As my family bids farewell to you all, we want to convey our warmest wishes for your future endeavours. You have been a source of inspiration for all of us, and I have no doubt that you will go on to achieve remarkable things in your lives. For those also embarking on new chapters in their lives, remember, UWCEA will always be your home, and you will forever be a cherished member of our community. Stay connected and let us continue to learn from each other’s experiences.

To those who will be returning in the upcoming academic year, I know you are in capable hands with Mr Adnan taking over as the new Head of Residential Life. He, and our new and returning staff, eagerly await your return in August and look forward to witnessing the further growth and achievements that lie ahead.

Finally, from me, I want to express my deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of Residential Life. Your time, dedication, and commitment has enriched our lives and made our community stronger. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and may your paths be filled with happiness, success, and fulfilment.

Until we meet again,

Simon, Chrissy, Blair, and Liam

Student Government

The Activities Committee is back at it again, this time with Inter House Baking. In groups of 3, Kibo, Mawenzi and Meru MYPs went Head-to-Head on Thursday for an hour and 15 minutes to make the best brownies. They were judged by a panel of 3 judges based on taste and presentation.

The art of brownie making has been a long-debated one, but the prevalent idea always seems to be a chewy inside with a crunch on the outside, and so this was put to the test, and the MYPs delivered.

The students were given ingredients, a basic recipe and used their creative genius to present their final product:

On Friday, the Diploma students will go head-to-head in their attempt to produce ‘Lava Cakes’, a technical baking dish that requires attention to time and detail. This is the final inter house competition of the year, and we look forward to the new academic year.

– Damien

MYP News

Well, we have reached the final stop in our MYP journey this year. As the academic year draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey our students have embarked upon this year. It has been a truly fabulous year filled with remarkable learning experiences, challenges, and moments of growth. We couldn’t be prouder of the maturity our students have demonstrated and their all-round positive attitude towards their learning.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this year has been witnessing the progress our students have made, both inside and outside the classroom. This progress is evident in their dedicated service as action contributions and their thoughtful planning for the Week of Giving Back, previously known as Focus Days, their Service as Action contributions and our M1s Survival Fair for P6!

The compassion and dedication they have shown towards making a difference in their community is truly commendable. Their resilience and constant desire to achieve and inquire about new knowledge was clearly portrayed in their PP exhibition, adapting to new assessment requirements, collaborating with each other in groups for their Science Fair and so much more!

We have been amazed by the creativity our students have displayed during various Arts events throughout the year. Their artistic talents have shone brightly, and their passion for the arts has brought joy to us all. Likewise, their sportsmanship during MYP Sports Day, Swim Gala, Sports Weekend, and many other events has been exemplary. It is clear that our students possess talents in a wide range of areas, and we are excited to continue nurturing and developing those talents, passions, and skills in the coming academic year.

Looking ahead, we eagerly welcome our wonderful P6 cohort into our MYP team, where they will embark on their own exciting journey of growth and discovery. We are confident that their energy and enthusiasm will enrich our MYP community even further.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, for your unwavering support throughout this journey. Your involvement and encouragement have played a crucial role in creating a nurturing environment for our students to thrive.

A very well-deserved vacation is right at the corner! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday with the students, and I wish you beautiful moments to turn into unforgettable memories
We look forward to seeing you again in August, refreshed and ready to embark on yet another MYP journey of incredible achievements together.

Important MYP Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • June 12th- Whole School Assembly
  • June 12th – 14th – Week of Giving Back
  • June 15th – Sports Day
  • June 15th – Reports issued
  • June 16th – Last Day of School

Farah Fawaz- MYP Coordinator

Sports Update

As we approach the end of the academic year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on all the incredible sporting events and competitions we’ve had throughout the year. From Sports Weekend to Athletics Day, Swimming Galas, house competitions, NTSAA tournaments, and friendly games, our students and teams have had an action-packed year of sports.

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all the coaches, teachers, and community members who have shown unwavering support for our after-school activities and sports programs. Your contributions have been vital to the success of our programs!

Last week, we held the Primary Sports Day, and we had a fantastic time with games and competitive sports that our students thoroughly enjoyed and had outstanding performance.

I also thank everyone who came Tuesday to help us celebrate the semester 2 athletes and teams.

Furthermore, U11 and U13 Netball teams are set to compete in the NTSAA tournament at Kennedy House today, marking the last NTSAA event of the academic year.

This Thursday will be the last sporting event of the academic year, and we are thrilled to announce that students are looking forward to this day with excitement. We will have a range of sports such as touch rugby, basketball, frisbee, volleyball, and will conclude the day with the ever-popular capture the flag.

Please take note that there will be no after-school clubs next week as we prepare to wrap up the academic year.

We thank all of our amazing coaches, students and community for their dedication to sports this year, and we look forward to more sporting events and games in the next academic year.

Mostafa Rihan – Sports & Activities Coordinator

PYP News

Thank you to Mr. Mostafa, Mr. Ally, Coach Patrick, Coach T, Mr. Isaac, Mr. Sabini and all the other people who put together a most enjoyable Fun Sports Day for the PYP last Wednesday. A great time was had by all.

Move up day happened on Thursday. The PYP children spent time in their new classrooms and the P6 children spent the day in MYP. On Friday we had the P6 leaving ceremony. This is always a bittersweet moment. It’s so exciting to see the children growing up and moving on to the next stage of their education, but we are sad to have them leave us. We hope the P6 children will stick their heads in the PYP classrooms in August to say hello. It was a lovely ceremony and it was especially nice to see the videos from Ms. Annalee and Ms. Elisha.

Many thanks to the Student Voice for organising the sing-along-movie, Frozen 2, on Friday afternoon. The children had a lovely time.

On Monday, 9:15am, there will be a whole school assembly. You are welcome to join us. Please note the time change. On Wednesday, the PYP children will gather to say goodbye to departing students. This will happen in Rafiki at 10:30am and all are welcome.

End of Semester school reports will be issued on Toddle this coming week. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s teacher.

This is the last newsletter of the school year. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mr. Hywel who will be leaving us at the end of the quarter to return to his family in Wales. During his time with us, Mr. Hywel has co-ordinated the PYP Exhibition consisting of 22 individual presentations. He has run extra clubs, sometimes as many as 3 in a week. His contributions to football, chess and Boxercise have been greatly appreciated by the children. He has been an active participant in the OP program, chaperoning many reefs and cycling trips, as well as taking part in the peaks program. His energy and enthusiasm will continue until the very end of the semester as he will be supervising a P6 sleepover next week. Thank you for your contributions to life at UWCEA, Hywel. We will miss you and hope that you keep in touch with us.

Thank you to everyone for the support you have given to the PYP staff this school year. I hope you and your children have a good June/July/August break.  We wish our departing families a smooth transition to your new destinations. We will miss you and hope our paths will cross again. We look forward to seeing all returning children back in school at 7:30am on Monday, 14th August.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

What a week we’ve had. Well done to all who participated in fun day on Wednesday. We saw some amazing participation and feats, especially on the obstacle course. Well done to the P1s who made it all the way through to the last game of the day. On Thursday, we had the moveup day. P1s enjoyed their time with Ms. Kacey as they talked about moving into P2.

This coming week, on Thursday, we will have our annual day out. Letters will be sent out on Monday to let you know what your child/ren needs to bring and where we will be.

Exercise books, learner profile certificates and portfolios will be sent home on Wednesday. Please remember to send a big bag over to pack all these.

Also, remember to return all reading books and library books to school if you haven’t done so already.

On Friday, we will have a class party. We are asking if you could bring a healthy snack to share. Apart from playing, we will watch Wild Krats on this day as we are very fond of creature powers. 

Ms. Durriah, Ms. Neema, and I wish you all a wonderful break.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

This week had a festive feel to it with Sports Day, Move-Up Day and the P6 Celebration. It was a week of being grateful for our school and its wonderful emphasis on community and friendship. I was very proud of our class on Sports Day. All of the students put in great effort and showed admirable sportsmanship. It was clear that each child has made improvements this year in the athletic endeavors.

Next week will be an enjoyable final week but I have let students know that we still have lessons to complete. We are excited about our reports on Tanzania. Children have clearly put effort into their research. An email will be sent with more details but we would like to invite parents in on Wednesday at the end of the day for a class presentation. Please come at 12:40 to learn more about the country of Tanzania.

On Friday, children are invited to bring in snacks to share as we celebrate a wonderful year together!

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

The last newsletter of the year! On Monday the children presented the remaining cultural presentations – they were superb! On Wednesday we had our fun sports day – a great time was had by all.  On Thursday we had move up morning where some of the children stayed with me and others visited Mr. Hywel and sent a message to Ms. Natasha. We have also been busy, revisiting our human body projects from earlier in the semester so that we can (finally!) share them with other classes. In IT Ms. Grace has been working with the children, using Publisher to make a brochure. Embroidery projects are being finished, reading and maths assessments are being checked off the to do list! On Monday 12th June, we have a sleepover in the PYP classrooms and will be cooking our own dinner. The week ahead will be filled with presentations, final assemblies (Monday) and a gathering to say goodbye to departing PYP students (Wednesday). On Friday we will have a small class party to celebrate the end of the semester – please send in a small amount of food to share. In the midst of all the noise and organised chaos, I will take the time to reflect on a very happy year with this group of kind, energetic and inspirational learners. Thank you to Ms. Catherine for her constant support and Mrs. Dhani for the help she has given us this quarter. Baraka, Joe and Lianna, we wish you the very best of luck next year. You will be missed so keep in touch with us.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

P6 Graduation Song 2023, as performed in their Leavers’ Assembly on Friday.

It’s based on a military marching song the Lead Ranger Timotheo taught them while on their class trip to Namalok.

A big thank you to all who contributed and all who were able to come and watch.

Thank you P6 and have a great holiday,

Hywel Davies

Tanzania’s Students Coalition on Climate

To officially launch the coalition and to commemorate the 50th World Environment Day, the founding team of the coalition was sent to Dar es Salaam. In addition to the Launching Ceremony of the coalition, they also held a beach clean up on 5 June, to commemorate the World Environment Day and align with this year’s theme to #BeatPlasticPollution. Additionally, to establish strong connections for the platform’s and the school’s long-term plans, the team also paid courtesy calls to important stakeholders on the following day.

Detailed Briefing:

  • Beach Clean Up (5 June – morning)

The TaSCC held a beach clean-up along Coco beach in the Oyster Bay region of Dar es Salaam. This first initiative to drive collective action against climate change in Tanzania united some 30 students in a 4 kilometre walk along the beach to collect pollutant trash. The trash was meticulously sorted into three categories of recyclable plastics, general waste, and glass. All of which accumulated up to endless recycling bags of plastic and over 10 bags of general waste. The students said, ‘at times they felt deflated, but knew they were giving back in some small way and were joyous when locals came to help and support them, for they could empathise with them and their daily struggles as waste collects daily from the currents, storm pipes and people’s careless littering, despite the countless bins.’ This collection of accumulated trash was then brought to the local recycling plant to be processed and transformed.

  • Launching Ceremony (5 June – afternoon)

The official launching ceremony of the coalition was held later that afternoon and counted numerous distinguished guests, including the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of NGOs. As highlighted by His Excellency Manfredo Fanti, Ambassador of the European Union and host of this event, the student-led coalition will be the perfect opportunity to bring the youth together for climate related issues. As for the government, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education pointed out that it was “a pleasure for the Ministry to collaborate with this student-led coalition which just started”. A video message from Elizabeth Mrema, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, also emphasised the support of the United Nations Environment Programme to this coalition, as she “welcomes the creation of this platform”. The Tanzania’s Students Coalition on Climate looks forward to becoming the main student-led network on climate action and hopes to reach out to as many students as possible. This initiative, which started at the UWC East Africa, now looks forward to a national expansion for better regional representativity. This network will engage all youth in Tanzania and connect them both nationally and globally with activists to help implement their ideas and change in their community, in our country. 

  • UNDP and US Embassy Courtesy Calls (6 June)

To expand its network and establish strong connections for the platform’s long-term plans, the founding team of the coalition, which consists of UWCEA students, paid courtesy calls to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative, Ms. Christine Musisi, and to the United States Ambassador to Tanzania, His Excellency Amb. Dr. Michael Battle. The Resident Representative and Ambassador both reinforced their commitment to support youth-led climate-oriented platforms in the country and affirmed that they shall support the student coalition in its future endeavours.

Further links:

From the Counselors


It is with great sadness that I say farewell and leave the best wishes for those who are remaining. I have enjoyed working with you and your students these past two years.

College Readiness Over the Summer-D2 Students

We have reached the end of the year and there are things that should be worked on over the summer to prepare for the senior year. You should have received a College Readiness Summer Task List via email. Please review this list with your student.

The most important conversation you can have with your student is about your family finances. Again, this will enable your student to create a college list that matches what your family is able to pay per year for their education at university. Remember, there are many costs associated with the college process that are not covered by university aid. Please plan to set aside $3,000-5,000 USD to help your student be able to successfully attend college.

List of Costs:

  • College standardized tests cost $60-$250 each depending on the test. The possible tests will depend on your university interests
  • College applications (up to 10) can cost $50-$150 each depending on the country and college/university
  • Financial aid applications can cost up to $25 each
  • Visa costs $510 upwards depending on your country of origin and where you will be studying.
  • Not all funding covers indirect costs which may include different aspects, and can run $1500-$3000 depending on the university.
  • Books for fall semester $200-$500 if not in funding
  • Room setup like linens, and specialty wear like cold weather clothes will run $100 upwards

**Tanzanian students please work on acquiring a passport over the summer.

I leave you with my favorite quote “Begin with the End in Mind,” If you follow this in your college planning things will go very well.

Andrea Kitomary – University Councelor

Outdoor Pursuits

This past week Reefs Level 2 went out to Fish Eagle Point.
We arrived at Tanga at 3pm and unpacked the bus and then we set up camp and got ready for our activity. Our activity was jumping off the jetty at the lodge in the rain, which was fun. We prepared and ate a fish for dinner and then went to bed afterwards. In the morning different groups took part in making breakfast on different days. We went on a boat ride to sun island and we snorkeled and swam back to mainland. We took a muddy forest walk- and some of us fell. After the walk we had a late lunch and pushed the raft into the water to move the coral concrete balls. Others kayaked and swam in the sea. Beach volleyball was also fun. And to conclude the trip was an amazing time to watch friends fall in mud and struggle on kayak rides and flap in the sea.

As written by our Reef Level 2 Students:
Khari, Jewel, Nadia, Camille, Kamili, Otis, Malo, Kilel, Riad, Pascal and Walter

Thank you to each and everyone of you for making this year an incredible adventure. This 2022/2023 Outdoor Pursuits Program could not have been possible without you the students, parents, teachers, the OP team, UWCEA Moshi leadership team, the online software and LIFE team, our amazing driver staff, our auxiliary staff, Ms Tahera and kitchen staff. There are so many people involved in the success of the Outdoor Pursuits program. I want to give special mention to Mr Isaac Foya and Mr Salimu Ismail for your keeping the logistics of OP is steady flow, Thank you.

Baden Dowie

Group 4 Project

The Group 4 project presented the D1 students with a task of curiosity and collaboration among the sciences. From testing the 5-Second Rule, to walking underwater or making invisible ink, Biology, Chemistry and Physics came together to bust a common myth.

For a total of 10 hours, the D1s, with Ms Kerri, Mr Ken and Mr Justin, were racing up and down the corridors of the science classes getting up to all kinds of fun. Bunsen burners alight, lots of eggs and a few wet clothes, our group of 47 students truly delved into the interrelations between the various disciplines within the field of science. Although this is not a formally graded aspect of the IB, it is certainly something that teaches far more than studying for a summative.

Some highlights from the event:

The five-second rule says that if you drop food on the floor, it won’t be contaminated for a period of 5 seconds, so pick it up quickly.

MYTH BUSTED: This group cultured bacteria plates to prove that even dropping food on a surface that was recently cleaned poses a threat to food contamination. The safest way to eat uncontaminated food is simply not to drop it.

Can humans truly run on water? Simply, the answer to this question is no. But some brave scientists deduced that at speeds high enough, one might overcome the surface tension of water and run.

This group got into the swimming pool to test this myth, some fun with science and a good swim.

The seven-folds paper myth states that we are unable to fold a piece of paper 7 times over.

This group of students took 3 different types of paper to see if this myth was true, having some fun with probes in physics and understanding the chemistry and the biology of paper.

MYTH BUSTED: Technically, you can fold a piece of paper 7 times over, with great force to hold the seventh fold. Did you know that wet paper folds better than normal dry paper?

ESS Fieldwork

A large group of 30 students from Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) classes went to Simba farm in West Kilimanjaro as a part of the research requirements for the subject. The trip was focused on actual practice of the sampling strategies that they learn theoretically in class. This will provide information which will help them in writing their Internal Assessments.

The students walked down Simba River, collected water samples, soil samples and investigated the biodiversity of the ecosystem. On the second day the students interviewed the farm manager concerning environmental issues happening around the area.

The students seemed to have enjoyed the process, looking forward to the next school year.


Incoming Teachers

Jamie – Music & Residencial

William – ESS & Geography

Erick – English

Josh – Sports & Activities Coordinator / Residential

Aizhan – University Counselor