Moshi Campus News – 11 Nov 2023

Moshi Campus News – 11 November 2023



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Student Engagement

As you read through this and our other newsletters, I would like you to focus on both the amount and the variety of student activities on campus regularly. I would also ask you to look a little deeper as you read through. You may start to see a pattern as highlighted by Mr Adnan below and noted by our visiting dignitaries yesterday. Students at UWC East Africa just don’t participate; they initiate, they plan and they lead events. One of our guiding statements is that we are a community that values: “The ambition of students to demonstrate initiative and take on leadership roles.” I would say that many of our students have taken this statement to heart and shown us what they can do. Please read through and see more about what students are doing as they get the opportunity to shine.

Speaking of events, we have had a few recent sporting events affected by the rains. With Sports Weekend starting on the 17th, we fully intend to move forward but we are putting plans in place to handle less intense rain and short bursts of intense rain. However, our hope is that we will have the weather cooperate for about 36 hours. In any situation we will do our best to keep our community as well as our visitors up to date with any changes. We look forward to seeing you there.

Next week’s newsletter will be delayed due to the Sports Weekend. Expect it on Monday the 21st.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus



Tomorrow, Sunday 12 November, you are invited to a Hash Walk organised by UWC students. After a short bus drive we will explore waterfalls around Kibosho. With our Hash team we recently visited the waterfalls. The area is beautiful full of lush vegetation and twisty roads. If you aren’t scared of getting wet or muddy and are up for an adventure Hash Walk is meant for you. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and sunhat! Attached is the route map for the Hash.

Hash runs are a great way for the community to get together and spend some quality time while enjoying a hike through untouched parts in and surrounding Moshi. The community in Moshi has been arranging hash runs for 20 years now. Be on the lookout for signup forms if you would like to take part on the walk! Come and reach out to us (Alisa & Emily & David & Mina, D1 / Nayem & Balazs, D2, ) for more information!

Cultural Night

Sports Weekend

Sports Weekend is just around the corner. This year we are preparing for over 600 participants at the U16 and U19 level in Football, Basketball, Netball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis and X-Country.

Starting Friday,17th November, at noon and running through Sunday 19th November this will be the 23rd edition of this traditional event.

From this campus we expect about 100 sports participants and a large part of the community is also involved. If you have not volunteered, but would like to be involved, please see Coach Pickell as I am sure he would welcome the support.

For Parents:
Due to the scope of the event for secondary students and based on past experience of the energy levels and productivity of the students on the Monday morning after this event, we will be starting class at 10:30am on Monday 20th November. This means we will not have the first two periods on that day. Primary classes will run as normal.

Bob Cofer

Farmers’ Market

Student Climate Summit

Tanzania’s Students Coalition on Climate (TaSCC), the first network of high school students dedicated to addressing climate and environmental issues in Tanzania. TaSCC, officially launched on World Environment Day 2023, aimed to be the main student voice for climate action in East Africa. This weekend they successfully hosted the “Students Climate Summit” which gathered students from across Tanzania to engage in discussions on crucial environmental topics.

Notable figures such as Her Excellency Elizabeth Mrema, Hon. Khamis Hamza Khamis, Deputy Minister of Union and Environment, Mr Lamine Diallo, Head of Natural Resources, EU Delegation, Clara Makenya as well as others spoke at the event which was covered by ITV and other media outlets. A link to the ITV report can be found here.  This event was also included representatives from 20 Tanzanian high schools representing most regions of Tanzania, with the support of various diplomatic missions in Tanzania.

The event aimed to draft a Proposal Paper representing Tanzanian youth, which will subsequently be submitted to COP28 in Dubai through relevant diplomatic channels. TaSCC emphasized the importance of ensuring the voices of youth and marginalized communities were heard at COP28, making the Students Climate Summit a pivotal step in achieving this goal.

Faraja & Iqbal

Ben’s Corner

Be the change you wish to see in the world is a mantra often repeated across UWCEA. Our community often celebrates and builds on the passion and interests of individuals, with an aim to create a wider impact through our Mission. Indeed, the UWCIO website claims that “if you want to do something amazing, you need a picture of where you’re trying to get to, and a plan for getting there.

Friday’s climate coalition, TaSCC, was the perfect example of how one individual’s passion can inspire a collective concern and compassion, a shared willingness to accept responsibility and a joint tenacity in pursuit of a more sustainable future. Huge kudos and congratulations to “His Excellency Mathieu” and the dedicated team behind organising such an impactful and far-reaching event.

A massive thank you to our long list of distinguished guests and visitors for taking the time out of their busy schedules to be a part of this. As Mathieu mentioned in his TedXYouth Talk last week, it is not enough just to be a voice, it is about backing up your words with actions. The primary aim of the coalition was to begin to action some of the pertinent topics that will be discussed across the two days and draft a Proposal Paper for COP28 in Dubai.

What a privilege to be a part of a school where so many students share a common desire to have a meaningful impact on the world.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

While I am writing this we are hosting the Tanzania’s students coalition on climate summit. This has been an amazing event which is totally student organised. Teams of students have been working for months to make this happen. The list of dignitaries who attended includes both UN and government officials. As part of this event some of our service groups were able to present about what they have been doing this year.

On Tuesday our five students who spoke at the TEDx event at Arusha were able to give their speeches again just for Moshi students. The topics covered were : Biracial identity, Do we live in a video game?, youth engagement, censorship of children’s literature, being the oldest child in a family. They were fascinating and engaging. It was good to see so many of our students there to hear these talks. They will be shared on the TEDx website and we share them with you.

The D2 students have been thinking about which title they would like to use for their Theory of Knowledge essay. There are 6 prescribed titles and on Thursday the teachers did sessions unpacking them. The students now need to decide on a title and start their research on what to write.

The times for the December oral exams were shared with the D2 students. For the school supported self taught students these will be the final orals but for other subjects they will be mocks with the finals in March. Teachers are sharing the details of what is required with students. It is important if students are leaving early that they let us know.

The student government met with D1 students to talk about the roles of the co presidents and the committees. Following on from this students have a chance to submit an application which will be reviewed and then voting will happen.

The D1 students submitted their proposals for project week. These were reviewed by a committee made up of staff and D2 students. Students have been asked to clarify some details and fill in an information sheet. This will then be shared with all other D1 students who will then pick which project they would like to participate in.

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

Residential Life

Dear UWCEA Community,

This and last week saw a multitude of events, most organized by students.

Last week ended with the Student Government organizing a Halloween movie night for students in the residences. The choice of movies left some scared and others wondering what in the world they had just watched.

Props to the Student Government for organizing the event and providing a fun activity for the students.

We also had the first of two Cultural Cafes organized by our MYP Student, Sharon B.  Students and staff got the chance to share their cultures with each other through food and organized culture-sharing-focused questions. The food was delicious, and the conversations were even more interesting. Well done, Sharon!

This week, the Student Government ran an informative session for our D1 students to help orient them to the process of student government selection, voting, and timelines for the coming elections. It is a bittersweet moment for the current Student Government who have worked very hard over the past year, but they are all excited to see what the new generation will bring to the table.

Our students who presented at TedX Arusha, also graced us with their presentations in Moshi this past week. It was amazing to see them on stage and hear their brilliantly crafted speeches! Well done!

Finally, this week has also been focused on the Climate Summit organized by our students. Dignitaries from the UN and Tanzanian government, teachers, parents, and students are involved this weekend in various conversations surrounding climate change and how we could improve the current state of the world.

More to come next week.

Adnan Mackovic – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

Roald Dahl once said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Our MYP learners are discovering their own kind of magic: learning to lead themselves, or what we like to refer to as becoming self-directed learners. The MYP team feels that it is genuinely exciting to see students grow as autonomous learners. This isn’t just about doing well at school; it’s about getting ready for a future where they can take charge and make things happen on their own terms, which is a fundamental foundational element of the whole MYP framework.

M5 Personal Project Update:
In response to a few requests from parents/ guardians and students about involving the parents/guardians in understanding the Personal Project criteria, here is a brief breakdown of what Criterion A looks like:

Criterion A: Planning
By inquiry, the students connect a personal interest to a learning goal, set a clear product goal with specific success criteria, and create a detailed plan for the completion of the project.

What would you choose for your Personal Projects if you could do it all over again?

International Mindedness in the MYP:
In our MYP classrooms, international mindedness is a constant presence in our planning, shaping how we approach various subjects as educators and as learners. Here are a few examples on how this is evident in some of our classes:

  • In Language and Literature, students delve into global topics with analytical and creative thinking. They engage in exploring novels or identity through literature, analyzing global themes in contemporary novels, or examining diverse perspectives in storytelling.
  • The Arts are where students are constantly engaged in expressing cultural appreciation by creating artwork inspired by global cultures, studying and performing pieces from different parts of the world in music, or showcasing diverse drama act forms and their cultural significance.
  • Mathematics serves as a tool for understanding shared humanity by investigating real-world problems with global implications.
  • In I&S, students explore the richness of global perspective. They examine historical events from various cultural viewpoints, studying the impact of globalization on societies, or exploring the interconnectedness of world civilizations.
  • Science takes on a lens of inquiry that appreciates the interconnectedness of our world by investigating phenomena that help us understand environmental issues for example like climate change, exploring global health challenges, or studying ecosystems to understand the delicate balance of our planet.

In each subject, we instill the value of taking action for a better, more peaceful planet, ensuring that international mindedness is not just a concept but an integral part of our teaching and learning philosophy.

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • November 17th – Sports Weekend
  • November 18th – Farmers’ Market
  • November 25th – M5 Personal Project Check-in
  • December 4th – Spoken Word Poetry Night M4
  • December 8th – Evening of the Arts
  • December 15th – Last day of Semester/ Semester 1 Reports

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Sports Update

PYP News

Thank you to all those parents who have made an effort to avoid including junk food in the children’s snack boxes. We have reminded the children not to share snacks and so far things are going well.

We enjoyed a lovely PYP Athletics Day on Wednesday. The sun shone, the children put in a great effort and fun was had by all. Coach Pickell and his team restructured the event so that all students participated in all of the field events so everyone got plenty of exercise! The ice lolly at the end of the day was most welcome! Many thanks to Coach Pickell, Coach T, Coach Sabini, Mr. Patrick and Mr. Isaac for running the events and to the many other people whose support made the day successful.

On Friday, we sent an athletics team to Arusha to compete in the NTSAA meet. Disappointingly, after completing the long drive to Arusha, the event was cancelled due to the weather. The children enjoyed some running round games on campus to expend some energy before returning to Moshi. Thank you to Coach Pickell, Coach T, Ms. Neema, Coy Buckley and Megan Morris for chaperoning the trip. At this moment I do not know if/when the event will be rescheduled but I will share any information that I receive. Also on Friday, the PYP choir performed with the Community Choir during the opening ceremony of the Climate Summit that is being held on campus this weekend.

Mr. Ravi, a visiting artist from India, shared his paper folding art with the PYP classes this week. The children were most impressed with his creations. Mr. Ravi is selling a pamphlet of instructions for some of his designs for 3000 Tshillings. If you are interested in purchasing one please send in 3000 Tshillings at the start of the day on Monday to be handed to the class teacher.

Next Friday, 17th November, we will have a singing focused Primary Gathering with Ms. Jamie. Parents are very welcome to attend. The gathering will be followed by a Student Voice led spirit day with some sporty activities (details to be shared by the Student Voice later!) to get us in the mood for the secondary Sports Weekend. On Friday, the children can wear any type of sporty clothing to school.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

Sports Day was the highlight of the week! Our class had a wonderful time competing together on Wednesday. I’m so proud of the progress students are making with their athleticism and their confidence! It was also impressive that so many students came prepared for swimming on Tuesday despite the rain. Let’s keep up the participation.

I was also impressed by the good attitude of the students who made the trek to Arusha and back again. It was disappointing that the NTSAA Athletics Day in Arusha was cancelled due to rain, but the kids still had a nice time together.

On Thursday, we had a treat with the visiting artist who did wonderful creations with rolled paper. Our class was truly amazed and inspired.

Our Science Unit continues next week as we turn our attention to the topic of solids, liquids and gases. The class has done very well with making observations about the properties of materials. We have been invited back to the Secondary Science Lab for an experiment with Ms. Jamie on Wednesday!

We will wrap up on another favorite read-aloud, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Some students requested that we watch the movie as a class, but I declined- the story has some intense scenes that would need parental supervision. Perhaps it is a movie you’d enjoy at home. We certainly LOVED reading the story together.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

The P4/5 children have done lots of writing this week. They have worked on their own myths and have learned about “Tall Tales.” The children have also learned about the artist, Molly Bang’s work on interpreting pictures. They have made their own scene from the story of Little Red Riding Hood using coloured paper and then wrote an artist’s statement explaining the reasons behind their choices. This work will be going up on the breezeway soon. In maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division. We have completed some general assessments that show many of the children need to work on telling the time and converting dollars into cents and vice versa so we will be looking at these areas next week. A highlight of the week was Mr. Ravi’s demonstration of paper art. The children were excited and incredulous, as you can see in the photograph. The PYP Athletics day on Wednesday was lots of fun – thank you to those of you who were able to come and cheer the children on.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

P6 had a fun week, especially during the Primary Athletics Day on Wednesday. They tried their best and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Afterwards, P6 reflected on the PYP Learner Profile attributes they had displayed during the day. Here is what they wrote:

I was caring when I cheered for people who were not on my team. I was a thinker when I paced myself during my race by going slower at the start and faster at the finish. Atu

I was open-minded when I changed the way I was doing long jump. On my second jump I tried to land differently with my hands forward instead of backwards. This helped me to jump further. I was reflective in the 400m because I knew that I had tried my best and it was a hard race. Niko

I was a risk-taker because I did not want to do the long jump and high jump, but I still gave it a go. I was reflective when I signed up for the 50m and 100m races because I knew that I was a short distance runner and I enjoy doing it. Alice

I was a risk-taker because I ran four races and I did not quit. I was also reflective by believing in myself and knowing that I could do it, even though I found it hard and challenging. Hikari

I was open-minded in the high jump when I listened to advice that I should try to land on my back when landing. This helped me to jump higher. I was also reflective when  I was running in the 400m. I wanted to give up and walk, but I decided that I would not stop running until I had finished the race and won for my team. Devraaj

I was a communicator when I talked to my team about our strategy for the relay. I was also a risk-taker because I was not scared during my races and I did my best. Christian

I was caring when I cheered for my teammates to keep going when they were slowing down. I was reflective when I knew that I had done my best even though I didn’t win the race. Zach

I was knowledgeable when I used what I had learnt in PE lessons to do the javelin. I was a risk-taker when I was the only one in P6 to sign up for the 800m. Tiago

Natasha Berri

From the Counselors

Calling all Class of 2025 Parents and Guardians

Please note the date change for the first post-secondary planning virtual meeting this school year for parents and guardians of students in our IBDP1 class.

D1 Parent/Guardian meeting about Career and College Readiness

Stay informed about other events coming your way by taking a look at the events below and please mark your calendar so that you do not miss anything…

UPCOMING College and University Events

  • 12 November:  8:00 PM EAT NACAC International Virtual Fair – Link Here
  • 15 November: *5:45-7:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. (13 of the 15 are Davis UWC Scholar Partners) November focus: SEVIS, 1-20, F-1 Student Visa and Enrollment LAST EVENT OF THIS YEAR (*Note start time change) Link to register IN ADVANCE
  • 18 November: Throughout the day Virtual open house events taking place from Japan to Canada and across the globe (Minerva University) See UWCEA Careers website calendar for more information and registration links
  • 21 November: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT D1 Parents/Guardians: Introduction to Careers and College Readiness (virtual)

Remember to check the UWCEA Careers website for additional information about other events hosted by institutions from across the globe.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Aizhan Smagulova – University and Career Counselor

Outdoor Pursuits

“The students are very sharp, they are brilliant. Imagine: we covered both Emergency First Response and the PADI Rescue Diver course in 2 and a half days. This is amazing!”

Those were the words of Michael Vader, PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and Owner of Afrodivers (Pemba). Michael has been delivering PADI courses with hundreds of clients, has led thousands of dives for years… He was clear about the fact that our students  (pictured above) are way above average. For both courses, students were knowledgeable and caring… That is no surprise though, and is just a testament of what we are building in our OP programmes: self-managed, proactive, mature and nature-smart young people.

Karibuni OP!


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