Moshi Campus News – 29 May 2022

Moshi Campus News – 29 May 2022



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Changing Times

This past weekend we said goodbye to the 2022 graduating class and next week the M5 will leave after their leaving ceremony. While many of our D2 students have left, do not be surprised if you see a face you recognize floating around Moshi. We have some students taking advantage of the time to see a little more of Tanzania before they leave. You can see a few pictures from last weekend below.

Sandwiched between these events, today we hosted a Zoom with the D1 students that will be joining us in August. Some of our current students were on hand to give advice and answer questions about what to expect. It is hard to believe how quickly things turn over and one set of D1 students are giving advice to the next set.

Outside of this the PYP provided us with an excellent Gathering of Gratitude on Friday. The kids were wonderful in thanking everyone that looks after them in and out of school. Our next assembly will be the leaving assembly in the last week. We will post details soon for parents.

Outside of these we have a number of events both during the day and in the evening coming up so please read below so you do not miss anything.

Bob Cofer


Parent Coffee Morning

On Tuesday June 7th we will have the last coffee morning of the year. Parents, you are welcome to join us to chat about the year that is rapidly ending or the year to come. We will meet in the social center at 7:45am.

Bob Cofer

DP News

Last week saw the D2 finishing their examinations and then their celebrations. The last exam was the French listening on Friday morning followed by the graduation rehearsal with a chance to show off their hoodies.

Friday evening was the teacher and staff appreciation dinner. We sat on tables with a mix of staff and students and played games to see how much we knew about each other.

On Saturday was the actual ceremony. Students gathered for photos celebrating the different groupings in the school including the two students who have been here since Early Years. Students were all introduced and then received their High School Diplomas. There were awards to students for the best academic performance, the most improved and the Chibber award for the student who most represents the school’s values and speeches by staff and students. There was a mixture of smiles and tears as they walked out at the end. The photographs and the video will be shared in a separate update. Thanks to everyone who helped make graduation special especially Christine B and Antje R.

Their IB results will be out in July and students already have the details on how to login to the portal to get their results. Their universities will also be able to access their results directly.

Uja parents, please see the invitation beside and RSVP here to join us as we thank you for all you do.

The D1 students are feeling the pressure of being the oldest group of students. Their examinations start on Monday and last the whole week. This week they have been given time to study in class and on Monday we discussed the arrangements for the examinations. We talked about how we follow the rules for the IB examinations so they become used to them and these rules do not cause them stress next May. After the examination week there is a programme of events planned for them details of which have been shared.

Margaret Brunt

Service Projects

For the last few months, a group of students from D1 & D2 class, have volunteered to paint the wall in the Oncology department in KCMC hospital, devoting hours of their weekends to this project. A lot of progress has been made, it also helps the children while fighting their cancer to have something appealing in their department. The students involved in it:Zain, Lisa, Antek, Anna Madara, Omar, Carla, Anh, Ayman, Shumsher, and Martina. We took it upon ourselves to leave something remarkable from us and the school in the hospital.

These are quite old pictures, however, they represent a small fraction of the work that has been done.


More service projects from this year will be shared in a separate mailing.

MYP News

More and More MYP 
Growth Mindset Episode #25

End of Year Summative Assessments – M4 Edition

M4 Summative Assessment Week Schedule

Guidelines for M4 Summative Assessment Week:
Monday, May 30th, 2022 is a study day. Students are expected to come to school and study on campus. This will ensure access to teachers should there be any questions prior to the summative assessments as well as provide a serious, “study-oriented” environment to make maximum use of their time.

During assessment days, students will be expected to be present in Makutano Lounge for study hall (after the summative assessments end) in order to study and prepare for the next day.

The aim of this summative assessment week is to practice effective self-management skills in terms of:

  • Organization skills (time management and study skills)
  • Affective skills (managing their state of mind in a formal assessment setting)

The summative assessments are based on MYP subject objectives and the MYP assessment Criteria as per the table below:

On a Celebratory Note:
Our very own Fabio, Gurtej and Dhruva (M5) and Amy and Gasuza (M4) have been selected by the review committee as a semi-finalist for the MYP student innovator grant.

Farah Fawaz

Ben’s Corner

We have many students across the school who live our values on a daily basis and, most of the time, this goes unnoticed and under the radar. We live and learn together by these values because we believe this is the right thing to do. However, sometimes it is very welcome when our initiatives and student leaders are acknowledged by outside organisations. In the midst of all the Graduation excitement on Saturday, you might have missed that our very own Navya was recognised by AISA.

As many of you know, UWCEA is a member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA). AISA is a school membership organisation dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking and wellbeing of its entire community of schools. The ultimate goal being the transformation and improvement of student learning, celebrating educational excellence and innovation across Africa.

The association currently serves 79 member schools and, each year, these schools are invited to nominate students, individuals or groups, specific projects and initiatives for a number of awards. This year, we shared these awards with the teaching staff and invited people to suggest nominations. We then liaised with our counterparts on Arusha Campus to consider these suggestions and, together, nominated students or projects across a number of categories.

I am delighted to share that Navya was awarded the “2022 Student Service Leader Award.” This recognises someone who demonstrated a commitment to their community and used learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address an expressed community need. AISA also considered whether the nominated student demonstrated:

  • Personal growth through service
  • Integration into the school’s service learning programme
  • Learning outcomes
  • Personal reflection
  • A deeper understanding of the community/individual involved in the project

According to AISA, “This year we received an unprecedented number of high-quality submissions, and this was the one that stood out above the rest.” Well done, Navya.

Be the change you wish to see.

Ben Morley

Residential Life

To say that this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement. Farewelling our D2 students who have been such an integral part of our life as residential parents was both saddening and exciting for we know they are off to embark on their new adventures and next chapter in their journey. I wish them all the best and will miss them all.

In our MYP residences I am thrilled to be planning our M5 dinner this coming Tuesday and further celebrations on Friday. Our PYP residential students have also been busy writing cards of gratitude in the midst of preparing for an exciting outing to the hot springs next weekend!

As we adapt to a ‘new norm’ in our Diploma residences we as residential parents and mentors will focus on their study and guiding them through their D1 examinations. In addition to this, we are busy with maintenance and changes to the upkeeping of our residential buildings. To name but a few events ongoing behind the scenes.

On another exciting note, we are underway planning for our orientation next year and I am eagerly awaiting our zoom call with our incoming students for the year ahead, who themselves are preparing for their next journey and chapter in their life.

Thank you to all our residential and ancillary staff who have worked so hard to ensure the D2’s departed smoothly, and I hope this weekend affords you some well-deserved rest.

Simon Johnston

Sports Update

PYP Football Tournament
Last Friday’s PYP Football Tournament was so much fun for our students. It exceeded our expectations, with over a hundred students from Hope, Paradise, Kibo Shanty and Bridge participating in an afternoon of football. There were lots of close and exciting games. There was a lot of teamwork and sportsmanship exhibited throughout the tournament. In the end, our Under 9 Mixed and U11 Boys teams won their categories. Well done to all the students and staff who took part in the tournament. A special thanks to Mr. T for initiating and coordinating the event.

Thank you to all that helped.

UWCEA Moshi U15 Basketball Tournament
Next Saturday, we will host the UWCEA U15 Basketball Tournament. We will host St. Connies, Rafiki, Arusha Meru, Orkeeswa and UWCEA Arusha for a Saturday of basketball. The games will kick off at 9am and run until 4pm.

NTSAA Touch Rugby Tournaments
Our PYP students will participate in the NTSAA Touch Tournament hosted here in Moshi on Wednesday, June 8th. The event will start at 10am and end by 1.30pm.  We have confirmation from Kennedy House, Arusha campus and St. Connies.

This will be followed by the NTSAA U15 & U19 Tournament which will take place on Saturday, the 11th of June at St. Connies. We will be represented by our U15 and U19 teams. Please come and cheer on our players.

Other upcoming events

  • Saturday 11th June – Volleyball Friendly vs Mawenzi HS and Born To Play at UWCEA Moshi
  • Wednesday 15th June – Primary Sports Day
  • Thursday 16th June – Secondary Sports Day

Gilbert Kaburu

PYP News

Thank you to all of you who joined us this Friday for the Gathering of Gratitude. The children were very pleased to see you and share their thoughts with you. Thank you for your continuous support in making the children’s school experience more meaningful.

This coming week, we have a series of camps and out of school visits. On Monday, P5s are off to Arusha for a night. P6s follow on Tuesday as they go to the PYP Exhibition on Arusha Campus. ECs to P2 will be enjoying their day camp on Friday. The Brownie Guides will be camping on Friday night to earn their campers badge.

Dates for your Diary

  • 6 June – Primary move up day (P6 will join M1) more details to follow. This is the day we acknowledge our P6 students. Parents are welcome to attend.
  • 8 June –  Touch Rugby tournament – more details to follow
  • 15 June – Fun sports day
  • 17 June – Last day of classes (normal finishing time)

Deborah Mills & Mboka Mwasongwe

Brownie Garage Sale – Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who attended the garage sale, either as a seller or a purchaser.

EC/P1 Class

Thank you to all of you who came to watch us on Friday. The children were very pleased to see you and we are proud of them for their courage to stand in front of such a large audience.

This coming week, P1s will be taking part in a series of assessments for mathematics, reading and phonics. These will be in the form of the activities what we normally carry out in class so there will be no difference in our normal routine.

Please make sure you check your emails on Monday so that you are aware of our plans for the day camp.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2 Class

It’s always nice when former students come to visit. This week we had the pleasure of having Bent Henke back in class with us. For a moment, it felt like we had stepped into a time machine, albeit with some new faces. This week has centered around assessments. We’ve completed our reading assessments and are well on our way towards completing our math and writing assessments. We learned about Pablo Picasso and spent the week learning to draw portraits and use bright colours to create backgrounds. Next week, we’ll complete a math review and look at expressing ourselves through body language and expressions.

Elisha Jaffer

P3/4 Class

GRATITUDE- it is something that I believe is incredibly important and can make a difference to how you perceive everything that happens in life. I’m so grateful to teach at a school that also values teaching the sense of thankfulness. The Gratitude Gathering on Friday was heartwarming and a wonderful reflection on the school year that we’ve had. The students of P3/4 were proud of themselves for memorizing their poem and preforming on their recorders. I’m also proud of the reflections that they made this week as we focused on all that we have to be grateful for. I encourage you to keep up this practice at home.

The photo this week is of the winning U9 team from last week’s football tournament. The kids had such fun and it was an amazing testimony to the hard work and leadership of Coach T in our PE classes.

Our Economics unit is going well. The kids are making good connections between the lessons and vocabulary to their own experiences. On Monday, I’ll be sending home information about our final project of the year- the P3/4 Marketplace which will be held on the 10th of June. In the meantime, you can turn your quick trip to Woodlands or Aleem’s into a check-up on learning. Ask your child about products, supply and demand, and how prices may be set. We will be learning about imports and exports as well as savings and spending this week. 

As part of the unit, on Tuesday we will be walking to Ms. Rosie’s fruit stand and trying out our Kiswahili communication with shopping vocabulary. Please, can you send your child with 1-2,000 Tsh in order to practice buying an item? Thank you very much.

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

This week the children used a stomp rocket and flicked elastic bands to explore pushes and pulls as part of our end of year unit on Forces. Next week they will explore the effects of friction. On Monday we will head to Arusha to spend the day with the P4/5 class and will camp overnight. On Tuesday we will visit the P6 Exhibition. The children are making good progress with their weaving. They also enjoying regular reading group time. They have completed some end of year maths assessments and will be revisiting areas that need reinforcement before the end of term.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

This week sees us bridging between our organisational units: finishing off government systems and social change and moving to organising ourselves and the changes the children face as they move into PYP and adolescence, our last unit. Today, the children started their individual presentations about someone who has promoted or denied equal opportunities: the standard of presentations so far has been commendable. Preparing a Google Slide to accompany their presentation utilised animation skills and summarising information; in language, we looked at bullet pointing as a technique for conveying this. We’ve also looked at ratio and proportion in maths. The end of the week saw our Gathering of Gratitude and the children did a good job as MC of proceedings; they also presented thank you speeches and sang and played ukeleles to “Stand by Me”. Tuesday sees our trip to Arusha for their PYP exhibitions (a reminder: all permission slips need to be returned). On Monday, 6th June, the P6 students will have a move up ceremony at 7:30 in Rafiki Hall. Parents are welcome to attend. The children will then spend the remainder of the day with the M1 students to have a taste of what MYP holds in store. More details will follow shortly.

Hywel Davies