Moshi Campus News – 30 Oct 2022

Moshi Campus News – 30 October 2022


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Community Involvement

A Spooktacular Weekend

As we pass through October, Friday was our traditional Halloween event. It started with the PYP Trunk-or-Treat and flowed through the more serious and spooky secondary haunted houses. While I think the neighbors are used to the screams, I still am not sure they know what to make of it.

As always there was an outpouring of effort from the community to make this work. Thank you to the PYP team and parents for the PYP trunks, dinner and dance. At the Secondary level Christine, Marco and Marieke led the teams of teachers, students and community members that must have been 50 strong to pull this off.

Then to follow this up we had the football and basketball on Saturday with four schools joining us at the U15 and U19 level. There were some tired players and coaches at the end of Saturday. Great job everyone.

Looking ahead we have sports fixtures most week ends until the December break. Combine those with the OP and non-sports events and there is a lot to keep people busy.

Please see some of this in the newsletter as well as information about the Talent show, PTA AGM, and other community items throughout the newsletter.

It’s a long newsletter this week so be sure to click on view entire message at the bottom so that you can read the entire letter.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

Upcoming Events

Talent Show

Do you play the trumpet, are you a comedian, or do you have another amazing talent you would like to share? UWCEA will be hosting its very own Talent Show on the afternoon of the 11th of November from 3 p.m. to 5:30 pm! It will be a place for people to share what they are passionate about and shine.

Everyone is welcome, from PYPs to parents and the outside community. To sign up, students will get a form through their emails. Everybody else can sign up in the reception, breezeway, or staff room.

More details will be coming soon.

We are so excited to see you all there!


More details to come later, but mark your calendar for Monday November 7th at 5pm for the yearly PTA AGM.

Ben’s Corner

As we continue to wait for the much needed rains, many of us are finding it more difficult to focus and concentrate, particularly in the afternoon session straight after lunch! It does certainly become more challenging for students and teachers in hot conditions. Studies show that high classroom temperatures can affect our ability to function efficiently. When we are too hot, our brain is constantly reminding our body to do something about it. Then, because of this constant interruption, it becomes harder to remain focused. It makes sense that our capacity to learn is impacted. So, what can we realistically do to combat this?

Stay hydrated. It sounds simple but it still amazes me that so many students do not have a water bottle. Everyone should keep a water bottle with them at all times and top it up at break time or in between classes. It goes without saying that this becomes even more important when you are engaged in active learning, like P.E. Many people believe eating a lighter meal at lunchtime can help as it reduces the ‘metabolic heat’ needed to digest food. So, think about this when you are in the Dining Hall. In the classrooms, turning off lights and devices to reduce residual heat might help, as might closing the curtains to keep out the direct sunlight…although we then have to be careful not to get too sleepy in the dark! Also, we can think about the clothes we wear. If possible, choosing cotton, linen and other natural fibres can help absorb moisture and keep us a little cooler.

We can also think about different ways to access and showcase our learning…getting up out of our seats and using different media to articulate our understanding can be really energising. Of course, much of this is easier said than done and, for the most part, we have to just grin and bear it. Hot weather can also increase stress levels and some people become more irritable or, even, anxious. So, let us try to remain patient with each other, not allow ourselves to become too hot and bothered and think cool, calm thoughts.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

MYP News

If you are having conversations with our MYP learners, you are probably hearing a lot about the difference between content and concepts. The past week’s focus has been centered around making sure this distinction is clear from an MYP perspective. That said, we are not disregarding content. On the contrary, we are using content as tools and resources to teach and learn the bigger ideas, known as concepts, in order to transfer and apply skills in various situations.

A concept is a mental construct that is timeless, universal, abstract and can be explored through various perspectives. Concept based learning is an idea centered three-dimensional process that is intellectually engaging by design, fosters collaboration, social learning and “meaning making”.

Information without intellect is meaningless. Instant information is now a “button” away. It is all about nurturing the idea of engaging and developing personal intellect at a deep level.

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Residential Life

This week in Residential Life we have had the pleasure of re-invigorating our MYP mentoring program where our Diploma students join their younger peers and assist them each evening with academics, pastoral concerns and generally taking the time to invest in their lives. Adding to this, we had a special evening on Thursday that involved our D2 leaders speaking to our M5 students about pertinent life issues, dealing with conflict and understanding the importance of reaching out to their peers and staff when ever they are in need.

Our PYP boarders had an eventful weekend at the Arusha Fun Retreat and were spoiled with entertainment from riding dodgem cars, racing in floating bubbles and jumping from ride to ride. It was such a pleasure to see their faces filled with joy when they returned.

This weekend brought more opportunity for Halloween fun, sports, academic engagement, building projects and of course, our cultural evening on Sunday where we will be celebrating and learning about the wonderful history and heritage of Armenia. To add more to this, our DP students will be busy cooking traditional desserts on Sunday in preparation for this occasion. Finally, I cannot, not mention our second residential dinner next week hosted by Kivuli. This promises to be another fun filled night where we can take more time to engage with our community of all ages.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

Diploma News

A lot has happened this week for D1. On Monday they met with their mentors to review their progress in CAS. This is in addition to the CAS interview and gave them a chance to get another perspective on what they are doing. On Friday many students participated in the school’s annual Halloween event. On Saturday there were teams visiting to play football. 

On Tuesday they had the deadline to submit proposals for Project Week. Project Week takes place in February and is student led. A committee of staff and D2 students met and reviewed the proposals and the proposers were asked to clarify some items. The next step is for the proposers to complete an information sheet which will be shared with all D1 students on Monday and they will then select which project they would like to participate in.

For D2 students a focus this week has been university applications with the early decision deadline coming up. A key feature of DP is balance and managing your time is an important skill.

Last week we had a Climate Conference organised by D1 students. On Monday, two of those students will be presenting proposals from that conference at a Pre Cop 27 Youth Meeting organised by United Nations Environmental Programme Major Group on Children and Youth (UNEP MGCY), in Dar es Salaam.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

South Africa Math Olympiad

This week we received the final results of the 2022 edition of the South Africa Math Olympiads (SAMO). We had 2 students from Moshi Campus qualify for the 3rd and final round in July. From this round, Jonatan came 2nd amongst all senior contestants from schools outside South Africa, and Malo came 3rd amongst juniors. We are really proud of such results, particularly given it was the first time our school took part. We are looking forward to the 2023 edition of SAMO.

Sustainability News

More than a week ago, UWCEA launched its very own climate conference to make the voices of young people heard ahead of COP27. We are now honoured to be invited by the United Nations to share the key outcomes of our conference at the UN Headquarters in Dar Es Salaam this Monday 31st October. The presentation of our key outcomes will be part of a Pre COP27 youth meeting co-organised by UN Tanzania and UNEP.

This youth meeting is an outcome of several previous engagements on climate with Tanzanian youth platforms, starting with events of the UNEP’s Major Group on Children and Youth, as well as the Youth Consultations for Stockholm+50. The meeting will ensure that young peoples’ voices are heard and that the youth in Tanzania contribute to the global environment frameworks.

The objective of the meeting is for the UN to acknowledge what the youth in Tanzania have channeled through their conferences around the country and to share their deliberations for COP 27. This meeting will give an opportunity to further engage, discuss and accelerate youth’s voices, but also to support their actions in climate change, even beyond COP 27. On our side, we look forward to reaching out to more potential partners in the long-term for the school, but also to position the UWC youth as one of the leading youth movements in the country, while reaffirming our willingness to combat the climate crisis.

Mathieu – D1

Sports Update

UWCEA Moshi hosted the NTSAA league fixtures on Saturday for U15 Boys and Girls Basketball and Open Football Boys and Girls. It was a busy yet successful time for the Secondary Teams with great spirit, positive sportsmanship vibes, excellent learning outcomes, and opportunities for Sports weekend preparation.

A quick summary of our participation:

U15 Boys Basketball won all games against St. Jude, Jeffery Academy and Orkeeswa. Their consistent dedication and positive mindset have made this a tremendously exciting team. 

U15 Girls Basketball had a challenging game against Orkeeswa. However, this has prepared them for their next challenge on sports weekend, understanding their weakness and strength.

The Boys Open Football team had an unlucky start against their opponents. But what is incredible about this team is the dedication and desire to win. After their losses, they gathered up, reflecting on their weakness and preparing for their next training session to get back on top of the league.

The Girls Open Football team had a successful day playing three games. It has been fierce and inspiring to watch. We have been delighted to see such an incredible team spirit determined to win.

The Open Basketball team won a friendly match against St. Jude on Saturday. It was an intense game, but the boys presented well and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the game.

A massive thank you to Mr Cofer, Mr Morley, Mr Simon, Dr Wade, Mr Ally, Mr William, Ms Hilda and Mr Patrick, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes helping to get everything prepared for the event and ensuring our students had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you to everyone in our community who supported our students on Saturday to make this a successful event.

Mostafa Rihan – Sports & Activities Coordinator

Outdoor Pursuits

OP online info-session
We will be having an OP online info-session for parents, taking place at 17:30 this coming Thursday, 3rd November 2022. Please join us to hear about our OP year so far, our OP vision and our OP plans for the future.

Usambara – Peaks Level 2
This weekend we have Peaks Level 2 trip out at the Usambara Mountains. We hope those hikers are having an awesome adventure.

Simba Farm – Rides Level 1
Next weekend 5th November we will be heading out to West Kili for an off-road cycling experience through Simba Farm. Our 30+ student cyclists are very excited. Our week has been filled with preparing for the trip, from bike repair and maintenance to mini cycling training sessions on safety, optimal bike gear combination, braking and riding in pack etiquette.

Fish Eagle Point – Reefs level 3
For the last 3 weeks our Reefs level 3 students have been studying and working through their PADI Open Water E-Learning course. The E-learning course covers all they need to know theoretically for open water scuba-diving. Then next weekend 5th – 9th November they will go out to Fish Eagle Point and suit up into their diving gear to do the practical component of the PADI Open Water course.

Baden Dowie – Experiencial Learning Coordinator

From The Counselors

Investing in the Future

The way we use our time is often associated with how we use money, and the investments we make now can pay huge dividends in the future. Whether it is through establishing excellent time management strategies or taking the time to learn about scholarships, we all benefit from being strategic in the way we use time and money. One way we have encouraged students to do this in relation to their college and career aspirations; is to start researching options early and engaging in activities that build skills for their potential future endeavors. D1s and D2s are encouraged to learn about themselves, their interests, and their post-secondary pursuits in order to make solid decisions. For D2s time is not on their side as much with November deadlines quickly approaching, but there is no time like the present to make the most of the resources available to help with their decision-making process.

To that end, we hope that parents and families will continue to be a part of their child’s future planning by participating in events to learn as much as you can to help them during this critical time in their lives. Please consider joining a virtual event on Thursday for our community about preparing for the financial aid responsibilities and possibilities that exist in the United States.

  • Topic: Financial Aid in the US (with Jon Lund of Luther College-Davis Scholar Partner)
  • Time: Nov 3, 2022, 7:30 PM EAT
  • Zoom Meeting Link

UPCOMING College and University Events

  • 30 October, Sunday: 2:00-6:00 PM EAT Virtually Orange: Discover the Netherlands virtual university fair
  • 31 October, Monday: 10:15-11:20 AM  EAT George Washington University, Trinity College, and the University of Rochester on Moshi campus
  • 7 November, Monday: 10:00 AM EAT Bennington College on Moshi campus
  • 10 November, Thursday: 7:30PM EAT Lake Forest College (virtual)

Andrea Kitomary – University Counselor

PYP News

The weather is warming up. Be sure to send water bottles to school. Sun hats are a good idea for playtime and are an expectation for PE lessons. Despite the rising temperatures, the PYP children remain busy and active as can be seen from the photo showing Ms. Kacey demonstrating to P2/3 how tall a giraffe is.

Congratulations to the EC/P1 class for their very enjoyable Primary Gathering presentation. It was great to see our youngest learners  performing so confidently onstage. Many thanks to those P6 students who supported the EC/P1 class in their presentation as well as to the musical performers.

After school clubs are all underway. It’s always good to see the energy and positivity that the children bring to these afternoon activities. Please see the notice from the Brownie Guides towards the end of the newsletter, about their collection of towels, blankets and food for the dogs at Mbwa wa Africa. Donations can be left in the box outside Room 16.

PYP Halloween was a big success. Many thanks to those parents who decorated  trunks and those who donated candy. Special thanks to those residential students (Kijana, Kilele and Kipepeo) and MYP day students (Rhea, Josephine and Nadia plus those who worked with their families) who organised trunks for the PYP children. We are grateful to our kitchen team for the lovely meal, the gardening team for moving furniture (see photo), Heloise for making the certificates and Coy Buckley for his DJing skills. If I have missed anyone out of this list of thanks, apologies and please email me and I will include your name next week. Many people gave up their time to make this event a big success. The children had a wonderful time – one child told me it was the best day of his life.

MAP assessment results for P4 – P6 students were emailed to parents on Friday morning. If you did not receive this email please contact me. The children will take a subsequent assessment in April which will enable us to monitor their progress and plan accordingly.

Some upcoming events:

  • 4th November – some of our P6 class will be joining the M1s in a U13 football tournament in Arusha. Letters have been sent home.
  • 5th November – this is the provisional date for a rounders festival at Kennedy House – more details to follow.
  • 11th November – the secondary students are organising a talent show from 3:00 – 5:30 pm and have invited primary to join, either as participants or audience. More information is included in the article above.
  • 11th November – PYP athletics meet in Arusha
  • 18th November – the Daycare Centre will present in the Primary Gathering
  • 25th November – PYP Sharing Assembly – more details to follow.

This list is just a fraction of the things that are happening in school. Please check the school calendar on the website regularly to see the full range of events that are taking place.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

This coming week, we will be exploring buildings. We will take walks around the school, looking at different buildings, their size and use. EC2 and P1 will be drawing some of these as they look at specific features. Please make sure that they have good walking shoes on and a hat as the weather is quite warm. As they explore, we will begin to talk about how we could create 3D models of buildings. These discussions will help us plan for the coming weeks ahead.

EC1s have been exploring numbers 1 and 2. This coming week, they will continue with this as they go on adventures to look for twos. EC2s and P1s will be exploring number problems and how to solve them by using drawings.  You can help us at home by asking them questions like: I have a big spoon and you have a small spoon, how many spoons do we have altogether?

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

The children’s interest in this unit continues to be delightful. They loved Oceans and Savannas was just as much fun! Students brought a lot of personal knowledge to our study of the plants and animals of savannas. The photo shows an art project that the kids are enjoying.

We will be studying deserts next week. The following week we will turn our attention to forests and rainforests. Keep an eye out for a permission slip for a field trip to Rau Forest on Wednesday the 9th!

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

Hongera sana to Ms. Lydia on the safe arrival of baby Priella – we are looking forward to meeting her in the near future. Ms. Lydia is now on maternity leave and Ms. Catherine has joined us in P4/5. Karibu Ms. Catherine.

This week the P4/5 children have completed some alliterative writing, worked on 2D shapes and rounding numbers, learned about volcanoes and created some superb volcanic modroc sculptures. Next week will see the children painting these masterpieces. We will carry out further research on volcanoes next week and in maths we will work on 3D shapes. Many thanks to those who have returned the slip indicating whether or not your child will be participating in the performance of Beauty and the Beast. If you have not returned this form please can you do so next week.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

The highlight of this week was definitely the response to the home-learning. Children extended some of the ideas started in class or came up with totally new ideas connected to our media unit. There was great creativity and variety ranging from making, testing and explaining string telephones (see photo), to internet safety posters to chronology of media slideshows, news reports, and a poem/ rap! It was great to see them sharing their ideas in class. What will next week bring? In maths, we’re working on multi step problem solving; while in language we looked at how advertisements use words and imagery to influence the way we see the world. We’ve almost completed Inktober as a class and drew skeletons with varying levels of anatomical accuracy too. In swimming, it was great to see the progress they’re making. Well done too to all the footballers who trained with the U13’s ahead of the games next Friday; and also to the P6 children who assisted the EC/P1 assembly today, particularly Laila and Ida for their beautiful musical accompaniment.

Hywel Davies

Community Involvement

Breast Cancer Awareness

Dear members of the UWCEA community,

As we come towards the end of breast cancer awareness month, the knitting and crocheting club at UWCEA has very exciting news!

We are calling for all experienced knitters and crocheters and aspiring ones to join us in a fun project, where we knit and crochet prostheses and blankets for breast cancer survivors at KCMC hospital. Essentially we would like to form a little Knitted Knockers group in our school.

For those that are not aware of what Knitted Knockers is; it is a non-profit organisation that aims at connecting volunteer knitters and crocheters with breast cancer survivors to offer free Knitted Knockers (prostheses) to any woman who wants them.

Please see this link to learn more about the organisation:

For beginners, this is a good way to practise your knitting and crocheting skills, and for a good cause as well! For the experienced ones, you get to make an impact from one of your leisure activities, how cool is that?!

We hope that the members of the community, staff and students are keen to join us in this beautiful cause!

Otherwise, donations of yarn, knitting needles and crocheting hooks will be highly appreciated.

For more information please contact;
Ms Stephanie Smejkal:
Dr. Marieke Dekker:
Let’s get knitting and crocheting!

Collecting Items for Mbwa wa Africa

The 1st Moshi Brownie Guides are collecting old towels, blankets, rugs, tins of dog food and dog toys for the animals at Mbwa wa Africa. There is a box outside Room 16 for any donations. We plan to visit the dog shelter to deliver the donations and will also take along some homemade dog treats and toys. We hope you will support us!

Bee Club

Dear Parents of the UWCEA Moshi Community,

I am Muwanguzi, a D2 student, and a member of the UWCEA Bee Club. We need your help!

The Bee Club is a student-led service in which we aim to nurture and improve the bee population on campus. We also strive to spread awareness and knowledge within our community about the importance of bees.

If you are a parent with any kind of knowledge about bees it will be greatly appreciated if you can take time out of your busy schedule to speak to the Bee Club. For more information about how you can get involved, please email our faculty advisor at