Moshi Campus News – 5 Dec 2021

Moshi Campus News – 5 December 2021



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Happy Holidays

As we come to the end of the first semester, I first would like to say thank you to those that set up our Evening of the Arts on Friday. It was a lovely event again this year showcasing all aspects of the arts program here.

It has been another fulfilling and varied semester full of activities of all sorts. I hope that everyone has their own fantastic memories from the last several months like I do. At this time, we also have to say goodbye to some members of the community that have been with us a while. We will miss them around our campus.

In January however, we will also be welcoming new students into our PYP and MYP programs as well as our residential houses. I know they will get a warm welcome.

This week we finish at the end of a normal day on Wednesday, but for PYP please remember we have conferences on Monday and the PYP Exhibition on Tuesday.

And finally, to everyone I hope you have a restful, safe and enjoyable holiday. Take the time to re-energize and we will see you in January.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


On January 14-15th 2pm-2pm it is the 24h Run! Please all join and raise funds for the UWCEA McCulloch-Malimi scholarship, to honour the lives of our two beloved teachers who passed away this year. JOIN A TEAM (lists posted by Administration Office), dress up, run laps, get your head shaved on stage, rent music or speech slots, etcetera. 

Ben’s Corner

Monday’s Whole School Assembly, Tuesday’s Sports Celebration, Friday’s PYP Sharing Assembly and the Evening of the Arts proved a fitting quaternate to end the semester. It is so wonderful to see students of all ages receiving recognition for their achievements and efforts in all aspects of school life. Occasions such as these highlight the truly interdisciplinary nature of both the IB and a UWC education.

Personally, I am always happy to see The Arts take centre stage, so to speak. In the MYP, the Arts stimulate young imaginations, challenge perceptions and develop creative and analytical skills. Exploring art in context supports the development of an inquiring and empathetic world view. In this way, studying the Arts challenges and enriches personal identity and builds awareness of the aesthetic in a real-world context. As students move to the DP, the subjects in the Arts continue to allow a high degree of adaptability to different cultural contexts and the emphasis is on creativity in the context of disciplined, practical research into the relevant genres.

Thank you, as always, to all the teachers and staff who go above and beyond to facilitate these events. In doing so, they provide a platform for our students to showcase their eclectic talents, share and celebrate their learning with the wider community. Over the coming weeks, I hope that the break allows you time to reconnect with friends and family wherever you may be. If you are heading overseas, travel well and stay safe and, if you are remaining in Tanzania over the break, enjoy the rich offerings of this special country.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

Last Friday we had the blood drive which was organised by the KCMC service group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work in making it run so smoothly. On Wednesday the Peer support group arranged a spirit day where students were encouraged to come dressed in Kitenge or traditional African clothes. This Friday the Day Care Service group were involved in the Day Care Graduation. All the other service groups are working to make a difference in either our immediate or the wider community.

This week has seen the D2 students taking their mock orals. They have taken this very seriously and hopefully have done well. Thanks to all the teachers who have put in the work to prepare them and spent hours sitting in Rafiki conducting them.

The D1 students have been working hard to prepare for project week. They should all have planned where they will stay, how they will travel and what will happen with food. They should also have an outline of what they will do. More work is still needed but I am confident they will get there.

On Tuesday it was good to see so many DP students at the sports celebration both as coaches and as players. On Friday we had the evening of the arts, and it was lovely to see students dance and sing.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Student Government

Dear UWC Community,

It is with great delight that we would like to inform you that your peers have nominated Aika and Tendo into the position of Co-President for the Student Government 2022. This has been an entirely led ‘student voice’ and we would like to congratulate them on their nomination.

We hope that there will be mutual support throughout the year, as they work hard with the committees to implement positive change to create a positive and safe environment.

We would also like to thank Otto and Navya, the ex co-presidents, for the countless hours to ensure our community has demonstrated UWC values and to bridge cultures to create a peaceful environment.

The candidate application is out, please take a few minutes to fill out the form.

Student Government 2021

Thank you from KCMC CAS Group

Dear UWCEA Community,

Thank you for helping us make the blood drive on the 26th of November an immense success! We beat last years record of donations, from 86 to 121, which has been a great help to the local hospitals and people in need. Your participation was greatly appreciated.

“We had been working during the whole day, from early in the morning to set up the place until late at night. The supportive and cheerful environment throughout the blood drive made everything worth it. It was an intense day, but at the end we were extremely proud of the work of the whole group and how helpful the community was. I have seen a lot of people overcome their fear of needles and giving blood in order to help, and their excitement after.”

 – Rebeka



MYP News

MYP Success Stories
Growth Mindset Episode #7

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

The end of the semester is finally here. It was quite a ride down MYP road the past quarters because it was a journey of discovery, new learning and above all success stories. When that time of the academic year comes, we usually see tired faces, groaning spirits and the usual question: “are we done yet?”. Not this time around though. Looking at all MYP students with smiling faces and positive dispositions is truly refreshing and a reminder that learning is not divided into time and place. Learning is an ongoing cycle of inquiry, self-discovery and reflection. This is a beautiful way to end stage one of this journey.

As we look ahead to see what’s next, we see more success, more ease and always more smiles. The students, teachers and parents in the MYP community have managed to develop their own growth mindsets and act upon the latter. We are a community of open-minded thinkers who are ready to take the next leap, and that is very heartwarming. I invite you to look back and think of what went well and why it went well. On the other hand, I invite you to look at what did not go “so well” and why that happened. Think about how this might change to the better irrespective of time. Think about how you might evolve as MYP learners and explore situations from different perspectives to find that “it factor” to make it work the next time.

The MYP team leaves you with warm wishes for the long break ahead. Enjoy, relax and reflect! See you next semester.

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Evening of the Arts

Sports Update

Activities ending this week- thank all the coaches, volunteers
Our afternoon school sports and activities program ends this week. There will be no activities for the last week of school. A big thank you to the teachers, parents and students who volunteered to lead activities this semester.

Football friendlies against Kibo Shanty

Our U9 and U11 Boys and Girls teams hosted their counterparts from Kibo Shanty for football friendlies last week. It was an afternoon of exciting matches.

Sports Celebration
Tuesday saw our PYP, MYP and DP students recognized for their outstanding sports achievements in our Semester 1 Sports Celebration.

Over 50 students received MVP and Coaches’ awards for excellence in swimming, basketball, ultimate frisbee, football, volleyball, touch rugby and breaking NTSAA records. Our volunteer coaches were also recognized for the great work they did leading the activities.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Happy holidays!

Gilbert Kaburu – Sports & Activities Coordinator

Residential Life

To finish off this year I think it is pertinent to highlight two of our guiding statements. These are to ‘Recognise and critically engage with multiple perspectives and to foster a safe, collaborative and caring community.’

These two quarters have embodied every aspect of which these statements entail. We have faced adversity, challenges and seen students from all background reach success in a multiple of areas. Whether it be socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically, our residential Semester has critically engaged with everyone on a holistic level.

It is not easy being in Residential Life and being so far away from home.  In my position I often reflect on what it means to be a residential student and importantly, a residential parent. We take on the role as ‘de facto’ parents and such responsibility is never taken lightly. For us, we must engage in students’ lives. We must get to know the individual, understand each and everyone’s background and foster an environment in which one feels safe, comfortable and feels at home away from home.

We have had our trials and tribulations and I cannot thank our students enough for firstly taking on the challenge to move abroad, but secondly to embrace their environment and respect their peers.

Each week is a new adventure and I want to applaud the achievements of the students in our care. They have each had their own accomplishments and with each week we grow as young adults and appreciate one’s surroundings.

This week brought new challenges with the news of the new variant, but the support behind the scenes was incredible and is often ‘unseen.’ Ranging from residential parents supporting the changes to flight plans, PCR tests at late notice, to making contingencies for those that cannot return home and for those that just need our support. Such support is not just given by our residential parents and mentors, but the students themselves and I applaud each one for embracing the challenges head on.
To our students returning home to be with their loved ones, I wish them the best of times. For our students remaining in Tanzania, know that they too will be supported in every manner.

Take a moment to breathe, enjoy the break, refresh and recharge and return ready to engage in the quarter ahead, support one another and be grateful for the opportunity this beautiful country offers and everything that our campus possesses.

Happy Holidays everyone from our residential community. Have a safe a treasured break.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

From the Counselors

With our first semester coming to an end, I hope that you will use the upcoming holiday to take some well-deserved time to relax, recharge, and my favorite part – reflect! As we wrap up the year and get ready for another, setting goals may be powerful, but reflecting on our achievements and successes can be just as effective for motivation and even more importantly – our health and wellbeing. Instead of jumping straight into next year’s To Do-List, let’s try starting with What Went Well! Take the opportunity to sit, either on your own, or with your family or friends, and look at how far you have come and see the mini-milestones for the true triumphs they are.

Some things to reflect on might be;

  • How have you grown?
  • What skills or strengths have you drawn on?
  • What’s gone well?
  • What events have unfolded and how did you navigate them?
  • What have you learnt about yourself, your family, your community, and your abilities, or about the world in general?

Give yourself a big clap on the shoulder for this year and have a wonderful holiday!
Warm regards,

Frida Marealle
Socio-emotional counselor

D2 Students and Parents: It’s Application Time

The end of the year is a busy time for students as last minute preparation to complete college application essays, submit applications, and complete financial aid forms are now happening through the end of December for Early Decision/Action II or Regular Admissions.

For students applying to universities in the US.
The regular admission deadline is January 3-15th for the majority of colleges. At UWCEA, we will resume classes on January 10, 2021. This means that over the holiday break, I will be working to ensure that college materials from the school are submitted on behalf of your student. Your student will need to ensure that the following things are completed on their end before December 20th as this is my internal deadline to ensure I have enough time for special circumstances to be able to accommodate everyone.

  • Letter of Recommendation Counselor Form completed
  • Common App synced to Maia Learning
  • Common App essay has been approved by me as ready for submission
  • Common App release waiver-FERPA completed
  • Teacher letters of recommendation submitted to Maia Learning by Dec. 8th
  • Payment to send each application to the university
  • Click on Request his/her transcript in Maia Learning and click on “I have applied”

For students applying to the UK
Your student will need to ensure that the following things are completed on their end before January 10th as this is my internal deadline to ensure I have enough time for special circumstances to be able to accommodate everyone.

  • Letter of Recommendation Counselor Form completed
  • Education section completed that includes current courses except for TOK and EE
  • UCAS personal statement has been approved by me as ready for submission
  • Teacher letters of recommendation submitted to Maia Learning by Dec. 8th
  • Payment to send each application to the university
  • In Maia Learning click on “I have applied”

NOTE: For US colleges: please check what type of financial aid form is required to be submitted and when does the form need to be submitted as some colleges require the form to be submitted with the admissions application.

For students applying to Europe/Canadian/ Other Locations
NOTE: It is highly recommended in my research that students apply to European and Canadian universities 1-2 months before the final deadline date as some courses have quotas and seats may fill quickly. Additionally, on-campus housing may fill quickly as students apply early and if there is only off-campus housing available, beginning the process of  securing housing early (2-3 months) is strongly recommended in the research.

  • Once you have applied log in to Maia Learning and click on “I have applied”

Andrea Kitomary – University Counselor

PYP News

Thank you to all who attended the PYP sharing assembly as well as the Evening of the Arts. We are very proud of our students and their heartfelt performances. They are truly risk-takers and clear communicators.

There are no after school clubs this coming week. All students should be collected from campus at 1:10pm as there will be no playground supervision during the lunch time or in the afternoon this week.

The photo shows Patrick in M4 who has made us a box with wheels to store our playground toys in. Thank you, Patrick.

This coming week, we are looking the following events:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Primary Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 6th December. You have been sent a link to sign up for your conference.

PYP Exhibition

The P6 students will be having their PYP Exhibition on Tuesday 7th December 2021. The start time for this event is at 5pm. Please come on down and support the various Exhibition presenters as they share their learning with you. The event will start on the green near Karibu Hall before moving onto classrooms.

Last day of School

The last day of school will be Wednesday 8th December 2021. The PYP classes will be holding end of semester parties. The individual class teachers will contact you with details. School will finish at 1:10pm as usual.

We would like to wish you all safe and happy holidays as you prepare for the season ahead.

Mboka Msongwe & Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinators

EC/P1 Class

As we come to the end of the semester, we would like to say a few words of thanks and one goodbye.

Thank you to all mums and dads who helped us in various ways this semester. The children have learned a lot and have grown in knowledge as well as physically too. We have had many birthday parties and the children received many presents during those.

Thank you to Ms. Durriyah and Ms. Neema for patiently working with the children and tirelessly preparing activities for us.

We would like to say a tearful goodbye to one of our class members. Ottilie is going back home to the UK with her family and we will miss her greatly. I for one will miss all the morning hugs and requests to watch Milly Molly. We wish you and your family a wonderful time settling back home.

Lastly, it is time for a well-deserved holiday break.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays wherever you will be.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2 Class

We’ve made it through to the Christmas break! Thank you Moms and Dads for everything that you do and all your support this semester. At the start of this year, I was told that the P2s are more a family than they are a class of students. This has indeed been true from their bickering to their laughter; from their uncanny way of knowing exactly what button to push on each other, to the coming togetherness they display every time one of them needs a cheer. It is therefore with absolute sadness we say goodbye to Florence and Bent. I can’t remember UWCEA without them, and I am sure many students and parents in P2 will agree, and many other teachers at UWCEA will as well.

Good luck Florence and Bent. We’ll always cheer you on, and send all our good wishes with you on your journeys. Remember to send us pictures of your time away so we can enjoy your new chapters with you!

On a more housekeeping related note, Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 6th December, and Wednesday 8th December is the class party, please remember to send some delicious and unhealthy snacks in for the P2 and EC/P1 class to share.  School will end at 1:10pm on this day. There are no PYP clubs next week, so students should be collected at 1:10pm as they are thereafter unsupervised.

Elisha Jaffer

P3/4 Class

We’ve enjoyed a festive week of looking at Hanukkah and Christmas traditions from around the world. The class also had fun getting prepared for the Sharing Gathering and I think they did a fabulous job! We were happy to represent the semester’s PE learning by leading the assembly in Flip Fitness. It was a workout practicing for that activity! Thanks to all the parents who were able to come out for the lovely morning together.

It was quite sad saying good-bye to Ezra on Wednesday. He and his family will be missed very much in the school community.

I am looking forward to conferences on Monday. It will be nice to review all of the progress that students are making. Our class will stay busy on Tuesday and Wednesday but we would like to celebrate the semester at the end of the school day on Wednesday! Please consider sending in some snacks to share.

I wish you all a wonderful break from school. Remember to keep your children reading over the next month and you could even review times tables together in a relaxed way! Thanks for all of the support that you’ve given this semester.

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

The P5 students are busy researching a body system of their choice. Next semester they aim to become experts on the skeletal, digestive, muscular, cardiac, respiratory and central nervous systems and will then share their learning with the class and other PYP classes. We will be finishing up some maths and language activities next week as well as celebrating the end of the semester with a small party on Wednesday. Please send in a small plate of food to share. I look forward to seeing you on Monday at the Parent Teacher Conferences to discuss your child’s learning over the past semester and to consider future steps in Semester 2. The photo shows the P5 class singing “Motherless Child” at the Evening of the Arts. I thought their performance was wonderful.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

The P6 shined on the stage this morning for their sharing gathering contributions. Rhea shared her skit about women’s rights. Jonathan and Kaisaar sang “We are the World”, and the whole class sang a trilingual version of a song Mr. Samuel taught them in music class. It was a sneak peek of the events for next Tuesday. Today the class did a rehearsal of what they will share with the audiences during the day and at night. They also recorded their presentations this week to be loaded onto our school website. These can be shared with family and friends around the world.

On Monday I will be in school during conferences and students have been invited to come use the computer lab or rehearse with their board while we are meeting outside. They need to rehearse what they want to share over the weekend and on Monday as well. I reminded them today it is an extra workday for them to prepare so they can present with confidence. Most of what they need is online in google docs for rehearsing. A well-deserved holiday will start on Wednesday afternoon. Have a great holiday break!

Sarah Brummel