Moshi Campus News – 4 Feb 2023

Moshi Campus News – 4 February 2023


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All the World’s a Stage

This week there has rightfully been a lot of focus on the production. Congratulations to the cast and crew for two fantastic nights. It was great to see the overwhelming demand for tickets. Thank you as well to everyone that supported the production. The list is too long to post, but without this group of parents, staff and community members the production would not have been possible and we are very grateful for your support.

If you look at the newsletter below you will see how much of our learning happens outside of the classroom. Our Guiding Statements refer to diverse learning experiences and engaging with the culture and nature of East Africa. As we head towards the MYP Week-Without-Walls and the DP Project Week we can see this in the events. Not to mention the different directions the P6 are taking their Exhibition projects.

Please do read through the newsletter to fully appreciate the variety of learning on offer on a regular basis. It’s a long newsletter this week so be sure to click the 3 dots at the bottom of the page to read all of the PYP news.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

Ben’s Corner

There is an oft-cited cliché in education that learning is not about the product but about the process, the journey not the destination. This is, perhaps, even more pertinent in an IB education where the focus is on conceptual understanding over content knowledge. In fact, you might also add that teaching is a journey and not a destination as well.

The purpose of learning is not to “arrive” at a particular level of proficiency “on time.” However, so often, we have scheduled tests, assessments or, as was the case this week, a performance which means everything has to come together by a specific point. Anyone who was fortunate enough to secure a much coveted ticket for this week’s production will, I am sure, have been blown away by the performance. Still, it is important to reiterate this was the culmination of so much work by so many people and the true learning was spread out over the preceding weeks.

Put simply, a theatrical production is the process involved in conversion of a dramatic text into a theatrical performance. Of course, this involves a diverse range of art forms from acting, direction, production, lighting, stage props, costume designing, music, backstage support etc. It is a transformation of one art form into another, from text to a, hopefully, enriching and visual experience.

It has been a privilege to be part of something transformative, to see the genuine growth and development of everyone involved over time. To be part of such a supportive, positive and open-minded group was so rewarding, where everyone had opportunities to contribute and initiate, where no idea was dismissed and creativity and energy were always in abundance. It was ever evolving, responsive and hugely creative and, mostly, such fun.

Everyone involved should be feeling mighty proud right now. This was a true collaboration and a colossal team effort. I hope it has been a joyful and memorable experience for everyone in the cast of thousands. Kudos to all of you. Drop the mic.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

Mentor time this week was again fun games. There was Haiku writing, a treasure hunt, Pictionary, Dodge Ball and Musical Chairs.

The D1 students have been making their final plans for project week. They were reminded that they are representing the school while they are away and that they always need to be able to contact us in case of an emergency. We are confident they will have a good time and learn a lot while they are away.

For D2 it has been about preparation for the mock examinations. The mock examinations are the ultimate formative assessment. They students get to know what they know, how good their revision techniques are and familiarity with the structure of the exams.

A large group of DP students are involved in the school production of Beauty and the Beast. At the time of writing I haven’t seen it yet but the reviews have been excellent. The students involved have been balanced with their academics.

A group of students in D1 have entered the Wharton Global Youth Programme and we are delighted to announce they have made it to the semi-final round. Congratulations to all involved.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator


The Bee Club has had an interesting few weeks. Simon Mtuy has been working with them in many different ways. They went to see his operation and he helped them to inspect the school beehives the other night.

The beehives are “healthy” according to Simon. They are at 70% capacity of honey creation. In about two weeks we will harvest the honey. Look for more details about the harvest in the future.

Pictures of our recent adventures

Wharton Global High School Investment Competition

Many universities in the US offer summer programs or enrichment activities for students to attend. These expose students to college life, the field of study, and other aspects depending on the activity. The University of Pennsylvania’s (UPenn) prestigious Wharton School of Business has a yearly opportunity for students all over the world to compete in creating an investment portfolio. Student teams are judged on their strategy of investing and not on if their investments actually procured the most money. Out of 1400 teams from schools across the world, our UWCEA team the “Finance Wolves” were selected to move to the final phase in the competition which consists of only 55 teams. The Finance Wolves are working closely with Mr. Wambua, our Economics teacher, to meet the challenge of the second round of the competition.

We are very proud of our D1 students who are on the team:

Team Leader: Gurtej
Members: Iqbal, Micah, Albert, Nancy, Gabriel, and Dhruva

This is an example of how students can gain valuable experience in school while also gaining skill sets that they will be able to talk about in their future college application essays or include on their resumes.

Now is the time to research and apply for summer programs or enrichment activities for the summer. Parents, encourage your student today to find activities that will give them some insight into what career field they may want to study at a university. Please Note: Some programs have high costs and others offer scholarships so do your research as UWCEA doesn’t provide funding for summer or enrichment programs.

Residential Life

On Saturday, 28th January, 2023 the Kichala PYP students had fun cooking pizza and making hotdogs. They were in two teams, with the youngest students being the leaders of each team. It amazed me how they both listened to each other, took turns doing little things, and gave each other the chance to try a new thing.

This activity showed how they respect each other, listen to each other, care, and work together with me there for safety and support.

The teams cooked together, played together while waiting for the pizza and cleaned the kitchen afterwards. We are looking forward to more activities like this where the children have fun while we can watch and notice their strengths.

Ms Silvia – Head Parent of Kichala

From me, I wish everyone the best of luck this weekend as they competed in sports, prepared for mock examinations or were involved in the production. I must also extend my gratitude to our Student Government for arranging a pool party for our youngest boarders on Sunday.

Also on Sunday we have one of our service groups off working with a local school on a painting project.

Finally, to our MYP residential students who are embarking today on ‘conquering the canyon of Weru Weru’  trip, I wish you luck – it is an incredible adventure.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.” – Criss Jami

The MYP team would like to share some learning stories that show how the students are involved in using and exploring various creative thinking and transfer skills.

  • A study of atmospheric perspective in M4! Creating illusions of space using linear perspective using pen and ink…
  • M5: Cartoons depicting the results of the Russian Revolution of 1905. Students looked into showing the political, economical and social outcomes.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • February 10th – M5 Teacher e-Assessment Information Session
  • February 13th – 17th  Week Without Walls
  • March 6th – Mock Orals Week (M5 French)
  • March 15th – Final Drafts of Personal Project reports
  • March 15th – MYP Swimming Gala
  • March 20th – e-Assessments Mocks Week AND Final Orals (M5 French)
  • April 1st  – 16th  Easter/ Spring Break
  • May 8th – 19th  – M5 e-Assessments
  • June 6th – M5 Ceremony

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Student Government

What an amazing three weeks it has been! Our newly elected student government has achieved so much in such a short period of time. With a group of 26 members, each one of us has been able to contribute to various projects that we are currently planning for Semester 2.

These projects include a buddy system for PYP, MYP and DP students. This is for our fellow peers that would appreciate support as they continue adapting to residential and day school life and the environment. Additionally, we shall be having spirit week this quarter, which will be on the 20th – 24th of February. This will give each of us an opportunity to wind down after a vigorous first half of Quarter 3, while being involved in fun and delightful activities.

Last but least of all, we shall also have our annual MYP extravaganza, monthly cultural nights, as well as our Valentines Dance, which will be on the 18th of February. (Please see the poster beside)

Amalia – Co-President

Sports Update

Today we have teams heading off to the Arusha campus and Braeburn to compete in under 15 football, under 17 and open basketball and volleyball. Next week teams are traveling to Moshi to compete in football, basketball and volleyball as well. This will be an opportunity to put the new volleyball courts to the test.

More details on this week’s games will be in the next newsletter.

Outdoor Pursuits

Peaks Level 3 to Usambara

Last weekend 37 student hikers set out to hike in the Usambara mountain area. Thank you to Mr Isaac Foya, Mr Olivier Edmond and all the accompanying teachers who joined to make this 3-day hike possible. Usambara is a brilliant level 3 hike with challenging elevation, hills and flats. Also challenging distances of 16km average a day.

Rides Level 2 from Pamoja to Kilimanjaro Airport

Last weekend 14 student cyclists from UWCEA Arusha and Moshi, tackled Rides level 3 head on. On our 3-day adventure, we covered over 60km cycling through some amazing scenic areas with cool calm weather and incredible clear Tanzanian skies. Our first day started just outside Arusha national park, we were gifted with a clear sky and the beautiful vista of Mount Meru behind us. At lunch time we got to our campsite, and we were welcomed by Pamaja Secondary school with Traditional Maasai singing and dancing. It was great. The next day we covered 18km with the clear majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in front of us the entire way. Our host for the second night was Rise Community School. We pitched our tents in the school’s beautiful green front garden amongst palms, shrubs and luscious lawn. Day three was our biggest day 28km of downhill and flat cycling. Although it was the highest distance covered, this day was a highlight for all of us. We darted down the hills tightly poised in downhill stand-up cycling positions, maintaining a steady front wheel line and keeping eyes focused on the technical rocky roads. What a thrilling experience it was. We want to say thank you to Mr Mostafa, Mr Isack Igenge, for leading the ride, also thank you to our support vehicle drivers Mr Honest and Mr Rogab.

Upcoming trips

  • Peaks Level 4 to Ngorongoro to Natron 23 February – 27 February
  • Plains Level 5 to Serengeti to view the great migration 23 February –  27 February
  • Peaks Level 1 to Longido 10 March – 12 March

Baden Dowie – Experiential Learning Coordinator

From the Counselors

Calling All Volunteers

UWCEA Careers Sympoisum: Building 21st Century Skills

UWC East Africa is looking for parents, friends of UWCEA, and ISM/UWCEA alumni who are willing volunteers to help our M5 (10th grade) and D1 (11th grade) students understand skill development. Our theme for this year’s symposium is focused on how to help students understand the skill sets that are needed for certain careers, how can they acquire those skills, what extra-curriculars lead to gaining those skills, and how you use those skills on the job or in your career.

On the Moshi campus, both events are on Wednesday, March 29th:

In-Person Sessions
7:35-10:05 am EAT

Virtual Sessions
7:30-9 pm EAT

If you have great advice and want to help educate future leaders on the skills needed to be successful in college or on the job,, please use this link to sign up:

Andrea Kitomary

PYP News

Thank you to everyone who supported the children in the production of “Beauty and the Beast.” It was great to see so many of you in the audience. The PYP Chorus did a superb job and we are very proud of them. Many people were involved in the production, but I would especially like to thank Heloise Morley. Heloise was the driving force behind the T-shirts, the wolf masks and the decorated paper plates – all of the things that made the performance so special for the PYP children and made them feel involved.

After school clubs will run as normal next week.

On Tuesday morning, at 7:45 a.m. Mr. Hywel Davies will meet with P6 parents in Room 15 to discuss the PYP Exhibition. We hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend in order to learn about the PYPX process and how you can best support your child.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

The children explored farm animals this week. They created their own farm animal books with pictures of animals and their young. They will come home with these books on Monday for the week.

Show and Tell has been a wonderful success these past two weeks. If your child has not been able to share ‘an item they love’, please remind and help them.

Next week, we will move on to another theme: ‘All about my mum’. (The one after will be ‘All about my dad’ 😊.) You may provide your child with a picture that they can look at while sharing.

We will keep on exploring addition and subtraction in math this week. EC2 received their measurement home learning work last week. Please do it at your own pace and send us a picture of the cookies when you are able. EC1 will receive their math talk work this coming Monday.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

What a wonderful week it has been! We welcomed Kenaëlle to our class with lots of enthusiasm. Also, everyone in the class has enjoyed being swept up into the excitement of the musical. Children have been humming the songs while they work and talking about scenes in their free time. We were given a special backstage tour and made a point to look at the equipment devoted to light and sound in the production. This was a great way for us to introduce our new unit – Light and Sound!

Central idea: Light and sound help us experience our world.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Sources of Light and Sound
  • Properties of Light and Sound
  • Manipulation of Light and Sound

This is shaping up to be a wonderful unit. I’m certain that the children will enjoy the hands-on activities. We will return to normal Home Learning routines and clubs next week.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

I am very proud of the P4/5 children this week as they have been self disciplined and enthusiastic during the Beauty and the Beast rehearsals. They all looked wonderful in their production T-shirts and what superb performances they gave us on Thursday and Friday evening.

In class this week we have looked at the history of communication and made timelines showing the different technological developments over the years. In maths we have been looking at division as grouping and sharing. Next week, we hope to perform our puppet shows to the PYP classes and will start our new unit.

Central Idea: Body systems are interconnected to support life
Lines of Inquiry:

  • The interconnected nature of our body systems
  • The consequences of the choices people make for their body systems
  • The connection between the choices we make and healthy body systems.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

On Tuesday, we were visited by Esther – a professional researcher from Zimbabwe. She shared with us the goals and methods of research. This should help them with the research for their PYPX. By Monday, all students will have had their initial meetings with their mentors. They have also now set their central ideas and lines of inquiry. They will be sharing these at our next Gathering, Friday 10th Feb: please join us if you can. Our next goal is to organise visits where the class can enact their own research. With a large class this is quite a logistical challenge so if you are able to take your own child please let us know. As per email, there will be a short meeting at school next Tuesday, 7th Feb, to talk you through the timeline and also discuss visits.

Thank you for the support for the drama production: lots of our class gave up lots of time for this show and I hope you’ve enjoyed the results. The skills of collaboration and presentation and the joy of being part of such an event is something that I hope all participants have shared.

Hywel Davies