Moshi Campus News – 4 Nov 2023

Moshi Campus News – 4 November 2023


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Tennis Clinic

And We Have Rain

For some of our newer members of the community this week was their first experience with our rains and what an introduction it was. We love many aspects of the rain as it helps keep our campus green and lush; keeps the temperature down a bit and is needed for agriculture in the area. That said, it does come with a bit of mud, and at times postponed events.

Through it all we continue on as you can see below. This week’s newsletter has many interesting items about what has happened recently and things yet to come. Please read through this to keep up with everything going on in Moshi.

For parents, please do note that we have events on each of the next four weekends which include sports, outdoor pursuits and other activities at all ages. All of this is listed in our website calendar.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

Up Coming Events

Climate Summit

Next Friday and Saturday UWC East Africa will be hosting the student climate summit to work on submissions for COP28.

The Deputy Director of UNEP, Her Excellency Mrema, and the Deputy Minister of State, Honourable Khamis, will be present as well as other governmental and nongovernmental officials and representatives from different schools in Tanzania.

During part of the summit there will be booths concerning the work of some involved groups. These booths will operate from 12:30 until 16:00 and will be as follows:

  • Sustainability Committee, UWC East Africa
  • Coral Reefs Project, UWC East Africa
  • Bees Club, UWC East Africa
  • Youth Council, Jane Goodall Institute
  • FTKilimanjaro NGO
  • Greenmanjaro
  • Tanzania People & Wildlife
  • The Kilimanjaro Project (TBC)
  • Environment Service Group, UWC East Africa (TBC)

We welcome everyone to come by and see the booths.


This upcoming Sunday, 12 November, you are invited to a Hash Walk, organised by UWC students. After a short bus drive we will explore waterfalls around Kibosho. With our Hash team we recently visited the waterfalls. The area is beautiful full of lush vegetation and twisty roads. Attached below you can see some pictures to get an idea of the trip. If you aren’t scared of getting wet or muddy and are up for an adventure Hash Walk is meant for you. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and sunhat!

Hash runs are a great way for the community to get together and spend some quality time while enjoying a hike through untouched parts in and surrounding Moshi. The community in Moshi has been arranging hash runs for 20 years now. Be on the lookout for signup forms if you would like to take part on the walk! Come and reach out to us (Alisa & Emily & David & Mina, D1 / Nayem & Balazs, D2, ) for more information!

Hope to see you soon!

Hash team 

Sports Weekend

Sports Weekend is just around the corner. This year we are preparing for over 600 participants at the U16 and U19 level in Football, Basketball, Netball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis and X-Country.

Starting Friday,17th November, at noon and running through the afternoon of Sunday (afternoon- omit this) 19th November this will be the 23rd edition of this traditional event.

From this campus we expect about 100 sports participants and a large part of the community is also involved. If you have not volunteered, but would like to be involved, please see Coach Pickell as I am sure he would welcome the support.

For Parents:
Due to the scope of the event for secondary students and based on past experience of the energy levels and productivity of the students on the Monday morning after this event, we will be starting class at 10:30am on Monday 20th November. This means we will not have the first two periods on that day. Primary classes will run as normal.

Bob Cofer

Farmers’ Market

We will have our annual Sports Weekend Farmers’ Market on Saturday November 18th. Please make a note of the different day and join us in-between watching your favorite sports.

Ben’s Corner

As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, there are many benefits to being part of a “through school,” and many advantages for the different stakeholders. For example, our Primary learners have access to Secondary facilities and expertise to enhance their learning experiences within certain units. This week, our P2/3 class spent time in one of the Secondary Science labs, enjoying exciting hands-on scientific experiments.

Younger children often benefit from the leadership of older peers, whilst our older students have opportunities to be role models and mentor the younger students, developing confidence, resilience and character. This is a benefit that often extends beyond the school day, as we have countless opportunities for students of multiple ages to support each other, share experiences and interact.

This Quarter, we have DP students facilitating numerous Primary Clubs, including Hungarian dance, football, drama, art and, even, boxercise! School wide events also have an added dimension in through schools and last Friday’s Halloween extravaganza was the perfect example of this. Moving from the wonderful Primary “Trunk or Treat” on the paddock (!) in the afternoon, to the M1/2 party in the early evening and on to the “unparallelled” off campus experiences for our older students long into the night.

For me, the most impactful benefit remains the overwhelming sense of community and family that are prevalent in a through school or, at least, in our through school. Friday’s Primary Gathering was another wonderful example of this. Our youngest EC/P1 students, shared a beautiful retelling of “Edward the Emu,” a story that reminds us to be comfortable with who we are. Further evidence that we can all learn from each other in a through school, from EC right the way through to D2 and beyond.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

24 Hour Run Update

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully raised $18,000!

From Friday 29th September to Saturday 30th September,our community came together to move around the school’s pitch for a 24 hour fundraiser for our scholarship fund.

You can watch a recap of the memorable event here.

The event received enormous support from individuals from around the world who donated to the 24-hour run. TPC Limited, a sugar producing company, and its non-governmental organisation FTK  generously partnered with the school as our corporate sponsor for this 24-hour run. Our ultimate goal is to reach $50,000, which will then be matched by the Davis-UWC Dare to Dream Programme. This means that every dollar/pound/shilling that is donated doubles in value to the school. And our director, Dr Anna Marsden, accepted an exciting challenge to cut her hair if we reach our target. 

Donations for the scholarship fund are still being accepted in cash at the Accounts Office or online

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed up to this point.

PYP News

It’s been a fun and busy week in Primary. We’ve had a couple of indoor playtimes due to the rain but the children have coped well. Remember to keep a pair of indoor shoes in school so that we don’t trail mud into the classrooms. We enjoyed a lovely Primary Gathering presentation by EC/P1 on Friday, which taught us that it’s important to be your own unique self – well done on a great performance EC/P1.

Healthy Snack

Our Primary Handbook (link shared in this newsletter in August and also accessible on our school website ( states that the children should bring a healthy snack to school each day.

“A healthy snack such as a banana / apple / grapes, cut up carrots/watermelon, raisins etc. Please do not send in sodas, crisps/chips or sweets/candy/chocolate.”

Please can you speak to whoever prepares your child’s daily snack and ensure that junk food is not sent to school. Class teachers have spoken to the children reminding them that they are not to share snacks with each other – they are to eat the snack that has been provided from home. Some parents have written to me because their children are eating sweets and treats that are being provided by other children. Thank you for helping to resolve this issue by sending a healthy snack to school and reminding your child it is for his/her consumption alone and not to be shared.

Athletics Day

The PYP Athletics Day will take place on Wednesday, 8th November. The track events will take place first – the children have selected their events alongside Coach T. After break the field events will take place – there will be a separate programme for the EC children. All children will participate in all field events to ensure maximum participation. Your child will need the following:

  • A house T-shirt (available from the Development Office
  • Running shoes
  • A water bottle
  • A named hat
  • Sunscreen
  • A healthy snack

We will be following a new format, we still have limited use of the top pitch due to it being resown, the weather may or may not be kind, it is never possible to tell exactly how long each event will last! I am envisaging that there might be the occasional hiccup or delay – please be patient with us. The focus of the event is for the children to enjoy sport, maybe earn points for their house and, above all, to have fun.Come along and cheer on the children. There will be a parents’ race so wear appropriate footwear if you plan to participate! The schedule is as follows but is subject to change.

  • 8:00 Warm up
  • 8:20 Track events
  • 10:10 Break starts
  • 10:30 Break ends
  • 10:40 Field events: P1-P6 will rotate through 4 events. EC will follow a different program.
  • 12:00 Possibly a fun game whilst the results are being calculated
  • 12:30 Results and return to class
  • 1:10 Lunch

Afternoon clubs will run as usual but we appreciate that some of the children might be tired and may prefer to go home with their parents after the athletics day, rather than staying at school for clubs. If you decide to take your child home please inform the class teacher so that we are aware of who is remaining on campus.

Many thanks to Coach T and Coach Pickell for the work they have put into making this event a success.

NTSAA Athletics

Some of our children are heading to Arusha on Friday to participate in the NTSAA Athletics Meet. We wish them lots of success.


The PYP choir will join with the community choir next Friday at 10:00am to perform at the opening ceremony of a Climate Summit being held here on campus. Further details will be shared by Ms. Jamie.

Under the heading of Sports Weekend in this newsletter, you will see that on Monday, 20th November, classes will start late (at 10:30am) for Secondary children. For Primary, the starting time will be at 7:30am as normal. If you live very far from school and have children in both Primary and Secondary, this might present you with some transportation challenges. Please contact your child’s teacher in advance  if you feel that it will not be possible for your child to arrive at the normal time on that Monday.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

MYP News

In the MYP, it often feels like time is a swift river, constantly flowing with lots of learning. There is never a dull moment in our classes, and a walk through our vibrant campus, where the MYP “magic” happens, is a journey full of surprises. You might stumble upon a student engaged in a deep conversation with a tree, part of a drama skit rehearsal, witness a group of young scientists measuring the world around them, some mathematically intrigued learners in the IT lab exploring the world of numbers or decide to join a literature circle discussion in a hidden garden corner. In the light of all of this, Maya Angelou comes to my mind when she said:  “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” In the MYP, we encourage continuous learning and growth, helping students do better as they discover more about the world and themselves.

M4 English:
M4 Language and Literature class is diving into the world of Spoken Word Poetry for their latest unit. The classroom is buzzing with inquiry, as students analyze spoken word poems and uncover the nuances that set them apart from traditional verse. They’re on the brink of unleashing their creative spirits to write and perform their own spoken word masterpieces.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Spoken Word Poetry celebration, where you’ll have a front-row seat to witness their passionate performances. Get ready for an explosion of poetic expression!

M4 Science: Chemistry!
Have you heard about the chemistry fun in our M4 class? Our M4 students, while diving into elements and their quirks, have conjured up “The Elemental Rap” with the full video, music, and all! That’s Mr. Will’s “chemical reaction” of creativity, and it might just make you dance like a molecule! (My first Chemistry joke!!)

Meetings and Meeting Requests:
Teachers in the MYP are grateful when parents/guardians wish to inquire about their children’s academic progress and well-being. We understand that it can involve a long journey, and we’re always ready to meet and provide feedback. To ensure we can accommodate requests and plan meetings effectively, we kindly request that appointments be made and communicated in advance, during working days.

M5 Personal Project Update:
This week, our D1 students joined the M5 Personal Project session to offer guidance, one-on-one support, and insights from their experiences last year. They explained the importance of the process journal in this journey and discussed the dos and don’ts, sharing what they’ve learned to help the M5 students succeed. Thank you Myra, AJ and Gasuza!

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • November 17th – Sports Weekend
  • November 25th – M5 Personal Project Check-in
  • December 15th – Last day of Semester 1

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Residential Life

Dear UWCEA Community,

The rains seem to have arrived in Moshi, but that has not stopped the students from participating and organizing a wide variety of activities.

We end the week with a trip to Arusha for the TEDX Event, the Cultural Cafe organized in Rafiki Hall for Friday, and the Halloween Movie night for M4 – D2.

Adnan Mackovic
Head of Residential Life

DP News

The rains have started and reduced the temperature but with it has come the mud. The dining room is full as students cannot sit outside which has made for a different atmosphere.

On Tuesday we had the Egyptian cultural night which was most informative and enjoyable. On Friday five students travelled to Arusha campus in order to participate in TedX. On Tuesday they will present their talks to the students on Moshi campus.

The D1 students should be finalising their proposals for project week. These are due in on Monday and will then be reviewed by the project week committee.

Many D2 students had a deadline for university applications and it has been a busy time for them and also for teachers writing recommendations. At the same time the Internal Assessments submissions have continued.

On Wednesday service continued. The Neema students visited and they all played Pictionary.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Blood Drive

Service is a mandatory part of school for all Diploma Students, but how impactful are these actions actually, when students are obliged to do something out of a pre-decided selection of activities? Surprisingly, a lot. Students actively search for initiative within their services and go beyond basic expectations set by the IB Curriculum. One of these is the Blood Drive, organized by the KCMC Service Group. It has become a tradition!

The Blood Drive happens twice per year in collaboration with the National Blood Bank of Tanzania and KCMC. Students from our school are a significant part of this event, as they are the initiating and organizing factors of this whole project: we coordinate all participants like our school, KCMC volunteers, and Blood Bank physicians and ensure the smooth running of the event.

This time around, we’ve reached an amazing amount of 106 donations, overtaking our goal of 100. This is a huge accomplishment as there is a long-term blood shortage in Tanzania. This was possible thanks to Nojus, the main organizer, Ms. Stephanie for her guidance, and Ms. Marieke communicating everything between KCMC and UWC EA.

Thank You and See You All in March Again!
– AnnaMarie Co-leader of the KCMC Service

Diploma Lifeskills

My personal highlight this week was a lifeskills cooking session with some amazing D1s. They did so well and we were able to make several meals in one class. We talked about how these skills are important as they move on to college and adult lives. We also talked about how important it is to balance the carbs, fats, proteins and fibers :,)

Aizhan Smagulova

Sports Update

Leopards on the Move!

Congratulations to all the swimmers that traveled to SCIS last weekend.  Both primary and secondary teams made waves in the pool coming away with personal best times and the experience of competing in a swim gala. Thank you to the parents that were able to come and support our swimmers.

Nov. 3 with the help of an M5 student, Malo, we arranged friendly football, netball and volleyball matches with another Moshi school, Reginald Mengi Secondary. 

While we are finally getting some much-needed rain for our fields as we prepare for Sports Weekend Nov. 17.  These heavy rains  have unfortunately caused both the friendlies and the NTSAA day to be postponed. Currently the NTSAA games look like they will be on the 25th of November.

Because of Sports Weekend, the pool will be closed the weekend of Nov. 17. 

Primary Athletics Day is privileged to have Mr. T arranging the details along with the primary staff, so we are prepared for Nov. 8th. This will also help us to be ready for the primary NTSAA event on November 10th.  The Nov. 10 event is for students who are invited. We are only allowed to bring 1 student per event per age level per gender.

Secondary athletics are practicing and will be traveling Nov. 11 to UWC Arusha.

Coach Pickell

EC/P1 Class

EC/P1 presented their ‘Edward the Emu’ play very well. They were focused and followed through on all the parts they wanted to act out. Thank you moms and dads for coming to watch them perform. You will be able to see them again during the PYP sharing assembly coming soon.

Just a gentle reminder to keep on reading during the week and to complete the home learning sent home. This coming week, an investigation will be sent home concerning metals. The children will need your help to complete it.

An email has been sent home as a reminder of what houses the children are in. EC1s and new students might need this reminder as they are not yet used to their houses.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

It was a busy week in P2/3 with a focus on considering materials and their properties. We did a fun sink/float investigation with Ms. Jaime in the Secondary Lab. Students were able to use triple beam scales and figure out more about what makes objects float. We did our own simplified investigation in class as well as an investigation about flexibility. Next week we will look at magnetism and also introduce the idea of states of matter.

The class enjoyed celebrating Aaryan’s birthday together at the end of the day on Friday! It was a nice way to wrap up a super rainy day.

We are looking forward to Sports Day on Wednesday! Please plan on coming by to cheer on your students. Make sure to send in a hat and a water bottle as we’re hoping for a nice sunny day.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

This week we have been reading lots of myths and writing our own versions. We have read some Dreamtime stories from Australia and have tried to draw an animal in the style of Aboriginal art including some of the commonly used motifs (see photo). In language we have been focussing on how to use speech marks correctly and looking at the spelling and meaning of different homophones. In maths our focus has been on times tables and this will continue next week. The children have sets of flashcards that they are using in class. They should also practice using these with an adult at home. In a separate activity, the children used calculators to work out the difference in their amount of reading practice over a week, year and their time in the PYP, depending on whether they read for the minimum 20 minutes that I ask them to read each night or whether they read for just 5 minutes. Please help your child to read for 20 minutes by giving them some means of keeping track of the time – most P4/5  children cannot estimate how long 20 minutes is. We discussed the benefits of reading – learning new information, developing your vocabulary, improving your understanding of spelling and punctuation, relaxation and enjoyment to name but a few. Some of the proficient readers in the class shared their reading habits with their classmates. These children told us that they read for far more than 20 minutes each day, that they choose to read in their free time and weekends and that they often have more than one book on the go at a time. We thought about the following question but could not answer it: Do these children find reading easy and enjoyable because they read a lot or do they read a lot because they find reading easy and enjoyable? It’s a chicken and egg conundrum but, whatever the answer, it seems that proficient readers generally read a lot so please encourage your child to keep on reading!

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

This week P6 turned into ‘digital wizards’, as we ventured into the exciting world of IT, exploring the art of internet safety and how to use technology safely.

We talked about what to do if we see something online that makes us uncomfortable or seems wrong (we should tell a trusted adult) and how to take care when dealing with emails and attachments from people we don’t know.

We focused on the ‘power of secrecy’ by learning to keep our passwords private and discussed the importance of protecting our personal information, like our full names and addresses.

Finally, P6 discovered that not everything that sparkles in the digital universe is true, so we looked at how important it is to be careful and to gather information from reliable sources.

Next week we will be using digital technology to begin our Summative Assessment on Media. 

Natasha Berri

Outdoor Pursuits

On the 28th of October, early in the morning, we went to the West Kilimanjaro region to participate in the Discovery level of Rides trip Simba Farm. Once we arrived there, we met at Arusha campus and set up our tents and got out bikes from the bus. As we began our cycle at 11am, we would go into the plain fields of Simba Farm and greet the people as we cycled by. However, it soon started to rain, and our cruising fun ended shortly. The rain was manageable, so we kept on cycling. Some people however had begun accumulating mud on their tires, and very quickly, they couldn’t spin their wheels properly. Which is why we had to split into two groups, one which had no issues with the mud, would continue the cycle, and the other would return back to the campsite. I stayed in group 1, and kept on cycling, as rain stopped in several minutes. We enjoyed the cruise later on and having lunch on top of a hill, using our bikes as chairs to sit upon. Soon, we started cycling back to the campsite from the hill downward, (I was probably going 30 – 40 km h), we were only an hour away, and then another thunderstorm struck, were most of us couldn’t physically pedal and had to drag our bikes in the thunderstorm through the heavy rain. Gladly, we made it back to the camp safe and sound. Later, I went with the second group. Luckily, there was no rain this time, and we enjoyed the surrounding fields a lot. At night, we had dinner and cold showers, and soon headed to bed. On the next day, we were very lucky to have an amazing sunny day. We went down the hills and cycled for several hours around the farm plains. As we looked at the plain fields which surrounded mount Meru from the distance. After our return from the cycle, we had some sandwiches and started going back to our campuses.

Overall, an amazing trip, 10/10 would definitely go again.

– Mark S. Outdoor Pursuit Student Leader D1

From the Counselors

Congratulations D2s, you’ve done amazing work. We, as a community, had more than 35+ US Early applications! I want to express my gratitude for everyone who was involved and all the support we had from our teachers. I want to say special thank you to Mr Russel, Mr Wade and other teachers who were able to help our students proofread the essays and mentor them. Together we were able to support almost 40 students with their early UK, US and Canada applications, which makes about 110 applications being supported total. As a team we were able to write 120+ recommendations. I am so lucky to work with such a flexible and organized team of teachers, who go above and beyond to support our students.

Stay connected to virtual programming!

15 November will be the last opportunity to participate in the 15 on the 15th virtual events that have been a stellar series of informational sessions (first 15 minutes) and then an hour to meet with admissions specialists from 15 small liberal arts colleges in the United States. Given the reality that 13 of the 15 are Davis UWC Scholar partner institutions, this is a phenomenal opportunity to engage with specialists who have a special interest in our graduates. Also, the first fifteen minutes of this last session will focus on applying for your US F-1 Student Visa. This is not to be missed, so see the registration link below and sign up today!

Speaking of not to be missed, we want to invite all D1 parents and/or guardians to join us for a virtual session where we will introduce you to career exploration activities that are the foundation of the college search process. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us with any questions you may have about this topic.

D1 Parent/Guardian meeting about Career and College Readiness

Our list is shorter this week, but don’t miss out if there is something that you many need to attend:

UPCOMING College and University Events

  • 4 November: 7:30-11:00 AM EAT SAT exam – Moshi campus (See for more information. 17 November is the deadline to register for the 2 December SAT)
  • 7 November: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT Virtual Presentation about America University of Beirut and MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program
  • 7 November: 4:30-5:30 PM EAT D2 Panel for M4/5 & D1 students about Summer/Specialty programs and special projects they offer during the breaks
  • 9 November: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT Wake Forest University (virtual)
  • 15 November: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. (13 of the 15 are Davis UWC Scholar Partners) November focus: SEVIS, 1-20, F-1 Student Visa and Enrollment. Link to register for these events.
  • 23 November: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT D1 Parents/Guardians: Introduction to Careers and College Readiness (virtual)

We are coming to a slow down in the number of visits that are available and/or that we will be adding to the UWCEA Careers website calendar, but still stay tuned so that you do not miss out.

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). NYUAD is a truly global institution with students from over 115 countries. The diverse student body ensures a rich cultural experience and global perspective in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

World-Class Faculty: The university boasts a distinguished faculty, including Nobel Laureates, Fulbright Scholars, and other leading experts in their fields. This means you’ll be learning from the best in the world. State-of-the-Art Campus: NYUAD’s campus is a breathtaking architectural marvel. From the iconic library to advanced science and engineering labs, their facilities are designed to foster innovation and creativity. Academic Excellence: NYUAD offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum that allows students to explore their interests across various fields. You can choose from a wide range of majors, including engineering, arts, social sciences, and more. Research Opportunities: The university provides ample opportunities for research and hands-on learning. Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge scientific discoveries or exploring the arts, NYUAD supports your academic ambitions. Financial Aid and Scholarships: NYUAD is committed to ensuring that financial concerns do not hinder your education. Global Network: NYUAD is part of the prestigious NYU Global Network, providing students with opportunities to study at various NYU locations around the world, including New York City and Shanghai. And these are just a few of the many things this university offers.

Aizhan Smagulova

Tennis Clinic

During the 1st quarter of this school year, several students and staff members participated on an event organized by Songambele aimed at raising awareness about the spinal cord injured persons and the challenges they face. It was a nice walk along Moshi town and Dr. Marieke and I came up with the idea of organizing a tennis clinic for these patients.

Wheelchair tennis is an incredible sport played all around the world and that has gained great popularity during the last decade. It has been part of the Paralympic Games since 1992 and has been played at Grand Slams since 2007. The ITF (International Tennis Federation) says wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, adding that the sport is played in the same manner as standard tennis, with the only exception being that a wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball.

Tanzania is a leader of wheelchair tennis in Eastern Africa.

Portugal, namely the Algarve region due to its sunny climate, is one of the places where several international competition events take place.

This tennis clinic will happen on Nov. 11th, at the Songambele premisses, if the weather allows it (the event will be cancelled, or at least postponed, if it is raining). Some students from the weekly tennis club will help in the organization of the event.

If you have any questions about it, if you have any suggestions or just want to join and participate, please contact me (

Joao Marques