Moshi Campus News – 9 Sep 2023

Moshi Campus News – 9 September 2023



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Songambele Walk

Outdoor Pursuits


On the Run

You will see a few articles about walks and runs below. One involves the Songambele Walk the students participated in last weekend, there are reminders about the Hash tomorrow and the 24-Hour run in 3 weeks.

Running is not all we do however, and you can see the diversity of classroom and non-classroom learning at all levels as you read through. From the cultural night tomorrow to the superheroes last week there is a lot to read about.

If you are interested in getting more involved, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for people who want to get involved and those that want to share their expertise. At the primary level you can talk with class teachers about joining in, at the secondary we love experts to give context to learning and if it is just getting to know the school, consider the Uja program. 

One last reminder for P4 to M3 parents. The MAP testing starts this week with MYP and continues next week with PYP. The MYP schedule is below for your reference.

It’s a long newsletter this week so be sure to click on “view entire message” so that you access all of the information.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


Tomorrow Sunday, 10 September, you are invited to the 530th Kilimanjaro Dirt Road Hash House Harriers. For the first time, this Hash will be hared by UWC students. Hash runs are a great way for the community to get together and spend some quality time while enjoying a hike through the not-so-touched parts of Moshi. The community in Moshi has been arranging hash runs for 20 years now. While our school has participated in the hash runs with the purpose of not only having a nice time out on Sunday but also engaging more with the community, this time, it’s our turn to host this beautiful event. 

24 Hours Run – A community effort

Prepare to lace up your running shoes and boost your energy levels because the eagerly awaited 24-Hour Run is just around the corner, only three weeks away! We are delighted to share some thrilling updates and news to sustain your enthusiasm as we gear up for this extraordinary event.

Our Moshi campus is abuzz with activity as we make preparations to welcome students and others from Arusha, and the response from various teams has been nothing short of exceptional. From dedicated staff members to enthusiastic students, from seasoned runners to first-time participants, the diversity of teams uniting for this event is genuinely inspiring.  What unites us all is our shared excitement for this upcoming event.

As many of you are aware, the 24-Hour Run isn’t merely a test of physical endurance; it’s a mission to create a lasting impact. Serving as UWCEA’s annual tradition, we run to raise funds for scholarships. Our target is $50,000, and the Dare to Dream Fund has pledged to match the amount if we meet this goal. Please show your support by contributing to the fund via this link ( Your donation will directly transform the lives of two students, granting them the opportunity to study at UWCEA.

To help you show your support, we have some fantastic merchandise lined up. Soon, you’ll be able to buy our limited-edition 24-Hour Run shirts, featuring a fun design crafted by one of our talented IBDP students. While you await the shirts, we encourage you to purchase our 24-Hour Run-themed eco-friendly tote bags (only a few pieces left!) they are a great way to pack your running essentials while taking care of the environment.

Lastly, we wish to emphasize the critical importance of considering a donation. Regardless of its size, your contribution will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our fundraising objective. Every dollar matters and brings us one step closer to positively transforming the lives of two deserving students.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we keep working together for this incredible event!

Ben’s Corner

Songambele (Move Forward) is a grassroots community-based organisation formed and run by women living with disabilities in Tanzania, irrespective of race, culture, religion or social status. Indeed, the organisation was started by women with disabilities who had faced discrimination and isolation which impacted their access to health services, education, employment and, even, how they were accepted by the community.

Sorry (not sorry!) if someone else has written about this elsewhere in this newsletter but I wanted to share how proud I was to join a large group of UWCEA students and staff on the annual Songambele Walk last Saturday. This event is organised to raise awareness in the community and help spread understanding and acceptance. It was a great example of how our Service programme allows students to put our Values into action as they engage in such tangible and purposeful opportunities, developing compassion and responsibility, and actively contribute to resolving  social and environmental problems…we even made the front cover of The Guardian!

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

The week started with a cultural night celebrating the Caribbean. For the first time we had collaboration between a student and a teacher. After the information we had a chance to learn some dances.

On Monday we spend mentor time talking about Tanzanian culture. A group of students, supported by staff, planned and delivered a presentation. They taught some basic Kiswahili greetings and talked about the food. There was a chance to ask questions and then to play some local games.

Life continues with IA submission for D2 and assessments for both classes. Students had an opportunity to hear about the University of Bristol with an in person visit and Cambridge University with a virtual one.

The D1 students have now come to the time when they need to fill in a form for subject changes. This requires them to meet with their teachers, mentor and the college counsellor to discuss their options. An email from parents is also needed.

The D1 students will need to start preparing for their first CAS interviews which will happen in couple of weeks. They have a document they need to fill with reflections and evidence. More details will be shared with them soon.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

History Trip

After spending two weeks researching Chagga culture, our D1 and D2 History students spent their Saturday on a field trip to Kibosho. The day’s events included students crawling through the Nubi caves, meeting with a descendent of Mangi Sina (Kibosho’s powerful pre colonial chief), and strolling around the remains of the Kibosho fort built by Mangi Sina. The remains of the fort — a two-story story structure that served as Mangi Sina’s arsenal, is all that is left of the site of a battle against German colonial forces in 1891.

Residential Life

In residences, slowly, students are focusing more and more on their assignments and homework in the evenings, so it’s been a relatively quiet and productive week.

The exciting news is that as of Monday, we will be starting a trial extended stay on campus for Diploma students. This means that day students will be able to stay on campus until 9:30 pm. They will need to sign in through this Google form and will need to ensure that they are respectful of campus and house rules.

I will be sending an email with more information and specific guidelines this Sunday, so keep an eye out for the info.

This Sunday, our students are hosting a Hash Walk starting at 2:30 pm from our parking lot. Please feel free to join us!

Adnan Mackovic – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

As the weeks fly by, our MYP students continue to enjoy the thrill of inquiry in the classroom. In conversations with our students, they have shared their favorite learning activities.

In our classroom, students are engaging in lively group discussions where they explore diverse ideas, share thoughts, and learn collaboratively. These discussions have become a hub of curiosity and constant growth.

Many students are enjoying reading their novels, where they immerse themselves in books from various genres. They eagerly discuss favorite characters, plot twists, and the emotions these stories evoke.

Others are drawn to hands-on projects, where creativity and problem-solving skills shine. Building, designing, and solving puzzles challenge their ingenuity.

The enthusiasm in our classroom is infectious, and the joy of learning is tangible. Our middle schoolers are thriving in an environment that encourages exploration and celebrates individual passions. Stay tuned for more updates on their exciting journey of curiosity and growth! We encourage you to have conversations with the students to discover more

M1-M3 MAP Tests

M1, M2 and M3 students will sit for their first round of MAP Tests for this year.

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • September 11th – MYP MAP Tests Start for M1, M2, M3
  • September 11th – MYP Assembly
  • September 15th – MYP MAP Tests End for M1, M2, M3
  • September 21st – UWC Day
  • September 29th – 24 Hour Run

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

M2 English

These past few weeks the M2s and P2/3s have been learning about heroes and villains. In M2 We have been researching heroes like Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, Louís Braille and many more. We researched about their achievements and how they positively impacted society or the environment and created posters, Skits, Storybooks, comics and conducted experiments to present to the P2/3s. On Tuesday 5th of September 2023 we shared our knowledge to the P2/3s in the primary area. After the presentations we learned about the heroes that the P2/3s were learning about and asked them questions about the Hulk, Spiderman, Wonder woman and many other fictional hero characters. “What makes someone a Hero?” It was a great experience and we learned a lot from the P2/3s and vice-versa.

By Rhea and Vicky

Sports Update

Practices continue to happen filled with students. This week the volleyball team had a full 3 courts of games. They are really improving and having fun.

Next weekend the NTSAA sports fixtures will start. We are still waiting for the exact fixtures for each weekend so we know which dates we will be traveling.

These are the teams involved this term in NTSAA:

  • U13 & U19 – Boys and Girls football
  • U16 Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Swimming and Athletics

This weekend is an activity free weekend, but don’t forget to come enjoy the Hash run on Sunday.

Josh Pickell – Sports & Activity Coordinator

PYP News

Thursday 14th September is the 24th day of school. The PYP children, led by the Student Voice, are going to participate in some activities on the pitch on Thursday to help us get ready for the 24 hour run (29th – 30th September). I’m not sure what the Student Voice has planned for us but we might be hopping, skipping or dancing around the track. Please ensure your child wears suitable shoes for running on Thursday so that they can fully participate in this fun event.

P6 will present the Primary Gathering in Rafiki Hall at 7:40am on Friday, 15th September. You are warmly invited to attend.

The MAP online assessments for P4 – 6 will begin on Monday 18th September. These assessments are not timed so the children can take as long as they need. No special preparation is necessary. More information will be shared later.

We will celebrate UWC Day on 21st September. Further details will be shared in next week’s newsletter but please note there will be a special afternoon assembly at 1:30pm for those children who wish to attend. Some members of the  Nature Club (P1 and P2) and the Earth Club (P3- P6) will be presenting in the assembly.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

We have been busy creating Guess Who activities this week. The children have made Guess Who silhouettes with their favorite patterns and colors. You can play our Guess Who game when you drop the children off in the morning or pick them up at home time. See included picture.

In phonics this week, P1s have completed reviewing a set of sounds and reading words that can be made with those sounds. They will move to a new set of sounds in the coming week. Look out for reading words in their home learning the following week. EC2s have completed their set and will be working on reading their words. They will come home with the words they learn at the week’s end.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

Thanks for the support with the Hero Homework last week. Students were so excited to share about heroes that are close to their family. It was fun to think about the range from people who have done daring rescues to people we admire for being caring. Luke had notes about Nelson Mandela and he told the class, “I’m just glad that he made it so that everyone can be together.” We had a wonderful opportunity to meet with the M2 students who have been studying heroes of history. They prepared excellent mini-biographies to share with us.

Other highlights of the week included a lesson on primary and secondary colors. The children created really cool color wheel umbrellas like this one of Asahi’s.

We intend to start swimming this Tuesday! Sorry for the delay. Students need to bring their swim bag with a swimsuit and towel. Goggles are optional. Please remember to send in running shoes on Thursday for PE. A few children are participating in their sandals and they do not get the full experience. Thanks for your support.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

This week we finished our read aloud, “Green Smoke,” by Rosemary Manning. One of the characters, a dragon, has a fondness for iced buns so P4/5 baked a batch of their own. They were delicious! Next week, as part of our inquiry into having a growth mindset and positive thinking, we will inquire into “happy accidents,”good things that came about by chance. One of these will be chocolate chip cookies so we have more cooking to look forward to. In maths next week we will focus on addition and subtraction. In Language we will learn about different sentence types. Several of the children are using apostrophes in plural nouns, where they are not needed (I have three cat’s) so we will also work on this area.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

P6 had a terrific start to their swimming lessons this week. They were very excited to get in the pool and improve their swimming skills. Coach Sabini and Coach T closely supervised their progress, beginning with freestyle stroke. They emphasised the importance of correct technique and body alignment. As the lesson progressed, P6 moved on to breaststroke, which proved challenging for some students, as they focused on coordinating their arms and legs together. When the lesson came to an end, P6 left the pool with big smiles on their faces and were very happy with their efforts.

On Friday, 15th September, P6 will present at the Primary Gathering at 7:40am in Rafiki Hall. We would love for you to join us.

We also have our MAP assessments coming up. These will start on Monday, 18th September. More information about these will be shared next week.

Natasha Berri

From the Counselors

I want to start with a big thank you for all the hard work D2s are currently doing with their university application process. I appreciate your organization.

This week we have had three visits with representatives from Cambridge University, Oklahoma University (virtual) and University of Bristol representative visits on campus. University of Bristol representative, Vania Theofilopoulou, shared the information about admissions and tips that will help our students to get into her university as well as other Russell Group universities following with individual questions sessions.

I also want to share that we will have a parents meeting of D2 students on 28 September at 7:30 PM EAT. The link to join will be shared soon.

UPCOMING College and University Events

Still more coming your way, so keep checking the calendar of upcoming events.

Aizhan Smagulova – University Counselor


An important part of our support for students is the Ujafamily or link family. Ujamaa is the Kiswahili word for togetherness, hence the term Ujafamily. We are incredibly grateful to everybody who is involved in this. I know the students really appreciate it as well and I love seeing the Ujaparents at graduation with their Ujababies. That these links continue after students have left Tanzania is a testament to how important it is.

We are just starting the process this year and to avoid some of the confusion from last year we would like everyone to fill the form in regardless of whether you are carrying on with the same students.
Please fill in this form. We will contact you before letting students know who their ujafamilies are.  If you know people who might be interested and are not parents, please let us know. We are still working on safeguarding aspects related to this.

We are planning an informational meeting about this soon.

Songambele Walk

September is Spinal Cord Injury month. In order to honour this, the ‘Songambele’ walk took place on Saturday the 2nd of September. It was a remarkable day for the KCMC service group alongside other students and teachers who participated along with other organizations. The walk started at the Moshi municipal premises down through Moshi town, double road and stopped at Shree Hindu Mandal grounds.

From there we heard from the director of the Songambele walk and movement, Faustina. “Disability is not the end of life” was the theme of the walk as it was aimed at raising awareness of Spinal Cord Injuries and the life-long consequences for the injured but also for their families. We are so excited to have taken part in this beautiful walk and contributed to the community as well. We also need to mention that the walk made the country’s main newspaper’s front page with a photo taken by Mateusz Jurecki, our maths and science teacher!

Some of us also had the opportunity to test ride wheelchairs and feel the experience. To be honest it was a real struggle, but this helped us realise that wheelchair users do need help to move around, use common transports and access shops. Let us all be aware of our spinal cord wellbeing and be ready to help the Songambele foundation whenever they need us as a UWCEA community.

~Verus and Kheertika

Outdoor Pursuits

M1 Camp Craft
by Jane M1

Over the weekend the M1s went into Marangu for their first ever OP trip. During this time we learned how to set up a tent, pack our bags properly, help out around camp, and so much more!

When we first got to the camp we played get to know you games with the Arushas led by Mr. Shem. After we got settled we changed into bathing suits for a short 20 minute walk to a waterfall. On the way we met some friendly bunnies, slow tortoises, and a steep hill.  Once we got there it was a fight for the floaties. But some brave children went in without one. There were claims there were leeches (there were not any).

When we got back we cleaned up and got ready for dinner.  There were a few rounds of very chaotic hide and seek before it was time for story time with Mr. Eric and Ms. Haviland. We had a not so restful night before the day of hiking.

We hiked 3 kilometers. For some it was a very hard hike. Mainly because it was the first time for many to carry a big bag while hiking. And before we knew it we were on the bus headed home to hot showers and long naps.


UWC East Africa is committed to providing a safe, collaborative and caring environment for all. Our highest priority is protecting the physical and mental health of all students in our care and this responsibility is shared by everybody on campus. We have an active Safeguarding team of 7 members, who are working to support, guide, and protect our students and liaise with our teachers to ensure students are feeling safe, included and supported.

If you are interested in learning more about our Safeguarding policy, it is available on our website on and there are physical copies in each residential dorm, in the campus front office and our Safeguarding Board in between room 18A & 18B.