Moshi Campus News – 25 Apr 2021

Moshi Campus News – 25 April 2021



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A Day of Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of classes for the D2 students. Having seen a few groups of students come and go in my time I know these days can be a time of celebration or a time of sorrow. Yesterday was definitely a day of celebration. Don’t get me wrong, there were more than a few tears shed, but overall, it was a day of joyful remembrance of particularly the last two years.

From the assembly to the clap-out. From the pool party to the Prom, the day was clearly all about the memories and making some last-minute ones.  For the D2 students holding on to make the day last as long as possible, the post prom “sleepover” kept the day going long into the night.

Though it was a last day for classes the D2 students have exams starting this Thursday and finishing on May 20th.

In the newsletter below you will also see information about the PYP Exhibition and the upcoming MYP events.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


UWCEA Moshi will be presenting ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ from the 9 – 10 June. The director and production team would like to invite willing and enthusiastic parents to take part in the following areas: Costumes, make up, hair, publicity, ticket sales, food and beverages on the evening. If you are interested in assisting, but missed the meeting please contact Penny or Alastair. 

Information on ticket sales will be coming out soon.

PYP Exhibition

Hello, my name is Kamili, I’m a P6 student. My PYP exhibition topic is about how childhood experiences help form our identity. For my action, I wanted to donate items to a refugee settlement in Uganda. You can help by donating anything for children eg: clothes, footballs, cards, blankets, etc. If you have any items you can drop them in room 16 (P6 room) from now until the 7th of May. Soon I will have a bake sale and use the money to also get clothes and things they can play with. For more information check out my posters around the school.
Thank you!

Hello people of UWCEA.  My exhibition is about the welfare of stray animals. Do you love dogs? Do you want to help them? I am looking for items to donate to Mbwa wa Africa. Please bring a blanket, towel, sheets, or food bowls. I will take it to Mbwa wa Africa. For more information please look at the posters around school. Please put donations in the box in front of Room 16. 

Thank you,


Ben’s Corner

We have reached the seventh Values statement from our UWC East Africa Guiding Statements, namely: Opportunities to engage with the culture and nature of East Africa.

For me, this is one of the most appealing aspects of living and learning at UWCEA. We are, rightly, very proud of our structured and extensive Outdoor Pursuits programme and (in ‘normal’ times) our holistic Service learning programme across the community. Valuing these areas allow us to make the most of our unique position in Tanzania and take advantage of all she has to offer. This week, who better to turn to to share their thoughts than the OP Team:

“Our wonderful Outdoor Pursuits (OP) programme shows just how highly we value learning outside of the classroom. It allows students to excel in areas other than academics and we value success in these extra curricular areas just as highly as classroom grades. We are always talking about saving the earth and how we have a shared responsibility to the environment. Being involved in the OP programme gives young people an understanding and appreciation of why it is worth saving! As a school, giving our students and staff opportunities to engage with the culture and nature of East Africa is something we remain very committed to and, next year, a new position of Head of Experiential Learning is testament to this long term .”

Primary Student Voice

Before the break, we collected almost 100 dried food items, including tins of beans and vegetables, as well as packets of rice and noodles. We spent a lot of time deciding who to donate these items to in our local community. At first, we wanted to deliver them to the doctors and nurses at KCMC who have been working so hard to support the community in recent times…even during the night.

However, due to restrictions, we were not able to do this. So, we looked for someone else..and we found our friends at Amani Children’s Home. They were so happy to receive all of the food and wanted to say a huge “ASANTE” to the whole UWCEA Moshi community for the generous treats.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

Friday was a day of celebration for D2. They attended classes for the first three lessons but it was more about saying goodbye than continuing revision. One class even managed a zoom call with a teacher who had left.

Then they moved to Karibu Hall for their final assembly with D1. We started with certificates – Honour Roll, OP trips and other awards. We had performances by students and “Most likely to” awards and speeches from staff. We ended with a slide show of memories and singing of “Africa” by Toto which we had sung in the Open Ceremony with the memorable line “Bless the rains down in Africa”. This was followed by the “Clap Out”. The whole school, including parents, lined up to celebrate our students with some holding motivational signs. We then all met in the playground for goodbyes and signing of the signs.

The D2 students then moved to the pool for a BBQ and party. Later they got ready for the prom. This was for the students from M5 to D2 and was a very enjoyable. The evening ended with some of the D2 spending the evening sharing memories and trying to stay awake all night in Rafiki.

They now have some time before the exam starts to finish their revision. Their teachers will be available for support if needed. They are strongly encouraged to eat and sleep well and to take time to relax as this will help them perform better. The examination timetable can be viewed here. After the exams finish, we will have a celebration with the M5 and D1 students on Friday 21st May and then Graduation on Saturday 22nd May. The graduation committee are working hard to plan this and we will be sending out invitations soon.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

Student Life – A Prom

Friday night was a UWCEA Moshi first.  The student organized Prom took place, and it was a great success. Pictures, games and of course dancing were a major part of the night for the M5 to D2 students who took part.  To quote one student “last night was great – I hope it continues every year.”

Congratulations to the organizers for planning such a wonderful event.

Residential Life

Adding to the incredible experience of D2 celebrations, pool parties, BBQ and Prom, we had our first D2 sleep over in Rafiki in which we attempted to survive the night and make it to sunrise. This was inclusive of both our residential and day students.

The night was filled with joy, sharing stories, dancing, cooking and reminiscing about our special time here at UWC EA – Moshi. For some, this has been an experience of two years, but for others, they have been here through the transition from ISM to UWC and sharing this night together was an unforgettable experience that enabled us to reflect as one unique culture before the intense week of preparation, study and examinations – Another element of international mindedness and cultural unification.

Whilst only 3 of us made it to sunrise, the journey was still a wonderful way to finish off a very special day.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

This past week was the final week of classes for the D2 students.  We said farewell on Friday as it was their last official school day prior to their final exams.  It is always an emotional time for all the students as we are such a close community.  We wish them all the best.

But school is not finished for us in MYP! We have a robust few weeks ahead of us and in an effort to help you keep track I will provide some very important dates.  Our M3s will be traveling to the Cultural Arts Center soon and The M4 s and 5s will have exams followed by our M5 ceremony, this is in addition to all the exciting final OP experiences happening.

  • M3 – May 5,6 and 7 – Class Trip-Head off towards Arusha to experience Tanzanian Arts, crafts and culture.
  • M4 – June 2, 3 and 4 – Final Exams- to be held in room 32; Students are to be on campus the full day.
  • M5 – May 26, 27, and 28 – Final Exams -to be held in room 32. The students are expected to arrive at the normal time and stay the full day.
  • May 31, June 1 and 2 – Focus Days – Students will experience the joy of “behind the scenes” theater production as they work in the art department designing, creating and constructing the props, set and costumes for the school play.
  • June 3 – Ceremony preparation and practice- (we may need donations for ceremony decorations)
  • June 4 – 10:30 AM students enter Rafiki hall to decorate the hall for the afternoon’s ceremony

 3:00 -4:30 – M5 Ceremony followed by a reception of coffee and cake

The M5 ceremony is a brief celebratory event to acknowledge the students’ hard work and effort and is open to 2 family members. There are a few protocol measures we would wish for you to follow.  I have sent a letter home with all the details. In addition, your student will receive a Google form they must fill in with the names of the family members who plan to attend.

As is tradition on our campus we will be having MYP Focus Days for M1 to M4.  These days offer an opportunity to complete service tasks and/or experience hands on learning in a unique way.  The days are dedicated to various projects and the students spend the entire time engaged in a collaborative planning, organizing and implementing of various projects or activities.

M1- M4 – June 5, 6, and 7 – FOCUS DAYS- stay tuned for details!

Jeanne Aman – MYP Coordinator

From The Counselor

Preparing to Say Goodbye

Given the fact that this is my eighth school in my 25 year career, you would think that I would be an expert at saying goodbye, but every experience is so unique and causes a range of emotions as I reflect on what each endeavor has meant to me. As we begin the long goodbye to our D2 students as well as other students and staff members who will not return next school year, this is an important time to start planning to Leave Well. This is a concept that is essential in the expatriate and “Third Culture Kid” community, and worth investing in to ensure that there is an opportunity to properly prepare for a healthy ending and a wonderful new beginning.

With a long weekend to look forward to, this is a good time to begin thinking about how to say goodbye, and build a solid R.A.F.T. as one journey ends and another begins. In a March 2020 blog the author explains the elements of building a R.A.F.T. as we face transitions throughout our lives that benefit from a healthy process of grieving and dealing with changes. We encourage you to explore this concept and create a plan for the “Goodbyes/Kwaheris” and “Hellos/Mambos” to come in ways that will make the experience memorable while also helping to build resilience for further changes in this thing called life.

COMING SOON: D1 (and M5) Parent Meeting on 5 May 2021 to begin exploring the forthcoming college planning process and application steps. Please attend if you are able as we lay out some of the essential information that will help you, and your child, prepare for the upcoming application process.

In preparation for this meeting, we welcome you to review the College Board International University Talk from 17 April where they discussed aspects of the admissions process for major destinations around the world. You can view the recording on this link.

In addition, virtual events will continue to be added to the Upcoming Visits List, so please be sure to review and sign up to attend one or two that interest you. Then continue to talk with your child about what you learned and how this might apply to their post-secondary plans. We look forward to receiving and reviewing the plan drafts that all D1 are expected to submit by 30 April. Ask your D1 student about their plan, and have them share it with you as well.

As always, we welcome you to access resources that we have compiled in the COVID-19 Counselor Resources link to support many of the mental health needs that will arise during this time.

Take care and stay well,

UWCEA School Counseling Team

PYP News

Quarter 4 is now well underway. After school clubs started this week – many thanks to everyone who is offering a club this quarter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The highlight of Friday was when the  PYP children  stood on the breezeway with the MYP and D1 students and “clapped out” the D2 students who have now finished their last day of classes. Some of our PYP children have D2 siblings or Uja siblings and were very proud. Be sure to read the newsletter articles by Kamili and Kairi who are collecting supplies for refugee children and Mbwa wa Afrika respectively as part of their action for the PYP Exhibition.

Some dates for your diary:

  • Friday, 30 April – PYP Movie Night – see below for details
  • 24th May – 28 May – Book week
  • 28 May  – Gathering of Gratitude

We wish you all a relaxing and happy weekend.

Deborah Mills & Mboka Mwasongwe – PYP Coordinators

Student Voice

Student Voice would like to remind all parents that the Simba Foundation will be showing The Lion King on Friday 30th April from 4-6pm. Students are encouraged to attend wearing their pyjamas and to bring a cushion to Room 4 for the movie. Everyone will receive a cookie and cup of hot chocolate upon entering. Tickets are available from Ms. Elisha for 5000.

EC/P1 Class

EC/P1 read ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ by Giles Andreae. ‘It is not good to laugh at people when they can’t do something,’ one EC child said. P1s talked about the power of yet. Even though you cannot do something now, you can learn to do it later.

Gerald learnt to dance, so we decided to learn to dance too. Gerald listened to music from nature and began to dance. We listened to different types of music and began to move as the music made us feel. The children enjoyed these movements and decided to learn one animal dance song which we will be dancing to everyday in the coming week.

Next week, we will be looking at the illustrations in the book and how we can create a picture for the book. 

In Maths, apart from the normal number work, EC were arranging pictures of animals in order by size. P1s solved word problems by drawing out pictures to help their thinking. We all completed the week by exploring shapes.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

We were very happy to welcome Luana back to school this week. We’ve missed her so much, and the classroom has already become a brighter place since her return.

The students have been working on becoming pirates this week. They have found their pirate names, created pirate profiles of themselves, and learned the parts of a pirate ship. This has been an exciting part of our unit of inquiry. If we had more time, I reckon we’d have seen some Formula One and MotoX drivers in P2/3.

The P2/3 students have continued to learn about multiplication through either skip counting, grouping, arraying or adding repeatedly. The P3 students will now begin to challenge themselves to memorize their multiplication tables.

A big thank you to all parents who sent in a snack for our High Tea. P2/3s band of posh pirates are grateful to you! A shoutout to Madame Stephanie for attending and bringing us some delicious lemon cake.

Happy Republic Day to those celebrating, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Elisha Jaffer

P4 Class

The chilly rain cannot dampen spirits in P4- we had another great week. Everyone is excited about the animals they’ve chosen for their unit focus. We had a wonderful time drawing endangered animals for our bulletin board this week.

Our focus on Fractions has been very hands-on and enjoyable. We had the chance last week to see the play put on by the DP drama department. I think the actors appreciated us as an audience- our class laughed the hardest at the comedic parts and clapped the loudest at the end!

With the holiday on Monday, we’ll push forward our start of the grammar and spelling focus to Tuesday. There’s still so much to fit in this last term!

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

I have posted several links on Seesaw related to recent natural phenomenon (the volcanic eruption on St. Vincent, the wildfire near Cape Town and the tropical cyclone currently off the coast of Tanzania.) which you may wish to share with your children.  Please check into Seesaw occasionally to admire your child’s work. Whenever you visit your name appears under the post so the children are aware that you have looked at their online journal. The children have made volcanic models out of plaster (see photo) and have researched a famous eruption on the internet. Next week we will look at extreme weather events and will focus on hurricanes. In maths the children have been learning about equivalent fractions and have been adding fractions with different denominators. Our language focus continues to be punctuating direct speech. The children have practiced punctuating dialogue, starting a new line when a new person starts speaking and will continue with this next week. Enjoy the long weekend. I look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday. Please remind your child to bring his/her swimming kit.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

This week the P6s have continued to work on their PYP exhibition. They have started to work on their actions. You will see in this newsletter that a couple of the students are hoping the community will donate various items to the organisations they want to help. The students are happy to see that other students and teachers have been answering their surveys and they are beginning to collect lots of data. Thank you for that, it is very much appreciated and helpful. Ms Sarah will be back on Tuesday and I’m sure she will be impressed with all the work they have done so far. They have created beautiful art pieces, written emotional poems, informative articles etc. They have been learning a lot through this experience such as self management skills including how to use their PYPX time in class productively to achieve their goals of the week.

Alannah Carson