Moshi Campus News – 12 Jun 2021

Moshi Campus News – 12 June 2021



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See You Soon

This is the last newsletter of the school year, and it also may be the longest. First off let me say congratulations to everyone that was involved in the production this past week. Particular thanks goes to Alastair, Penny, Samuel, Heloise, Mie and Marieke for their work in the acting, stage and costume designs, music or general support. Once again, I am impressed with the work they do.

This newsletter is a bit goodbye, a bit hello and a celebration of different things from the year. Below we say goodbye to different teachers, some are leaving after two years with us and some have been here much longer. We also have at the end introductions to some of the staff joining us in August. There are summaries of some service work for the year and an update on the Outdoor Pursuits trips coming in Semester 1.

You may have thought post final exams things would be slowing down, but with the production, science work, TOK Exhibitions, move up days, sports days, camps, focus days and more it is definitely not a boring end to the year. Speaking of recent events, please use this link to see videos of the P6 work on the exhibition if you missed them on the night. 

As everyone heads out for this holiday, we ask everyone to have a great break, relax, reenergize and enjoy whatever happens over the next 2 months. With all of that we also wish you a safe holiday. To those returning we will see most of you on August 10th.  For the new D1 students we will see you on August 4th for orientation.

To those members of the community moving on, please know that every year we have people come back to visit and you will be welcomed back in Moshi whenever you choose to return.

Bob Cofer


It is unfortunately that time of year that we say goodbye to people in our community.  This means we also say goodbye to some teachers as part of that. These teachers will be leaving us but have left their mark in their time here. As it is such a small world, I have no doubt we will be seeing many of them again. We will formally say goodbye on Friday but I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all of their work during their time here and to wish them all success and happiness in the future.

  • Hazel Ndong – Hazel has been a mainstay here and is one of our longest standing members of staff. She is well known around campus for many things including her fashion and book doors. She will leave a huge hole in the I&S department and in MUN.
  • Cassandra Ford – Joining us here as part of a two-year sabbatical, I do not think anyone can say that Cassandra did not make the most of her time in Tanzania.  We know she made a mark on campus. Her bright smile and bright wardrobe woke up many a sleepy student at the start of school each day.
  • Marissa Lipovsky – Marissa is best known for her work in middle years math and her time on the yoga mats. While only the MYP benefited from her math skills, it is fair to say almost all students had at least one relaxation session with her. Best of luck with the expanding family.
  • Jeanne Aman – Jeanne has worked with MYP in English and Drama the last two years as well as the MYP Coordinator this last year. On top of this she spent time helping the M1s transition from P6 and ran fitness bootcamp for those that were interested.
  • Emmanuel Kileo – Emmanuel has worked as part of our counselling team the last few years part time and has spent a lot of his time with younger students individually and in classes working through ideas like conflict resolution, emotional control and building friendships.
  • James & Alannah Carson – They will leave a gap in both Kisiwa and the Language department. I am sure the boys will say it will be different without them at the house. James will also be missed in the OP program as a keen diver and contributor to the Coral Reef project. Alannah has spent a lot of time this semester in the P6 class and gave them a lot of support during the Exhibition.

Ben’s Corner

What does it mean to belong? The great Maya Angelou once said, “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” For almost three years now, my family and I have called Moshi and UWCEA our home. When we made the decision to move here back in 2018, we could not have predicted the extraordinary times that we would experience. As I have written here before, unprecedented has become the norm and these unparalleled times look set to continue for a while yet.

I have used my ‘corner’ of these newsletters to showcase our Guiding Statements, to remind us all of what it is that we aspire to, the things that we value. Part of our Mission statement expresses how “We are committed to developing balanced global citizens who are empowered to act responsibly in a complex world.” The world has felt incredibly complex in recent months but, perhaps, what we are all striving for is anything but. After all, do we not all strive for a simple sense of belonging? A sense of purpose and meaning. A connection to others, to something significant. As the UWC movement continues to “make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future,” I hope that you all find time over the upcoming break to digest what this really means. In a time when so much rhetoric seems to be about disconnection, separation and inequality, we are all part of something striving to bring us all together. A shared sense of belonging. Of course, we are far from perfect but we are striving to bring the world together and surely that is what counts.

Over the next few weeks, remember that we live and learn by our values when we are off campus just as much as when we are on campus. Please do find a moment over the coming week to say thank you to all the staff here on Moshi campus for everything they do above and beyond to create such a special community. Countless hours, endless energy, genuine passion and boundless commitment. Not every school is like this. Not every staff is like this. Please do not take it for granted. Say thank you. The overwhelming majority of schools have had a vastly different year to us and we should be so grateful for this.

As the sun sets on another year of learning, to all the students and teachers that are moving on, please do stay in touch and we hope a little piece of Moshi travels with you. All the very best in your next adventures. At the same time, we look forward to welcoming new faces into the community in August who I am sure will add value and, hopefully, soon feel that sense of belonging too.

Enjoy a safe and restful break. Stay safe and look after each other.

Ben Morley

Diploma News

It has been an intense week for the D1 students. On Monday and Tuesday, they got their papers back following the exams last week and had some time to review them with teachers.

From Wednesday to Friday, they were off timetable and spent the time with the science teachers working on experiments for their IAs, there is more information about this elsewhere. A massive thank you to the science team Kerri-Lyn, Jackie, Taylor, Hilda, Sanna and Justine, the lab technician for the time they have put into this.

While this was taking place, they also did their second CAS interview. This is a reflective one where we review what they have done and make plans for the future. The majority of students have met the requirements or are almost there. They were able to talk about what they have learned from the experiences – working collaboratively and leadership skills were frequently the answer.

On Wednesday and Thursday evening some students were involved in the play both acting and back stage. It was an amazing production. Congratulations to all involved.

Next week they will present their learning in TOK with an exhibition where they present three objects and talk about how they relate to knowledge and a prompt such as “Are some things unknowable?”

On Wednesday they will meet with their teachers to finalise plans for work they need to do over the break. It is important they are balanced over the break. If they come back in D2 having done no work then D2 will be very difficult, equally if they come back having only worked D2 will be very difficult. We will talk to them about making a plan covering work and relaxation.

Margaret Brunt

Group 4 Work

Despite having finished off exams the week before and getting those grades returned on Monday and Tuesday it did not deter the energy brought into the laboratories for the Internal Assessment days this week.

Students were eager to get going to collect data and analyze samples. We had students growing plants, collecting gas and even calculating the friction of the tyre. Anything and everything went on during these days as students chose an area of science that interested them to investigate.

I would like to thank Mr Justine for working tirelessly in the lab prepping equipment and chemicals. Ms Jackie and Ms Taylor for their caring attitude towards the students. Ms Hilda and Ms Sanna for organising the field trip and exposing students to science outside of the classroom. Mr Simon for his ongoing support for the residential students and making sign outs a breeze.

Kerri-Lyn Brown

ESS Fieldwork

D1 ESS class were very excited going out to do fieldwork at Karanga village at Boro village.  They went to collect soil and water samples. This way they got to put the knowledge they got in actual practice.

The students measured some of the data at the area and carried other samples to be measured in the school lab the next day. The following day they finished up  with the collection of the data and analyzed the data collected. And on Friday they finished up by finding the solutions for the Environmental issue they were working on for the three  IA days and they presented their findings to other groups.

These new D2 are looking forward to similar trips in the next academic year.

Hilda Kashasha & Sanna Jartsjp

MYP News

It is end of another great school year.  Everyone pulled together and worked hard despite the many challenges that were faced both in Moshi and in the world.  I want to thank everyone for allowing me the privilege of teaching and working with your students.

This coming week the MYP students will be involved in many different projects on campus.  They will need to wear clothing they do not mind getting dirty.  They will be painting tables at the daycare, finishing murals and painting in the halls, building benches for campus and fortifying the bench in the playground.  We will be busy from morning to end of day getting the place spruced up.

During the long holiday please encourage your student to read, read and read some more.

On Friday the P6s spent time “shadowing” the M1s to get an idea of what things will be like next year. One of the big takeaways of the day was that they need to be organized, keep a diary of assignments and execute excellent time management in order to be successful next year. It was a very fun day.

The M4s were kind enough to celebrate my time with them by providing me a cake and then posed for our final photo.  It all made me cry, I shall miss them all.

I wish all the students great success and I will miss them dearly.

Jeanne Aman

Reidential Life

What a week, what a term, what a year! I write my final weekly update still in awe of the array of talents that are always on display from our students. Whether it be in the production, in the labs, in the dorms, conducting fieldwork by the river or simply, just displaying empathy and care and a genuine desire to engage in other people’s lives in the dorms. Personally, I feel fortunate to have had the experience I have had and for that, I thank the staff for being the foundation and our students for being the pillars of our success.

This year, we have focused on morphing our philosophy around residential life to be more of a family away from home – more emphasis on understanding the students and keeping them active in all forms. Such a philosophy creates an environment where our Diploma students are more actively engaged with their younger peers in MYP and PYP, and almost all of our staff are involved in Residential Life in some unique capacity.

When reflecting on this year, I have personal experience of the difficulties that our students engage in. It is not easy transitioning into a new country and coming into an environment that for some, could not be more different from where they have come from. However, it is this mix of cultures, differing societal perspectives and array of backgrounds and influences that enable us to be able to formulate an environment where every individual is cared for, understood, and guided through this chapter in their lives. Each chapter is unique. These life skills have been displayed in so many ways and I feel privileged to have been a part of it, albeit, for such a short time.

Next year, our focus is to build on this culture, improve our care of our students through the ever-changing complex environment of the world we live in today. Every day is different, every day can be challenging, but every day is rewarding.

We will continue to grow in our MYP and Diploma years in the year ahead and when our students return from their summer break, our campus development will look quite different with new residential  spaces. Not to mention the influx of new students from all corners of the globe, to name but a few, very visible changes.

Thank you to our students and most importantly, thank you to our residential staff, mentors and Marieke and nurse Jackie. Enjoy your break and come back fresh and ready to embrace the next chapter!

Simon Johnston

From the Counselor

Kwaheri na Mambo

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…”

The end of a school year brings forth lots of emotions and changes. This school year will end with the departure of two members of the UWC East Africa School Counseling team, and the addition of one (and eventually another) new member.

We will be saying kwaheri/goodbye to Cassandra Ford (University and Socio-Emotional Counselor) and Emmanuel Kileo (Moshi Socio-Emotional Counselor). On the other hand, we will be saying mambo/hello to Frida Marealle as the new Socio-Emotional Counselor in Moshi. Karibu tena/welcome again will be extended to Dr. Robin Peterson (Arusha campus Socio-emotional counselor) and Kate Swope who will continue in her role as College Counselor (among many other roles) on the Arusha campus. The search continues for a College Counselor for the Moshi campus, but Ms. Ford will continue to provide support and guidance until a new person is hired.

We wish our departing team members well, and all the best to the new/returning members. Creating a culture where socio-emotional learning and career/college preparation are a part of the school’s fabric has been a team effort, and we know that the collaborative work will continue in order to meet the various needs of our diverse community. Mental health and wellbeing will be a focus from the start of the new school year, and support for the application process will be an ongoing endeavor as we seek to help students find their “best fit” for the next chapter of their educational journey.

Speaking of life after UWC East Africa, we hope that career and college exploration will not end with the close of this school year. This week, D1s and M5s (and parents) were invited to participate in presentations that were provided by admissions representatives from around the world. These offerings will continue throughout the long break, and we welcome students and parents to explore the plethora of events that will be shared on institution websites and social media.

One major event that we hope parents will participate in will occur next week. Please see the information below and register today if this is applicable to your child’s post-secondary plan:

Parent Information Session on

Highly Selective US University

Admissions & Financial Aid

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 7:00 AM (CDT)
Registration Link 

This session is specifically for parents and families and will provide insight into the application and financial aid processes, and how families can best support their students.
If you are interested in recordings/slides from recent events, or to see some of the events still to come, please visit our Upcoming Visits List, and stay informed/prepared for the post-secondary planning process.

M4-D1 students and their families are encouraged to explore the career and college resources available within their Maia Learning accounts. This includes assessments and portfolio building tools that will help make the future career decision making process much clearer. We hope that members of the Class of 2022 will continue to fine tune their post-secondary plan and stay up to date with the Internal Deadlines for completing their upcoming application process in a timely manner.

In closing, we wish you all the best during the long break, and if you need resources to deal with challenges that may arise, please feel free to review the COVID-19 Counselor Resources (that will hopefully have a new name next school year).

Take care, persevere, and thoroughly enjoy the break,

UWCEA School Counseling Team


It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you that Rogath Msokelo was involved in a car accident earlier this month whilst traveling between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. His funeral was held last weekend.

Rogath worked closely with Nurse Jackie in the health centre and also with residential students in Kivuli, Kisiwa and Kishari houses. Our thoughts are with Rogath’s family and friends at this terribly sad time.

Sports Update

What a strange year it has been for everyone. As I reflect on the year’s sports, I think how lucky we are to have been to be able to participate in on campus training, house competitions and tournaments with Arusha Campus. Many of our friends and family around the world have not had the same fortune and I am forever grateful I was able to spend the last year and a half in Tanzania keeping active.

After school training has ended for secondary last week and Primary clubs will end on Wednesday afternoon next week 16th June.  A huge thank you to all the coaches, be it teachers, parents and even our own students who have stepped up to help make sure we can offer as much physical activities as possible.
On behalf of the PE department and myself I wish you a very healthy, active and energetic break, where you can have some mental rest and prepare for the next academic year.

Robin Marsh

Interhouse Competition

Congratulations to Mawenzi for dominating the inter house Math and Science quiz on Tuesday and a big thank you to the Science/Maths department for organising and running the quiz. The results are as follows.

  • 3rd – Meru
  • 2nd – Kibo
  • 1st – Mawenzi

I will not share the running totals with you this week to leave you in suspense, I will say that the scores are close, so close that there are 2 houses separated by 5 points. If any one of the houses wins both the PYP sports fun day and the Secondary sports fun day next week they will take the trophy. So, make sure you are ready to compete for your house on Wednesday for PYP and Thursday for Secondary.

EA Workshop

Continuing with Quarter 4’s celebratory spirit, Friday,11th June brought an abundance of cheer and joy as our PYP Educational Assistants (EAs) received their certificates. They have just completed a 10-session course entitled ‘Supporting Student Learning in Inclusive Classrooms Course‘. Modules in the course included Disabilities, Inclusion, Dyslexia, Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Creating Inclusive classrooms. The EAs have approached the training with enthusiasm, keen interest and a wonderful sense of fun. Robust discussions, inspiring presentations and lots of laughs were had by all who attended the sessions. They are looking forward to implementing the knowledge and skills learnt in the class in their classrooms!
HONGERA to all our EAs!

Primary News

The PYP children performed wonderfully for the Tiny Shop of Terrors production. Thank you to all who supported them, bringing them to school and also staying on to watch the show.

We are on to the last stretch of the school year. We still have quite a bit going on.


  • P4 are heading off to their camp on Monday the 14th and returning Tuesday the 15th.
  • P2/3 will be holding their camp on Tuesday the 15th and returning ready for sports day on Wednesday the 16th.
  • EC/P1 will be holding their day camp on Thursday from 7:30am to 1:00pm at the community garden.

Sports Fun Day

We will have a full day of sports and fun on Wednesday the 16th. Please send your children to school with a house T-shirt and a good pair of sneakers. Don’t forget a water bottle and a hat.


Reports will be going out on Wednesday the 16th. Make sure your Managebac passwords are up to date in order to receive them.


Class photos were taken this past week. Each class teacher will send you a link to where you will be able to locate your child’s individual and class photo.

PYP Exhibition Website
This year’s PYPX presentations are available to view on the website. Please visit and leave a comment.

We take this opportunity to wish you all a restful and peaceful holiday. Thank you for all your support over the course of the school year. We are looking forward to another successful year with you.

Mboka Mwasongwe and Deborah Mills

EC/P1 Class

As we come to the last week of the school year, Ms. Clara, Emmanuel and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement throughout this year. We have worked together so well and have seen the children continue to grow.

For those moving on to P2, we wish you all the best. We will dearly miss you but we hope to meet you in the corridors and work with you during clubs or other school activities. For those of you coming back for P1 or EC2, we are looking forward to having another wonderful year with you when we return.

Happy holidays everyone. Travel safely and rest well.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

There were most definitely tears in class this Friday, most of them from the teacher. We’ve had such a great week just being a class, spending time together, throwing water balloons at each other, and just hanging out. We’ve had a mini Olympics that we competed with P1 during and have found any and every reason to giggle in class. The students have been amazing singers, and have persevered through a week where they did not come to school the freshest. Needless to say, handing out the Learner Profile Awards today was a very emotional moment where all of us realized we were going to miss each other very much next year. I look forward to seeing the new P2s in class next year. In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy and safe “summer” holiday.

Please note the following dates for next week:

  • Tuesday 15th to Weds 16th – Camp
  • Wednesday 16th – Sports Day (wear house t-shirts)
  • Thursday 17th – No More Clubs
  • Friday 18th – Class Party (send a snack). Last day of school (school ends at 12:30pm).

Elisha Jaffer

P4 Class

This class is ready for Broadway!! We all had so much fun with the play on Wednesday and Thursday night. P4 students sang with enthusiasm and talent- it was a great experience! With all of the busyness, we decided to postpone our Market Day until Thursday.

Next week will be filled with exciting things- on Monday, we’ll head out at 8am for our overnight trip to Simba Farms! Packing lists and items from the OP store went home last week so we should all be prepared for a fun, safe trip. Students were told that they could bring along small games, books, or coloring but no electronics. We will be back on Tuesday by the end of the school day so students can either stay on for clubs or be picked up at the normal time.

Wednesday is Sports Day! Please send students with running shoes, water bottle, substantial snack and a hat. On Thursday, we will have our Market Day so students need to send in their finished products. The “shops” are looking great- Super Spinners, Crazy Crafts, Ninja Stars! We’ll have a nice time shopping on Thursday afternoon. The class has requested that we celebrate the wonderful year by having a little party with snacks and games on Friday. Our time together in this terrific class officially ends at 12:30- what a pleasure it has been to be the P4 teacher this year!

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

A yoga session with Ms. Marissa on Monday was a peaceful interlude in a busy week. As part of our work on simple machines the P5 children visited the Design Lab on Wednesday and Mr. Marsh demonstrated some of his tools. We saw pulleys in action and the children all had a go at hammering in a nail. We went on a simple machines hunt around school and then it was back to class for the children to start constructing their own “Rube Goldberg” style machines. There are plans for machines that pour cereal into a bowl, add food colouring to water and pop balloons. We will see how these turn out on Monday! The production was a highlight of the week (super job P5!) and on Friday the children visited the set before it was dismantled and had a go at being “eaten” by the giant plant. On the final Friday the children will enjoy a class party. Please send in a small amount of food to share. As our year together draws to a close I would like to wish the P5 children the very best of success next year in P6 and to thank you all for your support this year.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

Congratulations to the P6 class for yesterday’s ceremony. They all had a good day with the MYP program and said it was fun to experience. They were all successful engineers this week building vehicles that move, some slower than others. Next Thursday they will share them with other classes in the primary. Their final assignment for the year is a crossword puzzle that is due next Wednesday. Copies will be made of their work for others to test their knowledge about energy and electricity. Do not be surprised if one comes home for you to do too. They are also writing a newsletter which will be published next week to share events from throughout the year.  The memory book PDFs will be emailed to everyone in a few weeks.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group of children. They all know where I am if they need help or someone to talk to next year. I hope you all have a lovely and well-deserved holiday. The P6 has worked hard for this final month of school. I am impressed, and hope you are too.

Sarah Brummel

Incoming Teachers

Below is a little introduction to some of of incoming teachers. 

Outdoor Pursuits – Next Year

What a year it has been for our Outdoor Pursuits program. In the last 4 years it has evolved from a Mountain hiking only, 8 trip program to a mountain and safari hiking, mountain biking, swimming, diving and service 30 trip program. Providing your children with numerous opportunities to grow and develop resilience, explore the beauty and wonders of Tanzania, and create unforgettable memories with their friends and peers. This was only possible due to the time and efforts for our OP department, Mr Isaac, Mr Salim and Mr Isack in Arusha and all the teachers and parent who helped supervise on these trips.

To give you an idea of how many opportunities there will be for students to get involved in our Outdoor Pursuits Program see the table below for semester 1.

Get amongst it!
Robin Marsh
Head of Experiential Learning

Service Projects

Dear alumni and parents of UWCEA and ISM,

Thank you if you have already been involved in service-learning at our school. The impact it has on our students and the community is sometimes unimaginable, and these experiences many times stay with those involved for the rest of their lives. In regards to these projects, it has been an unusual year with the many restrictions about going off-campus and partnering up with local NGOs and schools.

As we still do not know yet what the restrictions will be like in our next academic year, I’d like to reach out to ask for any suggestions on possible activities we can do here at school, or safely off school next academic year. A form has been sent out into many directions this year to gain as much perspective as possible, from primary, to secondary, to alumni and parents. And now I ask your help by filling out this form.

Please remember that giving suggestions does not mean that you have to participate in that specific activity, but if you would like to support, please indicate your contact details in the short-answer.

Think small and big!

Below are some of the service projects from the last year:

Coral Reef Project

This year has been a very successful one for the Coral Reef CAS. On the Water Level 5 OP Trip we had the chance to see our first ever corals growing on the nurseries that we’ve been building. As Neil Armstrong would have said seeing our service: “That’s one small step for the service, one giant leap for Tanga’s coral reef regeneration.” In this short year, we’ve managed to design, build and place 5 coral reef nurseries on the coast of the Indian Ocean, along with a raft that has helped us move to deeper water a 800kg Coral reef dome, that was situated on the beach, to become a habitat. All of this has awarded us a second place for Outstanding Service Project in the Association of the International School of Africa.

Pamoja Tunaweza

Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club is a service whose mission is to empower vulnerable and at-risk youth to fulfill their potential as productive and responsible members of the community. This year, we were able to accomplish a clothing drive, arranged a farmers’ market for the people in the organisation to participate in, sold their products, updated and ran their online business (via Instagram), and made educational posters for them. Nelson Mandela once said, “It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” In relation to this, we believe that this service has motivated us to become greater IB students. We were able to give back to our community, be more caring and open-minded.

Educational Enrichment

The Educational Enrichment Service has worked through the pandemic by discovering new ideas for improving the community’s educational experience from within the school. This semester, we wrote out a pamphlet with a few guidelines for the upcoming D1 class. This briefly described our personal experiences at the school and what we wish we knew before we came with tips from our student perspectives. We highlighted specific subject guidance from a student’s perspective and a few requirements we are expected to meet as IB and UWC students and a few events that we enjoyed throughout the year just to give them a picture of what to expect and be excited for!

More Than a Drop

Our service, Femmezania, is aspiring to educate and provide menstrual hygiene to young women in Tanzania; for them to lead better lives. Our first project focuses on More Than a Drop, a vocational center that offers education to women in the culinary industry. Our mission is to collaborate with FemmeInternational in providing adequate menstruation knowledge and products; to spread awareness, break taboos, reduce period poverty in our community, and financially support the 30 young women in More Than a Drop every year. Our vision is to raise awareness about the shortcomings in sexual and menstrual education of girls and women in Tanzania and to empower them by improving their knowledge of these topics.

PEER Support

This year the PEAR supporters perfectly managed to spread positivity as much as they can. The various activities ranging from social media posts to real life activities managed to make people happy and well. Such activities included but were not limited to; Valentine Day cards distribution, videos to support the D2 through their mocks and the community in general, Wellness dinners and presentations during mentor time to raise awareness about her story! The service group used all the time they had to make the most out of it and make sure that this precious service time is worth it for the individuals, groups and community!

DP Environmental Club

As the DP Environmental Club, our goal for this year has always been to make our school’s environment healthy again. While we continued to organise a composting system on campus, one of our successes of the second semester was the Trash Pickup Event on the 11th of May. Although we can’t take full credit for it, considering an enthusiastic P6 named Alvin set it up as his project for the PYPs. However, after he came to us and shared his brilliant ideas, we organised DP participation and in total collected over 150 kg of waste from campus. Unfortunately, there’s still much more! Which just means more events and chances to better our ecosystem. It would be great to continue events like this next year with the new D1s.

Smokeless Kitchen

This semester, we managed to accomplish the aim of our service group. The smokeless kitchen group has successfully built 6 kitchens around the community. The smokeless kitchen group intend to improve the lives of women around the community who still cook food using open fire. In order to solve this problem, the smokeless kitchen group managed to communicate, plan, discuss, execute and evaluate exceptionally well with the staff in Moshi as well as the Maasai Solar Stove organization. A big achievement is the influence that the smokeless kitchen movement caused. We were able to successfully raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of open fire cooking and hence we were able to explain our point of view and our mission to many members of the staff, hence creating a sort of union. This influence that we had on improving the lives of 6 staff members is yet the biggest accomplishment as it allows more people to know about our mission and the benefits of smokeless kitchens.


The KCMC CAS achieved great success this year! Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the manner in which activities were held, with several restrictions to ensure patients’ and students’ safety, still we were able to connect with the community and work diligently to bring some joy and interaction for everyone in the hospital! The year kicked off with a delicious cookie baking, and the delivery was the opportunity where all members of the CAS could visit the hospital together for the first time. Shortly after, the lunchbox delivery system was implemented successfully. With the help of the KCMC neurologist Dr. Mareike Dekker, a rotation system was implemented, where members of the CAS delivered fresh food provided by the school on Wednesdays and the lunchboxes were collected every Friday. It was heartwarming to see the patients’ happiness when we were allowed to visit the rooms and talk a bit with them. Unfortunately, the COVID restrictions stopped our project, and we couldn’t go to the hospital’s grounds. However, the work didn’t stop! We drew Christmas and Easter cards, filmed a video with positive messages, and currently, we are drawing the Avengers’ posters for the kids! It is fulfilling to work in this CAS, and I’m sure I speak for all members when I say that we look forward to continuing those great activities in the upcoming school year!