Moshi Campus News – 2 Oct 2021

Moshi Campus News – 2 October 2021



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Looking Back, and Forward

As the first quarter of the year comes to a close it is good to look back and see all that has gone on this term.  The first term is always interesting as we have many new students, families and teachers. And even those of us that are not new have to get back into the rhythm of the school week.

As I look back, I note how much we are coming back to normal. Sports fixtures are starting to happen again on campus, service is starting to head back off campus and of course OP is in full swing. Our students are very engaged on what is happening and our older students in particular are running a large number of activities at all levels of the school.

Even though students are leading many things, parents, you are always welcomed to come and share your expertise. This may be a one-off activity with a class or a student group or it could be a longer commitment like leading a club or coaching a sport. Please email me, Ben or Gilbert if you would like to get involved.

Speaking of which, this week is a big week for parents to come to school. We have the two Athletics Days, the Primary Conferences and on Wednesday at 5pm we will have the PTA general meeting. We hope to see many of you this week.

Looking forward, you will see that the rest of the semester has just as much going on with the start of some NTSAA events, Sports Weekend, Halloween and other activities for everyone.

This is the last full newsletter before the break, so to everyone please have a safe and restful break and we will see you for the start of classes on October 20th.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


Save the date – Halloween!

Friday, October 29th
Plan your costume now!

Primary – late afternoon (parents please keep a lookout for an email with further information next week)

Secondary – visit haunted houses in the evening

We will collect wrapped candy after the October break.

More details to follow.

Please note that this event happens outside of the school day and participating is optional.

If you have any burning questions please email or

Ben’s Corner

In their most recent unit, P3/4 has been exploring heroes and the impact ‘heroic’ people have on the world around them. Simon Sinek has always been one of my heroes. He is an author and motivational speaker but, above all, an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Ever since I read “Leaders Eat Last” as part of a leadership book club, I have tried to incorporate many of his ideas into my working life. The book summarises the results of many interesting case studies and research trials about stress and anxiety in the workplace, group dynamics, obedience, trust and happiness. One of his more recent motivational speeches centres around the power of kindness and the notion that simple acts of generosity can have a deep impact on others.

As we come to the end of the quarter, a quarter littered with so, so many amazing happenings, a quarter not without significant challenges and hurdles, I wanted to draw our collective attention to this idea of being kind to each other. At a time when the world is short staffed, let us be thankful and grateful for those that continue to show up each and every day. Let us remember the power of our words and choose kind ones.

Sinek likes to imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled, like they have contributed to something greater than themselves. Of course, most of us do not experience this but I hope that we all feel elements of this from time to time.

There are opportunities to be kind every day. Let us all try to take them.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

The D1 students have had their first CAS interviews this week and I have been so impressed by them. The majority have a good range of experiences meeting the three stands of Creativity, Activity and Service. Many also have a project planned. They are able to talk about what they are doing with passion and excitement. The students know what they want to achieve and could talk about what they think they will remember. Most will remember the skills they learned and the time they spent with their friends. They expect to develop collaborative skills and communication skills as well as skills specific to the experience. Many of them are so happy about the range of clubs offered at the school and I hope they will be involved in making this continue.

For D2 students a big part of this week has been the draft deadline for the Extended Essay. They have been meeting their supervisors and discussing what they should do. There will be support for them in the residential houses while they work this weekend.

In mentor time on Monday the students had a chance to write their goals for the next quarter and had some time to chat with their mentor about how things were going. Their mentor is another part of the support network we provide for students.

While I am writing this, I can hear the swimming gala taking place. Some DP students are swimming, others are watching the students they coach, and others are helping. Another group are on their way to an OP trip, and more are preparing for a trip tomorrow. Shortly one the service groups are running a movie “night” for PYP students. Congratulations to all of them.

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

Diploma Music

The D1 Music students had the  honour to meet with musicians at the Moshi Gurdwara this week. They were able to learn about the important role that music plays within Sikhism and Sikhism as a way of life and religious tradition. Students were able to experience live presentations of Indian Classical music which forms the basis for the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib. The Music department wishes to thank Mr. Navraj Bhamra for his role in making this visit possible.

Sparking Elephant Project

Elephant poaching has been a significant problem for a very long time in Tanzania. Nevertheless, elephants are the largest mammals on earth; poaching and brutal actions towards them drastically affect the wildlife in Tanzania and the ecosystem.

SEP is a student-led project designed to save elephants and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. Using an AI surveillance program and effective bee-hive fencing, the SEP group actively works against poaching and several inhumane actions done to the elephants.

SEP bee-hive fence strategy aims to reduce conflicts between farmers and elephants that are caused due to regular migration of elephants through farms.

We are working to achieve our goals, creating ways to promote funds to make our goals achievable. SEP is publicizing a logo competition for a honey production organization that aims to support this very cause! GO ON AND SHOW OFF YOUR CREATIVITY!

If you never saw an elephant but want to see one, JOIN SEP!!
Contact Aftab, Donyo, or anyone in SEP to take part in the competition!

There is a Prize for the top three!
Due date: Oct 9th, 2021

Residential Life

UWCEA – An education in a global context that promotes an appreciation and understanding of multiple perspectives and interdependence of individuals, societies and environments.

This week in Residential Life highlighted the above in multiple ways. The previous weekend at UWC Day, we discussed and highlighted what our students’ vision of tomorrow is: Religious tolerance; gender equity; creating environmental sustainability; encouraging diversity and peace; and ending political oppression. These thematic presentations were entirely student led and encompassed both our residential and day students. They engaged our audiences, educating one another and had special members of our outside community talking about the difference they are making in a united approach. I would like to reach out to Remi from TPC and Marieke from KCMC for giving up their valuable time to join us in these presentations.

Further to these exhibitions, both our residential and day students engaged in service that uplifted our community, transformed Kimbilio’s outside area into a new playground, a garden patch for future crops, and a new soccer pitch. Whilst this was occurring, we had a mindfulness session in K-Hall, painting in our new student centre and the day finished with all ages watching the sunset and uniting as one community.

Further to this, we are excited to be involved in the regular hash runs every second Sunday and many of our residential students engaged in this for the first time. Ivan from Chile thrived in the new surroundings and opportunity to explore our beautiful back yard. Despite getting lost along the way…

Throughout the week, we celebrated cultural diversity with our semi-formal dinner hosted by Kisiwa students on Tuesday. Dancing, speeches, singing and hearing from old alumni such as Albie, Rama and Bek, boosted the spirits of all our residential students, from PYP to DP. The success of their new chapters at university and how UWCEA paved the way to these opportunities was inspiring for us all – This is why we are here!

Moving forward to the October break, we plan our busy schedule of organising leave, transportation, PCR tests and a ream of holiday plans. If you have not already done so, please communicate all the departure and arrival details for your child to me.

UWC officially closes on Friday 8th of October and our MYP and PYP residential dorms re-open on Tuesday the 19th of October. Whilst our Diploma dorms will remain open, we encourage students to take a break and plan safe group activities in conjunction with Mr Cofer and me. I have sent through volunteering programmes and more, so whilst there is academic work to be done, there is also a much needed time to have a break and re-charge.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”
Growth Mindset Episode #4

The end of the first quarter is right at the corner. This calls for a huge celebration of small victories in our MYP section.

Walking around campus, watching students work on their projects, hearing their conversations and most importantly listening to their requests in terms of what they would like to learn next are what make this learning journey completely worth it!

We would like to invite you to reflect. We would like all our MYP team (students, teachers and parents) to reflect on how we have managed to reach a milestone worth celebrating!

Let’s focus on the following reminders as we take a break and get ready to dive into some morning MYP adventures:

  • Education is not about absorbing knowledge. It is about questioning it and finding more questions with each possible answer. Our MYP learners think for themselves and make this possible!
  • We cannot view knowledge in an egotistical and self-centered manner. Our MYP learners are altruistic in every way.
  • Everything is amazing! The world we live in is complex and being inquirers will unravel the wonders of it. Our MYP learners are young scientists.
  • An open window will always give us a better view! Our MYP learners are open-minded citizens of the better world that is coming.
  • Our MYP learners are integrated! If every individual possessed this quality at their own level, imagine the possibility for our world.
  • Put forward bold hypotheses, think outside the box, even if you’re not sure of being right… Our MYP learners daring!
  • We are not meant to jump to conclusions too quickly. Our MYP learners are thoughtful.
  • To understand the information and knowledge available, and to understand how it is produced is simply to be able to critique it and form one’s own opinion… Our MYP learners are constantly informed!
  • “A harmonious development of all aspects of the self is one of the common points of boundless wisdom…” Our MYP learners are balanced!

Now if this is not what the world needs to become a better place, we can’t think of what is!

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

From the Counselors

University Counselor Parent Meeting for D1 and D2 Students

Please join me on Thursday, October 7th at 10 am EAT or 7:30 pm EAT for a virtual meeting. In this Zoom meeting, I will introduce myself, discuss my role, the college application and financial aid processes, and answer any questions as time allows. Please contact if you are interested in attending for the passcode to the link.

Join Zoom Meeting using this link.

Andrea Kitomary – University Counselor

Sports Update

This week
This week has been a busy one for our students. We had the U15 Boys and Girls Friendly Football matches with Rafiki Foundation on Monday, the U19 Boys Friendly Football Friendly matches with Peace FC on Thursday, and the Swim Squad Meet on Friday. Technically, there is room for progress in all areas, but mentally, it was great to see our students and coaches working hard under pressure to tactically counter the other teams. In instances when they did not get the results they hoped for, they conducted themselves with grace and fair play. Congratulations to all our athletes and coaches.

Next week
The sports teams and activities will end on Monday next week, to allow for students to participate fully in the Secondary and Primary Athletics Days on Monday and Tuesday. There are a ton of exciting events and races, and I encourage those who are able to to come and cheer on the teams.

We have a variety of matches and activities planned for the next quarter. The Q2 sign up form for PYP Activities has also gone out. Please note that the deadline for signing up is 5pm on Thursday, 21st of October.

Upcoming sports events:

  • Tuesday 5th of October: UWCEA Moshi Secondary Athletics Day
  • Wednesday 6th of October: UWCEA Moshi PYP Athletics Day
  • Saturday 23rd of October: Under 19 Boys and Girls Football friendly with UWCEA Arusha at UWCEA Moshi
  • Friday October 29th: NTSAA Primary Swimming Gala at St. Constantine’s International School
  • Saturday October 30th: NTSAA Secondary Swimming Gala at St. Constantine’s International School
  • Friday 5th of November: NTSAA Primary Athletics at UWCEA Arusha
  • Saturday 6th of November: NTSAA Secondary Athletics Day at UWCEA Arusha
  • Saturday 13th November at 10.30am: U15 Boys and U15 Girls Basketball Friendly Matches at UWCEA Arusha
  • Friday November 19th to Sunday November 21st: UWCEA Sports Weekend at UWCEA Moshi.

Gilbert Kaburu – Sports and Activities Coordinator

Outdoor Pursuits

Last weekend several MYP students took on the challenges of Kilomeni peak and successfully completed the Peaks Level 1, having a great time in the process. They have learnt how to pack and carry bags for hiking, prepare food at the campsite, set and break camp. Here is what one student had to say:

“The peak level one trip to Kilomeni was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I had so much fun, and I got to meet some of the students at the Arusha Campus.  I also got to meet the people who lived there, and they are really nice. Even though I had a nice time there were some challenges on the trip. The first one was not being able to shower, which was absolutely revolting and then the hike up was very difficult for me to do because of how steep it was, but the view at the end made all the trouble worth it.”
Siima M4

The OP department has another double header going out this weekend. The Rides program kicks off with there first trip of the year as they ride on the forested foothills of Mt Meru, testing their cycling skills with some tough uphill sections on the first day and some rapid downhill sections on the second day. Meanwhile our Peaks Longido Level 1B trip for D1s will be taking on the steep and challenging stand-alone mountain. This is the second Level 1B for the new D1 students wanting to advance to scale the heights of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Our OP staff don’t get much of a break after this weekend as they must prepare for the Peaks Kilimanjaro summit Level 5 trip which will leave on Wednesday. This is the ultimate test for our students to see if they have gained the skills and work hard to ensure they have the strength and mental fortitude to take on this challenge.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Plains program, we will be including a second level 2 trip next quarter to accommodate all the students who have shown interest in taking part in this program. This second trip will be on Saturday the 23rd to the 25th of October, straight after we return from the break.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our OP staff Mr Isaac, Mr Salim and Mr Isack from Arusha campus and all the teachers who have organised and taken part in trips this quarter. It has been the busiest and most rewarding quarter in the history of the OP here at UWCEA or ISM and could not have been achieved without the time and effort put in by all contributors.

Robin Marsh – Experiential Learning Coordinator

PYP News

PYP athletics day is scheduled for Wednesday. This will be a whole day event starting at 7:50am. All students will be participating in either field events or races. It is very important that they come to school with good trainers on, sunscreen, water bottles and hats. Your child should wear a house shirt if he/she has one. Do come and cheer the children on. Events will end at the normal time of 1:10pm. EC events will end at 11:20am.

Goal setting conferences will be held on Thursday. This again is a whole day event. Conferences are three-way so teachers, students and parents need to be present for each individual conference. We will be setting goals together for the coming school year.

Friday the 8th is the last day of school. School will finish at 12:30pm as normal.

The P3 – P6 classes are participating in the art initiative, Inktober. This is an optional event, designed to ignite your child’s creative spark, and lasts for the month of October. Your child may choose to do an ink drawing over the weekends and the breaks or not. The prompt for Saturday is “suit” and for Sunday is “vessel” The children should bring the Inktober booklet to school every day, whether they are participating or not.

Mr. Gilbert Kibaru has already emailed you to let you know that the last day for after school clubs this quarter is Monday. There will be no clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday due to athletics days and conferences.

The photo shows Tendo and Yvette (Diploma students) entertaining the PYP children with a dance during P2s Primary Gathering on Friday. Thank you P2s all of the information you shared about healthy eating and for your lovely singing.

To all PYP families, thank you for your support this quarter. We wish you a pleasant break with the children and look forward to seeing them return for Quarter 2 on Wednesday, 20th October. Please note that we will have our optional Halloween celebration on Friday, 29th October so start thinking about costumes and purchasing wrapped candy over the next few weeks.

Moboka Mwasongwe & Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinatprs

EC/P1 Class

Thank you to all who returned the surveys on time. P1s were able to look at the data and decide on which item they will be creating a block graph for. For those who haven’t returned them, please do so. They will be completing their block graphs on Monday. This week, they worked on learning how to read a block graph. They had a chance to go and ask P2 and P3/4 some questions as well. Their graphs can be seen on our notice board.

Ec’s were busy creating their number books this week. They should be completing their designs next week.

I hope you have signed up for the goal setting conferences this coming Thursday. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Please remember to come with your child/ren.

We will have a whole day of sports on Wednesday. Please do not forget to send children in the morning with the trainers on, sunscreen, water bottle and a hat. Our events will finish at 11:20am, ready for ECs to go home. P1s will continue and watch their peers as well.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2 Class

A big congratulations to P2, and a huge thank you to their parents for helping to pull today’s Gathering off. Your support has been huge in having the students memorize the lyrics to the songs, as well as their lines.

We have worked on reading assessments, reading comprehension and math assessments this week as we near the end of the quarter. It’s a busy week next week with Athletics Day taking place on Wednesday 6th October, and Student Led Conferences taking place on Thursday 7th October. I look forward to seeing parents at either or both events. Please remember Friday’s the last day of Quarter 1, school will end at 12:30pm as per a normal school day.

Elisha Jaffer

P3/4 Class

We had a wonderful kick-off of our Scientific Principles unit and we’ve only just begun. This will be a very hands-on unit as the photo from our first Investigation (Sink or Float?) shows. Students have already begun looking for ways to find science in the world around them and thinking about why it’s important to describe and measure things.

As you know, the week ahead is the last of the term. Monday and Tuesday will be normal class days for us. (Don’t forget Library on Mon and PE Swim on Tues.) Wednesday, we will be spending the day on the pitch for Sports Day! Please be sure to send hats, running shoes, a big snack and water bottles in order for the day to be as much fun as it can be. On Thursday, we will have the chance to look over the goals that students have chosen for themselves and consider together how to reach those goals. Please let me know if you’re having any trouble scheduling your appointment. Friday is a full day of school. We will have some extra fun in the last hour of the day but we’ll save full class parties for the day before the December break. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

Our unit of inquiry into the causes and effects of migration is now well underway. The children have shared brief summaries of the migration journeys of family and staff members. They have watched the start of the movie Paddington and, next week, they will consider the motivation for and effects of this fictional migration journey. There are lots of picture books on the theme of migration. This week the children listened to Patricia Polacco’s “The Blessing Cup” and next week we will read, “The Keeping Quilt”. In Maths we have focused on multiplication. The children are at varying stages of learning their times tables. Even those that are doing well are not completely proficient so this is an area that everyone would benefit from working on. Next week we have Athletics Day (Wednesday) and 3 Way Conferences (Thursday). Please note that Friday is a normal day and will finish at 12:30pm. The photo shows Simreet and Greener receiving leaves, having been nominated by Ms. Grace for their hard work in the Kimbilio garden on UWC Day.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

All the P6 students left school on Friday with more knowledge about the PYP Exhibition. After a great retreat, they are now feeling more confident about the exhibition experience. We discussed the parts of the transdisciplinary themes, explored the many aspects of action, practiced citing sources, took a tour of their binders, and looked at the timeline for the PYPx. On top of the new knowledge, the class also enjoyed a great hike to the river where they had fun wading in the water and climbing over rocks. They learned a new game of flashlight tag after a delicious dinner, then got to watch a movie in a home cinema. They also played community building games in class while problem solving and working together with communication. A highlight was opening their tie dye shirts to see how awesome and different everyone’s design was from one another’s. It was a great retreat.

Next week, though short on time in class due to Athletics Day and conferences, they will complete their group peace tray projects for action on our current media unit. They will also finish their product packaging and advertisements to share Friday in class.

Sarah Brummel