Moshi Campus News – 30 Oct 2021

Moshi Campus News – 30 October 2021



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A Spook-tacular Week

There was a little bit of everything on campus this week. Thank you to everyone across all the areas of school who contributed to this work.

The most visible was likely the Halloween celebrations that took place on Friday and which you can read about below. It was an exciting time from Trunk-or-Treat for PYP up to the haunted scenes for secondary. Friday also had our PYP students return to competitive swimming at a meet at SCIS. Those students had a full day between the Friday events.

This week we also had secondary conferences.  This was our first full day integrated face-to-face and zoom conference with students, parents and teachers.  I will say that the turnout was more than we had hoped for so thank you to the parents for signing up and the teachers, some of whom had 40 appointments.

This week we also had Emanuel Moirana, the current Assistant Conservation Commissioner at Mkomazi National Park on campus for the KMC talking to our community and students about black rhino conservation projects in Tanzania.  This was timely as we have a PYPx project on the topic and diploma students looking at this for project week.

Behind the scenes we are also currently going through our accreditation process for both CIS and the IB. This means that in addition to the normal activities, teachers have been working on the two sets of required reports and supporting documents.  One set goes out this weekend for phase one with more deadlines over the next six weeks leading to a virtual visit in February 2022.  Thank you to the teaching staff for all the hard work they have done in this area.

For parents of D2 students the first report of the year will be out this next week and you should receive an email notification.

Please note that we have Sports Weekend coming up in 3 weeks, if you would like to get involved your support would be greatly appreciated. Please see Gilbert’s section below and contact him.

Lastly, we have the PTA Quiz on Wednesday the 10th at the Moshi Club at 7pm. The PTA would love to have the support for this fundraising event.

Please see the advertisement beside.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


Secondary Halloween

The secondary school Halloween festivities are a highlight of the year for the MYP and DP students. Each year is amazing and I think that surely the creators of the event have run out of ideas and yet the following October there is yet again something new and spectacular to entertain our students. Many thanks to Christine and her team for creating a prison themed haunted house and Marieke, Marco and Victor for creating the mad scientist theme at Kishari. UWCEA students, parents, resident and intern doctors and therapists from KCMC and other community members gave their time and enthusiasm to work in the haunted houses as scarers. Alastair Coldwell and the D1 theatre students put on 3 highly entertaining performances on campus. Teachers and parents signed up as chaperones to take groups to the different venues. The school gardeners and drivers gave behind the scenes support. This popular event could not take place without the generosity and goodwill of the above people. Special mention should go to Ms. Farah (who was kept busy trying to find the black hole in the universe), Gabi and Pooja (the two fortune tellers on campus) and Mama Honorata (our long serving Kishari House dada). Many thanks to all of you for a night to remember.

Primary Halloween

The children had a wonderful time on Friday afternoon. We had a huge turnout – the top pitch was full of children in costumes clutching bags in which to store their candy. Many thanks to everyone who donated sweets for the event. Thank you to those people who decorated their cars for the trunk or treat or ran games: Adiele, Jeremy, Dorothy, Penny, Heloise, Ben, Jackie, Robin, Agnes, Brigitte, Sabrina, Bob, Kisiwa Dorm, Kilele Dorm, Kipepeo Dorm, Elisha and Primary Student Voice. You all went to so much trouble to ensure the children had a great experience and we are very grateful for your effort. Thanks to all of the PYP teachers – we are a small team so everyone had many roles to carry out. Thanks also to Ms. Tahera and the kitchen team for a lovely meal, the gardeners for helping to set things up on top pitch and to Anna Marsden, Margaret Brunt and Bob Cofer for giving up their time to judge the costume parade.

Ben’s Corner

Thank you so much to all of you who were able to join us on Wednesday for the Secondary Three-Way Conferences. We hope you found the conversations beneficial and that they gave you a clearer understanding of your child’s progress and where you might be able to support them going forward.

The decision to schedule Three-Way Conferences was a deliberate one. Evidently, Three-Way Conferences actively involve parents, students and teachers reflecting on a student’s  growth as a learner. Hopefully, they strengthen the home-school partnership and allow students to see their parents and teachers working together to support their learning and wellbeing.

The aim was to provide a forum to develop student agency and for parents and teachers to acknowledge progress, celebrate achievement and collaboratively map out next steps. Again, the intention is that this model also provides valuable insight into the learning process and helps parents better understand the teaching, learning, assessment and reporting process. In this way, Three-Way Conferences benefit the students, their parents and their teachers. Of course, some students will find it easier to facilitate the conversations and be more comfortable discussing their learning and for others this will be very challenging. However, it is an important step in helping students appreciate the process of reflection and self-evaluation. At the same time, it is an opportunity for students to develop their organisational and oral communication skills. Ultimately, Three-Way Conferences encourage students to accept personal responsibility for their own learning. Indeed, there is a body of evidence that says student self-reporting is the most significant indicator linked to raised student achievement.

I believe we facilitated over 800 appointments across 21 different time zones. No mean feat. Thank you to all the teachers who worked so hard to make this happen and to all the students and parents for helping make them such a success.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

On Wednesday we had the three-way conferences with students, parents and teachers. The participation of parents from all over the world was amazing. It was so good to see the students being fully involved in the conversations. I was impressed by how many students met their teachers even if their parents could not attend.

On Thursday I spoke to the D2 students about predicted grades. We discussed how teachers work out the grades and students were asked to work through the process themselves. However, it is important they realise that the grades from their reports are the most important part of the application process. Teachers have been working on their reports this week and they should be issued on Thursday.

For D1 students project week has been a recent focus. Students submitted proposals last week and they were reviewed by a committee of staff and students. Proposers were then asked to clarify a few details. The information was shared with all students and they were then asked to choose which project they would like to do and next week we will let them know which project they will be involved in. Project week will take place at the end of January and they will have a lot of preparation to do between now and then.

Friday was Hallowe’en. Many DP students were involved either at the PYP trunk or treat or the haunted houses. On Saturday the Courage Café service group are hosting a Hallowe’en disco as a fundraiser.

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

MYP News

Welcome to MYP Kitchen
Season 1, Episode 1

The Best Recipe for Success in the MYP Programme:


– 1 cup of sugar
– 1 cup of peanut butter
– 1 egg


Step 1:

Measure one cup of sugar and add it to a mixing bowl.

Step 2:
Crack an egg gently and add it to the sugar.

Step 3:

Measure one cup of peanut butter… (NO DO NOT DIG INTO THE JAR JUST YET !!)  Add it to the mixture.

Step 4:
  Mix …
  Mix …

Step 5:
Shape the mixture into small balls.
Place each ball into the baking tray, then use a fork (dipped in sugar) to slightly flatten the cookies.

Step 6:

Bake at 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes!

We know what you are thinking! What does any of this have to do with MYP? How is this even related to MYP? Well, our M2 group can answer that question. In their first intro to MYP session (mainly to help refresh their minds about what the programme entails and how to approach it with a growth mindset) they baked peanut butter cookies.

What subjects did they refer to and have to transfer knowledge from to make great cookies?

  • Mathematics (for measurement and shapes)
  • Sciences (reactions happening in the mixing bowl, changing state of matter, making sure the cookies do not burn etc.)
  • Arts (shaping the cookies, cutting edges, placing the cookies on the tray in a pattern etc.)
  • Language (documenting the process clearly, describing the stages etc.)

What ATL skills were used and demonstrated during the activity?

  • Communication (effective communication skills were needed to work in the groups, understand what is required and execute the plan)
  • Collaboration (the group members needed to work together, assign and divide tasks, make sure everything was going well and make sure they stayed out of the other groups’ spaces) 
  • Thinking (how did they solve the common obstacle of not being able to get a solid mixture at the end of the mixing process?)
  • Reflecting (what went well, what can be done differently)
  • Affective Skills (accepting that things did not go as planned at all times, trying again, showing grit and perseverance after failed attempts)
  • Organization Skills (keeping track of time, cleaning up, making sure the cookies were ready etc.)

All of the above are responses from our M2 students!

MYP is all about lifelong learning. There is our answer to the students when they ask “when will I use this outside school?”

Bonne Appetite!

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Residential Life

A week in residences can be an adventure and this week did not disappoint.

They say that you make your happiness, and that you find your home. Time will always be a factor and for some, that comes faster and for others, it will come. For it to be a home, this becomes your mindset and your thought process. This is the stage we are at in residences, and I feel firmly grounded and at ease when I see so many students transitioning into this frame of mind. When this comes, so too do the smiles, enjoyment, involvement, and the gratitude.

Whilst academic pressures continue to grow, having a firm grounding and a home enables a residential student to absorb these pressures, manage their time and balance their life. If I reflect on this week, that is what was behind me, if I look forward, I see an unbelievable turn out for Halloween with primary trunk or treat, to MYP and DP theatrical performances and haunted excursions off campus. Inclusiveness and adventurous.

The weekend ahead also presents opportunities to find happiness through a formal disco for M4- D2’s at Courage Café to support  KCMC and I am pleased to see the array of residential students sign up. In conjunction with sports, activities, clubs, and friendships, I look forward and believe this term will be the making of our students.

Please do continue to think ahead to the December break and remember for weekly allowances, we would prefer the limit to be 40k per student as anything more is seemingly excessive in the community we live in. Of course, if your child needed more, always email me in advance.

Next week brings the official opening of our Makutano lounge and I look forward to informing you about the ins and outs of this new centre.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

Outdoor Pursuits

This past week we had the first of two L2 Plains trips with the second going out in two weeks. Next week we have the L3 reefs trip.

Plains L2 will surely be an OP trip to remember, for several reasons, the beautiful animals, unbearable heat, and memories made. The first day began bright and early at 5:45 and after a quick stopover in Arusha, we arrived at the start of our trip at 10. We walked around 7.6 km before we stopped for lunch. After a quick lunch, we finished the rest of our 12km hike. We then pitched our tents, ate some popcorn, and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next day, we walked on the border of the Wildlife Management Area (WMA). We saw several zebras and a giraffe grazing. After returning, eating lunch, and having a rest, a few of us went to the gate of Tarangire National Park. Where we saw some more zebras and a few mongooses. We woke up bright and early on our last day at around 5:00, leaving camp at 7:02. We had a very good time and were done hiking and on the bus by 10:04. Overall, this trip was very fun and interesting not only due to the wildlife, but the people.

Gasuza – M3

Sports Update

St Constantine’s Primary Swim Meet

Our students participated in the SCIS Primary Schools Swim Meet this Friday. It was a fantastic day for our swimmers, coaches and parents.

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted our calendar in a massive way, so it was great that our young Leopards exhibited excellent technique and gave a good show. Congratulations to our swimmers, parents and coaches Sabini and Debbie. Ms. Christine worked tirelessly on the meet entries, and Mr. Thadeus helped chaperone during the trip.

Next two weeks in sport

The coming week is going to be a busy one for sport. Our Leopards team will be in action at the NTSAA Secondary Schools Athletics Day at the Arusha campus on Saturday.

On Saturday 13th November, we have the NTSAA Secondary Swim Meet at St. Constantine in the morning before heading to the UWCEA Arusha campus for a 16 & Under Boys and Girls Basketball friendly match. This will be followed by the Sports Weekend from the 19th to the 21st of November. Please join me in supporting our Leopards!

After school activities
After school activities started on a positive note this week. We expect some minor changes this week. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on

Gilbert Kaburu – Sports & Activities Coordinator

Community Activities

Student Activities

PYP News

GO LEOPARDS!! Well done to all our students who travelled to the swim meet at St. Constantine’s on Friday. They all swam their best.

On the 5th, we see another big team heading off to Arusha for the NTSAA athletics meet. They are looking forward to the fun competition.

Please lock the 3rd of December in your diaries. We will have a PYP sharing assembly when all classes share a brief highlight of their learning (please note that this is a date change from 19th November).

Thank you to all who participated in the Halloween celebrations, setting up a trunk and sending in treats – see the article above. The children had a wonderful time.

Mboka Mwasongwe & Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinators

EC/P1 Class

The children explored creepy crawlies this week. They learned the names of different mini-beasts and created some during art. P1s have already explored certain areas in the school where we can find mini-beasts thriving. Next week, we will arm ourselves with magnifying glasses and various containers and go bug hunting. The question that the children are asking themselves is how do we collect a few bugs without harming them or ourselves? Do we keep them ‘forever’ or just for a day? If we keep them, what will we feed them? We are very excited about our adventure next week.

Our class primary gathering has been pushed forward to a later date. This is due to a number of our students traveling for the athletics sports event. We will perform during the PYP sharing assembly.

This is the second week of swimming lessons. Please do remember to send in swimming costumes. Swimming lessons are mandatory. The children love to learn and it is a vital life skill.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2 Class

The week of Halloween is always full of excitement and this year has been no exception. The students have been excitedly discussing their costumes everyday, I know they were looking forward to Friday afternoon and I hope they had a fantastic time.

This week all learners have been working on their addition, some with regrouping (carrying), while others are still practicing adding without carrying. The students are mostly all solving 2 digit addition problems.  We’re seeing lots of success with guided reading, and made some very cool connections between the words ‘school’, ‘schule’ and ‘shule’.

We’ve been talking about teams, and relating those to a community. We’ve talked about what kind of teams, communities and groups we are a part of, and next week we’re hoping to discuss the people in our communities. We’ve created some cool graphs showing the number of students in the different communities in our class.

Elisha Jaffer

P3/4 Class

Bubbles! We had such fun this week with making bubbles, experimenting with them and then having an art lesson about drawing bubbles. The excitement level is still high with this unit and we will be sharing the fun with families. On Monday, a letter will be in Home Learning folders about students doing an experiment at home using the proper steps of the Scientific Method. This assignment can be done anytime over the next 2 weeks.

Almost half of the class was away at the swim meet on Friday and we will be missing quite a few students again next Friday for the athletics meet. Don’t worry though, students who remain in class will have a blend of lessons and fun learning. We’ve kicked off multiplication! However, every day will have a bit of continued practice with regrouping in subtraction as no one has completely mastered that difficult math process yet.

  • Monday- library                
  • Tuesday- swimming       
  • Thursday- PE

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

On Monday, Ms. Frida visited the class to work with them on life skills. She will be coming in for a session every 2 weeks. The P5 children worked with Ms. Grace in the IT lab this week, learning how to use Google Docs and to copy and save images from the internet.  Our country study posters are almost complete and will be displayed on the breezeway shortly. In Maths the children practiced multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits using the grid method (why not ask them to show it to you?) Any time spent reinforcing times tables facts at home is time well spent. We have been considering the benefits and negatives associated with migration. The children wrote an opinion piece on this topic. One line of argument was that migrants make a community more culturally diverse and for home learning this past week and next week the children are preparing for a cultural heritage presentation. This will take place in class on Thursday and the children will share an aspect of their culture with their classmates. The presentation should last for about 5 minutes. It is supposed to be something enjoyable and we are all looking forward to it. Please talk to your child about their presentation – they will not be able to do it without some support from home. Many thanks to Ms. Lydia who is supporting the residential students with this – they plan to cook some snacks for us to eat! Next week in UOI we will consider the challenges faced by refugees and hope to interview one past and one incoming student by email. Congratulations to Scarlett for winning a prize in Friday’s costume parade.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

Research filled the classroom this week with learners looking into their topic and finding organizations to visit. The P6 wrote their letters that I will send out to organizations. In the PYP we discourage children from emailing organizations directly to keep their identity safe. To prepare for their visit they wrote their interview questions to take with them or email to organizations. Next week I will email the organizations and begin organizing their trips. They are excited to begin this part of the research process. We were also lucky to have a special visit from Ms. Brunt to learn how to create a survey on google forms. The swimmers who missed class on Friday have been asked to play with it this weekend and make a survey for their classmates to fill out.

Today we wrapped up our last unit about media by hanging up the peace tray posters and getting the bulletin board up. Next week, they will distribute the peace tray kits to every primary class.

PYPx News

The PYP Exhibition is underway in the P6 classroom. We would like to invite anyone with expertise or knowledge in the following topics to come in and have an interview with the students. We would also like suggestions if you know of an organization in Moshi or Arusha that is connected to the topics they have chosen. You can email me at if you are able to provide some assistance to their research.

  • Women’s Rights and equality for girls- Rhea
  • Art as expression with a focus on abstract art- Vicky
  • Bicycling to help the community and environment- Otis
  • History of toys and how they help children develop- Nadia
  • Cultural Cooking of East Africa- Madiba and Solomon
  • Homelessness and children’s right to have a home- Christian
  • Access to electricity and how it affects quality of life- Walter
  • Healthy Diets and access to food- Ethan and Akil
  • Music with a focus on singing, making, and sharing music- Kaisaar and Jonathan
  • Poaching with a focus on rhinos- Josephine

Thank you for your help!

Sarah Brummel