Moshi Campus News – 19 Sep 2020

Moshi Campus News – 19 September 2020



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Thank You

This week we had about 30 parents join us for the Coffee Morning outside on the Green.  It was a nice time spent talking about the year so far and the year to come.  We may still be there if the sun had not been so strong and driven us for cover.  For those parents who are not able to attend events like this in person we will be having a Virtual Coffee Morning soon, so please be on the lookout for that Zoom invite.

As you can see below, our heroes finished off a week that for the primary had a MAP test focus.  The M1-M3 will be taking those this week. Before the October break parents from P4 to M3 will receive their individual test reports with the results from this year and previous tests as a comparison.

Trips were also a big item this week, two OP trips went out last weekend, the M2 had their interdisciplinary trip to Pangani and one OP trip heads out today.

And last, but not least, please see the schedule following of the UWC Day events this weekend and please join us for the different assemblies on Monday.  Parents, you are encouraged to wear blue and white as well.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus



Ujamaa means family life, and this is what you might miss every now and then. Families in the wider school community have been hosting Diploma students who like to get out of the school environment from time to time. These families are called Ujafamilies, and their Ujadaughters and Ujasons are all over the school! From other UWC’s we know that such students and their ‘link families’ may remain in touch for life. This link is a loose principle where some will want to come for a dinner or just hang out for a bit, others get rides to a camping trip, a church picnic or join a hash on a Sunday afternoon. Some Ujafamilies hosted their Ujachildren for a number of weeks when the school had to close earlier on this year. There are no strings attached for family or students in terms of frequency or programme. Some will choose not to go because of homework, others end up with friends visiting other students’ families.

The school will match students and families according to a questionnaire which needs to be filled in by the interested candidate students and families. They will also deal with any additional wishes or obstacles which arise. Some students were matched to families who moved elsewhere, those students are welcome to sign up again if they like.

There will be an information evening soon, details of which will be announced in an upcoming newsletter.

Marieke, Maria & Margaret


Halloween is just around the corner!
Friday, 30th October –  save the date!
Primary Celebrations in the afternoon on top pitch.

Secondary Celebrations in the evening on campus, Kishari House and the Brandsma House.

Start planning your costume and collecting wrapped candy.

There will be a wrapped candy donation box in the front office after the October break.

More details to follow!

Ben’s Corner

Today, we celebrated our first Spirit Day of the new year at UWC East Africa…and it was all organised by the Primary Student Voice. The theme of the day was to “Dress Like Your Hero.”

The morning started with a wonderful presentation from our P4 students, who shared stories of heroes from their own lives, heroes from history and, of course, super heroes. It was unexpectedly poignant at times and underlined the message of the day, that we can all be someone’s hero. As Maya Angelou said, “…a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” The heroes then paraded through the school where they were greeted with applause and cheers from their Secondary friends…and a special mention to the Secondary students and teachers who dressed up and joined in.

The heroes on display were a true celebration of our diverse and international community. There were jedis, suffragettes, family members, book characters, doctors, nurses, artists, naturalists, authors, dancers and, even, a special guest appearance from a fondly remembered old teacher!

Huge congratulations to the Primary Student Voice for organising such a successful event.

Today was the perfect introduction to another special occasion for our community, UWC Day, which falls on Monday to coincide with International Day of Peace. I am sure we will see many of you at the events planned across the weekend and at the special assemblies on Monday morning…do not forget to wear blue and white!

Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

This week has seen many of the D2 students focusing on the Core. They had the first whole year group deadline for the Extended Essay draft. Although not all students were able to submit it on time, those who needed an extension were proactive about asking for it. We have also been working with students on their time management.  At the same time the first round of TOK presentations have started. TOK or Theory of Knowledge is part of the core, it is unique in that it is a taught course but also integrated in to all subjects, students are encouraged to think about why they are learning and how knowledge is developed in each subject. In the presentation students take a real life situation and develop knowledge questions around it. If you are interested in learning more about TOK, an outside organization is offering a webinar for parents. Please sign up here.

A large group of students have been involved in planning a weekend of events to celebrate UWC Day. We hope those of you who are in Moshi are able to join us. For those of you who are not here, we will be posting photographs and videos on the school social media. Details can be found here.

A reminder from last week about Parent Conferences
On Friday October 2nd we will finish classes early to allow for physical parent conferences. You will be sent an email for the sign up for these. You will have the opportunity to make 10 minute appointments with the teachers to discuss your child’s progress. We strongly recommend your child accompanies you to this appointment. If you wish to meet with me, on that day either email me to make an appointment or just drop into my office.

We realise that for many of you coming to campus is not possible, so please contact your child’s teacher directly and arrange a mutually convenient time to talk to them via Zoom. If you would be more comfortable with a conversation by email that is also possible. If you log into ManageBac and click on a subject the teacher’s email will be shown.

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

From the Counselor

Thinking ahead to the October break (just two weeks away!), it is important to realize that there will be people experiencing this time in a variety of ways. This will be a great time to relax and recover from all the activity associated with returning to school after a long time away, but it is also an important opportunity to reflect and refocus for the quarter ahead. We strongly encourage taking some time to prepare for the break, how it can be best utilized, and how to take a “Super Break” using some of the information shared in this week’s  Wellness Wednesday Weekly. In addition, we realize that for some, this break will be difficult because they won’t be able to get away, or engage in activities they wish were possible. For those who may be experiencing challenges as they think about the coming break, we welcome you to reach out to the counseling team to productively plan to make the most of the time.

This week our students were able to participate in two informative presentations with institutions in the US, and engage in another international fair. Our students have amazing access to admissions specialists from all around the world. This Tuesday our students have an excellent opportunity to participate in a major fair with 48 UWC Davis Scholar Partner institutions. We strongly encourage full participation in this event. Please access registration and all resources to plan ahead for the event via this link.

We continue to encourage everyone to make the most of the upcoming events to explore the post secondary options that exist around the world. Here is the current list, which continues to change each week with new opportunities added for your consideration. Please take a look and plan ahead:

Take care and continue to persevere,

UWCEA School Counseling Team

Outdoor Pursuits

Monduli Flatland L1
From 12th to 13th September, a group of students from our school had the opportunity to participate in the Flatland Level 1 OP Trip. The trip started at the Masai Market in Monduli. Then, together with a guide, the participants walked for 5 hours through picturesque villages admiring the extraordinary mountain landscapes. Then at about 4 p.m. the pupils reached the camping site, pitched the tents and started preparing dinner. In the evening everyone sat around the campfire and so the first day ended. The next day, after the morning wake up, the participants admired the mountain peaks in the background of the rising sun. After cleaning the camp, it was time for breakfast and around 10.00 a.m. the students set off on their way back. Unusual views, diverse landscapes and an unforgettable adventure are certainly the hallmark of this trip.

North Pare Mountain Hike Level 1B
Tanzania is a country full of activities, one of the best is hiking. The Pare Mountains are among the best mountain ranges in East Africa. Everything about this trip was amazing.  We had a really good time, we left school at 10:00 AM and went to a small town on the foot of the mountain. We arrived there at 12:30. First we had lunch before starting the activity. First, we went through a flat land for almost 1KM then we started the proper hiking. The first KM of hiking we went through villages, thereafter we went in the forest for 4KM.
I have done hiking before but never with a backpack, so my back was hurting, however, other parts of my body were ok. Many people said that going back down was harder than going up, but it was not that hard, for me it was easier. I also talked to other people who went on the trip and they told me that going down was easier for them. During the trip I was ok, my muscles started to hurt when I went out of the bus back at school. Otherwise the trip was very good. I really enjoyed it.

MYP News

As the Quarter comes to a close, we have a few important dates for the parents and guardians of our MYP students.  The first important date is Tuesday September 29th at 7:30 AM, in Rafiki Hall. I will be hosting a talk about the MYP, “The MYP for Parents.”  During the session I will try to explain the MYP in such a way that you are able to understand the nuts and bolts of our program and how to navigate ManageBac.  After the presentation I will post the information for anyone who cannot attend.

The second important date is Friday October 2nd, parent teacher conferences. Sessions will be 10 minutes and you must sign up ahead of time.  Please do not register for back to back sessions as it is impossible to achieve.  I suggest meeting with teachers of the courses where you have the greatest concern and then schedule something with the other teachers after the October break.

We are having MAP testing for M1 to M3 this week so please make sure you child is well rested and heads to school with a good breakfast. The testing takes place in the mornings Monday through Thursday so we need the students here on time.  We do have a make-up day scheduled but it’s better to be here and get it done.

You are invited to join us Monday for the UWC Day Assembly in Rafiki Hall.  Students should remember to dress in Blue and White.

I hope you have a lovely week.  Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.

Jeanne Aman – MYP Coordinator

Sports Update

A quick reminder to keep our students safe.  Some of the soccer players are starting to turn up to training without shin guards again.  Parents/coaches/players please make sure students have shin guards for both training and games.  It is a really easy way to prevent most of the injuries reported to the nurse and should help prevent a serious injury from happening. Caches have been asked to not allow students to participate if they do not have shin guards.

Save the date.  On Tuesday the 3rd of November we will hold our PYP Athletics day and on Wednesday the 4th we will hold our MYP/DP Athletics day.  Please come along to support, parents if anyone could help on either day it would be greatly appreciated.

Tennis with Coach Charles
Tennis with Coach Charles continues with him offering private and/or group lessons Wednesdays at 3:30pm to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9.30am to 11.30am. Please contact Coach Charles at the courts at the above-mentioned times or call/message on 0710606766. 

PYP Saturday Soccer
Saturday Soccer is back up and running with Mr T and several of our skilled M5, D1 & D2 students helping to run the club.  It kicks off at 9am and finishes at 10.30am just in time for the PYP swim squad to get their laps in.

Go Leopards
Robin Marsh?

Community Activities

PYP News

The primary school was full of heroes on Friday and what a wonderful time we all had. Heads were held high as MYP and DP students clapped for the younger ones while they paraded around school. A big thank you to all the students who did this. Indeed, a hero does not need to wear a cape. Thank you P4 for authenticating this to us in your assembly on Friday.

The UWC Day assembly will be held on Monday morning at 10:30am in the space behind P2/3 and P4 classrooms. You are invited to attend. The dress code for the day will be blue and white so please remind your children to dress accordingly. 

On Wednesday the 30th of September, we will be holding our annual goal setting conferences. A sign up link will be sent to you this coming week where you can sign up for a 15 minute slot with your class teacher. Please sign up early in order to get the slot you need.

As we make plans for end of quarter holidays, remember clubs will finish on Tuesday the 29th September.

Mboka Mwasongwe, Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinators

Student Voice

The best part about being in the PYP is the enthusiasm that students and teachers show everyday. Today, all of PYP dressed up as their hero, and what a success that was. Thank you to everyone who helped make today a great day. We hope you all thrive to be like the heroes you dressed up as.

A big congratulations to:
Ms. Deborah, Alice (P3) and Vicky (P5) for their awards for The Most Creative Hero, The Most Original Hero and The Best Home Made Hero.

EC/P1 Class

Thank you to all the parents who helped us dress up as our heroes on Friday. We had a wonderful morning. I believe the biggest highlight was walking around campus and receiving claps from the older students. The children felt like heroes and each one walked proud. Our class is very unique and each one brings in something to the class that only they can bring. They inspire us teachers to work even harder for them every day.

To celebrate our uniqueness, we used an ink pad to record our fingerprints. We then used magnifying glasses to try and find two that looked the same. It was a surprise to the children when they couldn’t find any. They then drew out their own fingerprints which you will be able to see on our board.

This coming week, we will be focusing on our emotions. What do we look like when we are happy or sad? How can we use our emotions well?

Please do not forget to let your children dress up in blue and white for UWC Day on Monday.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P 2/3 Class

The cutest part about this year’s class is how well they get along. Every morning, we’ve been counting down the days to Milo’s birthday party, and the students have been telling us how excited they are to attend it. Sometimes, as the teacher, you can’t help but feel like you’re excluded from the cool kids club; especially when the only thing you can offer is being obsessed with drawing lines, graphing, and making sure all students are brushing their teeth for 2 minutes in a circular motion.

Naturally having cool kids means we have cool parents. Thank you Mama Tiago for coming in to make guacamole with us, and Mama Luana for coming in to make superhero smoothies.

A big thank you to the parents and students for dressing up for this week’s Spirit Day.

Monday 21st September 2020 is UWC Day. We encourage all students to come in dressed in blue and white to celebrate UWC Day and the International Day of Peace. There will be an assembly at 10:30am outside the EC area to which parents are invited.

Elisha Jaffer

P4 Class

Wow! What a week in P4! Everyone in class was pleased with the presentation in the Primary Gathering. I think it exemplified the range of interests that we have in class. We are grateful that so many parents were able to attend. The students also did a remarkable job of staying on task during their first MAP tests. We are looking forward to wrapping up this unit by creating posters that focus on Heroes. We will be reading biographies and learning how to write them. We will also be focusing on telling time.

Talking points with kids: favorite part of the assembly

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

The P5 class completed Reading, Language and Maths MAP tests this week. The results will be shared with you before the October break. We had a great turnout for “Dress as your hero” day. 100% of the children were in costume – what great spirit! Next week the children will finish their posters on their chosen human rights activist and will work on their summative assessment for the unit. They will consider the best way of informing people about their human rights. We will spend some time setting learning goals and these will be shared with you at the 3 way conference on Wednesday, 30th September. On Monday the PYP will be celebrating UWC Day. We will have an assembly at 10:30 (in the covered are behind Ms. Elisha’s room) which will be followed by an art activity where we create friendship flags to hang on the breezeway. The children should dress in blue and white.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

The P6 did a spectacular job presenting their government posters today. In teams of two, they researched one of the types of governments we are studying in class. They are becoming professional presenters by speaking clearly and creating informative posters. Today was also fun since they got to be superheroes and participate in a parade, with the secondary students cheering them along. To top it off, they had a good time playing with their EC/P1 buddies during our buddy time.

Next week, the excitement will continue. During our Peace Day assembly, the P6 will be reading poems they wrote about peace. I will record them and put them on Seesaw for you to see. They will also share their posters on Seesaw next Monday. So, please keep an eye out for some great new content on our SeeSaw page.

Just a friendly reminder to have your child wear blue and white for Peace Day next Monday. Hopefully this generation can do a better job at keeping the peace on this planet. Go Peace!

Sarah Brummel