Moshi Campus News – 26 Sep 2020

Moshi Campus News – 26 September 2020



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Approaching the Break

As we are approaching the break, I would like to say thank you to everyone that made this first quarter successful. The time has flown by and for the most part we are very much back into a normal school year.

This Wednesday we look forward to seeing the primary parents and students for conferences – please note there are no PYP classes on this day.  On Friday we all finish at break so that the secondary conferences can occur starting at 10am.

Classes start back on Thursday the 15th so we look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and ready to go then.

I would like to wish all students and families a pleasant and relaxing break whether you plan to remain here in Moshi or travel.

Have a great break.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


Mini Swim Gala

We will be hosting a fun mini gala for the active members of our Leopard Sharks Primary & Varsity swimming teams. All parents of swimmers are most welcome to attend and cheer for their children – the louder you shout, the faster they will swim! We are hoping to see some nice, fast PB’s (personal best times). There will also be a fun relay team race – not to be missed! For those students (and even parents of avid swimmers) who are not a member of the club, please come and watch and see what we do, maybe we can inspire you to join up too!

DATE: 29 September, TIME: 14:30 onwards PLACE: UWC Moshi swimming pool


Like previous years we will be celebrating Halloween, this time on Friday the 30th of October. This is an optional event which takes place outside of school hours.

Primary Celebrations

The Primary trunk or treat will take place on the top pitch in the afternoon. Traditionally we hold a trunk or treat where parents (and some teachers) decorate their cars and the children walk around participating in activities and collecting candy. Several of the parents who used to participate in this event have left UWCEA so we need more volunteers if this event is to be possible. If you are interested in signing up please email

Secondary Celebrations

The Secondary Celebration will take place on Friday evening, 24 hours before full moon, when Nocturnal Moshi comes alive! Save the date and prepare yourself! The Secondary Halloween Event will be for brave P5/P6 students (accompanied by a parent), Middle Years students, Diploma students and parents. As the Halloween Celebration has become a very big event over the years, we will be working with a ticket system more details of which will follow later. For more information or to volunteer to help out please contact: Christine Brandsma:

Please start planning your costume and collecting wrapped candy.

There will be a wrapped candy donation box in the front office after the October break.

Save the date!

Travel Information Request

We are approaching the October holiday break.  Classes will finish on Friday October 2nd and resume on Thursday October 15th. In a regular year we would be closing the residence halls during this time, but with the travel challenges we will be keeping the MYP and DP residential halls open for students whose parents reside outside Tanzania due to quarantine challenges. 

If you are a parent of a residential student, to help us with this we request you complete the following form to help us prepare for those staying and those traveling. Thank you for your cooperation so we can best support students.


Last week you should have received an email concerning signing up for conferences. If you have not please use the link to access the signup list for your child.

Conferences for Primary are all day on Wednesday so there are no classes.  Conferences for Secondary are Friday from 10am to 12:30pm for face to face. If you need a zoom conference please contact the teacher directly to schedule a time.

Ben’s Corner

Teachers wear many hats. Being a teacher is like combining a number of professions across any given day. I have heard it compared to juggling or spinning plates, trying to keep so many things up in the air at once and doing all one can to prevent everything crashing to the ground. Counsellor, Life Coach, Nurse, Detective, Content Expert, Critical Friend, Sports Coach, Mediator, Motivational Speaker, Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side…the list can sometimes seem endless.

As famous ex-teacher and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Angela’s Ashes,” Frank McCourt once said, “you are a drill sergeant, a rabbi, a shoulder to cry on, a disciplinarian, a singer, a low-level scholar, a clerk, a referee, a clown, a counselor, a dress-code enforcer, a conductor, an apologist, a philosopher, a collaborator, a tap dancer, a politician, a therapist, a fool, a traffic cop, a priest, a mother-father-brother-sister-uncle-aunt, a bookkeeper, a critic, a psychologist, and the last straw.”

One thing I enjoy about my role (but which is also exhausting in equal measure!) is the scope. I get to be involved with learning from EC through to D2. One thing that continues to both surprise and reassure me is the constant connections between learning and the UWCEA experience for our youngest and oldest learners.

For example, this morning, I went from teaching an M5 Life Skills lesson on redefining our relationship with stress to being interviewed by a group of EC/P1 students about what I do when I am angry. There were many crossovers. Life as a DP subject teacher may seem far removed from that of, say, a P2/3 classroom teacher but there are more similarities than differences. Both want what is best for their students, both are concerned about well-being, both do all they can do facilitate learning, both strive to support the students as they make sense of their world. Both are trying to keep their plates spinning.

One thing is for sure, it is certainly never dull.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus

Diploma News

Last weekend saw the celebration of UWC Day with various events taking place organized by DP Students. We started with a campus clean up and students picked up litter from all over the campus. Hopefully this will be a regular event. At the same time a group of students repaired the cob bench in the playground. They used plastic bottles picked up in the clean up stuffed with bags that T shirts came in and mud and manure from the stables.

In the afternoon DP students worked with PYP students to make musical instruments and then taught them how to make music with them and also how to do body percussion. These students then performed in the assembly on Monday.

On Sunday we had the National Dress parade with students from all over the world showing off their national dress and flags.  We have plans with the PTA for International Day when we can show these off again.

During the weekend students and parents were encouraged to write United We Can (the theme for UWC Day) on the wall of the advancement office, if you haven’t already done this please do so.

On Monday we had three assemblies – PYP, MYP and DP organized by students with the support of the coordinators. While we could not have a common assembly, we had common ideas. Ms Anna spoke in all three and the tradition of drumming in the school by the youngest and oldest student took place with the drum being carried around. All groups had a chance to take part in activities about how we are united including all dancing to music from a variety of cultures and finding other students who had something in common with them.

Thank you to everyone who organised or took part in activities.

This weekend we have DP students involved in OP trips. On campus we have the SATs tests taking place and also students taking exams for entrance to UK medical schools. There is also a student representing his country in the Global Competition on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

A couple of reminders
If you are interested in learning more about TOK, please look into this seminar for parents.

On Friday we close early for parent conferences. If you are unable to attend physically please contact the teacher and arrange a time for a conference on Zoom.

I would like to wish all students a pleasant and relaxing break whether they remain here in Moshi or travel.

Margaret Brunt – DP Coordinator

MYP News

This week sees the end of our first quarter, and I know we are all excited about some down time with friends and family.  With that in mind, please encourage and support your student to give us their best this week knowing a much-needed rest is on the horizon.

MYP parents (and future MYP parents) please join me in Rafiki Hall on Tuesday morning at 7:30 for a presentation on the MYP.  I hope to further explain the MYP and its many facets in a more user-friendly way. My goal is to help you understand the program and the system by which we evaluate your child throughout the program.  I will have a presentation that I will then share with parents that are unable to attend and am happy to field any and all questions.

MYP MAP testing is all but complete, we have a few students who will finish on Monday and then we will be able to send home results.  Thank you for helping us with the process and getting your children to school well rested and attentive.

Dear MYP parents, please discuss the importance of academic honesty and integrity in your child’s work at school.  I have recently run into a few cases of plagiarism. It is something we take seriously and need the students to understand the importance of integrity in the production of their own work.  With so much available on the internet and the ease with which students can “cut and paste” it is easy to fall victim to taking the easy way out.  The teachers are all aware of the issue and will be ever more vigilant in checking the students work and working with them to ensure they understand how to research without copying. In addition to plagiarism there have also been a few situations where students have been using extremely inappropriate language on campus. We have all ages roaming and enjoying the beauty of our school and must remind all the students that they are responsible for keeping the environment safe and appropriate at all times.

One more week, I hope to see you on Tuesday.  Stay safe and well.

Jeanne Aman – MYP Coordinator

Outdoor Pursuits

The OP level 1 bike trip was lots of fun. The route was mainly downhill with the occasional uphill. There were a lot of lovely views. We spent the night in a very windy and thorny campsite! We had a campfire and we did some stargazing and chatting. The food was great and we all enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks to Mr. Mustafa, Mr. Coldwell and Mr. Salimu.

This weekend there are trips to Kilomeni and Longido.

Community Activities

From The Counselor

This week we continued to see students adjust to the increasing workload and deadlines. Some are utilizing well established strategies to cope with stressful situations, while others are working to develop them in a variety of ways. Learning how to express emotions and needs in a healthy way is an essential skill that we are supporting students in a variety of ways. In some of the DP Life Skills classes, the students spent some time listening to each other and restating what they heard in order to practice active listening as we continue to build community.

In addition, students were introduced to a model for adjustment to life at UWCEA, especially for those new to the residential community. The model for adjusting to culture shock in a new environment was shared with some students as we explored the ways students are adapting to being back at school and in a new place for many. Please feel free to learn more about the W-Curve model on this link

In addition to encouraging everyone to learn more about self-care through self-talk in this week’s Wellness Wednesday Weekly, we welcome you to explore a few other resources that may be beneficial to reflect on during the break that begins next week after conferences:

  1. Join Deep Kindness for a day long event focused on how to create more kindness in our world. This is for adults and children with a structure that allows you to stay as long as you would live during the LIVE 13 hour event on 29 September. Link to register
  2. On 2 October 2020 the CASEL CARES program is providing the opportunity to join a presentation with Dr. Marc Brackett from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence on how adults can support children with managing their emotions during these unusual times. Link to register for the event live or receive a recording

We were so fortunate to have an opportunity to engage with over 40 different UWC Davis Scholar Partner institutions at the UWC Virtual Visit event on Tuesday night. UWC students from around the world were able to learn some foundational information about the US application process, financial aid, and the transition to life at university in the US. Then, they had a chance to meet with admissions representatives who answered individual questions, and made themselves available for interviews in the days and weeks following the event. The introductory presentations can be accessed on this link if you would like to learn more to assist your child during their application process. In addition, you can still access the websites, videos, and links for interviews from the event on this link.

In closing, students have access to the current list of upcoming virtual presentations that our students and families are encouraged to plan to explore. 

Take care and continue to persevere,

UWCEA School Counseling Team

PYP News

The children have enjoyed attending all the varied activities offered to them as after school clubs this quarter. Sports, science experiments, scratch programming, planting aloe vera, baking cookies, planning spirit days, encouraging the teachers and chess are just a few examples of what we have all been up to. As we come to the end of the quarter, the last day of clubs being Tuesday, let us all say thank you to all who have given their time to run these activities for us.

Goal setting conferences will be held on Wednesday the 30th. If you have not yet signed up, please do so through the link you received. We are looking forward to meeting with you and your child(ren) on that day. There will be no classes on this day.

The last day of the quarter will be on Friday. P2/3 will be presenting during the primary gathering. Classes will end at 10:00 when you can pick up up your child.

Deborah Mills & Mboka Mwasongwe – PYP Coordinators

Student Voice

Feeling lonely? Need a hug? How about making a new friend?

Student Voice introduces the Friendship Bench. A bench that we hope will transform and bring happiness to your days!

Contact your Student Voice rep for more information!

EC/P1 Class

This week, the children have been exploring emotions and how to read feelings on faces. They explored sadness and anger. They thought through activities they would do when feeling sad. Getting a hug from mom and dad came out tops followed by doing something they love. They also interviewed peers, teachers and parents who were available, asking them what strategies they use to calm down when feeling angry. Next week, they will be working in groups to create posters to share their findings. Please share some strategies with them at home. This will help as we think through what to place in our posters.

Thank you to all the parents who signed up for the goal setting conferences on Wednesday. If you haven’t yet, please use the link that was sent to you to do so. I am looking forward to meeting with you. Please do not forget to come with your child. You will receive the goal setting sheet on Monday for you to go through with your child before the meeting. You will need to come with it on Wednesday.

This coming Friday, P2/3 will be presenting during the primary gathering and EC/P1 will be the MCs.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of school is coming to an end. What an incredible time it has been getting to know this fun group of children.

This week, we’ve been wrapping up our unit of inquiry, we’ve had such a great time conducting experiments and being surprised by the discoveries we’ve made. In math, students independently completed an activity to find out what their favourite food is.  It still surprises me how popular sushi is in our classroom. We’ve been learning about place value, and have begun to add 2 digit addition questions.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Primary Gathering next week. Please refer to my email regarding the Healthy Food Party that will take place after the gathering.

A huge happy 7th birthday goes out to Milo this week!

Elisha Jaffer

P4 Class

Our class has been so busy this week with making Hero posters. Students have done a nice job with reading biographies and trying to summarize and present what they’ve learned. We’ve also been reading lots together and answering questions about amazing Heroes of History. It was definitely an inspiring week. We are looking forward to discussing goals during our Parent-Student-Teacher conferences on Wednesday. Please remember that clubs are only on Monday and Tuesday, there are no classes for Primary students on Wednesday and that Friday is an abbreviated day. We will continue our focus on telling time to the minute – please ask your child to tell you the time often!

Talking points with kids: Rosa Parks or Louis Braille

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

We had a great time on Monday celebrating our second UWC day. The photo shows the P5 students in their blue and white clothes – the colours of peace. The PYP children made peace and friendship flags that are fluttering in the breeze near Mr. Morley’s office. The children have finished their biographies of their chosen human rights activist and are now thinking of how they can take action themselves. Mr. Peter and Dr. Heriel from KCMC spoke to us about the challenges faced by People With Albinism (PWA). Next week the P5 students will plan how they can  help PWA enjoy their human rights. Everyone has made a set of flashcards to keep multiplication and division skills sharp. We have been working on some very simple algebra and have also considered the function of brackets in an equation. We will continue to work on these areas next week. Please note that the last day for clubs is Tuesday and that we will have 3 way conferences (student, parent, teacher) on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you there.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

Time is flying in the P6! We will be sharing our end of the unit summatives next week on Friday. Everyone has been working on them at home to share what they have learned about different systems of government. On Monday, we will create a rubric together for them to look over their work and make any final changes. They just sent out emails to people in a dozen countries around the world to see how governments responded to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Today in Life Skills we discussed manners. Some ideas that came up were using positive body language with eye contact, as well as saying please, thank you, and excuse me. They also brought up the importance of putting down a screen when someone is talking to them. I will share some skits on See Saw that show the right and wrong way to use respectful manners. The class enjoyed a well-deserved Rock Party this week, during which, I got to play legos with the class. We all had a great time!

Sarah Brummel