Moshi Campus News – 21 Nov 2021

Moshi Campus News – 21 November 2021


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Sports Weekend

This week we have a very brief newsletter for you.  After a UWC only Sports Weekend last year we have a more normal weekend this year. At least normal as far as Sports Weekends go. There are over 700 students here this weekend participating in a variety of team and individual events.

Thank you to all those who have made this weekend possible. The Sports team led by Mr Gilbert, the support staff, the parents, the teachers, the students and all those that have put in a lot of hard work leading up to the weekend and on the weekend itself.

I cannot say enough about the sportsmanship and desire to play exhibited by all the students I have seen so far. While sport may be the feature it is the opportunity to play and the friendships that I think people remember most.

Please see the picture of the opening below and look for more pictures in next week’s newsletter.

There are some other important upcoming events listed below as well so please take note.

Bob Cofer

Upcoming Events

Dear Moshi Community,

Blood donation is such an important event. It means a lot for people and will save lives.  As a UWC school and community in Moshi, we have to understand that people in our surrounding areas need our support. It is for these reason our school will have a blood drive on Friday the 26th of November from 7:30 AM to 7PM in Rafiki hall.



Please look around your home for goods that may help these two students with their ability to donate to the centres that support homeless children.

Dear Everyone,

I am collecting food donations for my action. My topic is about hunger and access to healthy food. The box will be outside Room 15. Please donate food in cans or packed items like beans and rice. The donations will be going to Msamaria Center for Street Children.

Thank you,



My name is Christian. For my PYPx I am learning about homeless children. For one of my actions, I am collecting donations. They need shoes, clothes, or other things that kids use. They depend on donations like this. Please help the children at Msamaria Center and the Amani Centre.

Thank you,


Student Government

The terms are running out for our current Secondary Student Government. We will be holding assemblies to discuss the new elections of our Co-Presidents and three key committees: Cultural, Well-Being and Activities. In addition to this, we are now adding new roles for class reps in M1, M2 and M3, respectively.

This, combined with our Primary Voice, will be the leaders and organizers of student activities as well as have direct involvement with important campus discussions. I am excited to see students take risks, take on responsibility and nominate themselves into the various positions to build on the work of our current Student Government.

Good luck to all those considering these exciting leadership opportunities ahead.

MYP/DP Service

Simba Footprints visit to the foundation

On November 10th, 2021, The Simba Footprint Foundation service group went to visit and undertake some activities with the foundation’s children. Members of the group visited the children and conducted three activities with them: football, crafts, and instructing the older girls on how to use reusable pads (provided through a generous donation). The group members were received with enthusiasm and care. We had a great time with them and are already busy planning activities for our future visits to them.

Written by Joed and Yuvraj

PYP News

Some dates for your diary:

Friday, 26th November

  • P1 to P6 are invited to take part in Family Feud – a trivia afternoon designed especially for the primary children. The quiz will take place behind Ms. Elisha’s class from 4-5pm on Friday 26th November 2021. It is free of charge, and teams will be mixed and made on the day.

Friday, 3rd December – 2 events

  • 7:40am – PYP sharing assembly
  • 4:00pm onwards – whole school Afternoon of the Arts with performances, food, crafts and drink stalls, face painting and more

Monday, 6th December

  • Parent Teacher Conferences – a sign up link will be emailed to you.

Tuesday, 7th December

  • The P6 class will present their PYP Exhibition.

Mboka Mwasongwe & Deborah Mills

Students touring the new residential extension and learning about the new building style being used.

Outdoor Pursuits

Students were on both Plains and Peaks trips last weekend and Rides next weekend. More details on next semester’s trips will be coming out soon.