Moshi Campus News – 24 Apr 2022

Moshi Campus News – 24 April 2022



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What a weekend

This weekend has been a happening one. Things kicked off with the assembly to celebrate the last day of D2 classes, followed by the whole school clapout to say goodbye. Friday night a great night at the Prom with a vast majority of our M5 to D2 students attending. Thank you to those that contributed to making both of these events run so smoothly.

Saturday was a whirlwind on campus in the morning to get setup for International Day. Our PTA led this wonderful event with a lot of support from parents, teachers and our student government. They worked hard to put together a fun day for all. Thank you to everyone that cooked and provided the great array of treats. I must say the selection of clothes and performances as well was fun to behold. The day culminated with the fashion walk highlighting some of the national dress. This day was a fundraiser as well for PTA and a successful one as well. Part of this is due to the generosity of those that contributed goods and services to the raffle and auction.

From there we had the African themed fashion night. The student committee with support from Marlies and crew put together a very professional looking event that included specialty designed clothes and masks from different regions of the continent. The auction of these items after generated additional funds. Please see the pictures below to see more from the weekend.

Looking forward, on Monday we have an Assembly for Earth Day. Additionally, this week we have the PYP MAP tests starting Monday and the DP Exams starting Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, we have the school production as you can see below and on Thursday a group heads out on an OP trip.

Please note that Tuesday April 26th is Union Day and there will be no classes. Also, tentatively Monday May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd will be holidays for Eid. We will update you on these when we have a more definitive confirmation.

Bob Cofer

Images from the Prom, International Day and the Fashion Show.


Ben’s Corner

As we prepare for the next round of exciting community events, I am drawn to the hugely popular Swahili phrase, “pamoja tunaweza.” Together we can. In a community like UWCEA, as these newsletters attest to, there is never (ever!) a dull moment on campus and the days are always full.

It is impossible to be involved in everything. It is almost impossible to even keep a track of everything! It is certainly impossible to acknowledge all the people who make each and every event a reality. However, suffice to say, creating such a dynamic, rich and vibrant school, an environment so full of diverse opportunities, requires a great deal of ongoing effort, time and energy from a large number of people. Planning and preparation for the days ahead has been long, complex and changeable. Many stakeholders have come together in various capacities all with the same common goal, to celebrate and showcase our unique community.

It is not surprising that things can feel rushed and, even, ‘last minute’ at times but this is often because the school is moving so swiftly from one event to the next…and the next and so on. Again, if we appreciate the enormous amount of extracurricular events the teachers, students and parents commit to week after week, it is easy to understand why UWCEA is such a special place.

So, thank you to those that came and supported the community at the International Day and the Fashion Shows and I invite you to please come along and support the school production next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Look for ways you can add value to the community and be involved yourself and, remember, when we are constantly moving onto the next thing, it is important to stop and smell the flowers from time to time.

Ben Morley

DP News

This has been a short week but it has been intense for the D2 students. On Wednesday and Thursday, they had the last lessons of their secondary schooling. Friday was a day of celebration. They had an assembly with the D1 students which started with a mountain of certificates being presented. They were certificates for Reefs OP trips, Plains OP trips, Peeks OP trips, Honour Roll and Learner Profile Awards. The students who summitted Kilimanjaro were given a chance to talk about their experience. There were “Most likely to” awards and student performances, which included a song composed by a student. We moved on to students presenting their college destinations and speeches by teachers.

We ended, as has become traditional, with the song ‘Africa’ by Toto. This was sung at the opening ceremony when we became a UWC and I was impressed by how many people know the adaptations we made and could sing along.

After this we made our way to the playground, accompanied by a band, and with the whole school there to “Clap Out” the students. There were people holding posters to say goodbye to students and many of these were filled with goodbye messages afterwards. There were tears throughout the experience as fitting for the end of this journey.

There was a pool party and then prom to finish off a lovely day.

Margaret Brunt

From the Counselors

D1 Virtual Parent Meeting Rescheduled for Thursday, April 28

D1 college application preparation has started. The University Counselors of the Moshi and Arusha campus invite you to join us for a D1 Virtual Parent Meeting on Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 8-9 pm EAT. In this meeting we will cover the following topics:

  • UWC Guidelines and Expectations document
  • Helping your student with their college list
  • Finances: costs covered by scholarships and those that are not
  • Gap Year Recommendations
  • Dates and Deadlines for the application processes

We want to keep you involved in the college, gap year, or other alternatives your students may be thinking about as we go into fall 2023.

There is no RSVP required for attending the Virtual Parent meeting on Thursday, April 28 from 8-9 pm EAT. Your D1 student is welcome to join. Please use this zoom link to join. This meeting will be recorded. If you have questions to be answered in the meeting please send them to

Andrea Kitomary

MYP News

What Happens After the Break?
Growth Mindset Episode #20
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” —John Dewey

As we start the final quarter of this academic year, MYP learners are exploring their final units in each of their subjects. It is important to refresh our memories after a long break about the fundamentals of teaching and learning in the MYP.

Holistic learning

The MYP offers an approach to teaching and learning that embraces yet exceeds the focus on traditional subjects. While insisting on thorough study of various disciplines, the MYP accentuates the interrelationship between them, so advancing a holistic view of learning.

Intercultural awareness: the MYP aims to foster understanding among young people by encouraging students to consider multiple perspectives.

Communication: the MYP supports inquiry and understanding, and allows student reflection and expression.

Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning:
Open Inquiry

  • Build upon prior experiences and inquire about the overarching concepts
  • Display the tools, materials
  • Begin with the student’s question
  • Continue with student(s) designing and conducting the investigation or experiment
  • Complete the learning cycle by communicating the results

Guided Inquiry

  • Teacher selects the over arching question
  • Whole Class or groups of students work to assist in developing the laboratory procedure and learn specific skills needed for future open-inquiries.
  • Using the data gathered or provided, students generate explanations
  • Findings and claims are communicated

Structured Inquiry

  • Inquiry guided by the teacher
  • Students follow teacher directions to come up with a specific end point or product
  • The teacher asks the class to discuss the results when the inquiry is complete

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • May 12th -Personal Project Exhibition
  • May 25th – May 27th – End of Year Summatives for M5
  • May 31st- June 2nd – End of Year Summatives for M4
  • June 3rd – M5 Ceremony

Farah Fawaz 

Residential Life

Karibu Sana to all,

What can I say, it would not be a wonderful first week back here at UWCEA – Moshi if we didn’t start off with an array of diverse activities to suit all ages. Firstly, I am thrilled to see over 170 residential students back from all corners of the globe before school started and by Sunday we are expecting to be back to full capacity. It has been refreshing to see them all and to hear about their wonderful break. Whilst I know many D2’s remained on campus studying, the journey for them is fast approaching an end.

Logistically speaking, from here we look to monitor the well-being of our D2’s, harness the focus of our D1’s and encourage our MYP students to finish well and support their peers.

Before we get into the thick of the routine which is outlined throughout this newsletter, I wanted to welcome our two new M4 students Kendwa and Martin joining us from Kenya. I know they will be a great addition to our residential community.

The weekend presented itself with an amazing opportunity to be involved in our Diploma celebrations outlined by Margaret and our second official UWCEA – Moshi Prom. This year it was held at Jackfruit Café and was a night to remember.

Furthermore, this weekend hosted our PTA led International Day. There were international stands with food to purchase, music, games, events, performances, and a realm of amazing raffle prizes. This is to name but a few highlights of the day. Further to this, the International Day concluded with a mini fashion show with the day’s national outfits as a precursor to the African themed fashion show. This amazing show was thoroughly planned by D2 students with assistance from our residential parents and the expertise of Marlies. The show was a marvel and thank you to everyone who bought something at the auction.

Mr Johnston

Sports Update

Afternoon Sports and Activities start on Monday
Welcome to the new quarter. Our afternoon sports and activities will commence on Monday. We also have a few sports fixtures scheduled during this short quarter. Please look out for that and more soon.

Our program relies on the services of volunteers from our community, be they students, parents and teachers. Please be sure to say thank you when you meet or see them.

As always, I am always available to answer any questions you may have about the sports and activities program. Should you have any, feel free to email me on

Gilbert Kaburu

Outdoor Pursuits

Welcome back for the final quarter of the year. I hope all OP students have had a restful April break and are ready to get into the Tanzanian experience again. Our Peaks program is taking a bit of a break this quarter after what can only be described as a hectic quarter 3. Rides trips have been postponed as we revamp the program with respects to locations. This is primarily focused on moving away from cycling on roads. Plains will have their Level 4 where students will be walking in the Maramboi Wildlife Management Area, surrounded by all types of game, great practice for the Level 5 next year where they will be amongst the great migration. Now that the Kaskazi winds have ended the sea has become calm again and the Reefs Program is cramming in 3 trips to take advantage of this, a Level 1, 2 and 5.

  • Reefs Level 1 – Thursday 28th April to Sunday 1st May
  • Plains Level 4 – Saturday 7th May to Tuesday 10th May
  • Reefs Level 5 – Saturday 14th May to Wednesday 18th May
  • Reefs Level 2 – Friday 10th June to Monday the 13th June

Robin Marsh

PYP News

It was lovely to see all of the children back at school, happy and refreshed after the holiday. It was also good to see so many of the PYP children on campus on Saturday, enjoying the International Day celebrations. Well done to all the PYP fashion show participants. Many thanks to all of the parents and community members who made this lovely day possible.

Next week, on Wednesday and Thursday, there will be performances of the secondary school production, “10 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse”. Details of the production can be found elsewhere in the newsletter. This has been given a PG10 rating. Children in P5 and P6 would probably enjoy the performance (note that it features zombies and some blood) but attendance is at parental discretion.

Be sure to check your email and sign your child up for After School Clubs. These will begin on Monday. A reminder that children should go straight home after their club as there is no supervision provided on campus.

Next week the P4 – P6 children will complete online MAP assessments. No special preparation is necessary – just a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

The photo shows the PYP children in their dress as a book character costumes, from the week before the break.

A reminder that Ms. Grace Yohane is collecting simple reading books (just a few words on each page) for the daycare students. There is a box in Mr. Morley’s office.

Please note that there are no classes on Tuesday, 26th April, due to the Union Day holiday.

Deborah Mills & Mboka Mwasongwe

PYP Student Voice

At the end of Quarter 3, the Primary Student Voice challenged students and adults to participate in the UWCEA Just Desserts Bake Off. We had a number of students and adults enter and the competition was fierce. Tough decisions had to be made but we found our winners.


  • 2nd Place – Greener and Felix Feng for Guoqui
  • 1st Place – Hardev Kaur and Tejvir Bhamra for Gulab Jamun


  • 3rd Place – Hazel Wieringa for Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 2nd Place – Malveer, Simreet and Harjeet Dhani for Ras Malai
  • 1st Place – Nils Munier for Meringues


  • 3rd Place – Vicky van Zwetselaar for Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 2nd Place – Otis and Milo Morley for Bread and Butter Pudding
  • 1st Place – Rhea Chauhan and Ciara Marsh for Piñata Cake

We’ve collected recipes from the participants and are currently compiling them into a website for the community – keep an eye on this space for the website and future Student Voice events.

We’d like to also invite you all to our Primary Gathering on Friday 29th April where we will share “The Importance of a School Like Ours“.

EC/P1 Class

We have had a fun three day week. First thing on Wednesday, we spent the morning sharing holiday news. Everyone had a chance to sit on the special chair and share their favourite parts of their holiday. We heard stories of crabs, safaris, games at home and beach life. I guess you all had restful times.

This week we began exploring our unit by naming our emotions. We played a game of ‘guess my emotion’ when everyone had a chance to ‘make a face’ and get the class to name ‘it’. Next week, we will take it further, create pictograms and link it to math.

Earth day was on the 22nd of April. We will be celebrating earth day in class on Monday and continuing with our work from Wednesday. We are planning to plant some herbs and flowers in our garden. If you can donate some, it will be lovely.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2 Class

To start this week’s newsletter, Happy International Day! Happy Earth Day! Happy Union Day (almost)!

The P2 students have spent this week readjusting to being back at school after a long-ish break. We’ve been reminding ourselves of the classroom agreements we made, and recalling how we should be interacting with our peers across the primary school. We’ve also been recapping the water cycle through various texts during Guided Reading, and created illustrations of the water cycle. The students have been busy measuring themselves (pictures found on SeeSaw) and creating rain gauges. Hopefully the next couple weeks give us enough rainfall to be excited about measuring the amount of water in our gauges. Next week we will focus on more measurement activities and think about what water conservation means.

There is an Earth Day Assembly on Monday at 10:30 in K-Hall, the P2 students will be sharing their love for Earth on this day. Please remember that there will be no school on Tuesday 26th April.

Elisha Jaffer

P3/4 Class

It was nice to be back at school after a long, restful break. The days were packed so full that I have no photo to share! Quarter 4 may keep up at this pace with only two weeks left in our wonderful Endangered Animal unit and still plenty to do with math and writing.

Next week the focus for P4 will be on the MAP tests. We did a practice on Friday and we talked about not being nervous but just doing your best. Please be sure that your child has a good breakfast and plenty of rest each day next week. Tuesday is a holiday so the tests will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is set aside for any students who need extra time to finish.

On Monday, students are bringing home information about the research they need to do on their chosen animal. Feel free to be in touch if you need clarification on what is needed.

Kacey Buckley

P5 Class

This week we celebrated Hana’s birthday (see photo) and welcomed Carl and Alix to P5 – karibu! We spent the 3 days revising different aspects of language that we have covered during the year. In maths we worked on calculating the range, mode, median and mean of a set of data. Next week the children will have MAP assessments on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is no special preparation needed.  We have plans to make models of the earth and construct earthquake proof structures next week – I will post the photos of our endeavours on Seesaw. Please note that next Tuesday is a holiday and that the school production is on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

It’s P6’s final term in PYP! We’ve set goals for developing our independence as they move towards MYP and later this term there will be some activities to help them with the transition. In the meantime, we have MAP tests next week so we’ve practised maths and language skills in preparation with most students completing their home learning very well too. We’ve also started our new Unit of Inquiry: Governmental systems and decisions can promote or deny equal opportunities and social justice. It’s under a theme of organising ourselves so ties in with our personal goals too. Saturday is International Day: emails have been sent out with all the details. It’ll be great to see some budding year 6 models on the catwalk and I hope you can come and join us too.You could also check out our award winning door decoration. It won “Best Recycled Materials” door in PYP and the children enjoyed cake as a reward. It’s based on our class novel “Mortal Engines” but features Moshi rather than London- can you spot any local landmarks?

Congratulations to Ms. Sarah on the safe arrival of baby Solomon. Ms. Sarah and I plan to liaise in the near future to arrange an opportunity for her to meet with the class online and introduce her baby.

Hywel Davies

In the Community

Recently Simon Mtuy, a long-time involved parent at the school, was featured at the UMF Sustainable Tourism Libra Scholar Symposium. Congratulations to Simon for this recognition.

If you would like to know more about the symposium please see this link or ask Simon. 

Community Activities

Secondary Student Activities