Moshi Campus News – 29 Mar 2020

Moshi Campus News – 29 March 2020

April Break

Normally, at the end of the quarter assembly, I have the opportunity to congratulate people on a successful quarter and wish them a happy and safe holiday.  For obvious reasons I was not able to deliver that message face to face this time and so I am putting it in writing.  I would like to offer my thanks to each and every one of you for your adaptability, patience and strength in the face of a difficult situation and hope that the next couple of weeks give you the chance to recharge your batteries.

As we have completed this initial stretch of online learning, please do complete the surveys that are being sent to you.  While school is set currently to resume on April 15th online, and April 20th in person, we know that some students away from Tanzania will not be able to meet the 20th return date and for them, at minimum, online learning will continue.  The more feedback we have, the better we can tailor the learning experience.

Our D2 students are also in the middle of the university acceptance time period and some are still waiting to hear if they have got an offer as universities are a bit behind in their processing.  To all of you good luck and best wishes in the upcoming announcements.

It is now the holiday, and I would suggest that you take as much advantage of this opportunity as possible to spend time with family. I also encourage you to do what is needed to stay well both physically and mentally. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again whenever that may be. We will keep you posted with any updates on the situation as we receive information.

Bob Cofer

From the Counselors

Greetings UWCEA community,

While we all try to make sense of this time filled with uncertainty, the counseling team wanted to take a moment to wish you all a well deserved break over the next two weeks and a 1/2 weeks. Please take time to regroup and relax while maintaining your health and well-being. To assist, we will continue to update this document with resources that we hope you will access as needed. If you need to contact either of us, our email addresses are on the document. Although we will also be enjoying our break, we know that these are times when the community may need mental health support.

Take care, and use your resources,
Ms. Ford and Mr. Kileo

Next Newsletter is on April 15th