Moshi Campus News – 7 Mar 2020

Moshi Campus News – 7 March 2020



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Book Week and More

What an exciting week this has been.  We kicked off with the Book Week assembly with its multilingual components and parade of PYP students in their book week costumes. Thank you to all those that helped out in the myriad of activities this week.  It was great to see parents as well as older students as mystery readers and I really enjoyed the short-short stories. The winning stories are listed below. You can also see a sample of some of the great book doors in this newsletter.  For the rest you will just need to wander around the classrooms.

On Wednesday and Thursday night we had fantastic performances in the student production “The Wave.” It was both entertaining and thought provoking. I look forward to their next production. Congratulations to the performers and thank you to all those that supported them throughout the preparation and production.

You may have had a chance to meet some of our UWC visitors this week in-between their meetings.  The session Thursday at lunch had some interesting questions and responses both ways between the students and UWC officials.

We do have more activities in the coming weeks.  Please see the notices below for the details.

Bob Cofer


International Day

On Friday 20th, please join us from 11am for our opening ceremony. Both primary and secondary children will be performing. Please come along to enjoy and support us if you are able.

After the opening we’ll take the festivities through to around 4pm… with games, gourmet foods from around the World, music, dance, poetry, photo booths, pony rides, juice bar, DJ’s, face painting, BBQ… you name it 🙂

The perfect start to your weekend.

We’re so excited to see you there. Please bring or send some ‘pocket money’ on Friday 20th so that we can all try out the diverse games, food and activities that will be on offer.

Your PTA

Ben’s Corner

At the risk of repeating what others have said elsewhere, what a fabulous Book Week! The whole school assembly on Monday was the perfect way to kick start a celebration of all things literary. Many of you have been following our #UWCEAbookweek reviews on Twitter, the Get Caught Reading photos are particularly daring this year and the multilingual Book Doors are absolutely fabulous. The Sounds of Poetry is a fantastic addition to the week and further celebration of our wonderfully diverse community.

As one of the judges in the Short Story competition, I was blown away by the entries. Firstly, by the sheer volume…and compliments to everyone who put their ideas forward…and, secondly, by the quality and variety of the entries. Choosing winners was certainly a happy headache! All week, it was lovely to see Mystery Readers of all ages dropping in and out of classrooms. I hope the readers enjoyed their sessions as much as the recipients.

Lastly, the undoubted pièce de résistance, the community performance of The Wave. What a triumph! Huge congratulations to each and every person involved. As alluded to on the final night, this really was a collective effort over many weeks. Thank you and kudos to everyone involved… the front of house team, the backstage team (who also spent a fair amount of time on stage!), the promotions and programme team, the team who created the scenery and props, the concessions stand team, our Facilities team and so on.

Of course, special mention must go to the extremely talented group of actors from M2-D2 and the expert direction and production from Mr Coldwell and Ms Aman. All in all, it was an unprecedented success and we are all looking forward to the next production. Bravo!

Again, what a fabulous week of promoting a love of books and reading. Same again next year?

Ben Morley

Diploma News

This past weekend had a variety of events. On Saturday afternoon students from the Smokeless Kitchen group built a stove in the support staff compound. On Saturday and Sunday a group of students particiapted in a debate competition organised by the Tanzanian Competetive Rhetoric Organisation, both our teams made it to the semi final unfortunately against each other, in the final the team from UWCEA Moshi lost 4 -5 to the team from UWCEA Arusha. Groups of students returned from Usambara and EAMUN in Nairobi on Saturday.

On Sunday a group of diploma students participated in the Kilimanjaro Marathon, some doing the 21 km race and others the 5 km race. Congratulations to all involved. Sunday evening saw the second cutural night, we heard about Pakistan, Brazil and the Czech Republic and got to eat food from Pakistan and Brazil.

During the week lessons have continued as normal. The D2 students have been preparing for their oral exams in Language lessons. In other subjects they are completing the syllabus or revising. The D1 students have been hearing about the Extended Essay in each subject and will be making their choice of subject for this on the 16th March. The Extended Essay is a 4000 word essay on a research topic chosen by the student. They will work with a supervisor on this and it contributes to up to three bonus points along with TOK.

This weekend some students are preparing for an assembly to commemorate International Women’s day and others are preparing for the first Sounds of Poetry, where students will read poems in a variety of different languages.

Margaret Brunt

Student Magazine

The Diploma students have been working on their own online magazine.  The second issue has just come out and can be accessed here.

If you missed the inaugural issue, you can find it here.

Residential Life

Already into the month of March the last few weeks of this 3rd Quarter are already rapidly approaching and Residential Students have been as active as ever with their studies and extra-curricular studies.

If you have not done so, please make sure you communicate any travel plans for the break so we may prepare ahead of time.

This week saw the culmination of weeks of hard work by Mr Coldwell, Ms Amaan and students of the Drama Department, by presenting 2 very successful evening performances of ‘The Wave.’ Quite a number of Resident Students were involved in this production, either as actors/actresses or the supporting crew, which portrayed how easily we can be psychologically manipulated into doing things which we wouldn’t normally do. Congratulations to all for this excellent production.

This week our Moshi Campus has hosted a series of UWC Conferences with delegates visiting from many UWC’s, the UWC Main Office and National Committees throughout the World. Many of our Resident Students took time out of their school routines to meet the members of their National Committees and to show them around campus, including visits to the Residential Houses.

With just over 2 weeks to go my Diploma Visual Arts students will be working hard this weekend to complete their artworks in readiness for their Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition, with an opening Private View due to take place on Sunday 22nd March.

I think this weekend will be divided between work and relaxation for many of our Resident Students. One group of students however plan to show a film on Saturday Night as part of their Black History initiative.

Mr. Horne

MYP News

Science Fair
On Thursday March 12, M1-M3 will have a Science Fair at K-Hall. All members of the community are welcome.

Pamoja Tunaweza team have started their computer lessons with their target community. They trained the boys on typing and word processing skills. The Day Care team is going out next Wednesday for a session with young children in Visual Art and games. The pupils will colour pictures and enjoy games.

The Community Garden team is working on creating a fish pond and a fruit garden.  This will make the area look more beautiful and natural for both flora and fauna. Other projects lined up include rock garden, vegetable plots, and hanging flower pots.

Service in MYP

M5 Timeline
Mar 16   ePortfolio subjects deadline
March 26  Career Fair
April 20-22  On Screen Mock exams (for IB exam students)
May 12-22  IB On screen examinations on various dates (for IB exam students)
May 18-22 UWCEA Moshi campus M5 End Year examinations (non- IB exam students)
May 25 – 29  M5 Work experience (All M5 students)
June 5    M5 Ceremony

David Ochieng

Book Week Wrapup

The first Book Week of the decade went tremendously well, with a huge number of students, staff and the wider community getting involved. On Monday, we had our opening assembly with some interesting photos, a fascinating talk from one of our parents Sara Guest (and an excellent question from one of our EC students!) and some beautiful non-English poetry from Tommaso, Ximena and Bárbara in D1.

We have had a huge amount of #30secondbookreviews on our new Twitter @UWCEAbookweek, as well as some other photos of what’s been going on. Thanks to Albe in D1 for leading this.

The Languages department has a fresh new look thanks to the artistry of a variety of students, coordinated by Mr Ally Hassan and Pearl, Sareen and Priya Bhamra. Come and check them out!

Throughout the week, we have also had some various competitions, the results of which I will let you know now. It’s a long read – we have a lot of winners!

James Carson

Short Story Competition

We had almost 100 entries for the short story competition and the standard was extremely high. The judges spent a lot of time deliberating over the entries, which were anonymised. I am very happy to announce the winners, who will be receiving their prizes shortly.

P1-3: Garvin P3

Archene The Giant Spider

Jack was crawling on the ground. He put a bullet in his mini-gun. Boom!! It hit Archene the giant spider on her back. She died and left alone her solid gold eggs. Jack made a wolf sound and 30 men came out of the shadows. They took all her eggs and took them to the castle. The royal chef cooked them. The king and everyone ate them. They shined for a second and they lived forever.

Honourable mentions:
Janieck P3
Mahi P3

P4-6: Townes P6

A Settler’s Joy

Jack crouched in the prickly bushes. Suddenly, he heard something moving swiftly in the thick foliage of the forest. Jack hurriedly slipped a bullet into his revolver. SHINK! The bullet crashed into the chamber. Jack flinched. The deer’s ears pricked up, standing alert and ready for an attack. A bead of sweat rolled down his cheek and splashed on his camouflaged shirt. The deer started to move away when Jack remembered he had another trick up his sleeve: deer food. The doe sniffed the air and was overcome by the smell. The deer came close. Jack grinned.

Honourable mentions:
Milcah P6
Kamili P5
Mehar P5

MYP: Ananya M4

Mute when birds can sing

For a while now I’ve been tired. Tired of beating around bushes. Swallowing the words that thrashed against my mouth.

Hackneyed of standing still as others vociferate and snarl and misinterpret me.

-As a child I played with my fingers, waiting for magic to explode from them in flashing flames.

I was unlucky.

Perhaps I still was, for I dared not speak a word, as they all spoke to fill the void of my speechlessness.

Instead of retorting, I espy the birds I could have been.

For I am merely mute when birds can sing.

Honourable mention:

Hunain M5

DP: Kate D1

Last Savichev

‘Dear Diary,’

‘Today the last of Savichevs’ family will die.’ The girl quietly wiped a tear and flipped through a small notebook from the beginning:

“Zhenya died on December 28 at 12:00 in the morning of 1941… Grandmother died on January 25, at 3 p.m. of 1942, Lyoka died on March 17, Uncle Vasya died on April 13, Uncle Lyosha on May 10 at 4 p.m., Mom on May 13 at 7.30.”

The door opened, the girl quickly wiped away her tears and smiled at the woman who had entered.

“Tanya, are you ready? Your fiancé is waiting.”

2nd: Ximena D1
3rd: Masuma D2

Book Doors

Thanks to our visitors from the UWC International Office for judging these. The winners were:


3rd: How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr Seuss (DP Office)
An amusing take on ‘what the IB stole from me’

2nd: Le Petit Nicolas et Ses Amis – Goscinny et Sempe (French room)
Some beautifully drawn cartoons.

1st Place – Sulwe – Lupita Nyong’o (Geography Room)
Great idea to include an explanation of the book and why it is important.


3rd: Charlotte’s Web – EB White (P5)

Loved the web!

2nd: Sadie and the Silver Shoes – Jane Godwin (P4)

Great use of materials.

1st: Fantastic Mr Fox – Roald Dahl (EC)

We loved how all the kids contributed!

Get Caught Reading


Winner: Josephine Kamm, P4

Runner Up: The Renju Trio, Eli and Izzy P5 with Ezra P1/2



Winner: Nikoli D2 – “IB life at UWCEA”

Runner up: Ken D1

Special mention: Fran D1’s dog

An enormous thank you to all students and staff for taking part! Apologies if there is anything I have missed as there has been so much going on – feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Happy reading!

From the Counselor

Exams, projects, and viruses, Oh My!

As our students are dealing with stressors from various sources (both real and intensified), we continue to seek ways to implement well-being practices into their lives. One way we are doing this is through educating students about areas of their concern (ie. upcoming tests, Covid19 virus) so that they are armed with knowledge and not speculation and rumors. We are also emphasizing the importance of preventative measures (ie. time management, study skills, handwashing and coughing into their arm). It is normal to feel anxious about stress inducing activities and events, but it is also vital to replace fears with information from reliable sources and proper procedures to minimize negative outcomes. We assure you that we continue to do our part, and welcome parents as partners in providing accurate information and supporting their children’s emotional needs during challenging times.

This week we had a wonderful Wellness Wednesday with the D1 students where they were led through a series of breathing and yoga exercises with Ms. Marissa Lipovsky in Dr. Marsden’s beautiful garden. The students willing went through a variety of individual and partner activities, culminating with a full relaxation exercise. This was an absolutely incredible sight, as our students allowed stress and worries to flow out of their bodies throughout the session. On Thursday, the M5 students took a mindful walk to the Community Garden and participated in some mindful moments that included mindful walking and deciding on a mindful word that they would use to bring themselves back to a place of calmness when feeling stressed or anxious. I want to emphasize the importance of creating routines and stress relieving habits that a part of your well-being and mental health as an individual and family.

As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s mental well-being, please feel free to contact Ms. Ford or Mr. Kileo. Also, if you are the parent of a D1 student, please be sure to take a look at this document as we prepare for the college application process that begins a lot sooner than you might think. Feel free to contact Ms. Ford if you would like to discuss this further.

Cassandra Ford

Sports Update

Congratulations to all our Primary swimmers who participated in the NTSAA swim meet on Friday. There were lots of PBs and all students had a great trip specially our debutants from P2 and P1 Milo and Savannah swam their socks off and competed in all the races. The team were pipped at the post for first place by Kennedy House with an 8-point lead.

Thank you to Debbie, Christine, Coach Sabini and our swim parents for all the work that goes into making such a successful team.

Today the secondary will be in Arusha for their competition.

Sports Schedule

Community Events

Coach Charles is offering free group lessons for Tennis for P3 and P4 students on Mondays at break time and for P5 and P6 students on Tuesday at break time. If your child is interested in this, then please contact Mr Marsh as there is a limit to the number of students who can take part. He is also running group lessons on Tuesday from 3-4pm and Saturday from 9.30am to 10.30am for TSH 10,000/sessions/participant. If your child would like private lessons they are available as well for TSH20,000 per session.  Please contact Charles on 0757606766 if you are interested in the group or private sessions.

Go Leopards
Robin Marsh

PYP News

The week started well and ended well. We appreciate the whole community for the successful Book Week. We have a couple of big events ahead of us. These help keep us celebrating our learning and diversity. International Day is coming up and it would be great for the different representations across the school to think of ways to celebrate and showcase the various cultures amongst us. Within our classes, students will also be preparing their portfolios in preparation for Student-Led Conferences. This is the day as parents we come in and hear our child/ren’s perspective of what they have learned during the year. Now, sometimes challenges come up and your child’s work might not reflect what you had in mind. Let’s come in with an open and positive mind and celebrate their achievements. SLCs are usually held in the final week of the quarter, so more information with dates and sign-ups will be sent to you in due course. Our P6s are working very hard in the background on their PYP Exhibition. We have a number of issues they are inquiring about. Interests that have come up are about conservation, the importance of homes and issues relating to technology. We wish them all the best as they continue with this amazing journey.

Cathy Wambua-Saha

P6 Class

All of P6 dressed up as book characters for the assembly on Monday – what great school spirit! Thank you to all of our mystery readers – the children loved hearing such a wide variety of books and voices. Our book door looked wonderful and was completely planned and executed by the children. Many of the Exhibition groups have a field trip planned or interviews set up for next week. In maths we have been looking at simplifying fractions and equivalent fractions. This will lead into work with decimals and percentages and will prove useful later for those children who choose to construct pie graphs to present data for their Exhibition. Something the children should focus on when completing research is ensuring that all facts referred to are correct (check them!) and also the need to cite sources – we will continue to work on this area next week. Seven P6 children went to the swim meet on Friday and we have six going to the chess tournament on Tuesday. Good luck to everyone.

Deborah Mills

P5 Class

Book Week was a great success in the P5 class. The biggest accomplishment for each member of class was reading a picture book to the EC, P1/2, and P3 classes. Each class enjoyed their young mystery reader. Another accomplishment was completing the door book cover, which turned out very creative and cute. The class enjoyed starting a new book together as a read aloud. It is a detective story written by the same author I am currently reading, Alexander McCall Smith. The class would like to thank the mystery readers that came in to share their love of books. Thank you Mr. Ben, Ms. Debbie, Mr. Allastair, and Ms. Kacey.

Next week is full of fun events. On Wednesday, we will be presenting our personal and group summatives first thing in the morning. On Thursday, we will be meeting with the P5 Arusha campus class to explore the body systems, share our projects, and play games.

Sarah Brummel

P4 Class

The P4s were amazing this week, juggling with creating the different parts for their door, dressing up for the BW Assembly, Rhea with her presentation for the assembly and ended the week with a Swim meet in Arusha! Thank you, parents, for keeping it fresh through and through. We appreciate all of you who could make it as ‘Surprise Readers; you made the week super enjoyable for all of us. A special thank you, goes out to Sara Guest (Mama Zane P4). She is setting up a Book Club with the P4s and will start us off. She has shared a list of books, and on Monday, the children will vote the book they would like to start with. She will be joining us on Thursdays for this activity. Next week, we are setting up our businesses in the class! We will be practicing how to count the cost of a number of items as well as calculating change. We will start with our own TZ Shs and move on to learn about other currencies we come across in books. We will even try barter trade :). Please send your child with 3 to 4 items to “sell.” These will be returned home after the Math activity in about 2 weeks.

I wish all of you a restful weekend and hope you have a ‘Kindful’ week ahead!

Cathy Wambua-Saha

P3 Class

P3 loves Book Week! This may partially have to do with spending 2 days without math and language as we put our door together, but, nonetheless, they love Book Week! The students have been excited to read the Kilimanjaro Award nominee books, have mystery readers, and create our door which only slightly resembles the start of the zombie apocalypse. Having Mr. Morley read his own work was particularly inspirational for the students. They have decided that they would like to have time every week where they work on a free write. We’re also going to have student readers at the start of each day, so please help your child pick a book and practice reading it at home so they can read it to the class.

Since this week was dedicated to language and reading, we had to squeeze math in-between mystery readers and our door. We talked about perimeter and the importance of it. Students have then written their names out in squared paper and have been investigating the perimeter of each letter.

We hope to complete our current unit of inquiry next week, so look forward to an invitation to a transport exhibit!

Elisha Jaffer

P 1/2 Class

You know that your students are growing when they start missing school to attend sports competitions. Well done Savannah, Milo and Tiago for participating in the PYP swim meet on Friday.

Thank you to all the people who came in to read to us this past week. Book week remains to be our most favourite time of the year! We have met giants, walked through muddy streams, fought with dragons, argued with the cat, frog and dog trio and made a serious goose silly! Fortunately book week does not have to end! We have discovered new authors and made new friends with mystery readers. Please do not stop now. If you still wish to come in and read to us, you are very welcome. If you have your favourite authors that you would love to share with us, please let us know about them.

Next week, we kick off our look at shapes. We will begin by exploring 2D shapes and then move on to 3D shapes. You can begin looking for these shapes around your home.

Mboka Mwasongwe

EC Class

Book week has been a huge success. The children enjoyed all of our Kili Book Award books, and it was interesting to see their final choices. From calming sloths to sparkly skirts and a pirate tree… we’ve loved the entire range. Our book door came along well. Using only reusable materials available to use we show-cased ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. For some of our children this is a first foray into longer ‘chapter books’. We are now starting ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ (a favourite of mine from my own childhood) where George makes up a concoction to try to ‘help’ his wicked old grandmother. P5 have continued to visit us as ‘mystery readers’ and it’s been a real treat. Thanks to all who have been involved in arranging this fantastic event. Miss Grace has been busy today re-sterilising our favourite toys, and our regular hand-washing routines have been stepped up to become a little more frequent.

Owain Evans