Welcome Back to Moshi Campus

10 Jan 2021
Moshi Campus News – 10 January 2021


We look forward to seeing all of our returning families back at school on Monday January 11th and welcoming our new families to the UWC community.

That said, please remember to be safe as we try to ensure the safety of our community.  As we all know, the worldwide spike in Corona Virus cases is a reality and whilst we continue to experience no recorded cases amongst our ‘landed’ community here at UWC, we wish to be cautious about those community members who are coming from outside Tanzania.

If you have returned from outside Tanzania whether it is by land, sea or air, please observe our guidelines to self-isolate at home for three full days after you land. Continue to monitor body temperature and flu like symptoms and if in doubt please keep your children at home.

Having traveled to the UK myself this holiday, it put into perspective how lucky we have been here in northern Tanzania to be able to school in a very ‘normal’ way. In order to keep it this way, please remain cautious and particular about hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing where you think it is appropriate. In this vein, please remember to wash your hands as you come onto campus tomorrow and parents, please remember to wear a mask inside of buildings.

Looking forward to seeing you all back safely and soundly.

Bob Cofer

And A Holiday

While we are open for classes on the 11th, the 12th is a national holiday.  Revolution Day is to celebrate the day that Zanzibar overthrew the Sultan and became a democracy.

Classes will resume again on January 13th.