Moshi Campus News – 11 Mar 2023

Moshi Campus News – 11 March 2023



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From the Counselors

See what is happening

Last weekend was a great time with the International Day, and you can see some photos in the PTA section below. Thank you to everyone that contributed and particularly those in the PTA and student government led by Simon and Mandy that did a majority of the setup. The fun did not stop there as Tuesday we had the PYP Swim Gala and a great Primary Gathering on Friday. I hope everyone was also able to make it to the Science Fair on Friday where our students were able to showcase their learning.

As you can see just below this, and throughout the newsletter, we have a lot coming up in the next few weeks as well that the community is invited to.

In the next week parents in both primary and secondary with get invited to conferences at the end of March. The Primary student led conferences will take place on Thursday March 23rd and parents will get to sit with students and look through their work throughout the year. For the Secondary conferences these will be run either online or in person on Wednesday March 29th in the afternoon or the morning of Thursday the 30th to accommodate those in different locations.

Please note that the holiday starts after classes on Friday the 31st and classes resume on April 17th.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus


As Le Cabaret approaches, we are delighted to invite you to attend and enjoy several beautiful performances by not just students but also community members. Different snacks will be served so no need worry about refreshments. There will also be a donation box where you may make a donation of any amount to enable the school to purchase additional new library books.

Tell a friend to tell a friend.

I eagerly await your coming,


Ben’s Corner

Whether you are a seasoned educator or have only been teaching for a few years, it is always important to think about professional development (PD). Indeed, investing in yourself as an educator is the best way to ensure both professional growth for yourself and academic and personal growth for your students.

The internal and external demands and expectations for teachers are constantly evolving. We are tasked with keeping up with all the latest developments in an ever changing field. PD helps us stay in touch with the latest instructional trends, expand our skill set, explore new initiatives (ChatGPT anyone?) and learn about curriculum development.

Most traditional PD happens in conferences, workshops, seminars, online courses etc. More often, PD happens informally through individual research or reading, classroom observations and peer discussions. In fact, arguably, the most powerful PD comes from leveraging internal capacity, using the expertise and passion of your faculty to improve teaching and learning across a school. This week, we were fortunate to benefit from a whole Secondary PD session facilitated by Ms. Katho, our Head of Inclusion. She led an interactive gathering where we looked at inclusive access arrangements, sharing strategies, successes and making collective suggestions. We also heard from several teachers about ideas they are exploring in their class or subject area. It was a really beneficial experience for all.
This week, we also said farewell to our three student teachers from the University of Agder in Norway who have experienced the ultimate PD experience at UWCEA. They have completed a six week placement with us, living and learning alongside our staff as they move towards their teaching qualification. We wish them well in their future endeavours.

For me, as an educator, the most valuable PD is maintaining a mindset and commitment to lifelong learning. After all, a good teacher is a good student.

Ben Morley – Deputy Head of Campus


Hello everyone! We just want to send a HUGE thank you to all of you who came out to support the International Day event last Saturday. It was truly an awesome afternoon with nearly 50 different countries represented, each selling traditional foods, displaying flags and wearing their national colors! It was a beautiful display of culture, peace and unity, and we are so appreciative to all of you who made it possible. Here are some pictures below from the event!

Mandy Stein 

Diploma News

Last Saturday we had international day where many DP students shared information, food and dances from their countries. It was good to see so many involved. On Sunday we will continue the cultural nights with a presentation about Lithuania.

On Monday we had an assembly for Women’s Day organised by the Iris Service group. They looked at both the celebration of what has been achieved by women but also the protests about what is still needed.

For D2 this week there has been a mixed focus both orals and submissions. They have been working hard on these and the end is in sight. This continues next week and then we add the final CAS interviews into the mix. CAS or creativity, activity and service is at the core of the IB Diploma. In their CAS interviews they get a chance to talk about what they did and what they have learned from the experience. I am amazed by how much they have done.


We are delighted to inform you that we are officially hosting the first ever MUN Conference on UWCEA’s Moshi campus! A dedicated group of students and faculty members have collectively been working on this conference since October and are extremely happy to make this announcement to you.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to partake in the conference as a delegate. We encourage anyone who is in M3 or above to sign up, regardless of your levels of experience. We also encourage those in our school community who have a passion for debating, public speaking and writing, and an overall interest in the global issues around them to sign up! The conference commences on 24th March until 26th March, and the cost for participants from Moshi and Arusha campus is 20,000 Tsh. This fee will go towards printing and paper, food, overall usage of school facilities etc…

We hope to see you there!

The form for applications can be accessed here.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact:
-Laura M (D1):
-Ziad K (D1):

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

Blood Drive

On Friday we had our first blood drive of the year, organized by KCMC CAS in cooperation with the National Bank of Tanzania. In the beginning of the blood drive, we got an announcement that there was an emergency for O- blood type in the hospital. We managed to get even 6 O- type blood donations – the most donations from this type for any blood drive! The blood bags were successfully delivered right after donations.

Overall, the blood drive was a success! Total of 139 people attended the event, and the blood drive team collected 83 donations! Unfortunately, 56 were turned down for various reasons.

We want to thank you all, who came to donate, support and help us in such an important event!
83 donations can save more than 200 people and thank YOU for being a big part of that!

Also, a thank you goes to the KCMC staff, National Bank staff and of course, Dr. Marieke and Ms. Stephanie for assistance and guidance throughout this time.

The next blood drive will be happening in October!


Residential Life

It was a pleasure to see Kiota MYP girls host their annual residential dinner under the theme of ‘Afro-Dance.’ I stood watching from afar all our residential students eating dinner with the sun setting in the distance, students dancing to cultural beats and thought how special our community is. There may be stressful times, there may be low times, but coming together and ‘dancing’ was just what we needed. Credit must go to the outstanding teachers’ dancing squad, but so to must it also be extended to Kivuli… as no one could beat the breakdancing, backflips, splits and more. Well done, Kivuli, but a special thanks to Kiota for all their hard work in putting this event on and brining our extended family together.

In addition to International Day last weekend, we had a pleasant outdoor picnic with the Diploma students and first ever inter-residential competition with a game of rounders. Whilst we didn’t get the turn out expected, to be able to offer more bonding and time together is what make us, us. Interestingly, on a slightly different note, I was thrilled to see many of our residential students participate and train with our Moshi Bulls rugby team last weekend and on Wednesday. They are learning new skills, bonding with our community, and preparing for their first ever game next weekend.

The weekend ahead holds more opportunities for MYP trips to the waterfalls, PYP cooking competitions and of course, more engagement with our Diploma students guiding their younger peers and acting as big brothers and sisters.

Simon Johnston – Head of Residential Life

MYP News

UWCEA Moshi Campus Science Fair 
Hard work does pay off beautifully! Our MYP students were shining stars in their Science Fair. They really pushed themselves and explored interesting topics through the lens of science!

M2s Amazing Food Styling Talents

As part of their unit Creating Art with Food, the M2 cohort used food items  provided by Ms. Penny to plate a creative dessert and photograph their creations. They had to think about Color, spacing/composition, textures, shapes, light and of course eating their creations in the end!

MYP eAssessments Teacher Familiarization Session:

Our MYP5 team got together in our IT lab to get a “real feel” of the e-assessments and the experience of completing them electronically. It was a very interesting afternoon, and I must say that seeing the Maths and Sciences department smiling and enjoying the experience felt like winning the lottery! Our kids will be more than fine.

Important MYP Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • March 20th – e-Assessments Mocks Week AND Final Orals (M5 French)
  • March 25th – M5 PP Criterion C Due
  • March 30th – Final M5 PP Reports Due
  • April 1st – 16th Easter/ Spring Break
  • May 8th – 19th – MYP5 e-Assessments (official) and MYP5 Final Summative Week
  • June 2nd – M5 Ceremony

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Sports Update

We had an amazing sports week here at UCWEA Moshi! The primary Inter-house swimming gala was a blast for all the primary students who participated. A big shoutout goes to all the primary teachers and parents whose efforts made the event successful and enjoyable for all the students. We also want to give a special thanks to Coach Sabini, Mr. Thadeus, and Mr. Patrick whose tremendous effort helped the primary students develop their swimming skills over the past 8 weeks.

The event kicked off with adorable EC 1 to P1 races where our P6 students supported them, giving them the confidence to swim across the pool. The gala included different swim styles like IM, Medleys, butterfly, back stroke, breast stroke, free style and free relay. We wrapped up the event with great music and a fun teachers’ and parents’ race. It was definitely a memorable time and now, we are looking forward to the secondary Swimming Gala this Wednesday at 8:00.

We encourage all parents and members of the community to come out and support the secondary Inter-house competition where our students will showcase their learning.

Moving on to Friday, our primary football teams had fantastic friendly  games, thanks to Mr. Thadeus for organizing the friendly matches. The students had a great time and are looking forward to upcoming events.

This Saturday, our contact Rugby team led by Mr. Simon is having their first friendly game on campus. Our students have been training really hard over the past few weeks and are fully prepared for the game. Be on the lookout for more updates soon.   

Overall, we are proud of our students and commend our faculty and coaches who work tirelessly to promote a culture of teamwork, sportsmanship and excellence in our school community. Go Leopards!

Mostafa Rihan – Sports & Activities Coordinator

PYP News

Please support our P6 students at their Exhibition on Thursday at 5pm. If you read the P6 newsletter below you will see how hard they have been working. Jane is inquiring into female empowerment and has included an article as part of her action. The children would like to share their work with an audience, and you are warmly invited to join them in Rafiki Hall followed by presentations in the PYP classrooms.

We have had another busy week in the PYP. On Monday we attended a whole school assembly to celebrate Women’s Day. Tuesday was the PYP swimming gala and everyone enjoyed showing off their swimming prowess. Congratulations to Meru who won the event, with Kibo in second place and Mawenzi just a few points behind in third place. On Friday we had a Swahili themed Primary Gathering – it was lovely to see all of the children, singing and dancing outside. On Friday afternoon the children participated in a football match, the details of which will be shared in next week’s newsletter.

Ms. Kacey announced the winning book door (P4/5) and the winning short story writers (Greener, Tiago and MacKenzie). Congratulations to all. The entries for the Student Voice House Art Competition on the theme of “Our Beautiful Campus” are displayed on the breezeway. The winning entries will be announced in a future newsletter.

Dates for your diary:

  • Thursday 16th March 5pm R PYP Exhibition in Rafiki Hall
  • Friday 17th and Saturday 18th March – Chess tournament
  • Thursday 23rd March – PYP Student Led Conferences (details of how to sign up for a slot will be emailed to you)
  • Friday 24th March – Primary Disco
  • Friday 31st March – Last day of classes (normal 12:30 finishing time)

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

P6 Exhibition

Female Owned Businesses
By Jane M

My PPX was an inquiry into female-run businesses in Moshi. There are a bunch of female-owned businesses in Moshi. So why not support women and their families?

Moshi Mamas
This shop sells jewelry, small stuffed animals, buntings, and more. This is also a great place to take visitors. They are able to customize many of the items.

Lala Salama
Lala Salama gives massages, paints nails and toenails, and a lot more. This is a super relaxing place to go. Also they have a somewhat large collection of nail polishes.

Rosie’s is a fruit and vegetable stand on Lema road. She has fruits, vegetables, eggs, and sometimes even chicken. Rosie or Elizabeth is almost always at the stand.

          For more female owned businesses, click here. So go support a female owned business!

EC/P1 Class

Well done to all the swimmers!!

What an exciting week. The excitement for swimming spilled over to Tuesday’s tadpole club, Thursday’s class lesson as well as EC1’s swimming club. We are becoming more risk-takers every day. Even our youngest who was afraid of the water is now readily getting in the water and participating. Thank you to Coach Sabini, Thadeus, Patrick and Neema for all the hands on work they do with the children.

Next week, we will be presenting in the Friday Primary Gathering. We are looking forward to sharing some fun things with you. The kids are excitedly preparing a few things for you which include a song and a skit. The gathering will take place at our space behind our classroom. Every child will have a speaking part so please come and cheer them on.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

So last week I reported that the class loves to READ! This week we are winding down our look at light and sound and I need to point out that this class loves MUSIC! Mr. Emmanuel Swai has helped us to explore instruments during our music lessons. We also had fun looking at homemade instruments and thinking about how the sound is made.

On the topic of things from home, this is a quick reminder about Home Learning folders coming in on Friday. It is more difficult to prepare things during the school day on Monday rather than after school on Friday. Don’t worry, my son’s name is on the list of people who routinely don’t turn it in on Friday! I’ve been allowing more input into the reading books that come home. Please let me know if the books have become too hard for your child.

It is a normal week ahead. We are looking forward to the P6 Exhibitions. Our class does really enjoy presentations. We went to M3 Science Fair on Friday and our group was fascinated and many of them listened well to the older students.

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

The P4/5 children did a superb job of sharing their writing about women who inspired them during the whole school assembly for International Women’s Day. This work will be displayed on the breezeway. Tuesday’s swimming gala was a big success  – the whole class participated with enthusiasm. Friday was an especially fun day because Gus, Mahi and Tejvir (P6) ran workshops about taekwondo, Indian dance and field hockey as part of their Exhibition action. The children rotated through all 3 activities and had a great time. Next week, as part of our body systems unit, we will focus on ways of keeping our bodies healthy and will look at the importance of plenty of sleep, eating a balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

It’s almost time for the PYPX 2023! Sites of interest have been visited, experts interviewed and actions enacted. The research period is done: the presentation phase is almost here. Songs have been practised, display boards (almost) filled and speeches written.
It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started…
Our doors open for the community presentation starting at Rafiki Hall at 5pm on Thursday 16th March

  • There will be an opening presentation of the six separate groups. Guests choose which 3 of the 6 group presentations they watch. (Sorry, but to watch all 22 individual presentations would take TOO long!)
  • Each group has a room: please visit a room for 20 minutes to see 3 or 4 individual presentations. Then the bell will sound to move to the next room.
  • There may be time to peruse the display boards after the presentation. Refreshments will be available.
  • After 3 rounds of presentations, please return to Rafiki for a brief closing ceremony.

If you can, please help your child practise their speech ahead of their big day.

We hope to see you there!

Hywel Davies

P6 students preparing for action

South Africa Math Olympiad

Nine of our students took part to the round 1 of 2023 South Africa Math Olympiad. Risk-takers!

The competition took place on an online platform, which is good as we don’t have to wait for the results. Of those that competed 2/3 of them passed the cut and should already tick the date for round 2 in their planners: Thursday 11th of May.

Here is a taste of the questions they solved (the last 2, which were the most challenging):

Senior Level

Junior Level

Outdoor Pursuits

This weekend we have Peaks Level 1B hike departing. This hike will be 3 days and 2 nights camping at the bottom of beautiful Mount Longido. We wish the team of hikers a great adventure.

We want to extend our thanks to the OP team, teaching staff and students who went out to Ngorongoro a couple of weeks back, you all helped make this 2023 level 5 Plains trip a huge success.

“It was amazing!” UWCEA student.

So much work goes on behind the scenes to make our OP program a success. In particular I’ld like to acknowledge the reef service project who have been hard at work designing and ordering materials to make an extension on the raft at Fish Eagle point. The extension to the raft will include an engine mount to hold a motor. This is 100% student driven. We’ll keep you updated as the project expands.

Also look out for the sign ups for the upcoming trips:

Rides Level 3 to Simba farm: 17 March – 19 March
Mindfulness Level 0 to Lengijave: 18 March – 19 March
Reefs Level 4 Service Dives: 24 March – 28 March
Reefs Level 4 PADI Advanced Open Waters: 24 March – 28 March

Baden Dowie

From the Counselors

College Applications and a Decision
D2 parents, you have probably heard some news from your student about regular admission decisions as they are beginning to trickle in. If not, don’t worry as most colleges/universities will update students mid-March- the beginning of April. Once your student has received all of their decision and financial aid letters, please talk with your student to make a firm decision on a college of choice, especially US colleges. The urgency of the decision is based on applying for the visa as many US Embassies have wait times of more than 3 months. This puts your student in jeopardy of not receiving their US visa in time to attend in the fall. International orientation programs are often in early August or late July depending on the start date of the university for everyone. So, it is critical that a decision is made so the university can send an I-20 form for the student to start the process.  The deadline for making a US college decision is May 1.

D1 Parent Completion of the Expectations and Guidelines Form: Class of 2024

The Expectations and Guidelines form for the Class of 2024 is a document that outlines specific practices as it relates to the college/university application season and process. All rising juniors have been asked to complete this form. I am also asking that one D1 Parent, also complete the form by June 1, 2023. The reason we ask students and parents to review and complete this form is to be clear on the structure of the application and university advising process that happens during this season. This way there are no misunderstandings later on.

You should have received an email asking for one D1 parent to complete this form to acknowledge your understanding of the process. If you did not receive this email communication, please contact me.

During our upcoming D1 Parent Virtual Meeting, on Thursday, March 23, 2023, we will take questions about this form and highlight some of the most important aspects for parents to understand. More information to come about this meeting in future newsletters.

M4/M5 Career Exploration News
Our M4 and M5 students have begun this quarter with the topic of career exploration. The M4 class is being introduced to understanding which types of pathways are available to them after high school as well as exploring careers of interest.

Our M5 students are learning more about themselves as learners and potential workers. They are taking assessments and completing reflection assignments that will give them more information on potential careers that fit with their assessment results. M5 students are creating an Education Career Plan that can be shared with parents.

Andrea Kitomary – University Counselor