Arusha Campus News – 2 June 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 2nd June 2018

Siem gets down to hard work on the M5 Kisimani work trip this week

Dear Parents

Before we know it, we will have reached the end of the school year and the kaleidoscope of experiences that I record in these newsletters will be just memories of a whirlwind year.  This newsletter is no exception with contributions from our outdoor pursuiters, service volunteers and PYP researchers. The image right is from this week’s South Pare Mountains trip

As you scroll down you will come across an increasing number of event flyers. Please dont miss our farewell ‘come and go’ tea for our leaving long termers. This will take place on Tuesday 12th June straight after school.

Next week we have the M5 Ceremony on Monday to look forward following on from the success of Moshi’s M5 Ceremony on Friday. Later in the week dont miss the Friday market followed by the British Spring Fair on Saturday!

Have a super weekend


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

These are busy times, with M5 returning from work experience; DP taster lessons, careers symposium and preparations for their leaving ceremony on Monday. We had a great share time on Friday (pictured left) , with P4-5 doing multilingual performances in French and Swahili: well done to Ms AnneJoyce and Olivier.

Please remember there will be no CCAs on Monday 4 June: students must leave campus by 15.00. School buses will leave at 14.45.


PYP Exhibition Memories

Alvar looks on as Sierra explains their fascinating research into different cultural perceptions during their PYP Exhibition.

Olivia’s impression of a strong woman who is expressing her inner self (Gender Equity Group)

Bella’s artwork for the Gender Equity Group portrays the importance of vocalising thoughts

‘The Last Breath’ – a combined piece of art from the Water Pollution Group (Aadi, Nailah and Thomas)

OP Level 1B to South Pare Mountains

Last weekend, a group of 13 students (pictured above) from both Arusha and Moshi campuses travelled to South Pare Mountains for a great hiking trip in sunny weather. On Day 1, after reaching the village Mgaba, the group hiked up to Malameni Rock, an impressive rock with a sad history. The rock is also known as the ‘sacrifice rock’ where deformed or albino children used to be sacrificed many centuries ago.

Day 2 consisted of a whole day hike to reach Ranzi Dam at the top of Pare mountains and back down to camp at Tona lodge. On the way back, we were blessed by a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro which was covered with snow! Congratualtions on Gaby Bowen who won the photo competition during this trip. ?Three of her images are pictured below.?

Sunrise over the South Pare mountains

A chameleon which we found as we walked through the forest

Dawn on the last day

Kisimani Service Day

On Tuesday, M5 students went to Kisimani School with Ms Larpent and Mr Olivier for their Service Day.

The day started with a story book reading session for primary students, followed by some games requiring interactions in English and Kiswahili. The main project was a building project in order to improve the playground by creating a structure to set up a slide. This was a hard labor session where students had to shovel dirt and sand into old tires, piling them up into a pyramid to form a structure for the slide to lean on. Such service learning days are great opportunities not only to work collaboratively but also to develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilinguism and intercultural understanding.

Congratulations M5s for completing this Service project.

Looking for a private drum teacher?

Feel free to contact the below-listed musicians for more information:

Juniour Katanga

Call for availability. Flexible locations.


Mr. Livetti

African Drum, kit, Percussion and band musician. Available Thursdays 2:30-4:30.

Mr. Paulos Livetti is a professional drummer originally from Dar es salaam. He is a member of Stiggy Pop Band in Arusha, and has been the percussionist in many successful bands including Dar international Band, Washirika, Yekette Beat, and Ulauga.

Tel: 0784 769680