Arusha Campus News – 2 Feb 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 2nd February 2019

Miss Marja’s P3 class perform at share time with Music Maestro Mr Dixon

Dear Parents

I was privileged to watch an amazing production of Matilda at Braeburn yesterday evening. Congratulations to Mrs Rogers and her team there for doing such a splendid job. It may seem odd to congratulate the ‘opposition’ in my newsletter if Braeburn;s Matilda inspires a new generation of thespians from ISM then I will be very pleased. In fact the perfect way of finding out if drama is something for your child to take more interest in would be to enrol for ISTA. ISTA is the International Schools Theatre Association and we will be hosting their next convention on Arusha Campus. Some more details are included later in this newsletter and this link will tell you even more

Either way please encourage your child to enrol in this chance of a lifetime!

The Primary Student Council Trade Sale was a resounding success. Thanks to everyone who donated but especially Miss Ruth, Maia, Noa and Kilian – we raised over TZS400 000 for Pippi House Orphanage.

Today has been another beltingly hot day and I am very proud of all our sports teams who have run and run throughout the morning. ISMAC hosted this weekend’s NTAA fixtures and just look at the picture above that shows the playing fields just before kick-off this morning. Who wouldn’t want to play sport in such superb surroundings? Thanks to the donor who fnanced the changing rooms and Mr Ratsakatika, I am so proud of us on days like today.

A gentle reminder that if students do not have a CCA after school then they need need to be picked up straightaway. Students who wish to stay after school must be enrolled into a CCA or request permission off Mr Acomb to study in the library. Students both in primary and secondary have been staying at school unsupervised and this is something we wish to avoid. Thank you.

I have been teasing Mr Acomb all week about rainclouds on Mt Meru as he and Miss Larpent were due to summit today. It seems that he has had the last laugh as there could not have been a clearer day on which to accomplish the feat!

Enjoy your weekend


Oh we love Cricket!

Our cricket team pictured above – Tristan, Sayan, Finn, Gryffin, Ibrahim, Martin and Thomas

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of once again attending a cricket tournament with P4, P5, P6 and M1 students at Kennedy House. Over the last 3 years of supporting cricket at ISMAC the standard of play has significantly improved in all schools so it was a highly competitive tournament.

Unfortunately, due to illness, we were one player short so we borrowed a player from the opposition for each match. All of these students happily fielded for us however there was a standout performance from our ‘borrowed’ Jaffrey House player, called Akshat,  in our final match. This student fielded with a commitment worthy of the World Cup and even gave bowling advice to Ibrahim which resulted in a wicket!

It was wonderful to witness such sporting behaviour from all teams in the tournament and ISMAC achieved 3rd place out of 6 teams.

A big thanks to Mr. Mick for supporting cricket development at ISMAC through his Wednesday afternoon Cricket CCA and our parents for providing such lively support and additional coaching.

Ms. Katrina

We are delighted to announce that ISMAC will be hosting an International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival from 10th-12th May, 2019. ISTA is a fantastic organisation which brings professional actors and directors to work with students over three days to create a final performance. Schools will be coming from all over the world. If your son/daughter is interested in drama and theatre, this is an opportunity which should not be missed!

Please see the website for more details: There is also a video available, which gives more insight, here:

We are hosting a middle school festival which will be aimed at 10-14 year olds. The cost for participating students from our school will be approximately 600,000tsh, which includes all of the workshops, transportation to and from trips, and food, plus a t-shirt. We will also require students who take part to host two students from visiting schools. This will most likely be from 9th-12th May. During this time, some of their meals will be provided by school but some will need to be provided by their host families, as well as transportation to and from school for rehearsals (which your own child will also be attending).

We have 20-30 places available and these will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to register your child(ren), please email Miss Arora at .

We are so excited about this amazing opportunity!

MYP Interdisciplinary units and trips

On February 26-28, M1 students will be visiting Lake Eyasi for their annual Interdisciplinary Learning trip involving the subjects Design and Individuals & Societies. In class throughout the unit and on the trip, students are focusing on the statement of inquiry “Communities can develop strategies for living in harsh environments and responding to everyday needs.” This will be an exciting trip with various activities such as hunting with the Hadzabe and learning about weapon making and shelter building as well as seeing how the Datoga and learning about their metal work (melting down scrap metal to create new products).

One of the key features of the MYP is its emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Interdisciplinary learning is the process by which students come to understand bodies of knowledge and ways of knowing from two or more disciplines or subject groups and integrate them to create new understanding.

The importance of interdisciplinary teaching and learning emerges as a consequence of the challenges and opportunities of educating students in, and for, a complex and highly interconnected world. Even though secondary education organizes learning into disciplinary compartments/specific subjects (as a response to increasing specialization), an ever-changing world also demands education that empowers people to integrate disciplines in novel and creative ways.

At ISM, interdisciplinary trips are organized with Moshi Campus in order bring together two or more disciplines to foster interdisciplinary understanding.

Outdoor Pursuits

Want to try Parkour?