Arusha Campus News – 18 Mar 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 18th March 2023

P2’s enjoyed their camping experience at Nimali Tarangire this week. A proper action packed day with swimming, camp fire and a night safari.  A big thank you to Mama Aveer and Mama Teddy for making this experience a success.

Dear Parents

The Boys’ Under 15 Team ended the season on a high on Friday afternoon with a 3-1 win over Arusha Meru. Earlier in the week we were visited by Braeburn and the boys’ game ended goalless whilst the girls U15 team coasted to victory over the visitors by 4 goals to nil!

An exciting week of sport for me with both U15 Girls’ and Boys’ football teams in action (see caption above). We wait and see now how the teams have fared in the overall standings. Games for the season are complete and we will see where in the overall table we place.

On Friday, we hosted the MYP 1-4 Student-led Conferences. As a parent joining in myself I thoroughly enjoyed the day but recognise that the experience may not have been the same for everyone. If you have some constructive feedback please feel free to email Anoek with your suggestions.

Our OP trips continue apace and this weekend we have the first of a new series of OP Trips. This is OP Mindfulness being led by Mr Oli. we look forward to hearing all about it next week. In the meantime some of our classes have been learnng how to administer basic first aid, with our physical trips in mind. Pictured right are my M4 XP Class practising the art of strapping an ankle that has been sprained or twisted! Miri was a long-suffering guinea-pig on this occasion.

Finally a big cheer for our swimmers who are in Mwanza as I write this competing in the Isamilo Swim Gala. They left at the crack of dawn on Friday and will be back on Sunday evening.

Have a great weekend


PYP News

P3 cooking with Mama and Baba Kiyara

We have had a fun filled week of trips this week!

P5 and P6 visited Moshi to see the P6 Exhibition. Our students came back full of ideas and thoroughly enjoyed their day.

P4/5 visited Plaster House to see how an organisation cares for those in need.(see image below)

P2 had an overnight camp at Nimali lodge in Tarangire. They saw elephants, giraffes and even went on a night drive. A huge thank you to Mama Aveer and Nimali Tarangire Camp and to Mama Teddy and ‘R&M Tanzanian Specialist Ltd’ for making the trip so successful.

P1 and P2 visited the Cultural Arts Centre (CAC) for an artistic workshop relating to their unit of inquiry. The workshop included dancing, drumming, making traditional costumes and an instrument exhibition.

What a week!

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

P1 and P2 visit the Cultural Arts Centre in Makumira

Here the students learned how to weave sisal into skirts!

Our trip to CAC was amazing!

P1 and P2 were shown to tie knots for their traditional grass skirts to go with a  lovely dance. They learnt to play big drums and to dance to the sound of drums. We also visited two homes,  Wamasai and Wameru to see how they live and to learn their songs. Everyone did an excellent job I must say. They might come back very tired but it was really worth it.

Swim Caps On Sale!

I have mine, have you got yours! Sam van der Goot powers down the pool for the Rhinos sporting his purple swim cap!

As we expand our Swimming Team with the swimming club we continue to train as a school and we look forward to hosting out annual NTSAA Primary and Secondary Swimming Galas next week.

I already sent out a form for parents to order a UWCEA swim cap and I am attaching the link

 in case you missed it. Please be aware that they are being made in the UK so it will take a few weeks to get them here.

Miss Caitrin, Head of PE

MYP M5 On-screen Mock Exams are over!

The M5 class cannot disguise their delight at the end of their M5 On-screen exam week. These were mock exams of course but now they will feel perfectly prepared for the real thing!

MYP Personal Project Exhibition

Art in the MYP and DP

Eben’s dramatic picture of a basketballer is just a taster to come of the forthcoming Art Exhibition on 30th March. Dubbed the ‘Arts Festival’,  this will be an evening not to miss when we will have our drama, music, design and visual arts on show.

Our D1 Historians share their work with UWC Norway

A group of D1 and D2 History students gave a presentation about the African History topics they study at UWCEA to their counterparts at UWC Red Cross Nordic. We look forward to interacting with other UWC schools more often!

OP Level 1b Peaks to Longido

Almost there! The giant monolith that is the summit of Longido looms above the climbers.

6 hours of climbing a steep mountain were 100% worth it! For a group of MYP and DP students and teachers from Moshi and Arusha it was a fascinating Saturday adventure. Thanks to our guides and coordinator Mr Isack, the trip was safe and enjoyable. Physical challenge, mental support, problem-solving, and breath-taking nature – Longido is lavish on impressions!

It was a pleasure to be in such a company! Thank you for supporting us all the way up, as well as before and after the trip!

Viktoriia Trofimova, D1

Counselor’s Corner

Celebrating and Continuing to Stay on Track

As of this week, 98% of our D2 students who applied to a college or university this year have at least one offer. Right now I am in North Carolina, USA with Marko who has been admitted to Davidson College (a Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institution), and they are helping us celebrate another offer of admission with a special fly-in opportunity. We are learning all about what Davidson College has to offer, which I encourage all students and families to do as you review all offers and make the best academic and financial decision for your family. I am here to help in any way possible, but also encourage you to reach out to each institution and participate in any “Admitted Student” events that they are hosting virtually. It can make a HUGE difference in making the best decision for your child and laying the foundation for a successful collegiate career. Most importantly, all offers are “Conditional” and require students to maintain at a level of performance that led to their offer of admission.

D1 Parent Review and Signing of the Expectations and Guidelines Form: Class of 2024
The Expectations and Guidelines form for the Class of 2024 is a document that outlines specific practices as it relates to the college/university application season and process. All D1 student have been asked to complete this form. I am also asking that One D1 Parent/Guardian, also review and sign the form as soon as possible. The reason we ask students and parents to review and complete this form is to hold up the integrity of the application process and university advising that happens during this season.

You should have received an email/Toddle announcement  asking for One D1 Parent/Guardian to sign the form to acknowledge your understanding of the process. If you did not receive this email communication please contact me.

During our upcoming D1 Parent Virtual Meeting, on Thursday, March 23, 2023, we will take questions about this form and highlight some of the most important aspects for parents to understand.

M4/M5 Career Exploration News
Our M4 and M5 students have begun this quarter with the topic of career exploration. The M4 class is being introduced to a personality assessment and starting to understand why specific pathways may be best for them as they start exploring careers of interest.

Our M5 students are learning more about themselves as learners and potential workers. They are taking assessments and completing reflection assignments that will give them more information on potential careers that fit with their assessment results. M5 students will soon be selecting their Work Experience location, which requires some self-assessment and awareness of careers that interest them. We will also be preparing for the 30 March UWC East Africa Careers Symposium after the Personal Project Exhibition.

There will be much more information coming your way this month about career exploration as we prepare for the UWC East Africa Careers Symposium: Developing 21st Century Skills on 29 & 30 March. Thank you so much to those members of our community who have volunteered to participate in this event. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. If you have not had a chance to sign up yet and are interested, please feel free to contact me and I will include you in our event planning.


D1 Parent Presentation
Thursday, 23 March at 7:30 PM EAT

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 409 557 4237

UPCOMING College and University Events

19 March: 8PM-1AM EAT NACAC International virtual fair (Registration link:

21 March: 2-5 PM EAT University of Chicago in person visit
21 March: 1-4 PM EAT CIS University Exploration Day – Africa (Registration link:

23 March: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT D1 Parent/Guardian Presentation: Preparing for the College Application Process
29 March: 7:30-9:00 PM EAT 21st Century Skills symposium – virtual program
30 March: 7:30-10:00 AM EAT 21 Century Skills symposium – Arusha campus
18 April: 8:00 AM EAT Final D2 Assembly and celebration of admissions offers
1 May: Decision Day (US and some other institutions around the globe) This is the day that applicants must confirm their final choice for enrollment in the fall.
6 May: 7:30-11:00 AM EAT SAT in Moshi (See for more information)

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Volleyball Tournament by the Interact Club

Dear All,

After some issues were taken care of, we’ve postponed the date of the tournament to the 25th of March.

Below are what you need to know;
1- The maximum number of teams that can participate in this tournament is 8 teams
2- We will be sending out another email when all the slots for the teams are full.
3- The payment can be either made at UWCEA campus at the reception or please find Mahen or SeunGyu
4- Payment must be made as a full team, not as an individual.

Also in order to make the signup more straightforward, there is a QR code on the poster for you to scan.

Thank you and please sign up.

Arusha Campus Interact Club