Arusha Campus News – 24 Apr 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 24th April

The Diploma 2 class of 2021 celebrate their last day of school on Friday this week

Dear Parents

Earlier this week we hosted two Primary swimming galas in spite of the rainy weather

As you can see from some of the pictures in this newsletter, the week has been all about our final year students – the Diploma 2’s. They attended their last day of school ever (!!) on Friday and this week the whole school has taken time out to congratulate them on their feat.  Of course the final push is yet to come with their examinations. We wish them the very best of luck with that.

This morning on campus one of our students, Alfred Anam of the Rotary Interact Club here at School took it upon himself to organise a fabulous tournament which involved playing time for Under 11 and Under 9 teams as well as for the Under 19’s and adults. The parents and staff put inteams but ultimately the youthful opposition and hot sunshine proved a bridge too far and Brandon (Under 19 Captain) and his team won the trophy. A huge thanks to Moshi Campus for sending three teams over and perfroming so well. All teams supported Alfred’s fund-raising venture by paying an entrance fee. Proceeds will go to suporting the schoolchildren over the road at Magereza School with their sports development. News of how that money is spent will appear in a future newsletter.

Have a pleasant long weekend, remember we are not back at School until Tuesday next week due to the Union Day public holiday.


The Boarding Students (below) led by Mr Chris, Head of Residential Life enjoyed a barbecue and a party earlier this week 

What kind of week has it been?

The D2s are now finished with their classes! Tuesday’s final secondary assembly and Friday’s celebratory parade were both wonderful ways to mark the end (almost!) of their journey at UWCEA. Thanks so much to the parents who came out to cheer them on and to the staff and students for showing their love for this fantastic group of students.

Exams begin in the Performance Area on Wednesday, April 29th. I would ask that all students, parents, or other visitors to campus please avoid that area as much as possible and remain quiet when you can’t avoid it. The new PA is beautiful, but not exactly soundproof and they will need to focus.

Next up is graduation on May 21st. A small student committee has been working for the past month to decide some key factors and now it’s up to the parent/teacher committee to finalize things while the students focus on exams.

Our new House Point system was activated at the beginning of the Quarter and we now have all of the parts in place to begin using this system to recognize our amazing students. If you’re curious, check the three big jars on the desk in reception to see which team is in the lead…I believe it is currently Kibo!

Enjoy the long weekend break,

Ms. Christy

Ms. Christy
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

We have had a great week in the Primary school with lots of fantastic activities.
The sun finally shone and we were able to host our Fun Swim events (see pictures above). Float demonstrations, horse riding on noodles, princess races, t-shirt swaps and water balloon nose pushes were all part of the fun.

P1/2 have continued to learn about the planets and create a beautiful mural with Miss Ann-Joyce in Swahili.

P4/5 visited Plaster House, we had a tour of the facilities and then played ‘catch’ and drew pictures with the children.

Our Earth day Share Time reminded us we need to take care of our amazing planet. Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first held on April 22, 1970. The P1/2 class shared a song and Mr. Bowen explained how in the last 50 years the number of lions has decreased from approximately 450,000 to 20,000 lions. We must try to look after our planet.


M5 Work Experience Week

The M5 students will proceed on a 5-Day Work Experience from Monday May 24 to 28 in line with the Life Skills program. The work-related learning provides them with countless opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of working practices. The program aligns interest to practical skills, such as teamwork, time management, critical thinking and problem solving, flexibility, self-reliance and presentation skills… just to mention a few.

Students will be encouraged to practice the application of knowledge, understanding and skills explored in the classroom at their respective organizations/institutions. They will write daily reflection journals and have an evaluation form which their supervisors will complete at their workplaces. The students are expected to submit their portfolio when they report back to campus the following week in order to share their experiences.

We wish all the M5 students a successful work experience week and look forward to hearing all about it.

Delphine Riziki
Life Skills Teacher

The DP Corner

Remember this……..yes, that is the first day of this year’s Diploma Exam Schedule. Best of luck to our D2 students as they now have a few days to prepare for the exams starting on Thursday 29th April.

The full schedule may be found by clicking onthe image above or by following this link here

P2/3 and D1 Geography

P2/3 and D1 Geography classes have similar units. Can you believe it? They both learn about where our food comes from and how trade takes place globally. Today, the p2/3 students came over to the Geo class, where they learned about more about the technological, economic and social factors that promote global interactions and trade.

Counselor Corner

Preparing to Say Goodbye

Given the fact that this is my eighth school in my 25 year career, you would think that I would be an expert at saying goodbye, but every experience is so unique and causes a range of emotions as I reflect on what each endeavor has meant to me. As we begin the long goodbye to our D2 students as well as other students and staff members who will not return next school year, this is an important time to start planning to Leave Well. This is a concept that is essential in the expatriate and “Third Culture Kid” community, and worth investing in to ensure that there is an opportunity to properly prepare for a healthy ending and a wonderful new beginning.

With a long weekend to look forward to, this is a good time to begin thinking about how to say goodbye, and build a solid R.A.F.T. as one journey ends and another begins. In a March 2020 blog the author explains the elements of building a R.A.F.T. as we face transitions throughout our lives that benefit from a healthy process of grieving and dealing with changes. We encourage you to explore this concept and create a plan for the “Goodbyes/Kwaheris” and “Hellos/Mambos” to come in ways that will make the experience memorable while also helping to build resilience for further changes in this thing called life. 

COMING SOON: D1 (and M5) Parent Meeting on 5 May 2021 to begin exploring the forthcoming college planning process and application steps. Please attend if you are able as we lay out some of the essential information that will help you, and your child, prepare for the upcoming application process.

In preparation for this meeting, we welcome you to review the College Board International University Talk from 17 April where they discussed aspects of theadmissions process for major destinations around the world.

In addition, virtual events will continue to be added to the Upcoming Visits List, so please be sure to review and sign up to attend one or two that interest you. Then continue to talk with your child about what you learned and how this might apply to their post-secondary plans. We look forward to receiving and reviewing the plan drafts that all D1 are expected to submit by 30 April. Ask your D1 student about their plan, and have them share it with you as well.

As always, we welcome you to access resources that we have compiled in the COVID-19 Counselor Resources to support many of the mental health needs that will arise during this time.

Take care and stay well,

UWCEA School Counseling Team



Cycle Helmet Appeal

As we develop our Mountain Bike Outdoor Pursuits Programme, more and more students are taking up cycling as a pastime. To that end we are looking for any second hand or unwanted cycle helmets to bolster our Outdoor Pursuits equipment store. If you have a helmet or two that you dont use, please think about dropping them off at our main reception – they will go to a good home!


Books to Succeed in South Sudan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who donated books for the “books to succeed” project. The world will be in better condition if we always come together as one. I have received a lot of books which need to be transported to Juba, South Sudan. Therefore, I am creating a fundraising campaign to raise money for transporting the books. In addition, you can still donate books and anything that can lead to the success of the library.
There is no limit on how much one can donate, just as there is no limit in reading a book. South Sudan needs me!
South Sudan needs you!
Together we can

Jube, D2


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