Arusha Campus News – 24 Oct 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Saturday 24th October 2020

Kajuni and Luna setting an outstanding example this week to everyone about how to stay healthy – WASH YOUR HANDS WELL WITH SOAPY WATER!

Dear Parents

We’re in – the new science laboratories are ready!

That’s right! The pictures above and below are of my teaching workspace next week and how lucky I feel. They are beautiful rooms and for once I cant wait for the weekend to end so that we can get in there! This morning, the school has been busy as we have been carrying tables from the exam room to the new labs.

I am thrilled to introduce the community to our new Deputy Head of Campus, Christy Wlllett. Christy is a familar face of course as our very own Head of English, but she will now take on some more administrative duties as Deputy. Welcome Christy.

Also warm welcome to Dr Robin Peterson, Clinical Psychologist, who has joined our team on a consultative basis for our socio-emotional counseling needs. This is a terrific boost for our Campus and Robin will have her own dedicated room on campus. Welcome Robin.

And an equally warm welcome to Andrew Atiende who will be joining our Economics and Business Management teaching team. As you will know, Neil McCulloch our permanent Economics and BM teacher has had to return to the UK temporarily on sick leave. We are supremely lucky to have someone of the calibre of Andrew supporting us in the interim. Welcome Andrew.

All that remains is to say ‘See you at the Spicy Meatballs!’ (See poster at foot of newsletter for an explanation!)

Have a great weekend!


What Kind of Week Has It Been?

Greetings from your new Deputy Head of Campus! I’m very excited to take on this new role and to help the faculty, students, parents, and staff get the most out of their experience at UWCEA – Arusha.

This week our Diploma 2 students sat their first practice papers. It was a stressful and overwhelming experience for many of them, but now they have an idea what to expect for the real exams – which will be here before they know it. It was also an opportunity for us to try out the new exam set up in the Performance Area and to work out any kinks before the real exams. I’m sure the students appreciate everyone’s efforts to maintain quiet around the area while they were inside working so hard.

I’m very pleased with the participation of students and teachers from all levels in celebrating the Navratri festival with our Hindu community members. We are going to continue to make an effort to acknowledge and celebrate important events from our diverse community.

Our faculty and staff have also begun the important self-study as part of our CIS re-accreditation process. This 5 year self-evaluation cycle is an excellent opportunity for reflection and continuous improvement for our school.

Have a great weekend,
Ms C

From the Primary School

Welcome back to Quarter 2!

Here are some important dates for your diary.

Monday 26th October – CCA’s start

Friday 13th November – Swahili Share Time P/45 P6

Friday 20th November – Swahili Share Time EC P1/2 P2/3,
Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November – P6 Selected Students Sports Weekend in Moshi 

Friday 27th November – PYP Inter House Quiz

Friday 4th December – CCA’s end

Monday 7th December – Spirit Week by Student Council
Tuesday 8th December – Top of the Pops
Wednesday 9th December – Independence Day Public Holiday
Friday 11th December – House Council Event – Early close at 12.00pm – Reports Issued


P1/2 and P6 Buddy Time exploring the use of water and what happens when you add in soap! Mrs Carmen taught us all how to blow bubbles by using our hands, a fun way to also keep our hands squeaky clean!

Diploma Corner

The D2 students sitting exams in the new Perfomance Area

It has been a tough week for the D2 students, having to juggle between normal lessons until lunch and then sitting practice papers in each of their subjects.

Since the face-to-face end of year internal exams did not take place last semester, this was the first time the D2 actually sat full past papers in exam conditions.
It also gave us the opportunity to test the new performance area as an examination hall for our increasing number of Year 13 students. There are still a couple of improvements to be worked on before the mock examinations take place in January, such as individual exam tables with chairs which have already been ordered and a big exam clock.
Although the D2 did not sit all papers in each subject, both students and teachers will be able to identify possible areas of the syllabus that need to be reviewed this semester. A big thank you to the D2 students for allowing us to use them as “the guinea pigs” this week, in what might not have been the easiest exam conditions for the students, but they were able to experience a glimpse of the reality of IB Diploma examinations.

The D1 attended their first Diploma Success Skills session this week. This weekly slot will allow us to work on writing and research skills, whether it is for university applications or for academic purposes. Students will receive guidance on citing and referencing and on writing a personal statement.

Finally the “IB clinic” is being introduced this quarter. It is not a CCA and students do not sign up. Therefore we tried to put it on a day when it less impacts the afternoon activities.  Students can drop in at anytime during the 2 hours slots to work on internal assessments such as their extended essay, or to update their CAS reflections on Managebac for example.  I will be present to make sure that the students are focused and able to avoid any distraction. If a teacher feels that a student needs to attend the IB Clinic to finish uncompleted work, I will have a conversation with the student and expect him/her to attend regularly until the work is completed.
IB students are generally very busy and we aim to give them a chance to get back on track as soon as possible.

Nathalie Vignard
IBDP Coordinator

Golfing glory at Arusha Campus

Sahil (M3) on his way to outright vistory in the Arusha Open Golf tournament. We have incredible golfing talent at UWC East Africa and our students justkeep on getting those top finishes. Congratulations Sahil, you have made us very proud.

Healthy Eating at UWC East Africa

In last week’s Primary share time we were treated to a suoer rendition of Oliver’s Vegetables from Mr Ali. 

Coming back together as a school community for the first quarter provided us many chances to reflect on our daily practices, one of which is the provision of healthy food to our primary pupils. Our school values state our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and as a school we commit to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 24 of which states that children have the right to healthy food.

We are very fortunate to have two options for lunches: home lunches or the extremely high quality food cooked daily by Mezabine and the fantastic kitchen team. Our aim is for every one of our primary pupils to regularly access one of these as part of a healthy lifestyle. Happily this is largely happening, however there are some further steps we can take to help more children regularly access this provision both at lunchtimes and as a part of our wider work as a school and community. This quarter we would like to put in place the following:

We will actively encourage and work with children to eat a balanced meal of carbohydrate, protein, vegetables and fruit and an adequate amount of water.
We will encourage children to try a broader range of food, not just for example a plate of rice, whilst at the same time not wasting food. They will be able to return for seconds if they like it. We know that this may be a challenge for some children but, as stated in the above point, we will support and encourage children who are unsure of unfamiliar foods and celebrate their successes.
In consultation with Mezabine we are reviewing the snacks provided to our nursery and EC children and will try new options this quarter.
We will endeavour to make the food experiences we provide to children as part of the curriculum balanced and healthy.
Mr Ali will run a Share Time with a focus on healthy eating on Friday 16th October.

As a school community we ask for your support in the following:

We will try to make the food available to children at school events (e.g. sports days) healthy and balanced. We request that, if you would like to contribute food to such events, you support this aim.
Try to provide healthy, balanced snacks and home lunches.
Consider healthy options to celebrate birthdays.

Please feel free to speak to us if you have questions and we will support you with advice and ideas.

Mr Ali, P2/3

From the PTA

Secondary School programs with Aga Khan University

Parent Pete Davidson talking to students on Data Hill in the Aga Khan

On Saturday, a group of diploma students visited the Aga Khan University (AKU) site for an introductory hike and discussion about the multiple ways the AKU land supports the community here in Arusha.  Ecologist/Ornithologist Pete Davidson (parent of D2 Bram!) led our hike, which started on data hill with a birds eye view of the surrounding area.  This term our students begin a pilot program with AKU focusing on regenerative agriculture and how sustainable land use practices support the local communities here in Arusha.  The local communities involve not only the surrounding people who live here, but the plant and animal life that thrive on the site.  Students will identify areas of interest and conduct research rooted in their Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Science courses.

AKU plans on taking the pilot program with our school creating a larger program with the other international schools here in Arusha.

In addition to taking part in this exercise in land stewardship, our students will design and build a community garden here at school with the assistance of the organic garden specialists   at Aga Khan.  M4- D1 students can take part In these projects though a CCA (after school activities here at school) offered this quarter.

Chris Green
Head of Residential Life