Arusha Campus News – 21 Aug 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 21st August 2022

P3 kick of the new academic year wirh some belting drumwork! This week, Ms. Annjoyce organised instructor, Mr. Lingwana, from the Cultural Arts at Tumaini University is visiting the P3. Students enjoyed Ngoma activities to experience Tanzanian Culture through a musical perspective.

Dear Parents

Our Secondary M1’s take to the new world of Secondary with big smiles!

Welcome back everyone. We have almost received everyone back although some of oiur D!’s are awaiting permission to fly in froim their home countries. My message to them is to not despair, we will be together soon!

Thank you to all the parents old and new who joined us at the PTA Coffee Morning last week. We have several new families who we warmly invite to UWC East Afroica and Arusha Campus.

Plenty to read about in this week’s newsletter and so my piece will be brief.

I hope everyone has a most enjoyable, safe and prosperous year ahead.

Best wishes


What kind of week has it been?

The two campuses of UWC East Africa, above, met up two weeks ago for a joint in-service day on Moshi campus.

Welcome Back!

We are all so happy to see you again or meet you for the first time. What a wonderful first week with so many smiles, so much laughter, and energy! We have many new students and teachers, I hope they have been made to feel welcome and a part of our community. Thanks to everyone who makes an effort to welcome them and helps them learn their way around.

Value #2 – A feeling of belonging, acceptance, and tolerance
Value #10 – The happiness and well-being of our community

On Wednesday, several parents came out to say hello at our first Parent Coffee Morning of the year. Mr. Phil welcomed them, introduced the few new teachers who weren’t busy with a class, and of course encouraged involvement with our PTA. UWC East Africa is lucky to have a fabulous community of parents and we hope even more of you look for ways you can be involved.

Next week, the Secondary school will welcome parents again for our annual Meet the Teachers event. Join us on the 24th from 3:00-4:00 pm by the Hub.

Value #5 – Innovation over perfection within a supportive community where students are motivated to embrace personal challenge and reflection
Whether new or returning all of us are working to familiarize ourselves with our new learning management systems, Toddle and Life. Patience with each other and systems we are just starting to explore will be needed by all. In many cases, the students may be more comfortable with them than the teachers for a while!

Value #6 – The ambition of students to demonstrate initiative and take on leadership roles
D2 Marko has spent hours since the spring organizing a Peer Tutoring program for students. Harnessing the brain power and experience of older students to assist the younger students with their academics, time management, and writing skills will surely be a valuable experience for both learners and tutors. Marko will describe his plan in our first full Secondary assembly on Monday.

I leave you with hopes for a peaceful weekend and another great week to come.

Ms. Christy
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

The entire Primary cohort of teaching staff ‘squash and squeeze’ into one tiny ‘kogateni’ at Friday’s assembly!

Welcome Back. We have had a great first week back in the primary school. The atmosphere is happy and engaging. The students have quickly settled back into the routine of school.

Please note the following information
Monday 22nd August CCA Fair 2.00 -2.30pm
Tuesday 23rd August Sign-up via Signup Genius 6pm
Monday 29th August CCA’s start
Friday 30th September CCA’s End

Parent Information Sessions
N/EC Wednesday 31st August 8.00 – 8.30am
P1 Thursday 25th August 8.00 – 8.30am
P2 Friday 26th August 8.00 – 8.30am
P3 Tuesday 30th August 8.00 – 8.30am
P4/5 Thursday 1st September 8.00 – 8.30am
P6 Wednesday 24th August 8.00 – 8.30am

Mrs Amanda Bowen

PYP Co-ordinator

Whats Happening in MYP!

A great first week back for our MYP students! Students were happy to see old and new friends and meet their new teachers. M1-5 developed their classroom routines and expectations and started their first units. Pictured is the M5 class developing their own inquiry questions for their Biology unit.

M1-5 classes meet with their mentor every morning and also have two scheduled mentor lessons each week. Mentors monitor student’s overall academic and socio-emotional wellbeing and are often the first point of contact for students and families. This year’s MYP mentors are:

M1 – Khalid Salewa
M2 – Caitrin Trappe
M3 – Michael Rupiah
M4 – Sarah Keane
M5 – Jessica Peterson

Miss Anoek van der Vinne

MYP Co-ordinator

DP Corner

First of all, a huge congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2022 for gaining an average of 34 points in their DP examinations, with the maximum score of 45 points achieved by Rosalia! As they move on to new pastures, we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

And welcome to our new cohort of D1 students who will be settling into the routine of a Diploma student in the next few weeks, while the D2 waste no time getting back to work to meet their first deadlines this semester!

This indeed will be a stressful semester for the Graduating Class of 2023, and the key to their success, as they have reminded them already, will be good time management skills and a good sleeping pattern! First, we aim for them to hand in their TOK exhibition file and their Extended Essay, before completing other internal assessments and of course, university applications with the support of our new College and Careers counselor, Ms Casandra Ford.

The new D1 students are currently navigating through their selection of subjects and have until the end of September (depending on the subject) to change subjects.

This year, we are also working with a new platform for academics,Toddle, to replace Managebac, which both the staff and the students will be familiarizing themselves with over the next couple of months.

Miss Nathalie Vignard

DP Co-ordinator

Mamma Mia!

Dear MYP and DP Students and Parents,

The Secondary Production this year will be Mamma Mia!!!!

With performances set for December 2nd and 3rd, we are now holding Auditions!!

Please see audition requirements on the poster above and I have attached the script for your reference and preparation (character names, including chorus roles, are on Page 3). A hard copy will be provided at the time of  your audition. You can audition in small groups of 2/3 people, or individually. Pick a day to come that works best for you, no sign-up required. Day student auditions are on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 3-4pm. Boarding student auditions are from 4-5pm on the same days.

Please note that if you are cast, bringing together a production takes commitment and time. Cast members will have to be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3-5pm, although this schedule will be split into scene/dance/script rehearsals towards the end of quarter one.

Myself and Mr Aleh are extremely excited about this year’s production and hope that the budding stage performers amongst you will take this opportunity to audition! Karibuni!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or see me in the Music Room.

Best wishes,

Sarah Keane
Head of Arts

D1 Orientation Week

The Diploma students engage in team building games during their recent Orientation.

While many of us started school on Monday, our campus has been busy welcoming new boarders since the 8th of August. With more than 60 nationalities represented in the Bomas, this year will again be proof of diversity, acceptance, exchange, and fun!

A huge THANK YOU to our Orientation Committee which has done amazing work–both online and in-person–to ease the transition of our new students to their new school and home. It has been a fun week for everyone, and a great way to get to know each other better!

Residential Life

With the start of the new academic year creeping up, it was all systems go to get ready for the arrival of our new members to the family – the D1’s.  Slowly but surely they arrived from all over the world and a massive “Thank You” to our orientation committee and all the house parents to help make the D1’s feel part of our family and get them settled in.

As seen in this picture (above), they concluded their orientation with a formal dinner on the field in front of our beautiful restaurant area.  A heartily welcome (back for D2’s) to residential life to each and everyone. We hope that this year will be all that it can be for you!

Mr Herman Kruger

Head of Residential Life

Let them Learn

Many of you may remember the “Let Them Learn” art project run by the Young Women’s Empowerment CCA last year. More than 120 of you participated in our campaign to show support for Tanzania’s endeavors to make education a right for all. A big thank you to all who had their portraits taken! To finish the project, we are asking for volunteers to help us glue portraits around campus on Saturday, September 3. We’d like to start at 9 am and work until they are all posted. If you’d like to see what we will be doing, this video shows how to make the glue and this one shows how to paste the posters.

Please click here to volunteer to help, with either your time or resources. Other than helping glue portraits, please consider giving us your old brooms/broomsticks, mops, sponges, squeegees, and buckets; donating a bag or two of wheat flour or sugar; or letting us borrow some large metal pots or a camping stove. Donations can be left with Ms. Caroline in reception or brought to Ms. Jessica H’s room (S19) before September 3.

Have a drone that can take photos/videos of the process and/or finished product? Email Ms. Jessica at