Arusha Campus News – 14 Dec 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 14th December 2019

Mr Schneebly (AKA Philip Mwadime, D1) steals the show in School of Rock, this year’s fabulous drama production which was shown on Thursday and Friday this week.

Dear Parents

The highlight of the week – if not year so far – was this week’s production of School of Rock! Rarely has a school production provoked such laughter in the aisles. Philip’s inimitable rendition of the fraudster Mr Schneebly and Tembo’s sheer range of expression for all four characters that he played, were just two amazing perfomances of many! (see picture above) Everyone was a star and they made me extremely proud to be associated with them. From the backstage crew and the actors and musicians to the teacher production team of Miss Christy, and Messrs Emond and Dixon, they were all incredible! THANK YOU.

Have a great weekend!


Nadine, Nonny and Desire’s singing ability was a performance in itself Unbelievable notes!

…not quite so much singing talent here!

PYP News!

The P5 class shared their learning with their Parents. They shared letters, a PowerPoint and maths games. (See picture montage above)

Sharing our work takes confidence and knowledge. Reading aloud our own writing shows that we have understood the tasks we have done. This is a really important skill to learn.

Please remember Top of the Pops on Tuesday 17th December starting at 1.30pm. (See below)


Sanna dressed to kill….Mr Dixon!

P5 Learn About Renewable Energy

P5 visited the Harrison’s Farm (above) to learn all about renewable energy sources. They saw solar, wind, biomass and a parabolic mirror. Thank you for having us!

Hana takes it to the bridge in lead guitar!

Early Childhood learn about Animals

EC had a very important visitor this week in the shape of Dr Tim Davenport, one of Tanzania’s premier wildlife and ecology experts. We had Tim in our class and he gave our EC kids a talk about rainforests in Tanzania, different animals and plants and rare species of animals. The children were very eager to talk about their experiences and gained a lot of knowledge. 

Nailah on synth even though she is only a piano player!

UWC East Africa Arusha

The last Friday Market of the year was a great success. Do you know that this arranged every month by two mums – Nathalie and Maral. Arent we lucky to have it prepared for us every time. Thank you ladies!

Mr Schneebly is as good a driver as a maths teacher!

Swimming at UWC East Africa Arusha

Natasha gives it some welly on the bass guitar

OP Mountain Bike Level 1 to Mkuru

 On Saturday some 45 students and staff from UWCEA Moshi and Arusha campuses set off for an entry level mountain bike trip situated to the North of mount Meru. Although it had rained heavily the night before departure, the trip went ahead and the change in weather was noticeable once we were on ” the other side of Mount Meru”. The group then proceeded in a long line towards the goal for the day: Mkuru training camp. The sparsely frequented dirt road with rolling hills, some steep climbs and rapid descents made for a challenging yet enjoyable ride. As we approached the destination, even the sun came out in the late afternoon. A small group of students demonstrated their skills by partaking in a challenging climb and evenly rewarding downhill section near the campsite. Upon arrival at camp students pitched their tents and then took part in a leather workshop. After dinner students retreated to their tents and slept to the constant sound of rain on the tents. After breaking up camp in the morning and a good breakfast, we ventured for the 25 kms of rolling hills and beautiful countryside that brought us to Momela lake by Arusha National Park where we had lunch and then boarded the bus to return to school.

The Zambian stare – watch out Mr Schneebly!

M5 familiarization sessions for on-screen exam

This week M5 students completed a familiarization session to prepare for the on-screen examinations in May 2020. Next Monday, they have a final practice with the interdisciplinary exam. The subject group focus for the interdisciplinary exam will English and Individuals and Society.

The aim of these formative sessions is to allow students to familiarize themselves with the format and content of on-screen examinations as well as with the IT tools required. Students are reminded that past on-screen exam packages are available from the school server or from Mr Dixon and Ms Larpent. Students should bring a USB key or external hard drive to copy past on-screen exam packages if they wish to have additional practice at home.

ISTA Trip to Cairo

Once again, the outstanding opportunity for attending an International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival is here! For those new to ISTA, it is a theatre organisation based in the UK which ties in strongly with IB concepts and learning as well as having a goal to connect young people across the world, giving opportunities to increase creativity and problem-solving skills.

This year the Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt will be hosting a Middle School festival 12-15th March 2020. The age limit for Middle School is 10-14 years old, but minimum class level is M1. It is likely that travel dates would be 11-15th March to include travel to Nairobi International Airport via Riverside Shuttle. Students will board in homestay accommodation with families from the host school. The total cost of the trip is estimated below and includes:

1. ISTA Registration Fees (includes t-shirt)
2. Airport transfers (in Cairo and Riverside Shuttle)
3. Cultural Excursion (Khan el-Khalili Bazaar – the old sprawling souq/market in an old Cairo area)
4. Airfare return from NBO to Cairo International Airport
5. Food/Boarding + 1 night Holiday Inn hotel for arrival 11th March.

Group of 10 students = approximately $1,200
Group of 15 students = approximately $1,100
Group of 20 students = approximately $1,050

These costs are with a maximum of 20 students and 2 chaperone teachers attending. If numbers surpass 20, then more chaperones will be needed and costs may vary.

Potential extra costs may include a small fee to tour the pyramids outside Cairo on 11th March.

Please contact Mr Dixon and Ms Willett if interested by Friday, 20th December to reserve a place on this trip. Final payments will be due by Friday, 17th January.

Thank you!

Tyler Dixon
Head of Arts
Arusha Campus

Christy Willet
Head of Language A
Arusha Campus

Anyone want a cat?

Ida (D1) and the most beautiful Residence Cat! Unfortunately, the Residence can no longer support the cat in spite of its cute good looks and lfriendly temperament. If you would like a cat then please see Phil or Caroline or Ida in Main Reception!